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Terrible place to work
May 10, 2024
Bread financial is Worst place to work I got fired because a Customer Experience. If a Customer takes a survey and doesn’t like the information you are telling them and said they had a bad experience Bread Financial will fire you.. I worked there for almost 6 years even through Pandemic got awards and Certificates how Good my Performance was but still they don’t care about you your just a number and the Customer that I got terminated from called me curse names and racial slurs I was still polite and transferred to Supervisor and still got fired!!! They Also going broke made us drop down to 32 hours a week and made Employees go Part time .. I Pray they go Bankrupt and Close..0 rating

Deplorable, Horrible, Unethical Bank
October 4, 2023

I assume that any positive reviews you read about Bread Financial are from shills. All negative posts should be believed, including mine.

I’ve had a Bread Cash Back credit card for about four months. Aside from their many website glitches and outages, the more important issue is their assumption that there was fraud on my fraudless account; therefore, my card was locked three times, and unlocked twice. After three phone calls and one snail mail letter, my rectifying efforts resulted in them constantly kicking the can down the road. I was told of ongoing investigations, prompted by them, not me.

The last communication from them (via snail mail letter) asked me to call them within 30 days, or the account would be closed. I called immediately after receiving the letter. Again, the can was kicked pending further investigation. I told them to close the account, called them deplorable, and added that they earned their many negative online reviews.

I have a second fraudless Bread credit card ‘under investigation,’ which is about to cheat me out of $50 cash back. I was $17 short of earning it, and then it was locked. I expect this account to undergo the same scenario as the aforementioned. To me, principle is worth far more than money. Most likely, I’ll also cancel the second account.

I expect that Bread is using this tactic to claw back any earned cash rewards. If so, I’ll be happy to reimburse them. I'll pay back this bank so as to maintain their distance as far away from me as possible.

As an addendum, my complaint includes their savings account, which is untenable. I’m so happy that I don’t have to worry about the $3 remaining in my account. Bread is welcome to it.

Do not deal with them. ZERO RATING!
October 25, 2022

Comenity Bank with them does not handle accounts in a proper manner and therefore causes a late charge like Brylane or Boscovs. Their staffing credited a return to another account called Fall Beauty to which I do not have therefore causing late fees or other and then a package just bluntly not credited. I have sent replies after replies of complaining on this. Now they want me to pay the late fees caused by their staffing. NO way, see you in court.

Stay away, they are all scammers
July 29, 2022
The Express Credit Card, managed by Comenity Bank, is now a subsidiary of Bread Financial, they are total scammers and stay away from them!! I had autopay setup but then they stopped it without telling me. and then stacked up 3 months of late fee, and no notifications what-so-ever, until an agent called me i have 4 months of late fee ($160) stacked up. Total scammers... for a purchase of $40. they should not be on this earth.