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Robert T Kiyosaki is an acclaimed motivational author, businessman, and investor.  He's best known for his #1 New York Times best seller book Rich Dad Poor Dad.

About Robert Kiyosaki

He was born as Robert Toru Kiyosaki on April 8, 1947 in Hilo, Hawaii to a family of dedicated educators.  After high school Kiyosaki moved to New York where he completed his education.

Robert proceeded to join the U.S. Marine corps and served proudly in Vietnam as a helicopter gunship pilot.  Kiyosaki returned to his wife Kim after Vietnam and began working as a sales executive for the Xerox Company.

In 1985 Kiyosaki founded a business and investment education company that taught to a large number of students throughout the world.

Since the Success of Rich Dad Poor Dad Kiyosaki has started his most promising business venture, CASH FLOW Technologies, Inc. His company is based around the sales of his literary products and CASH Flow game products.

Robert T Kiyosaki teaches his main philosophy of generating a passive income through real estate and small business ventures. He advocates high risk investments as the path to wealth and discourages investment in securities and mutual funds.

Although he has had great success as a motivational author and speaker much of his financial advice has been highly criticized and in some cases deemed dangerous.

For instance Robert T Kiyosaki has said that’s its better to stick with a few good investments rather than diversifying or investing in a 401k.

At the same time he has been quoted in articles giving inaccurate financial advice.

In response to his criticism Robert T Kiyosaki has stated that his materials are designed to motivate people to think differently about money not give them a step by step guide to wealth.

Furthermore he is constantly criticized for exaggerating facts in his materials. His own success as a businessman and investor prior to the Rich Dad Poor Dad phenomenon is always questioned. Even the existence of the “Rich Dad” in his book has never been factually verified.

Overall, Kiyosaki’s financial advice is best served to those that have money but have not begun investing and are looking to explore their options.

If you have any experience with Robert Kiyosaki or their products, please leave your reviews below.

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The books are full of uncomfortable hard core facts
December 21, 2012

I have been reading the rich dad books series for close to three years now. I have bought copies for my family and friends. This is one book that gave a kick I will always remember. It got me up to getting started, I liked it when It said "Take baby steps" and I managed to do the baby steps I found the books written in a compelling way to get me to do something about my life in the financial front, even though I am in a country that is economically drowning.

The books are full of uncomfortable hard core facts, that has at most times driven me to anger which translated to me taking action. I simple thank the almighty God that these books came during my time because it has changed my understanding of finances and what one should do with money. Being introduced to the conspiracy of those who happen to have money was informatory.

Eye Openers
March 16, 2012

Robert your books 'RICH DAD, POOR DAD', 'RETIRE YOUNG' & 'WHAT RICH TEACH THEIR KIDS ABOUT MONEY' is an eye openers in my life. I don't care any RICH DAD really exist or not, u r my rich dad.

Keep on writing for us
February 24, 2012

Dear Robert, your book has opened my eyes. And this book tells that all the things written in this is not only a theory but your personal experience of life. That's why you are a significant person.

December 13, 2011
For those who keep saying the books are worthless maybe you should re-read the parts that say his advice is not a get rich scheme. He has opened my eyes to how money works and how to make great use of your free time. Like someone mentioned before check out the books at a library.

December 18, 2010
I think that reading Kiyosaki is the same as going to the psychologist: both of them do not solve anything.

Da m March 16, 2013

no cause your to lazy to action to solve your problems

He made it, didn't he?
September 7, 2010

The one thing I really agree with Mr. Kiyosaki about is that fear makes people seek to remain in their comfort zone rather than to seek his full potential.

Those who have only negative things to say about Mr. Kiyosaki are those who are afraid to take a chance to do something about their situation.

One sour grapes only because he feels helpless to get himself out of a rut. Those who worship him word for word are also lunatics because they miss the point of the book. It is not a formula because you have to understand your own uniqueness and use it to make you wealthy.

Regardless of whether his background is great or not, it does not matter. He made it, didn't he? Better yet, ask yourself, if you achieved the level of success Mr Kiyosaki made for himself, what will be your opinion of yourself?

October 9, 2009
Kiyosaki's book really opened my eyes. But, it also made me think that maybe his book was written for those who are already rich and just don't know how to invest in their money.

October 5, 2009

Kiyosaki is absolutely not a sound financial adviser. He is like the man who made a fortune writing a book called, "how to make a fortune".

If you want check out a different perspective, and not take my word for it, then go to Youtube and search for "Kiyosaki before the books,"

and make up your own mind. If you then want to throw your money at him, good luck.

Funnily enough, years ago he used to tell people the best book to read on financial matters is called, "The Richest Man in Babylon" by Richard Clayson. Funny how he doesn't mention that anymore. I guess you can't charge thousands a head for that advice.

The math just isn't there
July 29, 2009

Two of my friends, one an engineer and the other a computer scientist, are hard-core Kiyosaki proponents. They have read several of his books and implemented the "strategies" Mr. Kiyosaki suggests. I actually have an advanced accounting degree with an emphasis on portfolio management and recommended they avoid following any strategies set out in the books. Alas, Mr. Kiyosaki is famous and I am not, so they did not heed my advice.

The engineer has lost $20,000 and counting and the computer scientist now owns 2 properties that he can not find tenants for. Fortunately, they both make good incomes and can absorb these losses. While I'm sure Mr. Kiyosaki would congratulate them on their failures, the bottom line is that you can not make millions on passive investments unless you do it over many many years or start with millions.

Of course, this maxim holds true with just about any investment strategy. The math just isn't there to take out huge loans and turn it into huge profits.

June 17, 2009

Reading criticism about RK works, I have realized one thing in common, they all pointed out about his background. I just don't get it???

I only read one of his book, RICH DAD POOR DAD. Honestly, it changes everything, my perception in life. I don't care if rich dad really exist or not or if he failed in his business before. I think most of his critics is trying so hard to miss the message of the book..

RICH dad may be a fiction or he may have failed in business, but it does not lessen the idea that the book is GREAT! AMAZING!

RICH DAD POOR DAD is not a step-by-step tool in getting rich (go to your nearest Do-It-Yourself store if you want one) but, more on as an eye-opener, motivational book in order to be rich(I didn't choose the word SUCCESSFUL because their different, RICH pertains to money, while SUCCESS pertains to one's goal).

The main idea of the book is "FINANCIAL INTELLIGENCE", learning the tools/skills you'll need to be financially FREE! The book didn't say invest in real estate or do this and do that. He said he loved real estate and stocks that is why he chose that as his vehicles, but he advised that it is for you to decide what you want, in order for you to Love what you are doing. If you went broke, at least you learned something from the things you loved doing, and hopefully having that experienced to strengthen your foundation.

I have been in restaurant before but it didn’t succeed, but, I am glad I tried it not because I lose money but because I learned new things that I may/may not use in my future investment. There are tools we will be needing to be financially free, just like in school. We studied everything that we think will help us finding a job after we left college, but in reality only few of those what we study will be used. This is the same thing in business, we tried to learn everything in order for us to be equip in challenges that we might encounter. I knew the risk involved in dwelling into a restaurant, but i will never learned the things I've learned experiencing it firsthand, just by reading books..

The risk will always be there, everything we do there is a risk. Even just being an employee, there is a risk of being fired or being lay-off. Same with the business, it is just the worth the risk if you want to be rich and you love the game. Money will come and go, but, it is how you handle your money that will matter at the end..

The guides in the book are great, I used most of it but not everything. I also do something in my own that I think will help me strengthen my financial intelligence. In the book, GUIDES ARE GUIDES, it is for you if you follow, it is your chose how you think will help you strengthen the foundation of your intellectual..

These are just my opinions, I would be glad to hear yours, if any..godbless to all

May 14, 2009

i think it's the level of understanding a person gets from reading the book. i don't really give a damn about who and what his business is, if the very facts he wrote in the book's credibility. Even if it's fictional, i must say, he's hell of a story teller that got me financially free. I'm 23 and i'm retired happily having 2-3g a month without working.

i've read his first book rich dad poor dad not over a day, a week or a month. i've read it over a year.. each time i read i took time to digest, find out the possibility of achieving what's spoken in the book. i believe people out there being nasty to Robert by blaming the economy crisis on him as though it was his to bear.

freaking irresponsible debtors and probably everysingle on of us here are to blame for it, let's be real, nothing last forever, let's be religious, do you think God would allow us to enjoy paradise this early when all humans these days are nastier than ever?? go think people.

i think it's a good book, it made me think, acted and achieve some form of leverage in life so right now i can pursue other dreams. i dunno how the whole america or the whole world thinks about robert but to me his a great man trying to share little ways for little people who dreams big.

for people who are skeptical about his books take time to read it again and again. people who are professionals, please be humble, stripe off ur ranks and profession and read the book again with appreciation.

aight.. peace and may the economy returns to it's former glory.. god bless.. amen..

April 29, 2009

Just because you can sell books, does NOT necessarily mean you have anything worth saying...

Kiyosaki pushes books with a lot of feel-good platitudes that sound great, but are really no more meaningful than the basic Hallmark greeting card. Telling people that "The poor work for their money, while the rich have their money work for them" may sound good, but is fairly inane without a real road map.

Make no mistake, the world got into this mess by people taking out loans that they were both unqualified for and completely unable to pay back. Kiyosaki's advice of "Become a real estate investor" without real training only encourages this irresponsibility.

I've known several people who have joined Kiyosaki's cult. NONE have made any real money. Connection perhaps?

April 4, 2009
Mr. kiyosaki is a genius!, i'm an avid fan of Mr. kiyosaki. He has a talent to explain complicated "Financial jargons" into simpler ones. He is an eye opener. He taught us to see with the use of our minds in order to attain financial freedom.

March 21, 2009
Robert Kiyosaki is one of they best if not the best financial teachers of the 21st century. I have learned more from just one of Robert's books (Rich Dad/Poor Dad)then I've ever learned about wealth or becoming wealthy in my whole life. If just 7 out of 10 people picked up just one of Roberts books,and that includes the US Government, this country would not be in the financial mess it is in right now.

March 11, 2009
I read Robert's book Rich dad poor dad and recommend it to everyone. This book just open up your eyes to reality the reality many of us are too afraid to admit to ourselves. I like this book and i'm planning on reading all of them.

March 9, 2009

I have read most of Kiyosaki's materials, found his books to be inspirational, played the game, all to change my way of thinking. I am currently taking the real estate program. One thing I have noted is that he constantly states to get advice, don't go it alone. I have created a support team of advisors: lawyers, accountants and real estate professionals who opinions I trust. That is the point of his materials afterall.

I have to comment on some of the nay sayers, in particular those on the linked pages who are marketing the latest and greatest way of making money. If you truly are making money, would you not be better dressed, in a nicer location and with a professional video production? Just a thought...

February 10, 2009
still, life is what you make it!...

January 26, 2009
Mr. Kiyosaki is full of crap....he has a bunch of high pressure salesman who put down other companies to get your business. They went as far as to tell me that I should quit with the other company because he used to work there. He proceeded to tell me a lot of bad things about them.....hummmmmm, I wonder why he would do that?? TO TAKE MONEY FROM THEM AND MAKE MONEY OFF OF ME THAT'S WHY!!! Not Robert Kiyosaki more like a company named PROSPER out of UTAH. Ask them who else they sell for and why they lost the Donald Trump business. LIARS LIARS LIARS...THAT'S WHAT THEY ARE. I am just grateful that I dodged that bullet.

December 29, 2008
I'm not a millionaire but Kiyosaki's book opened my eyes. Save a little to invest... it's better than spending all your money shopping things you won't use in daily basis!

December 23, 2008
I always have a hint of skepticism when I read "get rich quick" type books, so I approached this in the same way. While I'm fairly knowledgeable about finances and money, what I liked about Kiyosaki's books are that he speaks to the common person, rather than tossing jargon around and expecting you to know what they are talking about. I've gone on to read several of his books and his advisor books, and have gotten some good information out of them. I have also read other books by different authors and have a better understanding of what is being talked about. My only real complaint I have with Kiyosaki is that he is too general with what to do, such as "Get a good team together and you can do whatever," but he doesn't seem to get into how to pick the team or suggest what is needed to try and start your team. That would be rough for beginning investors. I am happy to know that he is trying to get kids interested in financial intelligence, as I have been trying to instill this in my children even before hearing of Robert.