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Big Fish Games

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Do you have money to burn and expect nothing in return? Do you love endless zeros, low hits, slow network and connection issues? If so this is definitely your new favorite app! At BFC they don't discr


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BigRebel, found online at BigRebel.com, is a company who says they give people the ability to watch their favorite movies and TV shows online, completely for free, on demand whenever they choose. H


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BikeExchange.com is the online home of BikeExchange, a company that describes themselves as the number one website for “everything bike,” as well one of the world’s “most innov

Bingo Cafe

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Bingo Cafe, found online at BingoCafe.com, is a website which claims to be one of the longest established and most well-liked online gaming websites which is operating within the United States. How

BivySak Box

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The BivySak Box, found online at BivySak.com, is a new monthly subscription box that has been designed specifically for people who love the outdoors and want a way for the best new outdoor gear to be

Blaze Bike Light

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Blaze Bike Light, found online at Blaze.cc, says that they have worked hard to create a bike light that makes your presence known, alerts drivers to your approach, and protects you against the most co


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BloodSweatAndCheers.com is a website which helps people find fun, offbeat events and activities throughout the nation that they can do together to break up the work and monotony of everyday life.

Blue Freedom Hydropower Plant

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The Blue Freedom Hydropower Plant, available at Blue-Freedom.net, is described as the world’s smallest hydropower plant, designed to give people the ability to create energy anywhere in the worl


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Boatbound is a new service who says that their goal is to make recreational boating more accessible to people of all ages, races, and income levels by connecting local boat owners with local or travel


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BookBub.com is a website which promises to alert their members to limited time free and discounted eBooks that match your personal literary interests and are available on a wide variety of eReaders.


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BookGorilla.com is the home of BookGorilla, a free service which promises to alert their members to limited time free and discounted Kindle eBooks that match your personal literary interests. Accor


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BookMooch, found online at BookMooch.com, is a company that provides book lovers with a place to trade their unwanted books for books they haven’t read with other members of BookMooch around


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BookOfTheMonth.com is a new monthly subscription service which gives people who love reading a fun and interesting way to get a brand new book each and every month, as well as a place to discuss it.&n


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I was using many sites to find good free and discount ebooks and BookLemur is the best. Very easy to use. I get the books by genre. They seem to know exactly what I like.


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Sports enthusiasts can easily catch up on the latest sporting events with the BringMeSports toolbar. All of the links integrated into this toolbar are specifically designed for quick access to all


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Bubblews.com is a new type of content sharing website which says that people should break out of the traditional social media mold and move toward a new and better form of content sharing. Accordin

Burnie Grill

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The Burnie Grill, found online at BurnieGrill.com, is a new all wood, self burning grill which promises to give people all the function and usefulness of a traditional grill but with more ease and con

Cairn Box

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The Cairn Box, found online at GetCairn.com, is a new monthly subscription box that has been designed for people who want both inspiration and equipment for their next outdoor activity or adventure. &


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Camping Survival, found online at CampingSurvival.com.com, is a company that promises to provide customers with everything they need for both their camping needs and their wilderness survival needs.&n


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CasualChallenge, at CasualChallenge.com, is an online gaming community which claims that it is the fastest growing combination casual gaming social network community online today. CasualChallen