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Love to golf? Love to watch golf? If so, you need to consider GOLFPASS. This must-have membership is a critical item for people who love the game, and is packed with tons of features.

How Does GOLFPASS Work?

If you like golf, you should invest in a GOLFPASS membership. This program includes a number of features, including a monthly Golfnow tee time credit, exclusive shows and videos, and Golf Channel fan favorites, like Feherty.

With a membership, you also get custom coaching plans from leading instructors, over 400 hours of customized instruction, exclusive member support, access to a Trip Manager Tool, and a $100 travel credit at the world’s  most popular golf resorts. You also get member-exclusive pricing and free domestic shipping on all Revolution Golf orders.

An advanced subscription gets you other features, like a dozen TaylorMade golf balls and a 20 percent monthly pricing savings. With a premium subscription, you can get waived convenience fees on tee times and even cancellation protection.

Essentially, GOLFPASS brings the best instruction in golf directly to you.t he coaches that the professionals use have developed hundreds of hours of on-demand video to help you improve your game. This pass is designed for individuals of all skill levels and includes features like access to top coaches, daily video tips, and special pricing on golf schools.

If you love to golf, this is the way to go. You can play more of the game you love the most and find new courses with GOLFPASS. You also get tee time credits, redeemable at thousands of golf courses around the world, and are able to put your new equipment to the test.

GOLFPASS also offers an app, available on IOS. You can access your coaching instructions, videos, or shop from the store directly from your smartphone.

Cost and Price Plans

GOLFPASS has three different subscription plans available. The first, and least expensive, is the 7-day free trial program. With this subscription, you get your first seven days free, after which you pay $9.99 per month.

The next step up is the annual subscription, which also comes with the option to add a 7-day free trial. This includes free golf balls and features a twenty-percent savings compared to the monthly subscription cost.

The final payment option, the premium subscription, is billed annually and costs $199 per year. This subscription has waived convenience fees on GOLFNOW tee times, as well as cancellation protection. This allows you to earn free games of golf more quickly than through the other subscription plans.

One of the nicest features of GOLFPASS is that members get a free round of golf each month at over 7,000 GolfNow partner courses in 26 countries. This is regardless of these subscription included, and is one of the top perks of enrolling in this membership program. There are minimal free round restrictions, except for the fact that you must golf between Monday and Thursday.

Competitors and Alternatives

GOLFPASS is not the only golf software available for avid fans of the sport. There are other options like All Square Golf, Golfler, and Golfication X.

All Square Golf offers a community setting for golfers who want to network with other fans of the sport around the world. You can discover over 33,000 golf courses in nearly 180 countries. This program is essentially a social media network that allows you to expand your skills and your social connections with like minded golfers. It is available for both Apple and Android.

Golfler is another popular mobile app. This program, also available for both Android and Apple devices, hails itself as a “golfer’s best friend,” and includes features like pre-ordering and delivery, a rangefinder, weather forecasts, course discounts, messaging, and more. You can even get real-time access to a course kitchen so that you can order food while you are still golfing!

Finally, Golfication X is another popular golfing app. This one is more than just a rangefinder - it provides you with shot tracking, swing analysis, shot recommendations, and even advanced game insight. This is a wearable device that can also be added as an app to your cell phone.

Customer Service

The Customer Service team at GOLFPASS is easy to get ahold of. All you need to do is call 1-800-754-8466.

Customer Online Reviews/Complaints

GOLFPASS comes with a 365 day guarantee. If your purchase from the Revolution shop does not provide you with the desired results, you are protected by the Revolution GOLF guarantee and can get your money back at any time. You also get free domestic shipping on any product, and have access to member pricing with a membership.

Customers love how easy it is to renew or cancel a membership. All you have to do is access your account on, and you’ll get a notification about thirty days before your renewal date. With GOLFPASS, you can earn rewards and use them for travel and other purchases.

Where to Buy?

You can purchase your GOLFPASS only through the company’s website. Once you sign up, however, you can access any promotional offer that was available during the time period in which the membership was initiated. You can explore membership benefits on the company’s website, where you can also book tee times at your local golf course. This program is open for any golfers who live within the United States and Canada.


If you are an avid golfer, GOLFPASS may be worth your money. While this isn’t a program for the occasional one-off golfer, it is a great option for people who like to take to the course several times a week. You’ll be able to save money on travel and other golf-related purchases, and you can improve your game through customized coaching and video lessons. You may not become the next Tiger Woods, but you’ll certainly have fun trying.


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1 Review

No to Golfpass!!

May19, 2019

Do not subscribe to golfpass!!

multiple reasons but the most prominent are.

1. Essentially no advantage over the free subscription.

2. Completely chaotic.

Tried to use the ‘free code’ reservation was cancelled 36 hours prior to my trip. . Golfpass said due to ‘technical interface errors’. I called the golf course Barnsley in Georgia. Their answer- we don’t do business with GolfNow. Couldn’t get the tee times I needed anymore.

3. Informed golfpass if # 2 above. They knew nothing about it and said they apologize. Spoke to Zack and Leroy to get it fixed or cancel my membership since the first time I used it was a failure. Response- “there isn’t anyone else to speak to”,

went on website. No email for customer service. Just the same number I called.

4. The tee times available for their ‘code’ are not only sparse but have to be used after 12 and can only be used for their ‘hot time’ specials.

5. The content is available via other websites and is much more easily organized than on their website which forces you to waste time looking at all types of extraneous content. For instance you can’t stream in a consecutive manner easily if you are wanting to look at something in series.

6. The ‘exclusive content’ To a great extent is interviews with top golfers. Not sure how many times I’m interested in seeing the coddled upbringing of a golf pro. You know, someone who ‘sacrificed ‘ , struggled, but coincidently had a father who belonged to a club or was superintendent of a club or was groundskeeper for a club. Would rather watch Feherty interview finau for free which is a lot more compelling.

In summary, this is essentially a hype that is thisclose to being on scam level.

The left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing and the customer experience is not really their priority.

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