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Poor Dating service Please be aware.
May 14, 2024

I signed up with Silver singles and was only able to connect with people 50 Miles as the closest to me. After one week on the site I was notified about a scammer who reached out to me and then a second one. It is scarry trying to locate someone and to know scammers are allowed to set up fake profiles. This is not a cheap site and then they will not give me a refund.

Be careful..
December 11, 2023
This site is full of scammers and fake profiles. All most of them are foreign men who will show up are rich classy unrealistic lifestyle and send pictures of food have prepared which is taken from the internet. Be careful with these fake loose men they should get a life other than trying to waste time of single ladies.

BarbaraCarfagno January 13, 2024

I cannot get anyone to talk to about this subscription. I'm going to call my credit card company and put a hold on the payment. When I am on the internet site and click on the link, the web site does not come up. The screen is blank. I can use my cell phone though. I don't know what is happening.

Gil February 28, 2024

I can not get any help from silver singles I just joined the site and it will not let me log in with my email and password is there any humans working there ?

I think they are below a scam, maybe outright theft.
November 21, 2023

I'm currently trying to get a refund from SS, to me, they are below a scam. Below are some of the reason I feel they are below a scam.

Allowing anyone on the site without requiring them to add photos shows the poor quality of the site.

They allow users to send "likes" to people you are interested in, almost EVERY "like" I've received are suspect in my eyes. I'd call them "carpet bombers" the "match" sends out "likes" and ignores any reply sent. I've even gotten to the point of sending a messaged to someone that has "matched" with me, AND THEY sent a "like", asking if they are a "Carpet bomber", interesting they never replied.

I get "matches" from users that are over 300 miles away, even when I limit my search to 50 miles, they match with me, and send a like, and THEY are over 300 miles away.

Trying to cancel is a massive run around, you contact them, they ask for information, then claim they can't find your user id, then ask for the same data all over again.

I'm currently looking into suing them in Small Claims Court, my state allows this is the claim is below $5,000, my state also REQUIRES companies to have a LAWYER show up and defend the company.

A Giant Scam
March 2, 2023

Half of matches have no photo. Site ignores distance parameters. I get matches from hundreds of miles away.

One message started with "are you a real person? There doesn't seem to be any real people on this site." I feel grossly ripped off.

PamMettee October 25, 2023

Yep -my brother met someone he described as very special! The photos she sent, the long phone calls were great! He felt he found a good gal! Described herself as a Single Mom & a Young widow. Well in time she asked him to remove his Silver Singles Listing as she was going to do! He did remove his! He cannot re-up & is out $$$$. I hope this isn’t a regular practice ! Sad!!

Scam site- do not waste your money
February 1, 2023
0 stars would be better if there was an option. Scam site- contacts are hundreds of miles away or out of country. SS noted 15 out of 20 contacts in last two months were scammers- they sent email saying not to give them personal info. Scammers.

cancel and retrieve my money
January 11, 2023
after i signed up for three months, i can no longer sign into silver singles to view the woman and my profile. i have been trying to close my account and retrieve my money.

Silver Singles is the worst site, all scammers
September 18, 2022

If I could give this site 0 stars I would. I signed up and paid for the premium subscription you really have no choice if you want to actually see the matches they say you have. But they aren't real people.

I have been contacted by the same scammers over and over again each time submitting the abuse to the site to be contacted by the same scammers again with another photo but the same story and most don't even have photos attached.

Obviously, this site is not monitoring the people that are using the free time to scam unsuspecting people. Once they get your subscription which they will not refund even though they provide crappy service you get a year of creeps and scammers for you $100.

Sherry February 01, 2023

I had 15 out of 20 contacts noted by SS as a risk- received emails saying not to give them any personal info. This is a scammer site- and you do not get a refund. Not to mention all the contacts are hundreds of miles away. :(

Horrible and Dangerous
September 18, 2022
I tried to get my auto-renew payment refunded. They would not budge even though I contacted them on the day my subscription ended. But the bottom line is this dating site does a horrible job of scanning for fraudulent activity. They rely on the consumer to report suspicious activity. If I were to report all the scammers, I'd have a full-time job on my hands. Buyer BEWARE!

Thumbs down
September 13, 2022
I go weeks without a “match” except at least 3 scams a day. Management says my parameters are too limited: Lives closer than 50 miles, college educated, no children at home, only guys over 60. Thought this site specialized in this.

Filled with scammerd
May 25, 2022

The majority of men who approached me were scamming women in the system. Everyday, it was the same story, this is my last day on this website, please write to [email] —my friend whom I think would be a great match for you. This was the most frequent type of connection men wanted.

The site is filled with scammers and the platform does not seem to be be capable or care about managing their service appropriately. If I could give this site a zero, I would. I have had very satisfactory experiences on other sites. Stay away from this one.

GretaSnyder September 01, 2022

Silver singles is a scam. I have been trying to contact them to cancel my subscription and there is no phone number that is working. They are trying to renew membership to my bank which has been declined twice. The bank said they will keep trying until I call them. I also tried to email a message and the site locks up. Don"t do it.