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Website: is a website familiar to many people due to their extensive advertising on television and across the web. 

The My Life service claims to be able to connect users with past friends and acquaintances and to let them discover who's searching for them online.

How Does it Work?

MyLife often claims that it will let you know who is searching for you 'for free', which is technically true, though quite misleading.  

Once you enter your name into their site, it will give you some information such as "5 Men and 11 Women are searching for you", including some more specific examples like "A 32 year old woman who lives in Anytown, USA and attended American University is looking for you." 

However, to get the specific names and details of those that are searching for you, or the details of the people you are searching for, you must first become a paid member of the site.

Is My Life Legit?

 There are numerous complaints about this company all over the internet, and some of the accusations made are fairly serious.

 These include, but are not limited to:

  1.  MyLife provides search results that are inaccurate and sometimes even fabricated to entice one to become a member.
  2.  MyLife 'hacks' your email account and spams your contact list with invitations to join
  3.  MyLife asks you to authorize your credit card to be charged a certain amount, but then charges you far more and more often than permitted.

The first claim centers around the fact that provides you with a glimpse of the people that are looking for you, in order to entice you to become a paid member.  

Once you do become a paid member, however, you may receive a list of names that you may be completely unfamiliar with.

Angry customers argue this is because MyLife is fabricating the list of supposed people who are searching for you in the first place.

One customer was so convinced of this, he entered his name as random string of characters, somethin like "sfg shgshdhsg" for example, and was informed that seven people were searching for him.

Secondly, the privacy policy of does admit they will scan and send invitations to your email contacts, though they claim they will only do so with your permission.  

While the argument has been made that simply becoming a member of MyLife is the act of giving permission, many complaints have been filed by people who say they never became a paid member of MyLife, but their email accounts were hacked anyway after they visited the website.

Finally, the Terms and Conditions policy states that when you sign up for their services, you are also signed up for the services of third party companies, though these third parties and the cost of their services are not listed.  

In addition, the Terms claim that only some of the website's functions are considered free with membership, while others would incur additional fees.  However, nowhere on their website do they explain which functions are included and which cost extra.

As a result, customers have experienced signing up for membership on one day, and sometimes within 24 hours their credit card has been charged with multiple extra fees that they were unaware of.  

Other customers say they expected to pay a low amount for their monthly membership and ended up with almost $200 in charges after the monthly subscription came due.

These claims and others have been outlined in a Department of Justice lawsuit filed against  

If you have any experience with the or their services, please leave your reviews below.

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September 15, 2023
i did a search on a friend and it said it would be a one time charge of $9.95 and just looked at my bank statement and see there is also a charge for $155.40.

They charge your card for payments not authorized
August 7, 2023

If I could give them a Zero star review I would! I signed up for a trial membership and paid something like $25 for one month. The very next day I noticed a charge on my card where they took $80.20 from my account!

When I emailed their customer service they simply canceled my account. I asked several times when they would refund my money but they never answered that question. And I still haven’t received it!! Plus they don’t give what they promise. Total scam!!!

Scam Scam Scam Scam Scam Scam Scam Scam Scam
July 23, 2023

Please add zero star option. What a scam. Why is this website still up? I JUST PAID 9.95 FOR NOTHING. I am reporting this site to local police.

I wish I had read the reviews before my payment.

It is best to have best friends and stay away jealous friend.
July 1, 2023

I am very upset someone wrote bad complaint about me. I would like to correct my rumored behaviors. I forgot mylife sign in address. I will make some corrections. has tried to steal my money!
June 4, 2023
I requested ONE search for a lost cousin at the advertised $4.98 price. I only got back contact data for myself! Then charged my credit card an extra $155.40 for its Premier service, which I did NOT subscribe to. That charge is being disputed! via my credit card. Phone calls to MyLife have elicited a taped message to Email it, & my several Emails have not been responded to. AVOID MYLIFE LIKE THE PLAGUE THAT IT IS!!! This horrible excuse for a business should be shut down! THE CREEPS WHO RUN MYLIFE ARE CROOKS!!!

I got used!
January 31, 2023
I wish that I researched them before joining. I used and Chase Preferred Card. I have reported these people to them and hope they can free me from paying the bill after Chase does their research and finds out that My life is a scam.

False reporting of damaging information
January 10, 2023

They said I had criminal charges and lawsuits also people were looking me up. I paid for the basic one time fee. When I got the report it said I didn't have a record and it listed 5 different blurred out liens.

I then investigated my self through the court system, no liens against me either. This could completely ruin someones life. These people are publishing false information . They should be sued and put out of Business.

Got Absolutely Nothing For My Payment!
December 27, 2022

Absolutely horrible. I just paid $9.95 for a screen that was 99% blurred out. What a scam. Don't waste your money unless you ready to sign up for the $179 special!!!

CharlesLozada January 26, 2023

They suck you in! I never intended to become a member, I was going to SHUT DOWN the computer for the night, and BING! the scree said, CONGRATULATIONS sucker! You just got billed $239.88 for membership. I immediately crapped in my pants ( not literally, I told them I was sorry that I accidentally "must have" Hit the wrong button.

They do have some information on me, I am living on S.S> I'm 80 yrs. old in poor health , and they want me to pay $239.88. This company is horrible. The government has been on them for misinformation etc. THEY SUCK! I will be calling my Credit card Co. These people are worthless.

CharlesLozada January 26, 2023

OOPS! I forgot to tell you they are shameless crooks. And...they suck.

CharlesLozada January 26, 2023

I've got the rest of my life to taunt this "company" obviously, I am not a happy camper. it's a scam folks. It's too late, if you are writing a comment. You've been had.

CharlesLozada January 26, 2023

They suck you in! I never intended to become a member, I was going to SHUT DOWN the computer for the night, and BING! the scree said, CONGRATULATIONS sucker! You just got billed $239.88 for membership.

I immediately crapped in my pants ( not literally, I told them I was sorry that I accidentally "must have" Hit the wrong button. They do have some information on me, I am living on S.S> I'm 80 yrs. old in poor health , and they want me to pay $239.88.

This company is horrible. The government has been on their ass, for misinformation etc. THEY SUCK! I will be calling my credit card company! These people are worthless.

CharlesLozada January 29, 2023

They suck you in! I never intended to become a member, I was going to SHUT DOWN the computer for the night, and BING! the screen said, CONGRATULATIONS sucker! You just got billed $239.88 for membership!

Immediately Overcharged
August 25, 2022
Authorized a $1.99 charge for a single report. Was billed this AND $60 for a 3-month subscription. Called immediately. Was told they could not issue a refund since I had requested a report... the single one I already paid $1.99 for. I asked to speak to a manager, was put on hold. When she returned i was offered $40 back and the plan was reduced to one month with no auto-renewal. At least I got 40 bucks back. I'll write the 20 off has a lesson learned about checking reviews first.

CharlesLozada January 26, 2023

All I wanted was my ex-wife's age, so I searched on their site, It was getting late, time for me to say nite, nite, and I GUESS I hit the wrong button, All of a sudden the screen shouts "Congtas Sucker, You owe us $239.88

I HAD previously used this site, in which at that time I entered my Credit card Info. I assume I will be charged that amount, I begged with them to forgive my grave error, I sent them 2 emails, NO RESPONSE.

Here's a cutie, I was looking for a phone # for this co. I Found 2 numbers for 'Customer service'. NO live person on both of the numbers, they gave me an email address instead. I think I did that twice b4. No REPLY. I understand, I CAN CANCEL WITHIN 15 DAYS, I am not waiting, for the bad news, I am reporting this company to my credit card company. This company is more fraudulent than trump!

CharlesLozada January 26, 2023

Suckers! You have probably been scammed already, that's why you want to see what you got yourself in. You just got screwed! Wait until you see how much $$$$ you just got taken for. I am sincerely surprised these folks haven't gotten hit by the Government! BTW, they suck!

August 18, 2022

I ran the initial "self search" 3 days ago, of course I had to provide an email address. It ran thru all the steps and took me to the point of signing up and paying. I noticed it indicated 2 people searching for me, 1 man and 1 woman. I left the site without signing up.

Today I received an email saying there has been changes that might be lawsuits etc. I clicked on "review updates" and it took me back to their site and ran thru all the steps again and took me again to the point of signing up and paying. This time (3 days later) it indicated 514 people found are searching for me, 46 men and 46 women....So, in 3 days people searching for me went from 2 (1 man, 1 women) to 514 (46 men, 46 women). 46 x 2 = 92.

This is baiting by using false info to cause panic in order to manipulate us to sign up.

E.A.Holland January 12, 2023

My experience is so much worse than the above. Chose the one month for 17.99 as i work with a lot of questionable persons at work - Ex cons who are still at it at night. but the choice of one month non automatic charge was ignored and i received TWO AUTOMATIC charges from paypal , which look like they will go nowhere. am out 324.80 . Of course there is no contact from MyLife. All phone refer to email, all email ignored. Looking into filing legal charges against these criminal bogus background check. Also , do not bother with CheckMate. At least they do have a customer service but also overcharged me - I was able to get a refund.

CharlesLozada January 26, 2023

These People are GANGSTERS, out and out thieves, deceivers, fraudsters, I can't say enough BAD things about this Fake company. There is NO contact person or company reps to talk to, They have recorded message stating, You have to email them, They haven't answered me yet.

IF they think they are going to put me on the hook for $239.88 US dollars, My credit card will be notified Tonight, so that when they get billed, they have some "splainin" to do.

CharlesLozada January 26, 2023

Does this CRIMINAL company have more than a ONE star rating? what does that say to you?

Get a Email confirmed cancelation
August 1, 2022

I cancelled the same day I ran a search . Received incorrect info and then called to cancel. I was given cancelation # and told I would receive a confirmation Email. The day after I was charged almost $50.00. No cancelation ever sent! Total scam...

E.A.Holland January 12, 2023

it seems that they are much worse now.

MYLIFE is trash!!!!
July 19, 2022
I really hope nobody relies on this site for information. I looked at my profile and none of the information provided is correct. It even makes it look like I'm a criminal because family members I have no contact with are criminals. It's like paying a price for the faults of others.

Don't waste your time
June 14, 2022

A piece of crap website with false claims and error filled garbage.

Scummy and dishonest
June 11, 2022

The name they gave me was my first name with my high school ex-boyfriend's last name (and obviously, we were never married). No clue how they got a hold of that information anyway, that's very creepy. I went in to see my report out of curiosity, but freaked out and left when I realized the website could be planting cookies in my computer and stealing my personal information.

The website itself says while finalizing a report that they can collect all the addresses to the places you've lived in, with satellite images. If that's true, and people can just access it by looking it up, this is a dangerous website.

May 20, 2022

MyLife is a complete scam. Never signed up for a paying membership., so they do not have my card info, thankfully. But, what they do have is info about me which is completely inaccurate. One of the names they claim is an alias I have used in the past is actually my Dad's name. They also claim I have several court decisions against me. I have none. They have my places of residence completely backwards. I can only hope that potential employers, and neighbors, new friends, or whatever do not use, or believe this site.

Limit of premium membership is 3 searches per month
May 18, 2022
After multiple communications as to why I could not search when logged in to my Premium account I found out that only 3 searches per month are allowed I paid for 3 months and apparently each call allowed me to search 9 in the first week. Last call told me I have used the total for my 3 month membership. I asked why I was not informed of this when joining. I was told to read the agreed to. I have read the agreed to and still did not find the limit of 3 per month.

E.A.Holland January 12, 2023

They actually responded?! Wow. I have sent many texts, phone calls and have come to believe that they have let their answering machine do the sole business of referring to email, which I do not believe that they read. Review
November 26, 2021

think they know who people are, who they are related too and all their personal and private information. Sadly, this site puts people's lives at risk. Most of the information in inaccurate and flat out wrong. Don't waste your money or time. This site does not provide accurate information nor are they qualified to provide you with a true background report.

Signed up for $1 trial, they charged me $99.00
November 10, 2021

They made an unauthorized charge to my debit card for 99.00. I had signed up for a $1.00 trial.

Don't Waste Your Time
March 24, 2021 is nothing more than a scam service. They have seriously confused me with my dad. They even have me listed as married to my mom. All the information listed is just from public resources (the same ones your bill collectors use), so whatever. As long as you're smart and don't use facebook, they can't even get a picture of you. Don't pay these clowns any money. Don't even sign up for their garbage website. Just move on with your day and be relieved that you're not the guy MyLife thinks is married to his mom.

Complete SCAM website
December 4, 2020

I did a 3 day trial and the same day, went in and disabled automatic renewal. It says in the FAQ's that doing this will cancel your premium membership.

Well, they charged me EIGHTY dollars anyway a few days later!!!