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FuboTV is an internet based television streaming service for TV shows, movies, sports, and news that offers subscriptions in several tiers depending on the number of channels and devices.

How Does It Work?

According to their website, Fubo.tv was designed specifically for lovers for sports so that they can see all the sports they want when it works for them, including NFL, MLB, NBA and NHL, all live and in HD.

They also offer their “Cloud DVR” which allows their customers to record the game if they are unable to watch it live and their service provides something called “72-Hour Lookback,” which is a feature that lets customers replay nearly any game, show, or movie that has aired in the last three days, even if they forgot to hit record. 


The reviews of this channel streaming service appear to be really positive at this time, with most reviewers speaking highly of the quality and the content of the programming they are able to get through this service. 

That being said, many of the positive reviews posted about this service do come with a series of qualifications, the biggest of which simply being that United States’ based sports fans are not likely to get their money’s worth from the largest package offered by Fubo.tv, because the best benefit of that package is the high number of international sports channels. 

The general consensus about this service seems to be that if you are interested in international sporting events that are usually hard to come by in the US, then this service might be perfect for you, but if all you are looking for is access to all the US based football or basketball games, then there might be better services available for you elsewhere. 

Customer Service

Customers who wish to contact their Customer Service team with any questions, concerns, or complaints can do so by going to their Support page and then clicking their “Submit a Request” link at the bottom of that page. 


Mobile Options

This streaming service does say that they offer mobile applications for both iOS and Android at this time, and their service also provides applications for Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV and Fire Stick, Android TV, and Google Chromecast.


Cost & Price Plans

At this time Fubo.tv has three different monthly membership plans that their customers can choose from. The first is their smallest package, Fubo Latino, which is priced at $14.99 per month and technically offers 13 different channels but not all of them are sports channels.

Their next package is the Fubo Portugues, which is priced at $19.99 per month and offers five different sports channels.

Finally they offer Fubo Premier which is priced at $19.99 per month for two months and then $39.99 for each month afterward and which offers customers 75 different channels of all kinds. 

No matter which monthly package you are interested in trying, Fubo.tv says that all brand new accounts will be given a free seven day trial and if they are unhappy with the service they are welcome to cancel during this trial and never incur a charge for their service.


Refund Policy

Fubo.tv is a month-to-month service so they don’t actually provide their customers with a Refund Policy.

Instead, they give their customers the free 7 day trial of their service so all customers who decide that it doesn’t meet their needs are welcome to cancel during that first week of service and never incurring charges at all. 

If you do choose to enroll in a monthly plan, you are welcome to cancel at any time without cancellation fees or other penalties being held against you, and whenever you cancel you simply be able to continue using your service until the end of that month, at which point your subscription will be ended.  

Competitors and Alternatives?

There are many different cable services and streaming services that designed specifically for sports lovers, including the Sling TV offer which allows people to pay extra each month to add a sports package to their available channels. 

If you have any experience with Fubo.tv or their services, please leave your reviews below.

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Fubo TV Customer Reviews

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Free Trial Bait and Switch.
February 1, 2024

I signed up for a 30 day free trial. When they sent the confirmation, it told me that I only had one free day. My fault, I didn't read their fine print, because you can be sure they will reference it when they are taking your money.

100% Scam.
October 16, 2023

Complete and utter rip off. Couldn't contact Fubo to cancel even trying to do it almost immediately. Then they took the money for nothing. No view and took a month subscription when it was impossible to view their stream. It's a scam.

AnzhelikaJumangit November 08, 2023

Today I received an email from Fubo TV that I subscribed and have a week free trial and over $90 monthly charge after that. I never subscribed for any services! When I went to their website it asked me first to create a password for my account. I created password, logged into account and canceled subscription which I never made...

September 26, 2023
Charged $129 for nothing. It says 1 day free trial and I do not even remember signing up for this service. I signed up for Sling and Youtube TV while trying to watch the Gator game. I canceled both and think this service somehow snaked into through one of these. I have now canceled after having to look up how to actually do that, since they make it VERY hard to find on their website. I watched nothing, had this service for 3 days and am being charged $129. DO NOT sign up for this scam company.

Free trial SCAM
September 17, 2023

My Internet provider Spectrum had a dispute with ESPN. They offered a free trial with FUBO tv. I tried and tried all week to CANCEL the free trial but FUBO made it impossible. They charged my CC instead. The free trial is a SCAM. You cannot cancel no matter how you try.

August 29, 2023

Lying scammers. Signed up for 7 day free trial to watch a program for 1 night. Canceled 2 days before trial ended. Was charged 49.00 for installation fee. Called to see if my refund was being processed & they said they knew nothing about the charge & it wasn’t them. lol. So I called the number associated with the charge & off course yes it was a Fubo charge. I was then put back on the phone with the same person from Fubo that lied & said the charge wasn’t them & was told they would give me a free month for the $49.00, omg. What lying scammers. I told them I did not appreciate being lied to & their attempted scam didn’t work for me & my refund better be there in a couple of days. I’m also going to contact our credit card company & inform them of the situation. Either way I’m getting our money back but the fact that they have our credit card info makes me want to get a new card.

Hate fubotv for Canada
August 22, 2023

Subscribed in Canada for the year. Later I realized I could not watch the teams I liked. Tried to cancel the subscription. They don’t refund the anual subscription. I want to know if there is any consumer law in Canada that mandates a refund for service cancelation.

April 14, 2023

Dishonest scam, they lie to you and just steal your money. Will not answer any questions.

Impossible to contact to cancel.
March 17, 2023
Total scam. I was unable to watch the one game that I signed up on my free trial 20 the bill for the service came in 2 months later. I contacted the credit card company and football TV said I had never attempted to cancel it. The first notice that I had the service was when I received the bill which was after the cancelation. . When I received the bill I attempted to contact them and the phone tree council my call. The company said that I had not attempted to cancel therefore I was required to pay for the service.

February 19, 2023
I would not recommend this company if you are from Canada. False advertising on the internet of what is available for live tv and 7-10 buss days to get a credit on my credit card.

free trial scam
February 15, 2023
scam. I signed up for the 7 day free trial, which I cancelled the same day, but was billed $96.32

What a scam
February 6, 2023

Beware this company is a total scam and don’t expect help from your credit card company ( Chase) I cancelled my Free trial and was still $105 for 1 month there no disclosure of the amount they charge so you might get $300 or $95 with one chance of a refund.

Fubo Will Tell You Your Email Is Not Valid
January 30, 2023

I tried to sign up for the "Free" 7-day trial. It said my email was invalid. Tried to go thru google, it said google was not safe!

Well I can verify that google is not safe, but what pisses me off is, I never had my "Free" 7-day trial yet, & fubo is saying I did. To me it's a scam to get $.

Bad company
January 18, 2023

Not a good company. I signed up for a specific game and they did not disclose some games are not available. I asked for cancellation and a refund but was told no. That won’t refund my 1st month!

January 1, 2023

We signed up for the free trial to get the stations that the nfl games are on today, jan. 1, 2023. We could not get them. They left out that you had to be in a certain "Jurisdiction" to receive the channels. Very upset about this misrepresentation!

Scam company
October 6, 2022

I did the 7 day trial on October the 2nd 2022..On Oct 5th my bank account showed that Fubo had already billed me $35.95.That was in only 3 days..I called and was told I would get my refund in 5-7 days.

In addition, I found that some other company had billed me $39.95 for a subscription..they didn't know the subscription was for..It was some company with initial Ythgnd.com..They had know info on their website except mentioned something about subscriptions.

There customer service representative promised me a refund on 5-7 days..Of course they didn't have any information about what kind of subscription..ect...I think they are in cohoots with Fubo...In my opinion Fubotv is definitely a scam!!.Probably need more capital to be legit and can't get any backing..Tread lightly..Stick with Hulu...

EdRyan December 05, 2022

Fubo is a scam. They offer a free 7 day trial, but when you try to cancel, a different company, offers to help with the cancelation for $37. You will spend a lot of time on the phone trying to get the free trial and listening to the BS of the sales staff. Keep your money, Fubo is a waste of money.

SusanneRiis August 05, 2023

Yes they are a total scam - predatory and deceitful. The amount charged on our debit card did not match the amount during checkout and they state twice on the checkout screen that they will notify you via email the day before the trial is over. I never received that email and had no idea I was going to be charged $291!

FUBOTV - EPL - Crippling Constant Buffering
October 3, 2022

The FUBOTV streaming coverage of English Premiership League football is unwatchable due to constant buffering. I have encountered this critical failure on EVERY occasion I have used it over more than two months. The most recent being October 1st and 2nd 2022. This occurs from different locations, using different devices, and different internet services.

I wish I could join/sponsor a sufficiently large user base action that could remove Premier League coverage from this atrocious service for breach of contract and give it back to the previous supplier. The single breach issue is CONSTANT BUFFERING. It is so severe I have yet to be able to watch a single match without interruptions every few minutes of streaming, each far longer than the intervening successful stream!

Yes, I have implemented ALL of the purported corrective steps !

In my opinion as an experienced customer service professional, the most egregious failure of all is FUBO's dishonesty about this issue. They simply do not admit it is a KNOWN PROBLEM, nor that they conceal its ROOT CAUSE, nor do they provide a reliable WORKAROUND, nor have they announced a long term SOLUTION.

The preceding steps constitute the most basic, industry standard troubleshooting and customer service protocols and FUBOTV is in breach of all of them. Disgraceful

Fubo automated dishonesty
September 14, 2022

Fubo is very untrustworthy!!! I signed up for a free trial in Dec 2019, provided my credit card and cancelled within a couple of days. Unbeknown to me I received an email in June 2022 saying it looks like I lost my password, since that time they have been charging my credit card at a rate of $94/month. When I contacted them they refused to do anything about it.

They suck
September 5, 2022

You sign up for a free week and then you can’t access them online to cancel. Says they don’t recognize email or password, what a rip off.

Getting Spammed and Phished
August 13, 2022

Spam and Phishing attempts started rolling in to my email account as soon as I signed up for FuboTV. They apparently love to sell your email address to unscrupulous people.

I was able to cancel my account during the free trial just fine, but the spam and phishing continues in volume.

SCAM-Stay Away!
January 25, 2022

Absolutely DO NOT fall for this scam! FuboTV promises a one week "free trial" for their service but if you cancel in time as I did, they will still charge your credit card account.

I addressed this dispute with their customer service representative: Mr. Alex Soto, (name spelling may not be accurate) in November of 2021 who freely admitted I had indeed, canceled inside the one week deadline allowed but hadn't "requested a refund"!

I was never informed of the requirement to request a refund and why would one be necessary for what was promoted as a "free one week trial"?

Efforts to resolve this through my credit card provider have proven fruitless as I believe FuboTV, (or at least their customer service department) is based in The Netherlands.