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Fraud. Scammers. Beware.
March 26, 2024

I placed one and only one order with them in 2022. I did not see or uncheck the box that says sign me up for a membership. They billed my card for $49.99 in 2023 for a membership I did not sign up for. I did not notice it on my statement.

Then now, 2024 They charged me for another membership for $59.99 that I did not sign up for. They are scammers. Just as bad as those calling from other countries.

Scam company
February 23, 2023

This company advertises free shipping to members but charges a shipping tax! How do you tax free?

They also charge a fuel surcharge! Why? Never ordering from here again

stay away
October 14, 2022

sportsman's gouge. i am still wondering why i tried them again. moth to an enticing flame with amnesia of the last misadventure i'd had with them. it took forever to get the detailed invoice will all charges itemized; after you order is is not online, but a paper copt is in the box.

inspect your online order carefully should you, in a weak moment be tempted to do biz with these pirates. there were two line items that made no sense: a California shipping tax and a fuel surcharge.

California has no such tax and i called the the shipper, fedex and they had no fuel surcharges. and unless you uncheck the box, they will charge a buck for shipping insurance. against what? their own incompetence? sheesh. they are liars, cheats and fraudsters!! do not support them!!!! stay away!!!!!

Have had good experience with them for many years
August 22, 2022
I have purchased merchandise from them for many years. Their prices are good, and they have a large selection of outdoor equipment and accessories. I have had a couple of issues that they fixed. Biggest problem was recently with an item that was missing some parts. Their customer service was very good and rectified the problem.

Fraud! Won’t honor their order commitments
February 18, 2022

I made multiple orders for ammo in 2020. All were placed on back order. At least 5 times since placing the order, I had to confirm the order or lose it. I managed to confirm some of them. This week, I discover that my back orders were cancelled. I called to get more info and Al tells me that Sportsmans guide is not taking calls on that topic.

Fascinating, isn’t it? Now that 9mm is back in stock, the orders are cancelled. How can anyone expect to maintain a customer base treating customers this way? To think we pay a membership fee to be treated this way!

What's wrong with Sportsman's guide?
January 8, 2022

The problem with Sportsman's guide is the same problem with any company. You're just not going to be able to please everyone 100% of the time.

They have an astronomical amount of merchandise available. I think what differentiates companies is there communication with the customer. They get five stars for that. Every time I've ordered from them I get almost an immediate response by email. That's not always the case with other companies.

The fact that I can speak my wants into my phone and then have something show up at my door is amazing in and of itself. They obviously have no problem refunding money and if we are unhappy we can go somewhere else.

Do Not Buy
July 13, 2021

Wow! I wished I would have read these reviews before I placed an order. I join the ranks of those swindled by SPORTSMAN GUIDE. They cancelled a back order because they did not want to meet the price advertised.

After sending them a request for refund, I will turn the matter over to GOD for collection. I feel bad that company employees would so willingly go to Hell along with the Company owners and management. But when you steal, there is an accounting at the end of your life.

Is it really worth going to Hell over such a relatively small dollar amount? For this company and its employees, the answer is HELL YEA!

Do not order!
May 19, 2021

Do not order from Sportsmans Guide! I ordered 2 outdoor rocking chairs, when they arrived both were damaged. I sent them back and repeatedly emailed, not 1 response! I called a couple of times and spoke to someone and repeated what was said in all unanswered emails, they are damaged!

When I finally received the refund, Sportsmans Guide charged me for the shipping! This company is a joke! Don't waste your money here!

Membership is a scam
November 19, 2020
They're ok if it's in stock BUT back orders are literally never filled. They also delete any honest responses if its not positive. It seems like a scam for membership fees

November 9, 2020

I've been a member of theirs for years and have ordered a ton of stuff. In April I ordered 2k rounds of 9mm. It was on back-order, no problem, I knew it was and I was willing to wait. Couple weeks later I get an email saying it is delayed some more and asks if I still want it. Yes. Ship date comes and goes, nothing.

I check the order status and it says it's been canceled because the manufacturer couldn't deliver by the promised date? I've emailed back and forth with them a dozen times and they are 0 help. First they tried to blame me for not responding to the back-order confirmation, which I did and they acknowledged.

Then they keep telling me to replace my order and there is nothing else they can do. Well that would be all fine and good except they have no ammo available and now with everything going on it would cost me $900 more than when I ordered 6 months ago.

I just want what I ordered. I'm sure they got the ammo in and just decided that they could make triple the profit on it so they screwed me over who's been waiting on it for half the year. I canceled everything with them and hope they go out of business. Their customer service is some if the worst I have ever experienced and their morals are worse than a liberals. I hope you get what you deserve.

I saved $
August 25, 2020
The Benjamin Rifle/Airbow Case I ordered and received was a bargain. I appreciate that. The "review" message they sent me was annoying, at the least. There was no chance to review them or their product I bought. I do not know why they sent me a sales promotion rather than the "review" that was in the subject title it had. To clarify why they had no intention of allowing me to review their sale or their product. Their send address to get my review (if I could reply there) is: no-reply@sportsmansguide. I do not understand them.

Bad Company
August 12, 2020

This is a company with little or no customer service. If you find your product back ordered but can't get in touch to cancel the order then here is what you do:

Call the credit card company you placed the order with and have them terminate your current card and issue you anew card with a new number. Simple as that! When Sportsmans Guide tries to charge your "card" it will be declined. That's it. He who laughs last laughs best!

The very best to all of you honest people out there.

RichardLong October 23, 2020


Bemor Stern October 24, 2020

DIDO !!!

August 8, 2020
Worst outdoor supply company I've ever had the misfortune of encountering. Took order

absent customer service
April 7, 2020

I emailed 3 times to find out my order status and each time I got a robot email saying “ don’t worry, we’ll get back to you”. BS! If I ever get an answer or the product, I won’t order from them again. Sportsmansguide took me to never never land: that is, never answer my emails and never got my product.

Experience - Very Good
January 3, 2020

I have had a good experience with this company. When items are shipped, you get an invoice and a preprinted return mailing label. You have to order as soon as possible as quantities are limited. If you get in touch with a Customer Service Employee, remember, they are underpaid and over worked. They are ususally not trained well and some can be convicts in a prison system.

I had some issues on the 1990's where I had to return some items. I had no problems. I order mostlty military items. You will take a chance, so be warned when ordering foreign made items. I still order from this company.

Bemor Stern October 24, 2020

For this you give '5 *****'s'!? This review looks like it was written by a (sorry) SG supervisor hoping to keep their pathetic job.... PLEASE save your BOO-HOO's. A business needs to be run like one and it either flies or sucks. (What's that I hear, a sucking sound?)......

Absolutely one of the WORST merchants I've EVER delt with
October 25, 2019

Absolutely one of the WORST merchants…

Absolutely one of the WORST merchants I've EVER delt with. They can't get an order right - and - their website is misleading and WRONG - and they are NOT customer centered.

Bemor Stern October 27, 2019

Unfortunately 'DIDO' on this comment. I became a member long ago and quit two or three times. Once in a blue moon I try again but then reminded why I quit. Too bad, many of the products good but not (good)customer service, mess with you on their 'guarantee' for returns, faulty website (often will not complete order), etc. Say they will make it right for you and then don't follow through.VERY aggravating!

Deceptive labeling/returns big hassle
May 22, 2019

I ordered 4xl shirts. I could not get it over my head and the shirts measured out at medium. The shirt tags had been cut probably to remove the size. The shirts were stuffed in a plastic bag and a 4xl label was slapped on. The return has been a big hassle.

S G could only email the label instructions, no label? They are probably hoping I will forget about it during the big time delay. S G wanted me to pay return shipping for their mistake. S G stated they would snail mail, pre paid label.

Horrible Customer Service!
February 28, 2019
Horrible customer service, Especially Rep: James and Leslie. cancels orders with no notification. Rude, unprofessional and unethical. I will order from somewhere else from now on, suggest everyone else does the same. These type of business do not deserve our hard earned money!

Bemor Stern October 24, 2020

Think that's bad,.... I went through the hassle to get to this guy; Steve Shallman | Director eCommerce Development | Sportsman's Guide, who was to 'fix me up', etc. Gave one (probably auto-reply) email to me and never responded to my comments or requests. There ya go. Phony's all the way up the line designed to ignore their customers wishes. Real pro's! A disrespectful dept. for everything!

Horrible customer service, DO NOT shop here
March 14, 2018
They shipped wrong item, then refused to refund my money. Don't walk, RUN away from this company. Shop elsewhere, they have terrible customer service.

Worst customer service ever
October 24, 2017

I had my order canceled without them contacting me first. There was a question regarding my FFL dealer (for a firearms transfer) and instead of working with me, they just canceled my order. Then when I tried to re-order they wouldn't honor the price.

Very rude customer service and from my experience several of them are seriously undereducated and unable to think logically or comprehend what customers are asking. Sportsman's Guide often has great prices, but it's not worth the horrible service in my opinion. There are plenty of other online retailers with similar prices and much better service.