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Dr. Steven Gundry has created an incredibly popular health business that includes a wide range of supplements, food products, and publications.  

Building off his early success as a doctor with a long list of credentials he has catapulted to the status of celebrity doc.

This reputation was furthered when it was revealed that pop singer Kelly Clarkson accredited her weight loss to some of his advice.

However, this rise has not come without its share of controversy, with many critics questioning his health and wellness advice and accusing him of building wealth from the sale and aggressive promotion of his branded products.

Below we’ll take a look at some of his products, his wellness philosophy, and try to answer whether you should be purchasing his myriad products or not.


'Holobiotics' is the phrase Dr. Gundry created for the diet and lifestyle choices people must make in order to bring their microbe ratio back into balance in order to lose weight and improve their health.

According to his theory of  'Holobiotics', the human body is dominated by different kinds of microbes.

Some of these microbes are 'good' while others are 'bad', and unfortunately most people choose a diet and lifestyle that suppresses their good microbes and increases the growth and multiplication of bad microbes.

This loss of microbe balance eventually throws off the wellness balance of your whole body.  All products sold on Gundry MD have this goal in mind, as do his 'Diet Evolution' and 'The Longevity Paradox' books.


Dr. Steven Gundry has authored 4 books that have outlined his views on health and what he believes are the underlying causes of many people’s ailments.  They include:

  • Dr Gundry’s Diet Evolution: Turn off the Genes That Are Killing You and Your Waistline
  • The Plant Paradox: The Hidden Dangers in ‘Healthy’ Foods That Cause Disease and Weight Gain
  • The Plant Paradox Cookbook: 100 Delicious Recipes to Help You Lose Weight, Heal Your Gut, and Live Lectin-Free
  • Longevity Paradox: How to Die Young at a Ripe Old Age

Gundry’s Plant Paradox Diet

It was in his book “The Plant Paradox” that he laid out the ideas that he has become most associated with. 

In it he claimed that Lectins, a common plant protein, are the cause of much damage to the gut wall causing intestinal distress and inflammation and ultimately leading to other issues in the body.

He’s not the first to suggest these concepts and they’re also the basis of many modern diets such as The Paleo Diet which calls for eliminating gluten and some lectin-containing foods in an effort to prevent “leaky gut" - a breakdown of the intestinal lining caused by inflammatory foods.

The controversy is that he focuses specifically on Lectins and suggests that we should avoid eating foods that have been traditionally promoted as staples of a healthy diet such as beans, brown rice, nuts, tomatoes, quinoa and many others.

He also advocates for finding ways to incorporate fasting into your life to help your gut reset. Another principal heavily promoted by gurus of the Paleo/Keto diets.

Opponents of his books argue that he has not provided enough scientific evidence to back up his claims.  Some also argue that whatever benefit may be had by cutting out lectin from your diet is not worth the potential loss of nutrients from not eating those foods.

What Does Gundry Say You Should Eat?

An example of some of the foods recommended includes:

  • Pasture-raised meats
  • Pasture-raised eggs
  • Wild-caught seafood
  • Vegetables (leafy greens, broccoli, celery, onions)
  • Kimchi
  • Sauerkraut
  • In-season fruits (berries, cherries, apples, nectarines, peaches, and others)
  • Green bananas
  • Sweet potatoes
  • Jicama
  • Olive oil
  • Avocados
  • Almond milk (unsweetened, organic)
  • Grain substitutes: Millet, White rice, Sorghum

What Are The 3 Foods Dr Gundry Says to Avoid?

This is the title of many of his marketing videos which try to entice viewers into watching a long presentation, the end result of which is a sales pitch to one of his products.

The foods he is referring to fall in these categories

  • Nightshades: tomatoes, eggplant, potatoes and peppers
  • Beans and legumes: Including soy and peanuts
  • Grains: especially quinoa and brown rice

Gundry MD Supplements

To complement his beliefs, Gundry sells a range of supplements, branded ‘Gundry MD’ and found at GundryMD.com.  His product line is vast and covers everything from supplements, skin care, hair care, various food items, and even dog food.

Each individual product page will provide customers with a full description of how to use the product, the benefits they can expect from regular use, and a full list of ingredients so customers can tell in advance if they have any sensitivities or known side effects.

The most popular supplements are the Gundry MD Vital Reds, which helps maintain high energy levels and a fast metabolism, the Gundry MD Prebiothrive, which reduces cravings for sweets and junk foods, helps with weight managements and improves digestion; and Gundry MD Primal Plants, which works to promote healthier and more youthful skin from the inside out.

Some of the company's newest releases include:

Refund Policy & Customer Service

Gundry MD offers a 90-Day money back return policy (starting on the date of purchase) on all products purchased through their website, though this policy does not apply when you purchase their products from third-party seller (such as Amazon), and does not cover shipping costs.

Customer Service is available at their phone number 800-852-0477, by email at [email protected], or by submitting them directly to their website through their Contact link.

Competitors and Alternatives

There is no shortage of health and wellness books, diet-plans, nutritional supplements, and skincare products available on the market, so customers looking for alternatives will really need to consider what it is they are specifically looking for before finding an appropriate alternative to Gundry MD.

However, before paying money for supplements and various health products you can also explore several diets closely related to what Dr. Gundry recommends such as the Paleo diet or the Autoimmune Protocol (AIP).

Both focus on cutting out highly processed foods, gluten, sugary foods, and inflammation causing veggies.  

If you’re still experiencing intestinal discomfort or other gastro issues you can take it one step further and try a strict elimination diet protocol - with the goal being to find the exact foods that may be causing you distress.

Is Dr Steven Gundry a Quack?

Prospective customers sometimes wonder whether Dr Gundry is a scam or quack due to some of the health claims he makes. 

While he does have impressive medical credentials, if you search online reviews of his products you’ll come across very mixed opinions.  

There are many customers reporting that they feel taken advantage of financially or that the products they purchased did not provide any of the advertised results.

This is supported by some of the company's aggressive  marketing efforts and constant upselling of products, prompting many complaints accusing them of just trying to make money.

On the other hand you’ll find proponents of his books and products arguing the opposite, that what he recommends in the Paradox Diet has helped them lose weight and alleviate some of their digestive issues, arguing that it is the standard American diet which is causing more harm than his products.

It’s also important to note that highly restrictive diets can have negative consequences in the amount of stress and anxiety they cause around food, ultimately undoing any benefit they would have provided.

We recommend a low risk approach to his products, you may want to try out his diet recommendations first before purchasing any of the supplements.

If you have any experience with Dr. Steven Gundry MD or their products, please leave your reviews below.

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Statistical leaps of illogic
August 22, 2021
Hard to believe PBS is riding with this guy. He spouts a number of statistical claims that do not directly support his theory. Give to PBS via his promo and risk getting sucked into a gut-wrenching revenue machine. Please see https://theskepticalcardiologist.com/2018/07/14/why-you-should-ignore-the-plant-paradox-by-steven-gundry/

Aria, Gundry MD September 01, 2021

Hello, my name is Aria Goodman from Gundry MD.

I'm sorry to hear you feel this way. We appreciate your feedback. For over thirty years, Dr. Gundry has been one of the world’s pre-eminent experts in heart surgery. He was a driving force behind major breakthroughs in medical technology and surgical procedures – breakthroughs that revolutionized the way doctors save lives. His years of research and first-hand experience helped him develop The Plant Paradox, educating people about proper gut health. His mission is to improve health, happiness, and longevity by making simple changes to your diet. If you wish to discuss this further or have any questions, my email is [email protected] Thank you.

ManuelAmbriz September 17, 2021

My name is Manuel A. and After reading the opinions here I wanted to share my experience with Dr. Gundry’s products I am now 65 years old “young” thanks to He’s products But for many years I suffered from indigestion and all the problems that derive from a microbe ratio imbalance which are to many.

I’m so thankful to Dr Gundry first for educating me during He’s presentations and also for the great products that have giving me and my whife our youth energy and happiness back I never imagined that just like Dr Gundry says your Guts are like your 2nd Brain and now I share those valuable teachings and products with my beautiful family, thank you Dr. Gundry.

Manuel A. from Ceres Ca. USA

mjs November 27, 2021

@ Aria:Ironic that the Plant Paradox tells people not to eat healthy foods including the food that the longest lived cultures on the planet have in common....legumes.Also, just read Plant Paradox again and then when you get to the first citation regarding fish and eggs go and download that cited paper and read it. You will see that Dr Gundry somehow thinks the paper concludes the exact opposite of what the paper actually concludes.Gundry needs to stay in the surgery arena. He seems to know little to nothing about food.Also strange that the Loma Linda Adventists are, if still current, the longest living people on the planet and, having grown up Adventist, tomatoes, legumes, grains are all staples of their diet. So beans, night shades, and a number of grains bad.....and yet longest living people eat them.Seems like the sample size of millions of people over many years is more powerful that Gundry's quackery

Bait & Switch SCAM
August 6, 2021

The way in which this guy scams your money during the lengthy order process should be illegal! I was interested in purchasing the first product. Then they say, “wait, there’s more!”

By the time you click through all the videos to the end they’ve charged your card 4 times WITHOUT REVIEW OF CART BEFORE PURCHASE! My bank seems to be onto their scam because it pinged my phone as if knowing this is fraudulent activity. Sadly, I was interested in trying it before I got bait & switched! Sad how they do business!

Aria, Gundry MD August 31, 2021

Hello, my name is Aria. I am with Gundry MD.

I apologize for any issue when placing your order. The additional offers are limited promotions given to every customer as a "Thank You" for your initial purchase. These orders do not replace your initial purchase and offer special discounts on larger quantities of product, as well as other related products to help optimize results. These additional offers always have a visible option to decline.

I would like to escalate your review to our Customer Relations Team, so that an agent may provide you with personalized care. Please email me at [email protected] I look forward to hearing from you soon. Have a nice day.

AnnP. October 23, 2021

Dr gundry’s site does offer additional purchasing options, however, you can accept or decline. I’ve done it both ways and either works just fine. It’s NOT a scam! As with just about any health approach, what works for one individual might not work equally or at all for another. There is no commitment, so it’s worth a try to see if you feel better. Nothing is 100%, however, if you don’t have any unknown, serious health issues, trying any of his products, won’t harm you…..

As a former researcher, I find his recommendations credible.
June 8, 2021

I have found that intermittent fasting (eating only during a six-hour window daily in my case), along with Gundry's Prebiothrive and Vital Reds (polyphenols) worked for me. I am down 23 lbs since 1 March (3 months, 8 days) and am no longer insulin resistant and "prediabetic."

As a former hospital commander and former researcher, I am aware that there are any number of charlatans and health "gurus" out there working to market dusts and pills that promise much but deliver... not so much. In the case of Steven Gundry however, I believe I have found the real deal.

His concepts are sound, in my opinion. And his products allegedly exist because he could not find them in the market. So, he designed and had them developed. I've looked and must agree. This business of lectins and "leaky gut" is, according to my review of the literature, a real issue and has become a legitimate concern in the US and Western Europe.

I would not presume to claim that what Gundry recommends is right for every person, but it's right for me. Additionally I have yet to find an assertion of his to be fraudulent or misleading or otherwise less than supportable in the literature.

To date I have had quite acceptable customer service.

My next step will be to develop a way to eat a little more to level off at the 28 pound, weight, loss point, which is my goal.

RajiFonte October 10, 2021

Hi im a lil confused. I understand that u agree with his findings, which is more easier to verify, but what about the bio complete 3? Or the rest of his pills? He may ne correct with info but how do we know he putting in the actual stuff he mentions in his pills. What's ur opinion on his actual product? (Not his findings) we arent spending money on his findings were spending money on his miracle drug.

Great Products!!!!!!!!!
May 29, 2021
I had stomach/intestine problems for years. No Dr. knew what it was, tried Total Restore, problems are gone! I take it 3-4 times a week. Also TriTrim really helps me cut down on sweets!

Dr. Gundry is Right About Diet
May 3, 2021
I learned, by trial and error over 40 years ago, that I had to avoid all dairy, all grain except rice

GaylePolis May 11, 2021

I think he is right. Otherwise how would so many people be getting well. You don’t see this with the Food Pyramid that is in existence. We’ve tried everything else, why not this with so much research behind it. What Dr. Gundry is doing is trying to keep people out of the hospital with all these western diseases. Has to be our food.

Try it, if you don’t notice a change, then go back to eating what you were eating: but give it about 3-6 months even though I understand that you can see results way before that. I think he’s on to something. The lightbulb went off for me. I know what I was experiencing with milk, cheese, etc. Sugar is a poison. There are alternatives like Honey, Organic Maple Syrup and Stevia within limitations. Too much sugar gets that cortisol up.

It’s difficult to give up certain things like potatoes and rice but why not figuring out how to make creamy mashed cauliflower and cauliflower rice an exception and experiment with it until you come up with something you like plus you will be feeding your body well. And make french fries out of Japanese Sweet Potatoes. They’re delicious!

JeanneEstey Dominick June 04, 2021

Another way to look at it, do you want to give all your money to your doctor and pills, or, try the Gundry way

S.Al-Haddad June 10, 2021

Or, give your money to him for his products.

May or may not work for you!
April 19, 2021

I tried it for a year. May or may not work for you.

Good for losing weight. You might me better off breathing

reduction using various methods such a Buteyko or others.

RajiFonte October 10, 2021

Better off breathing? Im confused by that comment and the one afer that?

NO change
April 16, 2021

I read Plant Paradox and diligently, faithfully followed the diet for 6 weeks. I noticed NO difference whatsoever. You'd think there'd be some change, like glowing skin or more energy, but NO Change. I think that because I eat well anyhow, am fit, have good BMI and BM's (LOL) there was no room for noticeable improvement.

Dr. Gundry states that for many people, the big improvement they notice is from the bad foods (sugar, fast food, etc.) they quit eating, rather than what they add to their diet (greens, veggies). I still have what has been diagnosed as paresthesia (a form of neuropathy). Plant Paradox diet did not affect the symptoms :(

John July 15, 2021

Alpha lipoic acid might suppress (not cure) bothersome nerve symtoms. Ask your doctor.

It works!
March 19, 2021

The Total Restore helped my digestion, bowel movements and i have a good mood.

Thank you.

The Longevity Paradox worked for me
March 12, 2021
I have been on the Gundry Longevity paradox for going on 10 months. Have lost 33 pounds, cholesterol is now 186 from over 200 and BP 100/70 where it was 130/92. It was hard at first to stick to it. Did the 6 weeks. I now feel better. Caught COVID halfway into it and was a very mild case no fever. I use total restore and some of the other products but you don't need to. You can follow the plan without Gundry products and be successful. I still cheat every so often but go immediately back on because of the health benefits. This is the first diet/lifestyle change that has worked for me for an extended period. Aging spots are vanishing without the cream. It takes time.

It’s not for everybody
December 31, 2020

Going to be brief, the Bio 3 Complete works great —-for me. Did not work for my wife.

So I believe that which ever product you try, be aware that it may or may not work...keep this in mind when you feel like you want to accuse dr. Gundry of scamming.

When ordering beware, Bait and Switch is rampant with this company
December 27, 2020

ENERGY RENEW - after receiving and being charged for far more than I wanted, my husband religiously took the product daily for almost a year. A complete waste of time and money.

He is on the last container from this so called "Dr." and will be glad to see my cupboard space contain something worth storing. Gundry is nothing more than a Charlatan.

FabMel August 06, 2021

Yep, just fell victim of this situation! I was interested in purchasing the first product. Then they say, “wait, there’s more!” By the time you click through all the videos to the end they’ve charged your card 4 times WITHOUT REVIEW OF CART BEFORE PURCHASE! My bank seems to be onto their scam because it pinged my phone knowing this is fraudulent activity. Sadly, I was interested in trying it before I got scammed!

Dianna October 13, 2021

I have purchased items and seen all the extra offers. You just decline each offer. If this is hard for you yo can go to his website and buy the product there, but it will cost more. You are only charged if you don''t decline each offer. You need to pay attention which is not Dr Gundrys fault.

Total Restore
December 6, 2020
I ordered the Total Restore. Started using it on 01 Sept 2020. It's now in Dec. and ZERO results. I left a review with them and it said someone would follow up. Never did. I used it Exactly as they suggested and ate healthy. As far as I'm concerned it's nothing but a scam. I only hope others don't fall for it. If it works for you then that's great but for me its a scam to get your money.

Don't waste your money
November 6, 2020

Really, I used it religiously twice a day, and a lot of it - no results after a month, so I started using it three times a day, another month and no results. It's a nice creamy lotion, that's all.

I am 70 years old and have small dark spots - size of an eraser on a pencil. I took photos, in fact I didn't put it on one spot as it's in the hair line, so I could compare.... really - it doesn't work at all.

Tony January 16, 2021

Try devil’s club essential oil or salve. Or a lotion with tea tree oil in it.

AngelaGartenstein July 15, 2021

Thanks a lot Tony! I will definitely try Tea tree oil! I have been using a prescription not covered of course by my M’Care Part D and does nit WORK! I threw my $ away! Thanks for your advice!AngelaSent 07/15/2021

Total Restore
September 10, 2020

Before my story (because it is long) I wan to say that Total Restore really worked for me.

I am a skeptic in regard to the type of promotional videos like Stephen Gundry's and of products promoted by them.. Frankly, I hate them - too much talk and repeated information. A waste of time, and I am 63, and do not want to waste my time.

But this year I had a phase of serious trouble beginning with diarrhea that would not cease for six weeks and then extended into serious stomach pains. Due to the covid 19 shutdown at the time, I also had trouble getting a doctor's appointment. It became scary and exhausting.

At the six week point my ex-husband gave me some of his Total Restore capsules. I took 2 a day, and within two days my diarrhea stopped, and the stomach pain eased. I had a supply for four days from my ex-husband - so I ran out.

Within a day all my symptoms reappeared. My ex-husband then gave me enough for a week. My symptoms receded again the next day, meaning the diarrhea stopped again. I ordered three bottles at a promotional price. I never do that, and only did it because I already experienced the effects.

The order arrived by the end of the week as promised (I had ordered express because of my symptoms. Initially I still had different elimination but no more diarrhea. My stomach trouble stopped.

Over time it all returned to normal.It has now been about three months since I began to take the capsules.

I am still concerned about my digestive issue as neither Urgent care and a battery of tests initially (incl. covid 19 test nor a visit to the doctor came up with a diagnosis. I have a referral to a gastro-enterologist (long wait).

When I forget to take the capsules some mild symptoms return.

I usually take natural products first when I have any health issues which is very rare. I don't get sick often. I knew about a few of the herbs in Total Restore to be effective against diarrhea, but the capsules also seem to address other digestive issues.

I am about to re-order Total Restore. "I love It" came up with clicking the five stars. Not the right words for me. I swear by this one.

I was looking up reviews to see if I would buy a Gundry skin product (which is how I know about the terrible promotional videos), and based on reviews here I likely won't. But I may look into his book.

John July 15, 2021

I sympathize with your health issues. I have suffered from IBS and occasional constipation over the years. Each individual product addresses a small category of symptoms. But to really get the most bang for your buck, you could order a couple of select Gundry products to improve on your progress so far. Because the Gundry PROBIOTIC is designed to work WITH their proprietary PREBIOTIC, either one alone is less effective. If you can take these daily instead of the the Total Restore, I expect that you would feel even better.

I actually use the skin cream and it works. But there again, it's a bit more complicated than using it on an occasional basis entails. You might be better off starting by incorporating a quality bone broth to improve overall skin health. The cream contains a good bacteria which evicts most of the bad bacteria residing on your skin. It even suppresses athletes foot fungus! But that makes it the world's most expensive face/foot cream!

Recommend Vital Reds to get polyphenols working for you. Definitely encourage you to discover more in any of DrG's Paradox book series. I started in the middle with Longevity Paradox. It's a deep dive but patient reading is rewarded. Good luck with it!

web site bad no summary and pricing and chance to change order
August 31, 2020

Ordered, got new offer, then new offer- ended up with 5 orders and no final list of products ordered and price.

I got 5 different e-mails telling me the price on a different e-mail. I ended with 15 of the same product- too many and not wanted.

Called to complained - no one cared. Called credit card company. I decided I do NOT want any of his products.

The web site is set up like a scam to rope you in and should show what is ordered and price of each since each done and need to be able to cancel an item if wanted or not wanted, or see order and prices and get what you want.

Sending everything back. Agent said she could see why it could be confusing. Site needs to be redesigned.

Terence Cripps September 05, 2020

I would echo this review and sound a strong caution. The website's selling system is opaque and misleads you into buying more than you intend or expect. There is no final display of your "shopping basket", with any option to cancel unwanted items. When you get your bank statement you are likely to be in for a nasty shock. I have complained to their customer support and they have agreed to refund for the two items I didn't even know I had ordered. I cannot say whether the medication is any good because I still have not received it, though I paid for it over a month ago (I am in UK). I agree "The site needs to be redesigned".

BrendaParry November 03, 2020

I totally agree. You don't have free will to cancel or to see your account. I ordered 4 items they charged me for 7 extra items. I'm sending everything back for a refund. I have been using these products for a few years and have found them to be helpful but I'm not happy with a company charging me for things I don't order. Ordering from a website is suppose to be stress free but this website is far from it. I lost my job during covid-19 so adding more charges to my account that I can't afford is very stressful for me. I've decided to look elsewhere for the products I need.

Sue Smith December 27, 2020

Totally agree - the product I received was expensive and far more than I wanted but my husband has taken it religiously for a year. A complete waste of money - he has one carton left and when it is gone this Charlatan will be out of my life for ever. A really bad scam.

Olive oil - a complete disaster
July 13, 2020

I ordered three bottles of olive oil and was so looking forward using Dr. Gundry's product. I had read a lot about him and his products and thought that I surely couldn't go wrong.

Well, I was wrong. The olive oil stank to high-heaven. I mean, we had to clear the room because of the awful smell. And the taste....it was like motor oil.

I contacted customer service and they offered to send me three more bottles, but I declined and offered to send the three bottles back, but they said "keep them." Well, I have them, and they are completely useless.

Aria, Gundry MD August 06, 2020

We sincerely apologize for your negative experience using this product and with our customer service team, Gail! We always stand by our 90 Day Money Back Guarantee. Please email me at [email protected] and I will happily assist you in resolving your issue!

June 19, 2020

Hello and thank you for responding. I believe that when advertisements attest to miraculous results and show it through video, then that should happen. This was not my case and I truly thought this would work.

I do think that for a product of the price that you indicate, it should do the trick. I see no significant't difference, so a commercial gesture on your part would be appreciated.


Eileen Morilleau

Ps : I hope that you get this as your email address came back to me with a delivery failure !

Aria, Gundry MD July 01, 2020

Hello Eileen, we're sorry to hear that you feel this way, but we appreciate your feedback. If you have any further suggestions on how we can improve, please let us know. For more information on the 90 Day Money Back Guarantee, feel free to reach out to me at [email protected] If you are still having trouble reaching my email, please feel free to call our customer service line at (800) 852-0477 and they can assist you as well. I am sorry for this inconvenience!

Sue Smith December 27, 2020

There is no customer service - it's all their trained scam artists.

Spot diminisher
June 9, 2020

I am disappointed with the results of having purchased and applied two bottles of the spot diminisher. I wrote to Dr Gundry’s website several times, and all I received was an apology.

At one point, I was told I could return the bottles, but they had obviously been used while seeking a result. I don’t like to be had. When a product is good, I says so.

But what I do not like are sites that sell products which are expensive and they do not give the announced result.

Aria, Gundry MD June 18, 2020

Hi Eileen, we're sorry to hear that you did not enjoy your experience. We understand that while the majority of our customers are happy with our products, everyone is different. Just a reminder that if you are not 100% satisfied with your experience, we do have a 90 Day Money Back Guarantee. Please email me at [email protected] if you’d like more information. We would love to learn more about what you experienced and help resolve your issue. Have a great day!

Aria, Gundry MD June 18, 2020

Hi Eileen, we're sorry to hear that you did not enjoy your experience. We understand that while the majority of our customers are happy with our products, everyone is different. Just a reminder that if you are not 100% satisfied with your experience, we do have a 90 Day Money Back Guarantee. Please email me at [email protected] if you’d like more information, or have any questions, comments, or concerns. Have a great day!

EileenMorilleau June 19, 2020

Hello and thank you for responding. I believe that when advertisements attest to miraculous results and show it through video, then that should happen. This was not my case and I truly thought this would work. I do think that for a product of the price that you indicate, it should do the trick. I see no significant difference, so a commercial gesture on your part would be appreciated.


Eileen Morilleau

EileenMorilleau June 19, 2020

Hello and thank you for responding. I believe that when advertisements attest to miraculous results and show it through video, then that should happen. This was not my case and I truly thought this would work. I do think that for a product of the price that you indicate, it should do the trick. I see no significant difference, so a commercial gesture on your part would be appreciated.


Eileen Morilleau

PS/ your email came back with a "failure for delivery". This does not confirm my confidence.

I Love Dr Gundry
May 30, 2020

I have read the Plant Paradox and the Longevity Paradox and have followed his Plant Paradox eating program for almost 2 years. His is the first diet that I have followed that was almost effortless, no cravings for foods not on the "recommended" list.

I lost 25 lbs and have maintained this level. Yes, I cheat once in awhile now because I can! I stay on the diet for health reasons now, not for additional weight loss.

I have tried several of the products, some worked for me, some did not. I did try the spot diminish er, maybe I didn't try it long enough, but I didn't see much difference. Another product did not agree with me. I have never had a problem getting thru the phone lines, and the reps have always been very helpful. Currently I only use the Vitamin D and the Lectin shield, which is use when I am going to cheat on the Paradox diet.

This man is a genius in my opinion. If you want to lose weight and improve your health at the same time do the Plant Paradox diet. It was a godsend for me!

I have tried many diets over the years, this was the easiest one I have found! It doesn't seem like it when you read the allowed foods list, but once you start it's very easy!

Aria, Gundry MD June 18, 2020

Hi Nina, we sincerely appreciate your kind words. Thank you for your support. Have a great day!

Aria, Gundry MD June 18, 2020

Hi Nina, we appreciate your kind words! Thank you for your support. Have a great day!

RighteousCanon February 24, 2021

Nina must be his daughter.

Mouthy Scam Artist. Shut him up!
May 29, 2020
Most of all this guy says nothing and never shuts up. Complete waste of time and his "come-on" headlines are just stupid.

Aria, Gundry MD June 18, 2020

Hello Candee, we're sorry to hear you feel this way. We appreciate your feedback. If you have any further suggestions on how we can improve, please let us know.