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Review of Vital Reds
September 27, 2016
I have only been using Vital Reds for less than a month but I have been very satisfied with the results so far. My energy has been getting better and my digestive system has started regulating itself better than it ever has. I look forward to building up the ingredients in my system to go along with my diet and exercise. Thank you for all your hard work and research.

Vital Reds
September 27, 2016
Tried out the vital reds and it provided me with more energy and alertness then drink an energy drink. At the end of a work day I don't feel as tired like I usually do. So far, I am satisfied with is product.

No more coffee!
September 26, 2016
I have been taking Vital Reds for just over a week now. I do t crave coffee any longer and I have energy! I look forward to seeing long term results!

Energy booster
September 26, 2016
I've been on this for 1 week now. I absolutely feel more energy!

Fantastic product!
September 26, 2016

Most of the time, I never fill these out, but I had to speak up!

I started using Vital Reds last week and can't imagine a day without the product. The bloating I've experienced is much less, I have more energy, and I have lost a few pounds. Overall, I just FEEL better than I have in awhile. Though I do not believe in "miracle" cures, this is as close to a miracle as I have seen. Now, if only I could get my husband on board. I mix it with water and nothing else. Thank you for creating the polyphenol blend. It really has made all the difference in the world.

Wendie Wilcken

Lawrence, KS

Hazel Ettagiak September 29, 2016

Good Morning

I am delighted to give you feedback.

Not one day has gone by without taking Vital Red. Notice the outstanding energy and clarity my body has. I look forward to my second month.

Thank you for keeping in touch it means the world to me for I'm greatful for all your studies and commitment to creating Ultimate Health.

Hazel Ettagiak,

Canada, Burnaby BC

Vital Reds
September 26, 2016

My mind is open to the Vital Reds , but I cannot tell you yet how I feel as I have only used the reds for a short time, they are delicious and smell so good, I use mine in the morning with my Breakfast,, makes for a very good start of my day!

A supplement that actually does what it is advertised to do!!
September 26, 2016

First...I am a type 2 diabetic with high blood pressure, lower spinal problems and periodic constipation. Not a good thing!! I have tried all kinds of supplements, herbal products, etc but only with sketchy results. I have been taking Vital Reds for a little over 1 week with very good results. First I sleep much better, a nice thing. My disgestion is better and my blood gloucose levels have improved

Constipation is improving slowly. Not too bad for such a short time. I am sure that after a few more weeks my other problems will improve as well. Ohh...did I mention that it tastes really good. A pleasure to drink it!!!

The only down side is the price but ones health is worth the price if at all possible to do it and keep your health in the good range. It is a struggle but if at all possible do it.


Mrs. Cielieska
September 26, 2016
Tastes good, immediate boost in energy.

Great Experience... Tastes great too!
September 26, 2016
So far I have experienced more energy. The product could not taste any better! Was very surprised and pleased. I did not have any customer service issues or any problems with billing as I've seen here. Give it a try, you truly have nothing to lose!

Vital Reds
September 26, 2016
I ordered 9 jars and just finished up my first. Big fan of the ingredients and made the purchase after vetting several other similar, but inferior products. I was in good health prior to using and I feel like this supplement keeps me at my best, looking forward to continued use and no colds this winter!

Gundry Vital Reds
September 26, 2016
I'm in my third week of using Vital Reds and I can see some changes on my waist line. I drink it first thing in the morning. I purchased 6 bottles so expect to start feeling other benifits when I get to the third. I also purchased the Diet Evolution book and starting implement today.

Vital Reds
September 26, 2016
Vital Reds is a Godsend. I thankfully and gratefully appreciate the honesty of Dr. Gundry's work of the natural ingredients of Vital Reds. It has been a great cleansing and purifying process for me. I see the difference in my hair, nails and skin. My skin is not so dry anymore, my nails are stronger and my hair is not so brittle. Ultimately, it has improved the chronic fatigue, insomnia and joint pain I suffer with. Even the lumbar pain of my broken back is gone. I just realized that a few days ago. I have been drinking Vital Reds for four weeks now and it is a blessing! I discovered this water called "Core" it has just the right amount of electrolytes and minerals that the body needs for purifying as it says on the bottle. I been using Core water to drink with Vital Reds and I feel a big difference between drinking it with tap water or other bottled waters. With Core water Vital Reds is more refreshing and tasty. I love it!!! Vital Reds I give five stars for Dr. Gundry you are a bright shining Star! Dr. Gundy, thank you for your honesty and hard work to bring us an all natural nutrient we can afford. Amen!

September 26, 2016
I was very happy with the taste, i am still working on having more energy but i would say that it does positively impact my general well being. thank you

September 25, 2016

I haven't been using them long enough but really want to continue to see if I can feel a difference. I think they mix and taste fine. Much better compared to different vitamin and protein products I've tried.

I was impressed by the ingredients and the process. I wanted to try them to see if was actually a good vitamin product that could actually help your heart. I am trying to continue to use them to see if I can feel an actually difference.

Iam feeling very energetic and active after having it
September 25, 2016
I started using it 2 weeks from now and Iam feeling very energetic and active after having it.

Dr. Frank Aker
September 22, 2016
The pace of modern life, with it's demands on one's time is of concern. Can the Industrial Age Boomers keep up in this Information Age? Red Vitals has helped this Boomer to lengthen my daily quality time,and it's only been a week. It comes in a powder form, an inconvenience, as a couple of capsules would be easier to take than mixing with a drink. I look forward, interested in how much more time I can use each day. It's an energy boost that is subtle and noticed at the time I usually take a rest. It is better than the "power drinks", NO jitters or crash latter. I do plan to continue it's use, and recommend it.

Gundry's Vital Reds
September 21, 2016

My wife and I have started on the second bottle of Vital Reds. As like most others I had my reservations about whether it would improve my health and energy. I do feel more energetic overall however I will see how my annual physical and blood work test results come out.

I really like the flavor and ease with mixing with water. My wife likes to making a smoothy with fruit and water.

Dr. Gundry says to give it 3 months so we have only been taking Vital Reds for a month or so.

I'll check back in when I finish the 3 months, but so far I like it.

Vital Reds
September 21, 2016
I decided to try Vital Reds after reading about it online. I was hoping that it would help with the inflammation, pain and swelling I was having in my ankle. I had been to the Orthopedist, but didn't really want to do steroid injections without trying something else first. Since Vital Reds had a 100% money back guarantee, I decided to give it a try. WOW! I was amazed at my results. After just a few days, the pain in my ankle went away, when I visited my Doc after 3 weeks, I had a 60% reduction in the inflammation, and the swelling had disappeared. I also noticed that after only a few days, I had a lot more energy in the afternoons, and my skin looked different. My formerly super dry skin wasn't dry and flaky anymore. I thought all of these benefits might be short lived, but I've been taking Vital Reds for over a month, and the energy level hasn't faltered, and my ankle is pain and swelling free. It worked!

Penni September 23, 2016

i tried vital reds. i had high hopes for it. however, i am one of the ones who can't take it. first was the intense sweetness caused by the stevia they put in it. i like things a little sweet, but being a diabetic who has trained myself not to use sugar, i was unprepared for how sweet this really is.

the most concern i had, however, was the niacin. i have never been able to take niacin supplements even when i was younger. yes, i know, it is supposed to be the reason for the "energy boost". however, it makes my heart pound and makes me flushed. as a heart patient, i can't afford changes that affect my heart in such a detrimental way.

however, for people who don't have a reaction to niacin, i did some research on the individual ingredients.

most were wonderful and gave a lot of good benefits. there were some, however, that i had a problem with:

guar gum - a laxitive and can cause swelling and obstruction of the intestines and esophagus. it also reduces the absorption of minerals and nutriants. it can improve dibetes, but at a cost. some people allergic to certain things or who have asthma don't tolerate guar gum. i would rather not have this.

silica - not a good choice actually. it is primarily a flow agent and absorbs water. i use it to help kill fleas, but it is often used for dry foods like formulas. people should remember not to inhale it because it can cause a lot of problems. eating it causes few problems and is non-toxic. the real problem with it is that it can increase the risk of dementia.

rebaudioside a this is stevia- and it is what makes the forumla too sweet. i would rather not have this.

sodium selenite this is an element - which can be toxic in high doses. a chronic toxic dose for humans is 2.4 to 3 mg a day. i don't have a clue how much you are using in the formula. the lack of that information makes me worry. i would rather not have this.

the above items are ok in small doses so it depends on how much you use. we don't know how much of this is in the formula because the bottle lacks that info. therefore we are not making an informed choice in this.

the other items i think i will look into taking through individual supplements. they have some awesome benefits:

d-calcium panothenate vitamin b5- a keeper. it helps with arthritis as well as nervous system functions.

pyridoxine hydrochloride - B6 - most people don't get enough of this. it reduces homocysteine- which is related to heart disease - and can help clogged arteries stay open. it also is great for Alzheimer's, adhd, autism, diabetes, and a lot of other diseases. Usually it is used in a b-complex solution.

chronium denicocystenuate - this can lower blood glucose. it helps by improving glucose metabolism. it also helps with depression, cholesterol, and a few other problems. it increases energy and prevents mental decline

thiamine hydrochloride - B1. this is great. many people don't get enough of it. it maintains the heart and nerves.

folic acid B - most people are well aware of the use of this vitamin. what they may not be aware of is that it can help prevent things like colon and cervical cancer, heart disease, and stroke, and reduces homocysteine - which is the primary cause of heart disease. it also helps with memory loss, hearing loss, and macular degeneration. it reduces most signs of aging. we don't usually get enough of it.

methtylcobalamin -- b-12 most people are aware of the benefits of b 12. this is usually given as an injection for people with pernicious anemia. it is not a sufficient source if it is the only way you are getting b-12, but it is helpful as a supplemental source. however, people like me who have the deficiency will find it doesn't help much to take b-12 orally. those who can absorb it will find an increase in energy, among other things.

all in all, taken in moderation if you can handle the sweetness and have no problem with niacin, the formula is great.

as for customer service, they were wonderful. they handled my refund, didn't want the bottle back, and made a follow-up call to get details about my concerns and the batch number. i had no problems with how they handled my refund or my concerns.

that ranks A+ with me

MJ March 09, 2017

Thank you SO MUCH for your review. It is a lifesaver. I was considering it, until I read the Ingred. That affects asthma. My asthma isn't under control. So this is extremely important!!!!

September 21, 2016
I have been taking the vital reds for about a month now. I have noticed a real improvement in the inflammation in my legs. I have fybromyaliga (over 30 years now) and don't see my ankles very often because of swelling. I had my feet up the other day and my husband asked what happened to them they look really scrawny. Hahaha - this is the first time he seen them not swollen. I say it's working for the inflammation - and would assume it is working on it on the inside also - my digestive systems seems to be better also.

Vital Reds is amazing! It delivers as promised!
September 20, 2016
I can't say enough about your product but it is the greatest. I'm 49, male, and was suffering from 2 prostate infections and something mysterious in my bladder. Needless to say after 1 moth, no prostate problems and my bladder is fine. My urologist was amazed. She looked your produt, Vital Reds online, gave it her full approval. In fact, I told her how good I feel, and she said she would order some for her. How good is that for an endorsement? My hair, my skin, my energy is all improving, thank you so much.