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About Gundry MD Bio Complete 3

Suffering from poor gut health? If so, your doctor may have recommended that you fight your leaky gut or other digestive symptoms with butyrate and fiber, two ingredients that are imperative for good gut health.

Founded by Dr. Steven Gundry, Bio Complete is a product manufactured by Gundry MD. Gundry is a doctor who is well-respected for his promotion of good gut health, and he believes that beneficial microbes in your digestive tract are the key to not just good digestive functioning, but overall health, too.

This new product that has a variety of benefits. But does Bio Complete 3 really work? Here’s what you need to know.

What is Bio Complete 3?

With active ingredients like sunfiber, tributyrin, and bacillus coagulans, this supplemant is meant to improve your gut health by providing a variety of benefits.

Tributyrin is a unique form of butyrate, a fatty acid that beneficial probiotic bacteria release as they break down starches. While you’ve likely heard of probiotics, butyrate is similar - except it’s what’s called a post-biotic.

Sunfiber, on the other hand, is a prebiotic, or a food that is required to sustain the probiotics in your body. Sunfiber helps to support the bacteria, or bacillus coagulans, which will provide a whole host of benefits to your body while they work. These benefits include stopping food cravings, eliminating excess gas and bloating, fighting leaky gut, improving your ability to lose weight, fighting fatigue, and more.

Just one bottle contains a 30-day supply, with two capsules meant to be taken daily. The dosage is the same regardless of your weight or age.

The idea is that it should be taken as a supplement, as the active ingredients will support your body in addition to what it is already doing.

Cost and Price Plans

You can buy Bio Complete 3 in several different packages. The first is a bottle of one, which costs $54.90 including shipping. You can also buy three bottles for $134.85 or six for $254.70. As you can see, there are substantial discounts available for buying in bulk. Plus, if you buy a six-pack, you will get a free bottle of Vital Reds, Gundry MD’s superfruit supplement.

You can also sign up for a subscription plan. When you do this, you will receive an automatic monthly shipment of Bio Complete 3 in addition to unique discounts that lower the price to $41.95 per bottle (or more, if you buy in packages of three or six).

Competitors and Alternatives

Visit the Bio Complete 3 website, and you’ll find tons of information about the myriad benefits of this supplement. There’s even a video to help convince you that this product is best!

But is it really? And more importantly, are there other alternatives?

While this is a good option if you are looking for a new supplement to supercharge your health, it’s not the only probiotic supplement out there. In fact, you might want to consider alternatives like Total Restore.

When compared vs. Total Restore, the main thing you need to know is that both are manufactured by the same company - Gundry MD. This supplement has a longer ingredients’ list than Bio Complete 3, with active components including magnesium, zinc, grape seed extract, cinnamon bark powder, and many other natural ingredients. Like Bio Complete 3, it’s designed to restore your gut health and improve your overall digestion.

Online Customer Reviews/Complaints

One of the biggest complaints about Bio Complete 3 is that there can be some pretty extreme side effects when you first down one of these supplements. This is especially true if you take more than the recommended dosage, as the capsules are specially formulated and consuming too many can have a heavy impact on your digestive tract.

Symptoms like bloating and gassiness are not uncommon when you begin to take fiber and probiotics, so bear this in mind. While these symptoms are safe, they can be unpleasant to deal with. With natural ingredients, Bio Complete 3 not only appears to be safe to use, but also not a scam. The company has an A- rating with the BBB, leading us to believe that this company is legit.

Customer Service

If you need to contact customer service at Bio Complete 3, the easiest way to do so is to call the customer support lie at (800) 852-0477.

All supplements are backed by a 90-day money-back guarantee. If you aren’t happy with your purchase, you can call the customer support phone line to start your refund process.

Where to Buy?

You can buy directly from the manufacturer, as well as on Amazon.

Is Bio Complete 3 Right for Me?

Only you can decide if this is right for you, but we recommend getting in touch with your doctor first to help you make the decision. There is plenty of research demonstrating that probiotics and similar supplements can help regulate your digestive functioning and lead to ancillary benefits, like weight loss.

However, there are just as many studies that show that some of the ingredients in Bio Complete 3, like butyrate, can harm your intestinal barrier in high doses. There are some claims that butyrate can i contribute to obesity instead of helping with weight loss.

So, while taking supplements like Bio Complete 3 can be helpful for some people, for others, it might not be very effective. You will need to consult with your own physician before deciding if it is right for you.

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1 Review

Bio complete 3 by Dr. Gundry

June11, 2020

To start with this star rating doesn't really let me express how I feel I don't hate the product I just have not seen a bit of improvement or change and to me it kind of expensive to see nothing after a few months. I could not recommend it to anyone. I'm sad because I believed all the "hype" which I thought was sound advice. I wanted the product to work.

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July 23, 2020

Sounds about as I expected..thanks

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