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Gut healing and renewed health
November 22, 2022

I’m using all of the gut protocols from Dr Gundry to restore health to my intestines and immune system.

I’ve tried many gut healing products over the years but was really disappointed with the results until Gundry MD was recommended to me.

Now I’m finally getting the results I’ve been looking for.

I highly recommend Dr Gundry’s formulas to anyone dealing with gut disfunction issues and Chronic fatigue.

The purity and reliability of your great products.
November 22, 2022
I take it as a necessary supplement regardless. I also want to re-order your olive oil. Lord bless

I will continue to take it
November 22, 2022
So far I’m very happy with it. I have dumping syndrome and one kidney because of cancer. Thank you so much

Regular use of Lectin Shield
November 22, 2022
A lifetime of “love handles” has melted away using Lectin Shield! I have been fan of Dr Gundry’s for some years now but recent advice on dosing of Lectin Shield has been a game changer!

My personal miracle
November 22, 2022

Started using Total Restore on Oct 24th and my stomach felt better in a few days! I had more energy and felt great. On Nov 4th I suffered an acute stroke from a large blood clot in my brain which they say could have left me a vegetable. I came through it with absolutely no residual effects and I truly believe that Total Restore gave me the mental ability to get through my stroke unscathed! I realize that it sounds crazy but I have always had great healing power and mind over matter works for me when I know I can overcome something. A week after my stroke, at my follow up doctor appointment, I asked her if she approved of me taking Total Restore

now that I am on a blood thinner. She read the ingredients and said "this is good, you can take it!".

Thank you Dr. Gundry!

Great product
November 21, 2022
It has been over a week since I started using, and I feel much more relaxed with bloating, gas and indigestion. But I still struggle with energy and discomfort in my stomach. I will continue to use it, and hopefully, things will settle down.

A noticeable difference
November 21, 2022
I noticed a difference in my digestive balance within a day or two of using this supplement. Much less intestinal gas and bloating.

Feeling peppy again
November 21, 2022

Possibly it is too early to tell, but I think I have you to thank for a pleasant resurgence of energy. Also, since I added Lectin Shield, I have slowly begun to lose the pounds I put on during the pandemic.

Since I don't have a dime to spare, it is a fairly good indicator of how rotten I felt when I bought all these revitalizers. I've always been a productive artist but had recently begun to falter. Now feel like myself again. Lots of ideas and the energy to follow through and create them.

Thank you.

It would be really be helpful if you could find a way to suggest helpful combinations of these supplements. MICHAEL Tacon
November 21, 2022

After reading The Longevity Paradox, my wife and I chose to make some changes in our eating habits.A key issue in these changes is the role of lectins and how much they dominate our food choices. The Lectin Shield really helps us to have a tool that we can use to get closer to a more healthy diet.

We recently purchased an order of Power Phenols to complement Lectin Shield in the hope that it will turn out to be a good choice.

Feeling better overall!
November 21, 2022
I'm taking it daily. I know it's good for me from reading the ingredients. Thank you for listing ALL of the ingredients in your products. I'm interested in weight loss, and just a feeling of being healthier too, and joint movement is a big factor for me with arthritis. And sleeping at night is wonderful. I think it has definitely improved my mobility as well. I will continue taking it, and have 3 more bottles! YAY!!!

Total Restore.
November 21, 2022
Total Restore, I felt bloated all the time, so I decided to try your total restore after reading your research on it. I generally order at least a 90 day supply to see if it going to work. I got relief after the first bottle, actually I got relief in about a week. So I’ve been happy with the product.

I need more time to take this product with results for you!
November 21, 2022
As I just recently started taking Lectin Shield, I have had no side effects. I'm also taking Gluten Guard with any meals that might contain Gluten. I need to give it a little more time before I can weigh in on whether Lectin Shield is working well for me.

Helps with my GERD
November 21, 2022
For many years I have suffered with GERD and eating some foods I would break through the medication and have lots of discomfort but since taking Lectin Shield I haven't had a break through and have eaten some foods I couldn't before.

What a difference
November 21, 2022
For years, I suffered with frequent abdominal cramps from constipation and excessive gas. Since starting Gundry Total Restore, those cramps and gas have diminished to near nothing. I’m currently working to increase daily water intake and reduce the consumption of refined sugars and additives. Can’t wait to experience the increased improvement, with Total Restore, I finally have hope that I’m on the mend. Service has also been impeccable. Great company, great service, great product … what more can I expect. Thanks Dr. Gundry.

Lectin Shield
November 21, 2022
After using Lectin Shield for only a short time, both my wife and I have noticed improved digestion. We're also excited about how this product is protecting our body from the sticky plant proteins and their effects.

Lectin Shield a miracle pill (supplement) for me!
November 21, 2022
Lectin shield really helped me with my leaky gut and I used it together with total Restore. It always work and does excellent job especially when you go out and eat in the restaurant and other parties and sometimes you are not aware of what you are eating then stomach cramps, bloated feeling, brain fog etc kicked in so, I always carried it with me , eased the pain and felt much better, I can’t go nowhere without it, otherwise I’ll suffer more pain. It’s highly recommended!

November 21, 2022
My stomachaches after eating most foods really seem to have subsided while taking lechtin shield, kinda unbelievable, but guess they really work, fingers crossed it continues to help me!!

This combo works for me!
November 21, 2022
I use Vital Reds in combination with Power Blues, Energy Renew and Preobiothrive. I have found with this combination I have unlimited energy and no GI issues.

November 21, 2022

It’s hard for me to judge as I mix it with the greens as the greens taste just awful to me.

Not sure which product is working the best but with the use of all together I do feel a difference in alertness, energy, and hunger.

Total Restore
November 21, 2022

I am only 3/4 the way through my first bottle so really hard to see results

But personal I feel a lot better in myself still waiting to see the weight loss & my energy.

These are the results I’m chasing