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Beware when ordering Gundry products
August 23, 2023

No more gut pain after taking Gundry's bio-complete pre/pro/post biotic. However, I felt scammed when I thought I was ordering 1 bottle and ended up with 4 bottles for $200 instead of 1 bottle for $50.

It happened again when I tried to order 1 bottle of Total Restore. For this reason I call Gundry's products a scam.

Best Supplements on the market by far
July 27, 2023
Amazing. Huge Benefits. Every month I keep adding different supplements of Dr. Gundry. Everyone I add has had profound changes to my health, energy and well being. I only wish I started taking them earlier. I am a life long customer and tell everyone that I know. Thank you,

KarenBenoit August 01, 2023

Great results! I was waking up with daily heartburn. The only medical help for that is acid reducers; that’s not my idea for help! So with nothing to lose, I altered my diet by eliminating grains, GMOs, legumes, and reducing fruits. So far, I’ve only added 1 of Gundry’s probiotics to my diet and it has been a game changer! I’m thrilled that last 2 days I have zero heartburn (been on it for over one week).My ultimate goal is to calm my immune system as I have several autoimmune diseases. For certain, it’s easier to breathe. Can’t wait to see what else improves!As a teacher, I see more and more students that have the same health issues as myself and I think Dr. Gundry just might have hit the target. Yes, some students share their blood work with me and Round-up has been found in their blood!For certain, we need to take off our blindfolds to examine how we are altering our foods and connect the dots to our overall health as a nation.I’m grateful that Dr. Gundry is taking steps towards helping folks like myself!

Dr. G's EVOO adds great flavor and texture to salads/smoothies
July 27, 2023

Dr. Gundry's olive oil while expensive, has a great flavor and I add it to my salad's and smoothies (adds nice smooth texture to them).

It's hard to comment on the weight loss factor, because I'm also taking his MCT powder in my shakes, and intermittent fasting for my cancer. Overall I'm down 27 lbs. in 3 1/2 months.

Getting back to my vibrant self and hair is looking good!!
July 27, 2023
In such a short time I'm seeing amazing internal and physical improvements. I've just gone through several ortho injuries and surgeries, these past few months. Being in my senior years doesn't actually help either. I'm feeling strong and healthy. I wake up refreshed and ready to get on with my days. My fluid retention issues are very minimal and get resolved, it seems, over a good night's sleep and within a 24 hour period. It is so good to feel my vibrant self again! Thank you.

July 27, 2023
I mix it the night before and put it in the refrigerator over night so it's cold in the morning - makes a great start-the-day beverage. Usually have a small cup of coffee with only a 0 cal syrup sweetener - no cream or sugar. I'm now 80. I was about 215 when I started this routine a few months back and I'm trending below 190 now!! It has been a slow painless process that has not required me to change my life. It'd be nice if it was less expensive, but 'ain't nothing cheap any more'.

MCT wellness
July 27, 2023
Easy to prolong and intensify ketosis. MCT medium chain oil is oil I don’t like oily coffee or tea but MCT wellness I love because consuming MCT wellness in coffee feels like a treat first thing in the morning.. tastes like real raspberry look forward to drink with my tea. The only reason I knowingly skip because I will run low.

MCT Wellness, Vital Reds, Vital Recharge
July 26, 2023
I have asthma and am 76 yrs old! I been using MCT Wellness for close to 10 yrs now and I do use asthma medications. But I’ve not had pneumonia or much of any serious allergies reactions since I moved to my current location which is in a wooded area, with tons of pine pollen, I even have a cat now and a mini doxie and I don’t react to them especially the cat! I haven’t had a house cat in 30 years as I’ve been so allergic ! I do use the MCT Wellness every day with Vital Reds and Vital Recharge!

This oil really works
July 26, 2023
I was having gut issues and since I have been taking the oil each day, my issues continue to improve and I have been able to stop taking medication. I take one tablespoon in early morning and one tablespoon right before bed. The taste is a little strong for me so I choose to mix it in 2 ounces of apple juice. After taking it now for a couple months, my taste buds have adjusted to the taste and now I can take it straight without mixing it in juice. I also use it on top of salads. I really feel it works well and plan to continue to take it everyday so I signed up for auto ship so I can be sure I don’t run out.

Flavor is good, ingredients helpful.
July 26, 2023
Useful as supplement in homemade sorbet or smoothy.

These supplements are the real deal, try them because they work.
July 26, 2023
As a precursor to my review I have to state that I am a 71 year old man who is still recovering from a hemorrhagic stroke which required a craniotomy and have also had quintuple bypass surgery. I am trying several of Dr Gundry's products including Lectin Shield, total restore, MCT Wellness and active advantage. I feel wonderful. My blood pressure is down, my digestion is fabulous and my energy is great. I combine these supplements with regular exercise (walking and weights), and I feel years younger. I would highly recommend trying Lectin Shield and the other Gundry products. When I meet people they are ALWAYS surprised at my age, they are shocked really. You are what you eat, is an age-old saying, I think now how you supplement what you eat is just as important. Try it, it works.

Vital Reds is a terrific product.
July 25, 2023
Vital reds have greatly reduced my brain fog. I have more energy. I have also been following the 30 day plant paradox plan. I have lost 37 pounds. This makes it easier to walk for sure.

Vital Reds
July 25, 2023

It is a bit early for me to review, as I am interested in losing belly fat and have not been taking the product long enough. I do have to say that it tastes great in my smoothies, and I have high hopes that it is doing me good.

healthy immune systems help keep you active
July 25, 2023
I love the MCT Wellness; we (my husband and I) both mix it in our green tea drinks in the a.m. along with some of the Vital helps keep us healthier and our immune systems seem to be working better....we are planning on staying active and they are part of the plan!

Great product and thank you.
July 24, 2023
I have been taking MCT Wellness Raspberry for close to a month now and I have lost 6kg. At 57 I feel great physically and healthier.

The process to receive items was seamless.
July 24, 2023
Digestive system is more regular and overall feelings stronger and more energetic.

The best way to do MCT
July 24, 2023
MCT Wellness is the most simplest and tastiest way of getting production of ketones and medium chain triglycerides without the oily mess of Mct oil. So simple, plus low on calories and you can take twice daily. Highly recommend this tasty addition to your supplements. Plus more polyphenols!

MCT and Increased Energy
July 23, 2023
MCT Wellness -Both the lemonade and the raspberry flavors taste great. I mix in a water bottle because MCT can be pasty. MCT is easy to digest. I have taken for several months and see an increase in my energy level.

Good source for energy pickup
July 22, 2023
I drink it in the afternoon for an energy pickup. It's summer, so I add ice cubes. At first, I found residue in the bottom of the glass when I had finished but I solved that problem by keeping a spoon handy and stirring between sips. I am hoping that I will have a strong immune system by winter.

How good it is and the favor is great.
July 22, 2023
MCT WELLNESS is very good for your health. It gives you energy. I take it with my vitamins in the morning. It dissolves quickly by stirring it. I love the watermelon Lemonade favor. I would recommend it to everyone,.

Gives me confidence!
July 21, 2023
I try not to overdo the nightshades but I’m a fan of tomatoes so I limit my intake to those only. I said goodbye to my red, orange and yellow bell peppers, I love almonds but limit myself to one serving a few times a week. Lectin Shield gives me confidence my gut isn’t adversely affected by my reduced lectin intake .