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The Shakes Are Good !
April 16, 2022

Only After A Week On The Proplant Complete Shake I Feel Better. The Taste Is Not Bad, I Also Like It With Milk. Keep Up The Good Work Guys/Gals !

Tony Fontenot

Dr Steven Greedy Gundry
April 7, 2022

I got sucked in to paying exorbitant amounts of money for his miracle but useless pills.

He sounds very convincing but for a man that earned $millions as a heart surgeon coming across and selling pills and making many more millions tells me his intent is money.

If he was legit and caring his prices would be much more reasonable. Dr Steven Greedy Gundry, you cannot take it with you.

Aria, Gundry MD April 22, 2022

Hello Glen. My name is Aria, I am with Gundry MD.

I am sorry to hear that you did not achieve the results you had hoped for. While many of our customers enjoy our formulas, we understand that they may not be for everyone. For this reason, we stand by our 90 day money back guarantee. If you find that the product was not for you, it can be returned for a full refund.

We also strive to keep our formulas as affordable as possible while using only the highest quality of ingredients to ensure the best product for our customers. When price reductions are possible, we are happy to pass those savings along to our customers.

We recommend signing up for our email newsletters and/or text club. You will be instantly notified of offers and discounts. I would like to escalate your review to our Customer Relations Team so that an agent may provide you with personalized care. Please email me at [email protected] Have a nice day

Gundry Helps Me Live Pain Free
March 7, 2022

I am happy to allay the fears of those who may visit this page that Dr Gundry is not a scammer or a quack. While the complaint that their website uses internet marketing sales ploys that some may find distasteful, the products themselves are quite helpful.

I am an athletic man in my late 20s with knee pain and inflammation for a decade now. I saw a knee specialist who confirmed to me that "there's nothing wrong" with my knees. So I tried Gundry's Total Restore and it helped.

When it came time for my renewal, I received a call from their sales staff and personal recommendation that I try the Peak Mobility Plus (not an upsell, they're the same cost), since that's designed specifically for joints. I ordered it and it has given me even better, longer-lasting relief than the Restore.

If you're on the fence, I encourage you to try just once.

ElaineParker April 07, 2022

I just ordered this product and hope it works like advertised .Only time and trying it will tell.

February 24, 2022
Preying upon the ignorant. A discredit to the medical profession. Don't know how these people live with themselves. Paul Allen, MD

DonSmith April 25, 2022

They live quite well as money soothes any tinge of conscience.

Terrible experience
February 10, 2022

I am an international customer and was very impressed with their sales video and was keen to try Dr Gundry's products. I really only wanted to trial them to see if they were as good as he claims.

From the start I was bombarded with all these extra deals and offers, before I knew it I had all these extra products I didn’t want, and there was no way I could review or edit my order before they charged me. I was horrified when I had saw all these extra products, which I wasn’t aware had been added.

The aggressive misleading way they tricked you into getting them made me so upset. I felt sick when I saw what had been charged as I just can’t afford that right now. Straight away I tried contacting customer support to have my order cancel but what a disappointed service provided. Have tried emailing and calling several times again and again with no response except an automatic reply.

Finally got through on their chat system the next day but said they had already shipped and there was nothing they could do except suggest I reject the package when it arrives and get it returned to sender before the 90 day money guaranteed expired. I’m not even sure it will get here and back before the guarantee expires due to Covid package hold ups from overseas. I so unhappy and stressed and I wish I had never heard of Dr. Gundry.

I hate the underhanded/misleading way they get you to buy more products than you need and I see this has happened to quite a few other customers and I understand their frustrated. I haven’t even tried their product yet and I really don’t want to.

It might be as great as they claim but the aggressive way they get you to buy their products and the lack of customer care has turned me off and I want nothing more to do with them, I would encourage anyone looking into to this product to be very careful.

UmayaswellcallMEjesus February 14, 2022

Contact the better business bureau here in the US! Seems people get refunds immediately!

Aria, Gundry MD February 15, 2022

Hello Rebecca.

My name is Aria, I am with Gundry MD.

I deeply apologize for any inconvenience you have experienced. Our additional offers are limited promotions given to every customer as a "Thank You" for your initial purchase and to provide you with more product at a lower price.

These offers do not replace the original order but are added to it. All offers also have a clear button to be declined. I would like to escalate your review to our customer relations team.

So that an agent can provide you with personalized care and ensure you are fully refunded. Please email me at [email protected]

I look forward to hearing from you soon. Have a nice day

AlM February 23, 2022

I completely agree with Aria. The Gundry video was great and clear some offers of additional products might be OK but the HIGH-PRESSURE nature of the constant bombardment is extremely off-putting and puts the whole Gundry 'thing' into question. If the products are as good as claimed I think he should let that sell his products and not this high-pressure scam-like method!!

Maria February 23, 2022

I placed 1 order for only 3 bottles in order to try their product, I confirm it was an order for just 3 bottles, just yesterday they shipped another 3 bottles that I did not order or approve at all, and they charged my credit card, which I requested to be refunded asap.

Also consider that 3 different people with complete different diets tried the product and after using it we all started feeling pain and super bloated, hard time digesting, the gut health decreased, we all stopped taking Gundry MD product, are feeling much better and going through medical tests.

dphotos March 28, 2022

I think people should look long and hard at these doctors that advertise on places like Facebook or other soical media sites. The biggest issue that gives me worries, is the doctor selling a product? This doctor is supplements. That to me is a big red flag. Before you take any supplments you should check in with your trusted GP or GI doctor.

Warning Dr Gundry's Website Is Very Deceptive!
February 5, 2022

The Gundry MD website is deceptive and deceitful. It is all about sneaking in extra products to your order and getting you on a monthly subscription. It really isn't about trying and seeing if it is a product you would continue to use.

If this is something you think you would like you maybe able to buy it on Amazon, stay off their website!

Also, any company that needs to use these tactics to sell their product I would advise staying away from them. That's what I'm going to do.

Aria, Gundry MD February 15, 2022

Hello Sandra.

My name is Aria, I am with Gundry MD.

I deeply apologize for any inconvenience you have experienced. Our additional offers are limited promotions given to every customer as a "Thank You" for your initial purchase and to provide you with more product at a lower price.

These offers do not replace the original order but are added to it. The products that we carry are available as a one-time purchase and we also carry certain products with a monthly subscription option. The best way to distinguish the two is to look at the product name and description in your shopping cart upon checkout.

If you see any of these words or phrases, "Monthly" "Per Month" "Subscription" "Membership" "Recurring", then you are most likely placing a recurring order which will auto-renew in 30 days from your purchase date.

All offers also have a clear button to be declined. If you ever have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out. My email is [email protected] Have a nice day

JD February 19, 2022

The problem you don't understand is that it isn't proper to automatically add stuff to an order and then assume that if the customer doesn't want it, he or she will then notice your company added it without their knowledge and remove it!

If you want to make suggestions for more products to buyers, make them, don't add them to their order! That is a deceptive practice and is misleading and could be considered illegal in many States here in the United States!

My hope is, that if you continue this practice, someone will bring a Class Action Lawsuit against your company and Doctor Gundry for his misleading products and business practices!

DonSmith April 25, 2022

Unless and until a lawsuit that costs Gundry millions is completed, nothing will change. The number of people who get ripped off or experience no improvement is far too significant for this to be legit. Deceptive advertising is making him rich. Upselling is making him richer along with the sales staff that works on commission. They are incentivized to sell you more regardless of what you want or need.

Dr Steven Gundry MD is a SCAMMER!!!
February 3, 2022

I am disappointed to say the least

Customer service is non existent. I was billed multiple times for a single order. No one answers their telephone line and don't respond to emails.

If Steven Gundry is really an MD, his license should be yanked for breaching professional ethics

This is the worst type of scam, hiding behind reputed professional credentials...

UmayaswellcallMEjesus February 14, 2022

Contact the better business bureau here in the US! Seems people get refunds immediately!

DonSmith April 25, 2022

That suggests it's clearly a scam. The only motivation for refunds is based on public exposure of deceptive practices. The individual has no clout.

Statistical leaps of illogic
August 22, 2021
Hard to believe PBS is riding with this guy. He spouts a number of statistical claims that do not directly support his theory. Give to PBS via his promo and risk getting sucked into a gut-wrenching revenue machine. Please see https://theskepticalcardiologist.com/2018/07/14/why-you-should-ignore-the-plant-paradox-by-steven-gundry/

Aria, Gundry MD September 01, 2021

Hello, my name is Aria Goodman from Gundry MD.

I'm sorry to hear you feel this way. We appreciate your feedback. For over thirty years, Dr. Gundry has been one of the world’s pre-eminent experts in heart surgery. He was a driving force behind major breakthroughs in medical technology and surgical procedures – breakthroughs that revolutionized the way doctors save lives. His years of research and first-hand experience helped him develop The Plant Paradox, educating people about proper gut health. His mission is to improve health, happiness, and longevity by making simple changes to your diet. If you wish to discuss this further or have any questions, my email is [email protected] Thank you.

ManuelAmbriz September 17, 2021

My name is Manuel A. and After reading the opinions here I wanted to share my experience with Dr. Gundry’s products I am now 65 years old “young” thanks to He’s products But for many years I suffered from indigestion and all the problems that derive from a microbe ratio imbalance which are to many.

I’m so thankful to Dr Gundry first for educating me during He’s presentations and also for the great products that have giving me and my whife our youth energy and happiness back I never imagined that just like Dr Gundry says your Guts are like your 2nd Brain and now I share those valuable teachings and products with my beautiful family, thank you Dr. Gundry.

Manuel A. from Ceres Ca. USA

mjs November 27, 2021

@ Aria:Ironic that the Plant Paradox tells people not to eat healthy foods including the food that the longest lived cultures on the planet have in common....legumes.Also, just read Plant Paradox again and then when you get to the first citation regarding fish and eggs go and download that cited paper and read it. You will see that Dr Gundry somehow thinks the paper concludes the exact opposite of what the paper actually concludes.Gundry needs to stay in the surgery arena. He seems to know little to nothing about food.Also strange that the Loma Linda Adventists are, if still current, the longest living people on the planet and, having grown up Adventist, tomatoes, legumes, grains are all staples of their diet. So beans, night shades, and a number of grains bad.....and yet longest living people eat them.Seems like the sample size of millions of people over many years is more powerful that Gundry's quackery

AuntiePatricia February 24, 2022

I am embarrassed for Gundry. His information is partial, inaccurate, misleading. I hope no one thinks he is an expert on healthy living. But I fear that if one is not experienced and informed, they might think that Gundry is an "expert" on nutrition, merely because he is an M.D.

Bait & Switch SCAM
August 6, 2021

The way in which this guy scams your money during the lengthy order process should be illegal! I was interested in purchasing the first product. Then they say, “wait, there’s more!”

By the time you click through all the videos to the end they’ve charged your card 4 times WITHOUT REVIEW OF CART BEFORE PURCHASE! My bank seems to be onto their scam because it pinged my phone as if knowing this is fraudulent activity. Sadly, I was interested in trying it before I got bait & switched! Sad how they do business!

Aria, Gundry MD August 31, 2021

Hello, my name is Aria. I am with Gundry MD.

I apologize for any issue when placing your order. The additional offers are limited promotions given to every customer as a "Thank You" for your initial purchase. These orders do not replace your initial purchase and offer special discounts on larger quantities of product, as well as other related products to help optimize results. These additional offers always have a visible option to decline.

I would like to escalate your review to our Customer Relations Team, so that an agent may provide you with personalized care. Please email me at [email protected] I look forward to hearing from you soon. Have a nice day.

AnnP. October 23, 2021

Dr gundry’s site does offer additional purchasing options, however, you can accept or decline. I’ve done it both ways and either works just fine. It’s NOT a scam! As with just about any health approach, what works for one individual might not work equally or at all for another. There is no commitment, so it’s worth a try to see if you feel better. Nothing is 100%, however, if you don’t have any unknown, serious health issues, trying any of his products, won’t harm you…..

BruceRiggs March 03, 2022

I would agree. It simply took a moment to read and decline when ordering. I had no issues and received the one thing I wanted. Yes they offer extra/additional products but that is the norm. If you don't like it then don't purchase. Plain and simple. People need to be adults and be responsible for their actions and quit blaming others because they just click through an ordering site. I am trying the product and haven't had any issues yet and whether it works or not I am sure I will find out. If I don't like it I'll be an adult and not order it again. Plain and simple.

LibbyS March 27, 2022

I just ordered and saw that they offered other products as add-ons during the payment process. All you have to do is click decline. I was only charged for the original product that I ordered. My guess is that people didn't read and just clicked "Yes" to get through the process.

Also, I did come back and order something else that I changed my mind about a couple of hours later. I called, got a person on the phone immediately and cancelled the order. The refund was issued by Pay Pal immediately.

I don't know if the products are good or not, but I don't see any scams going on in the ordering process. They do try to upsell, but they don't force you to buy anything.

As a former researcher, I find his recommendations credible.
June 8, 2021

I have found that intermittent fasting (eating only during a six-hour window daily in my case), along with Gundry's Prebiothrive and Vital Reds (polyphenols) worked for me. I am down 23 lbs since 1 March (3 months, 8 days) and am no longer insulin resistant and "prediabetic."

As a former hospital commander and former researcher, I am aware that there are any number of charlatans and health "gurus" out there working to market dusts and pills that promise much but deliver... not so much. In the case of Steven Gundry however, I believe I have found the real deal.

His concepts are sound, in my opinion. And his products allegedly exist because he could not find them in the market. So, he designed and had them developed. I've looked and must agree. This business of lectins and "leaky gut" is, according to my review of the literature, a real issue and has become a legitimate concern in the US and Western Europe.

I would not presume to claim that what Gundry recommends is right for every person, but it's right for me. Additionally I have yet to find an assertion of his to be fraudulent or misleading or otherwise less than supportable in the literature.

To date I have had quite acceptable customer service.

My next step will be to develop a way to eat a little more to level off at the 28 pound, weight, loss point, which is my goal.

RajiFonte October 10, 2021

Hi im a lil confused. I understand that u agree with his findings, which is more easier to verify, but what about the bio complete 3? Or the rest of his pills? He may ne correct with info but how do we know he putting in the actual stuff he mentions in his pills. What's ur opinion on his actual product? (Not his findings) we arent spending money on his findings were spending money on his miracle drug.

RhondaCooley February 08, 2022

Excellent point.

AuntiePatricia February 24, 2022

Gundry only has a short time in the "healthy living" camp. He rejected patients' claims for good foods and only much later finally came around. He makes many very serious flawed claims and I am no longer patient with him.

I deleted everything he has sent me from my computer. I have over 50 years of personal research and experimentation. I observe others in cultures where they are MUCH healthier than in the USA.

He has a standard medical education which is a pill-pusher, cut'em up, frighten them to increase disease and hasten their deaths education. He's only a millimeter above his peers in that industry.

He would do well to stop making his videos, for they not only bore but misinform. His ignorance posing as authority is why people are so anti-white male. He could be a force for good but I fear he is making things worse for a lot of people.

The U.S. is 37th in the world in health; Japan is in the top three. Yet he advocates against what makes the Japanese healthy. That medical system deserves to go down - and it is going down due to the current health fiasco. Bye bye, AMA.

Kay May 01, 2022

I considered everything you said until you played the race card...

LucilleLegge June 03, 2022

I agree with you, Kaye. As a person of mixed race, I find it puzzling how it is always okay to group white people into a stereotypical group. This would sound appalling if the 'white male' had been replaced with 'black male'. All this is an aside, as the fact that Gundry is a white male, has no bearing on whether or not he is fraudulent. Frauds of all colours and creeds are ubiquitously rife :D

joe June 07, 2022

why does race always have to be part of the topic? Race has nothing to do with this. Is the guy for real are his products good? that should be the only concern here

Great Products!!!!!!!!!
May 29, 2021
I had stomach/intestine problems for years. No Dr. knew what it was, tried Total Restore, problems are gone! I take it 3-4 times a week. Also TriTrim really helps me cut down on sweets!

Dr. Gundry is Right About Diet
May 3, 2021
I learned, by trial and error over 40 years ago, that I had to avoid all dairy, all grain except rice

GaylePolis May 11, 2021

I think he is right. Otherwise how would so many people be getting well. You don’t see this with the Food Pyramid that is in existence. We’ve tried everything else, why not this with so much research behind it. What Dr. Gundry is doing is trying to keep people out of the hospital with all these western diseases. Has to be our food.

Try it, if you don’t notice a change, then go back to eating what you were eating: but give it about 3-6 months even though I understand that you can see results way before that. I think he’s on to something. The lightbulb went off for me. I know what I was experiencing with milk, cheese, etc. Sugar is a poison. There are alternatives like Honey, Organic Maple Syrup and Stevia within limitations. Too much sugar gets that cortisol up.

It’s difficult to give up certain things like potatoes and rice but why not figuring out how to make creamy mashed cauliflower and cauliflower rice an exception and experiment with it until you come up with something you like plus you will be feeding your body well. And make french fries out of Japanese Sweet Potatoes. They’re delicious!

JeanneEstey Dominick June 04, 2021

Another way to look at it, do you want to give all your money to your doctor and pills, or, try the Gundry way

S.Al-Haddad June 10, 2021

Or, give your money to him for his products.

May or may not work for you!
April 19, 2021

I tried it for a year. May or may not work for you.

Good for losing weight. You might me better off breathing

reduction using various methods such a Buteyko or others.

RajiFonte October 10, 2021

Better off breathing? Im confused by that comment and the one afer that?

Tristateproductions1 February 27, 2022

To RajiFonte, I see your problem. You took 3 words out of a 15 word sentence. Try reading the entire sentence.

NO change
April 16, 2021

I read Plant Paradox and diligently, faithfully followed the diet for 6 weeks. I noticed NO difference whatsoever. You'd think there'd be some change, like glowing skin or more energy, but NO Change. I think that because I eat well anyhow, am fit, have good BMI and BM's (LOL) there was no room for noticeable improvement.

Dr. Gundry states that for many people, the big improvement they notice is from the bad foods (sugar, fast food, etc.) they quit eating, rather than what they add to their diet (greens, veggies). I still have what has been diagnosed as paresthesia (a form of neuropathy). Plant Paradox diet did not affect the symptoms :(

John July 15, 2021

Alpha lipoic acid might suppress (not cure) bothersome nerve symtoms. Ask your doctor.

It works!
March 19, 2021

The Total Restore helped my digestion, bowel movements and i have a good mood.

Thank you.

The Longevity Paradox worked for me
March 12, 2021
I have been on the Gundry Longevity paradox for going on 10 months. Have lost 33 pounds, cholesterol is now 186 from over 200 and BP 100/70 where it was 130/92. It was hard at first to stick to it. Did the 6 weeks. I now feel better. Caught COVID halfway into it and was a very mild case no fever. I use total restore and some of the other products but you don't need to. You can follow the plan without Gundry products and be successful. I still cheat every so often but go immediately back on because of the health benefits. This is the first diet/lifestyle change that has worked for me for an extended period. Aging spots are vanishing without the cream. It takes time.

It’s not for everybody
December 31, 2020

Going to be brief, the Bio 3 Complete works great —-for me. Did not work for my wife.

So I believe that which ever product you try, be aware that it may or may not work...keep this in mind when you feel like you want to accuse dr. Gundry of scamming.

When ordering beware, Bait and Switch is rampant with this company
December 27, 2020

ENERGY RENEW - after receiving and being charged for far more than I wanted, my husband religiously took the product daily for almost a year. A complete waste of time and money.

He is on the last container from this so called "Dr." and will be glad to see my cupboard space contain something worth storing. Gundry is nothing more than a Charlatan.

FabMel August 06, 2021

Yep, just fell victim of this situation! I was interested in purchasing the first product. Then they say, “wait, there’s more!” By the time you click through all the videos to the end they’ve charged your card 4 times WITHOUT REVIEW OF CART BEFORE PURCHASE! My bank seems to be onto their scam because it pinged my phone knowing this is fraudulent activity. Sadly, I was interested in trying it before I got scammed!

Dianna October 13, 2021

I have purchased items and seen all the extra offers. You just decline each offer. If this is hard for you yo can go to his website and buy the product there, but it will cost more. You are only charged if you don''t decline each offer. You need to pay attention which is not Dr Gundrys fault.

Total Restore
December 6, 2020
I ordered the Total Restore. Started using it on 01 Sept 2020. It's now in Dec. and ZERO results. I left a review with them and it said someone would follow up. Never did. I used it Exactly as they suggested and ate healthy. As far as I'm concerned it's nothing but a scam. I only hope others don't fall for it. If it works for you then that's great but for me its a scam to get your money.

Don't waste your money
November 6, 2020

Really, I used it religiously twice a day, and a lot of it - no results after a month, so I started using it three times a day, another month and no results. It's a nice creamy lotion, that's all.

I am 70 years old and have small dark spots - size of an eraser on a pencil. I took photos, in fact I didn't put it on one spot as it's in the hair line, so I could compare.... really - it doesn't work at all.

Tony January 16, 2021

Try devil’s club essential oil or salve. Or a lotion with tea tree oil in it.

AngelaGartenstein July 15, 2021

Thanks a lot Tony! I will definitely try Tea tree oil! I have been using a prescription not covered of course by my M’Care Part D and does nit WORK! I threw my $ away! Thanks for your advice!AngelaSent 07/15/2021