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healthy immune systems help keep you active
July 25, 2023
I love the MCT Wellness; we (my husband and I) both mix it in our green tea drinks in the a.m. along with some of the Vital helps keep us healthier and our immune systems seem to be working better....we are planning on staying active and they are part of the plan!

Great product and thank you.
July 24, 2023
I have been taking MCT Wellness Raspberry for close to a month now and I have lost 6kg. At 57 I feel great physically and healthier.

The process to receive items was seamless.
July 24, 2023
Digestive system is more regular and overall feelings stronger and more energetic.

The best way to do MCT
July 24, 2023
MCT Wellness is the most simplest and tastiest way of getting production of ketones and medium chain triglycerides without the oily mess of Mct oil. So simple, plus low on calories and you can take twice daily. Highly recommend this tasty addition to your supplements. Plus more polyphenols!

MCT and Increased Energy
July 23, 2023
MCT Wellness -Both the lemonade and the raspberry flavors taste great. I mix in a water bottle because MCT can be pasty. MCT is easy to digest. I have taken for several months and see an increase in my energy level.

Good source for energy pickup
July 22, 2023
I drink it in the afternoon for an energy pickup. It's summer, so I add ice cubes. At first, I found residue in the bottom of the glass when I had finished but I solved that problem by keeping a spoon handy and stirring between sips. I am hoping that I will have a strong immune system by winter.

How good it is and the favor is great.
July 22, 2023
MCT WELLNESS is very good for your health. It gives you energy. I take it with my vitamins in the morning. It dissolves quickly by stirring it. I love the watermelon Lemonade favor. I would recommend it to everyone,.

Gives me confidence!
July 21, 2023
I try not to overdo the nightshades but I’m a fan of tomatoes so I limit my intake to those only. I said goodbye to my red, orange and yellow bell peppers, I love almonds but limit myself to one serving a few times a week. Lectin Shield gives me confidence my gut isn’t adversely affected by my reduced lectin intake .

MCT works like a dream
July 20, 2023
It’s been over a month and I’ve lost almost 30 pounds yes it gives me energy through the day the first jar I did twice a day and now I’m down to once a day I tried to buy another product but my credit card only has a $300 limit and just coming out of Bankrupcy. I love to buy another three jars of MCT but I’ll have to wait till it comes available. You are an amazing research man and I respect your conclusions. Thank you very much, Henry.

MCT Wellness. Effective weight loss tool
July 20, 2023
This product has been a game changer for me! I have been using it each morning to assist with my time restricted eating plan. I easily skip breakfast with no hunger until lunch. I have lost 30 lbs in the past 7 months, since I started your Plant Paradox lifestyle change on 1/1.

The taste makes it easy to consume on a regular basis
July 20, 2023
Ii have never been a fan of Olive Oil I have been trying to force myself to use it lately. Your olive oil is outstanding and i look forward d to using it each day. It truly doesn’t taste like olive oil

Working well.
July 19, 2023
It’s working well. I have more energy and am slowly losing some weight. I prefer the taste of the watermelon.

July 8, 2023

I’m having a hard time deciding what to eat after I dissect everything at the grocery store.

Air has lectins, don’t breathe it. Water has lectins, don’t drink it. How are we to survive Dr Gundry?

Can’t simply survive on your supplements alone!

Aria, Gundry MD July 19, 2023

Hello Danny, my name is Aria. I am with Gundry MD. You may find our blog very useful. There you will be able to find Dr. Gundry's list of approved and unapproved foods as well as lectin free recipes. Here is a direct link to our blog If you ever have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out. My email is [email protected]. Have a nice day.

Research before you order
July 6, 2023

I had read Dr. Gundry’s lengthy article criticizing oatmeal. I was upset because my husband eats it daily. Having having him read Gundry’s very convincing information he was ready to give up eating oatmeal. I then researched oatmeal and read the numerous posts suggesting that Gundry was a quack intent on pushing his products. I feel badly for the many who will not research and order the products.

Aria, Gundry MD July 19, 2023

Hello Patricia, my name is Aria from Gundry MD. I'm sorry to hear you feel this way. We appreciate your feedback. For over thirty years, Dr. Gundry has been one of the world’s pre-eminent experts in heart surgery. He was a driving force behind major breakthroughs in medical technology and surgical procedures – breakthroughs that revolutionized the way doctors save lives. His years of research and first-hand experience helped him develop The Plant Paradox and our products, educating people and aiding in proper gut health. His mission is to improve health, happiness, and longevity by making simple changes to your diet. If you wish to discuss this further or have any questions, my email is [email protected]. Thank you.

harmgb August 07, 2023

Seems to me to specialize in useless products, like 'Dr. Oz'. I hope I'm wrong.

Saved my life!
June 3, 2023
Dr. Gundry’s books, videos and instruction have saved my life! I didn’t get any help for over three decades from doctors — I have tried everything. But following the Plant Paradox, using Gundry’s products and studying and truly learning what he is teaching has completely changed me. I no longer fear death and have returning health. No longer suffering symptoms of MS & Lupus. No longer having headaches and fatigue. Weight is finally coming off in its own. The only people calling him a quack, aren’t following the plan OR are other doctors afraid of being found out for their lack of actually helping patients recover.

So Far, So Good, He leads, he does not follow
June 1, 2023

Dr .Gundry Products are not cheap, but the ones I tried, I have liked enough to re-order. Missing in some Gripe Reviews is that while he is making money, they ship quickly, and on more than one occasion they have included a product I have not tried- for FREE.

It would be impossible to assign one rating to different products some like his Pro-Biotics and Lectin Shield are worth it. I am still evaluating Total Restore, but so far so good.

I recently was Rx's Antibiotics which obliterated my gut. Gundry's Pro-Biotic stabilized me in 3 Days! Obviously everyone will have their own experience. I pick and choose the products he sells, some I need. I have never had my Primary warn me to avoid his products or some from others of similar design.

I appreciate his leadership on Lectins, it would be the easy thing to go along with your peers, like the ones who were worthless, boobs on a chicken, in the hysteria of Covid. I am trying his Olive oil, and while it does not taste as good as Gourmet oils, this is not why I bought it. I bought it for it's elevated polyphenols.

I am in media, and I can spot a nice budget, and he has a good one, that is not cheap. Yet, he needs to get the word out, for many reasons besides sales. I also work in CME & Research and see brainiacs all the time. He is well known in that community, because his theory and experience is sound. The ones that are not fans are the ones that tell you life is about diet. It is, but who has time to eat perfectly? My own Gastro is telling me to eat everything in an 8 hour window for gut reset. Just you try that running your own business !

Those of us that are serious, do the best we can. When I encounter a Doc that laments Grundy I ask him what he advised his patients about Jabs.. . . CRICKETS. To sum, try 3 bottles of whichever you are led to, it takes that many to see improvement. Maybe, don't wash them down with a Diet Coke.

The other thing, is medical literature is out there for ALL to read, and we may need a dictionary, but we own our health and time you spend learning is not wasted. I would sooner believe Grundy than Big Fat Pharma, It's funny to me that people who complain about a shipping error will never complain about our country's totally disrupted, Chinese Supply Chain.

If anyone at Gundry is reading this, go after the Kazillion Dollar Scam of Creating and treating Diabetes. Leaders do not Follow, and Followers do not Lead.

Bioskin Youth Complex Really Works!
April 18, 2023
My wife and I have been using BioSkin Youth Complex for about two months now. It has made a huge difference in the softness and smoothness of our skin. My wife is using less makeup and I am finding that those crusty places on my skin are getting smaller as well as becoming smoother. Who knew that cherry blossoms could make such a difference! We continue to be very satisfied, thank you!!

better digestion and less appetite
April 18, 2023
It really is an excellent product that can be taken with milkshake or water and it tastes delicious. Before, I felt bad digestion and everything I ate was bad for me. but since I started taking the product, I already felt the difference on the second day, I had better digestion, less appetite and honestly it makes me eat much less. I really recommend this product.

Dryness gone
April 14, 2023

I have loved the results Bio Skin Youth Complex. My skin is softer and dryness is gone so I am not itchy anymore.


Bioskin Youth Complex is amazing.
April 14, 2023
I recently started taking Bioskin Youth Complex. My skin slowly appears to becoming softer, brighter and more glowing on my face as well as my body. Digestion improved, hair stopped shedding and nails seem stronger. I will definitely be reordering in the future.