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Deceptive Advertising
November 26, 2022

I was captured by Dr. Gundry's videos. I watched all of them that I bought his Biocomplete 3 + 2 more bottles, Total Restore and his Probiotic. Watching the videos it was a full refund, no hassle return, if not satisfied. I took them the first month and I saw no difference, even changing my diet. Now I'm told I have to send the product back. How am I supposed to know if it works if I don't try the product? We go all in if anything will work, thought this was a great, understanding company. Was completely hassled when I said it didn't work. Will return the extra two bottles, but his videos lie to you, unfortunately. It's not explained on the video which they ask you to watch. I hope it works for you, but don't try if it might not work, THIS IS DECEPTIVE.

DanieleClark November 26, 2022

90-day Guarantee, but that means you have to send the product back. I tried it, I used my 30-day supply, what's to return???? Super disappointed! The customer service department said they couldn't help me, that it was stated on the website. WHY IS THE 90 DAY GUARANTEE IN THE MIDDLE OF THE MAIN WEBPAGE?

November 26, 2022
Two weeks into using MCT Wellness along with Probiothrive and Vital reds.... so far I'm noting subtle changes for the better and I definitely feel good after taking my MCT Wellness first thing in the morning! Still got a few bad habits to get rid of at which point I believe change for the better will continue and likely faster!

As good as advertised
November 25, 2022

I’m a big fan of the Vital Reds. My energy level has increased, I’ve noticed I am less hungry throughout the day and I no longer experience that 3:30 crash.

Great Product l!

Gut health works
November 25, 2022
My head fog is gone but the best part is regular pooping and it is so easy to poop. And my energy is much better so at 80 that is a plus

Lectin Shield eases my mind about possible dietary transgressions
November 24, 2022
Of course, I am unsure about how Lectin Shield is working since I try to avoid non-approved foods, but now that I have Lectin Shield on my side to defend my digestive system, I feel less afraid of transgressions. I do intermittent fasting, so after my second meal of the day, I take two Lectin Shield capsules for "just in case" anything I ate was not approved. Then, I can rest easy that my health won't be compromised. I appreciate the comfort of knowing I have that safety factor. Carole Deich

Too soon to feel the healing
November 24, 2022

Third week in and little to no changes that I can feel.

I can report a mysterious weight loss of 6 pounds. Which is bigger than a little.

My honest thoughts.
November 24, 2022

I do have trouble isolating what has happened. I am taking Bio Complete 3, Lectin Shield and C15 and I have experienced some benefits. So trying to isolate which is having the most affect is difficult for me. Also, my wife has always cooked from scratch rather than using prepared foods so our health has been quite good. I have never had a response to anything like you see in the adds.

And if it makes any. difference, I am 91 years old.

Orval Skousen

Efficacy problem with taking too many supplements together.
November 24, 2022

I am taking Total Restore, Lectin Shield & for 9 years Military Micronutrients. I just ordered another 12 bottles of Total Restore. I feel great, but I am concerned about a possible efficacy problem. Your customer service person was unable to answer my questions. Micro Daily as it is now called is formulated by Dr. Kedar Prasad PHD ( please check out his credentials ) warns of taking too many additional supplements thereby affecting the efficacy of the Micro Daily aka, Military Micronutrients Formulation. Please Advise. I can be reached @ 435 773 5496. Thanking you in advance, Thomas h. Weyand

It would be smart to change your diet which I have been bad at doing.
November 24, 2022
I wanted to give this product a try and it made me feel better for sure. I just ordered my second bottle and look forward to enjoying better results. I’m going to run out before my delivery so I hope I don’t loose to much ground not sure if I could have purchased two at a time. Anyway so far so good.

Lectin is Great
November 23, 2022
I am just about to start my 2nd bottle of Lectin and so far I think in combination with Total Restore it has made a big difference in my stomach issues. I have been taking Total Restore for about 3 months and I noticed the difference right away. When you came out with Lectin I decided to add that and I’m very happy with the results. Just knowing that taking Lectin is preventing lectin from interfering with my digestion makes me feel glad. I don’t feel bloated and have less gas. I think this is a good combination of supplements.

There when you really need it!
November 23, 2022
I've been attempting to go lectin-free, but with the holidays and all the fabulous holiday food at work, it's pretty much impossible to go all the way. For example, our Thanksgiving Potluck had some wonderful turkey dressing that I had to try, as well as some decadent desserts, so I took some Lectin Shield. I feel no physical effect when I take it. I trust that it is doing the job and I'm still slowly (the only way to go) losing weight. Thanks!

November 23, 2022

Really helps digestive tract. Coffee was hard on me.

Can now drink 2 cups of Coffee a day. Keeps me from taking other drugs.

Energy Boost
November 23, 2022
Lectin Shield is a powerful supplement. I take many supplements so it is difficult to point a finger at what is helping with what sometimes, but I primarily notice the lack of energy if I miss a day taking Lectin Shield.

Good product -
November 23, 2022
Good product. It helped me lose ten stubborn pounds while using it for three months but I don’t like the taste of stevia. I’m using Vital Reds now and it tastes better, but I’m putting it in either my coconut yogurt or my millet cereal, both of which you recommended.

Total Restore and Bio Complete works what Dr Gundry is promised to his video.
November 23, 2022

Actually the one that I bought which is the “Total restore” about 3 weeks ago, I did not take it coz of the 2 ingredients on it that I can’t take it. I planned to return it and change with the Bio Complete 3, but I remember one of my co-worker has problems with her digestive system and I ask her to try for two weeks.

At first she is hesitant because of the price, but I told her just try coz if it’s not going to work for you I have to return it within 90 days but she said I don’t have money, I said don’t worry about money just try it first because remember health is wealth.. then she tried it , after two weeks she’s so happy of telling me that her digestive problem was okay now and she said the food that she can’t eat before she may able to eat now without bothering her mostly in the night. Now she’s so happy and more energy and not irritable now because she said she can sleep for the whole night and I’m so happy that I’ve help someone through your Total Restore.

After hearing all those good news , I ordered right away the “Bio Complete 3” and now I start experiencing also more energy and my problem in my digestive is doing a lot better and I can sleep better. Now I start recommending this to my friends with confidence about this supplement. Now I just give you 4.5 star coz I just started a week ago. Will let you know more after I will finish one bottle. Maybe someday I will make a video in YouTube about my experience. God bless you all.

a product making a daily difference
November 23, 2022

Legume Blocker allows me to occasionally eat foods in this group. Legumes are not good for people with osteo-arthritis. Inflammation is the root cause of most conditions. Take 1 capsule before a legume meal.

I have a happy gut again!
November 23, 2022
I have not had good results with medications for my digestive and gut issues; however, once I started taking the Lectin gut health tablets my system was happy again. I try taking them at the time I eat, sometimes I miss but catch up ASAP, I don't have nightly reflux and my trips to the restroom are no longer a torture. Thank you!

Lectin Shield
November 23, 2022
Difficult to assess effect/results of a product like this. Just trusting it does as states. If weight and / or reactions are any indicator, then I’d say it works. Only use as needed, mostly to eat fruit.

Will be reordering.
November 22, 2022
It seems to be working well. My cravings are less and I have been eating less at meals.

Gut healing and renewed health
November 22, 2022

I’m using all of the gut protocols from Dr Gundry to restore health to my intestines and immune system.

I’ve tried many gut healing products over the years but was really disappointed with the results until Gundry MD was recommended to me.

Now I’m finally getting the results I’ve been looking for.

I highly recommend Dr Gundry’s formulas to anyone dealing with gut disfunction issues and Chronic fatigue.