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No more dry skin!
July 20, 2022
I take a tablespoon of olive oil every morning. My skin is noticeably less dry than it used to be! For years, I couldn’t use enough body lotion, and now I am not using any! I am also seeing that little ring of fat around my stomach slowly disappear! Yay!!

Helps keeping you regular without constipation.
July 20, 2022

I have fractured my pelvic bone in five places from a fall. I have been on opioids to manage the pain which we all know can really constipate you. Since taking this olive oil I have been regular every day even though I am taking opioids. I think it’s very beneficial to my health to continue.

The only problem I see is the cost of this olive oil. I wished it was not so expensive and more affordable. Not sure how much I can keep taking and being able to afford this product.

Losing Belly Fat and Weight Overall
July 20, 2022
This olive oil is excellent. I am on my 2nd bottle. I feel like my belly fat has gone down. I feel lighter somehow. I take it like a shot usually, and also add it to foods. It has a very potent flavor, so sometimes it is difficult to drink but it is definitely well worth it! Love it!

Gundry MD Olive Oil helps to create a better meal.
July 20, 2022
We recently purchased Gundry MD Olive Oil. We use it as an addition to our meal. We like it very much.

Effects of Polyphenols
July 20, 2022
I've been using the oil for almost the month now.....i love mixing it with balsamic vinegar and dijon mustard as a salad dressing,,,,its delicious, and also drink it straight, as a "shot"........i've definitely noticed a difference in my overall wellness and I ALSO use the MCT oil (powder) Dr. Steve,, you're absolutely right,,, the belly is starting to shrink

Your missing out if you don’t try this!
July 20, 2022

I love this olive oil! The flavor has a little peppery flavor, but I love that about it!

I’ve been cooking with it and the oil absorbs & adds flavor to my meal. I’ve used it in salad dressing recipe Dr. Grundy provided, delicious. I’m feeling better and have already lost 8 pounds!

Good stuff
July 20, 2022
I use it by taking a “shot” each day. It’s a little thick but not nasty! I do believe it is helping some of my joint aches

This is a Great product that does what it's suppossed to do!
July 19, 2022

I ordered ReStore on 6/14/2022-the day I received my order I took my first 3 pills. Everything has been Great since then. I am having NO stomach/gut problems at all. I overall feel Wonderful! I'm calm-relaxed and I have lots more energy!!

I had just started weight loss and walking exercises around the same time-but unfortunately I fell down and injured my achilles tendon-What luck-I am almost done with my first bottle and will continue on to see how this journey goes!! Thank you Dr. Gundry for a Very Good product.

I have a sister and a brother who just had parts of their intestines removed and cancer was found in my sisters kidney and it had to be removed-I do not want to end up with the problems of my siblings. Grateful--Shirley Williams

I have seen positive results!
July 19, 2022

I have been taking this with lemon, and honey in water every morning before breakfast for several months, and my HbAlc went down to the normal range for the first time in 9 years. And I feel better.

I wonder if its the Polyphenol olive oil?

No more tummy aches
July 19, 2022
Since taking this supplement, my stomach doesn't hurt anymore. I am so thankful!

Who knew a dysfunctinal gut would dicate my life.
July 19, 2022

Early days and yet I noticed a difference in about 2 weeks. The primary benefits seem to be a calming of my GI tract, easing of constipation and with that increased energy. It caught me by surprise to be honest.

As time and use continued I noticed less bloating, no more abdominal cramping etc. It just keeps getting better and better.

I reordered more when offered another special price to make sure I can economically continue the supplements and enjoy the improvements. Thank you for asking.

Elimination and brain fog
July 18, 2022
I believe my bowels are operating better due to taking the total restore! I am much more regular and I also notice a difference in my stool. The power phenol has made a difference in my concentration and brain fog. I have been taking them for about 3 weeks! I will continue to take them. Thank you for your research and development!

Having more energy
July 18, 2022

I feel like I have more energy. I haven’t noticed any weight loss yet. Hoping that's what I’ll notice next!

Improvement for sure.
July 18, 2022
I have finished 1month of the product and I have seen an obvious improvement in my Gastro intestinal issues. I am continuing the product as I purchased 3 months worth. Looking forward to continual improvement.

A trusted source
July 17, 2022
Each product i have bought has improved my health in the way it was advertised.

It’s The Best yet!!!
July 17, 2022
OMG!!! So amazing, this olive oil makes me move my bowels more frequently! It even whitens my teeth ( like I’ve had my teeth bleached! It’s INCREDIBLY SATISFYING!

Love The Total Restore!
July 17, 2022
Total Restore has helped me a lot.. I can feel the difference in my digestive system..... I'm starting to have normal bowel movement and my tummy felt lighter... Thank you so much Dr. Gundry!

Restore really helps curb your cravings!!
July 16, 2022
Almost IMMEDIATELY I felt a positive change. My downfall has always been late night eating, and this seemed to allow me to get through the evening without reaching for the chips or cookies. Those little changes have a made a huge impact and accelerated my weight loss. Very happy!

For me it is the fact that it is easy to use, and not super expensive
July 16, 2022
I have had horrible IBS with diarrhea for years. I have tried so many different things to eliminate it. From peppermint oil, going gluten free, dairy free, the FOD MAP diet you name it I’ve tried it. But almost over night total restore has pretty much stopped it!!! I don’t know the science behind how it works and truthfully I don’t need to know. Because the relieve I have gotten is just AMAZING!!! Thank you doctor Gundry

Works great
July 16, 2022
Helped restore a normal bowel function in about 2 weeks