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The Oxford Club is a private investment club which provides its members with investment newsletters, reports, and opportunities from Investment Director Alexander Green.

Alexander Green is the author of multiple newsletters and books concerning investment and wealth in the United States and has over 20 years of experience working on Wall Street.

To subscribe the Oxford Club and their multiple publications, a Premiere Membership costs $149 a year, while a Provisional Membership – which offers some of benefits of a Premiere Membership – sells for $99 a year.

What Benefits Do You Get With an Oxford Club Membership?

When you first become a member at The Oxford Club, you will receive five different detailed research reports available on current investment opportunities, including investment in gold, oil drilling, and pharmaceuticals, among others. 


You will also get two monthly newsletters, The Communique and The Ultimate Income Letter, which will keep you informed on opportunities throughout the year, as well as email alerts if Oxford Club believes that the stock has hit a ceiling.

If you opt for the Provisional Membership instead of the Premiere, a benefit you lose is access to the Membership Exchange, with one free listing each year.

All memberships at The Oxford Club are automatically renewed, so if you do not wish to continue your membership after the first year, you must cancel your subscription in advance.

Concerns About Oxford Club

Some of the stocks recommended by The Oxford Club are microcap stocks, or stocks that are generally very cheap per share. These stocks are often criticized because of how easy their prices are to manipulate.

For example, a company could buy a large amount of shares at at cheap price, then encourage others to purchase the stock to instigate a rise in the share price.

Once the price has risen significantly, the company can then sell their shares, resulting in the stock price dropping.

This is called a pump and dump scheme and, if provable, is illegal according the SEC.

It’s important to double check all stock recommendations that you receive, as ultimately all investments, gains, and losses will be your responsibility.

If you have experience with The Oxford Club or their products, please leave your reviews below.

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A Waste of Money and Your Time
September 14, 2021

AVOID AVOID AVOID. I came thru the Bill O'Reilly ​promotion about dark pools. What a scam. 80% of Alexander Greens recommendations so far have been stopped out losing 25% and only one winner up 20%. Do far better on your own. Obviously dark money is not going after those stocks, as stocks go down when big money is selling.

It cost me 2,000 for 2 years. Since I have been bombarded with other offers and solicitations daily from Oxford and many others they sold my name too. O'Reilly and Green should be ashamed for fleecing people. I feel stupid but sharing this to spare others my mistake

Pete November 22, 2021

Update: Despite the huge bull run in the market, the Momentum Alert service continues to horribly underperform the market. All Alexander's picks keep getting stopped out with a 25% loss in a matter of weeks after he recommends we buy. Just today INMD was stopped out and EVR was stopped out last Friday. So 90% of his picks in the past six months have been stopped out with 20% losses. Yet the market runs up 10-15%. One is much better off throwing darts at the stock pages. This is a classic PUMP and DUMP scheme. Oreily should be ashamed for hyping this service in informercials. As Gomer would say Shame, Shame, Shame.

The Communique and Income is Great !!
August 17, 2021

I am a lifetime member of the Communique, Income and Strategic Trends since 1994. The first two I made a lot of money with as I always say to my wife "where do these guys come up with this?" The Strategic Trends is ok, a lot of misses for its few home runs. I don't belong to the other stuff they sell.

Except for 10 baggers of tomorrow (about 6 picks) and certain high paying dividend stocks they always use a stop loss and jam that down your throat as a lost of max 25% is better than what happened in March of 2020 or 2007. I came back with a 70% gain from my overall high prior to the crash of last year.

There are no clairvoyant investment newsletters or advisors
January 25, 2021

I have been a subscriber to the Oxford Communique for 20 years or more and to at least two other of the companies publications. I'm a little surprised at many of the negative reviews. I'm probably a seasoned investor with 40 plus years of experience in stocks, bonds, options, commodities, and real estate (no crypto), and understand that no newsletter is perfect and certainly all recommendations aren't profitable.

That's how investing at all levels works. All asset classes have risk. Investors can and often do lose money. To that I can readily testify. But while not perfect, Alex Green and the staff have done a good job of assessing stocks, taken a methodical approach to investment recommendations, and risk management.

I have followed many of their recommendations and passed on others... perhaps for better or worse. But the discipline recommended and selections made have been generally good.

By its nature, newsletter publishers are very promotional. And yes I get WAY too many 'special offers' and 'genius new get rich programs' in my inbox monthly from this and other publishers. But that doesn't diminish the value of my subscriptions and value the work they do. More subscriptions are not necessarily better.... you can't follow advice from a dozen newsletters.

Alex Green is a smart guy and damn good writer (his books are well written and thought provoking even if not on investing, and I not only recommend them but have given a dozen or more as gifts to some executive friends). Consistently the investment advice of the Communique is on point and process and the stops disciplined. No advice is good if you don't act on it consistently. Keep investing.

Caveat Emptor...let the buyer beware.
December 6, 2020

I was all hyped up and ready to buy into the Oxford Club. I really trust Bill O'Reily, but not now. I did not buy because of the reviews I read. The OC appears to be more of a marketing program made to benefit themselves. They likely provide investment information that can benefit investors, however, in order to get the "good" advice you have to upgrade your investment.

Some pay over $7,000 and others more. They bombard you with emails and teasers to get you to pay more. Why can't investors just get straight information and let our money work for us without getting involved into a marketing scheme.

I've read that there are lawsuits against the OC because of the way they operate but I have not found any information to confirm this. Not right that Bill has gotten involved into this mess.

Don’t waste your time or money
September 16, 2020

Don’t waste your time or money. I have been lambasted with up selling emails up to multiple times a day. “Click here for the whole story” Click here for more information” that’s code for got nothing to do for the next hour and a half ?

Why don’t you come read an article that tells you 20 reasons why this stock is going to be successful, and oh by the way after you are done wasting an hour of your life you can’t get back, we’re not going to give you the ticker symbol or company name.

I’ve been a member since March and all I have seen is... wait for it.... my email address being sold to dozens of other investment companies all of which bombarding me to get me to buy in to their BS. (because I already did it once with Oxford so why not) Funny how I never, and I mean never received any emails like that until a few weeks after joining “the club”.

Maybe this thing is worth it if you just go ahead and spend your four or five or $7000 upfront, which I guess is what Bill O’Reilly did. But if you don’t do that, don’t even bother you’ll get a minimum of a dozen to 15 emails a week hounding you about the latest and greatest secret, nobody’s heard of breakout company that you need a fork out some more money to get the information on, and they’re crafty they’ll even put a time clock on it, because you only have so many hours left to get in, “don’t be left out”.

The most annoying thing is I have unsubscribed to all of these companies that they (Oxford) have sent my information to unsubscribed multiple times and these jerks are still hounding me with emails. Alex is supposedly a highly respected individual within the industry, but in my book, his credibility is gone with the way this “investment club” he has his name attached to, operates.

Sam g October 14, 2020

Thank you for posting details of your experience, I already met FINRA guys once.

Katarina L October 18, 2020

My elderly mother got caught up in their sneaky tactics, tantalising you with their inside knowledge and to click on a prompt to find out more.

Within two weeks, The Oxford Club had drained my mother's account dry to the tune of $38,000.

We had to get the fraud squad involved for mum to have her money refunded. Alexander Green is a con artist, praying on the vulnerable, sadly a lot of elderly people don't understand or realise their accounts have been drained of all its funds till its to late.

Shame on the Oxford Club!

Opportunistic bunch of scammers
November 22, 2020

Just had a tidy out of my office and found an introduction package for the Oxford Club (I had joined up in 2014) After receiving that, I sent them my 45 word ad that I apparently was entitled to. It was for an investment in a special retirement village for retiring farmers .... no-one has ever catered for them anywhere in the world.

The deal offered 200% profit. Don't know whether they put my ad up but I got not another thing from them so for me, they have to be an opportunistic bunch of scammers.

Caveat emptor
November 15, 2020

Every one of these investment services operate the same way. They lure you in with a cheap newsletter at say $49, and as soon as you sign up, they further lure to to upgrade right away to $79, or $129 for their best service. And that's not the end of it.

Soon you will be bombarded with a newer, secret, more profitable newsletter for $2,000 or more. In addition, they sell your e-mail address to other hucksters. Caveat emptor.

I'm a subscriber
November 7, 2020

I'm a subscriber to the Oxford "Communique" and "Income letter". I use several (at least 3) researcher and advisor to make my decision before I invest or trade. A few recommendations from Oxford Club are worth to buy it - a few not.

A big joke is Hon Hai the biggest 5G .... I'm happy with the "Going Fishing Portfolio" - this works well on my end and I can't complain (yet). It's may not the best, but I can sleep.

I'm concerned about the Oxford Bond Advantage membership. The price is going up and down over the year like a stock quote. $2000/year - two weeks later $1800/2 years - moth later $4000/year, but 50% discount .... This can't be serious.

Mr.Murphy August 17, 2021

All 5G has been over hype, look at the big huncho Verizon VZ.

If it looks like a duck
November 5, 2020

I received an email that included Bill O'Reilly raving about his financial advisor Alexander Green. In his promotion Mr. O'Reilly assures that he gets nothing out of "shilling" for the Oxford Group and that he has made many $$$ following Mr. Green's recommendations.

The price to get all this wonderful advice is at a special discount price of $249. The presentation takes an hour. I'm an 82 year old 100% disabled Vietnam Vet and have seen many scammers. I'm always suspect when someone is going to do something for me for "nothing".

However, I have watched Mr. O'Reilly's TV news shows for years. I trusted him. Believing Mr. O'Reilly contacted the Oxford Group and told the sales representative that I was interested only because I trusted Mr. O'Reilly.

Well the sales representative went through his scripted pitch and the $249 special ended up costing me a "special discount" price of $2,999.00 My understanding was that I would be receiving ALL of Mr. Green's recommendations.

The 1st problem I encountered was not being able to print copies of the emailed recommendations sent to me from the Oxford Group. The 2nd problem was that I started getting at least ten emails a day from the Oxford Group hawking more financial recommendation subscriptions.

I called Oxford's "customer service", spoke with "Anna" and tried to explain that I was under the impression that my $3K paid for all of Mr. Green's recommendations. Anna kept interrupting and speaking while I was talking. She was one of the rudest persons that I ever dealt with.

Bottom line is that I bough seven of Mr. Green's recommended stocks. The fact is I found the Oxford Group to be very disingenuous and engaging in highly deceptive practices. Five of the seven recommended stocks went down the tubes and I lost $10K.

I called Oxford to cancel my "satisfaction guaranteed" purchase. I spoke with Andrew, of course he attempted to dissuade me from cancelling, but he, contrary to Anna, did issue me a credit for my purchase.

After the fact, I learned that the Oxford Group has had multiple law suits against them for their despicable business practices. I invested over $100K in the recommended stocks and there was absolutely no path to realize the $100K profit in a year that the O'Reilly presentation virtually assured.

My comment is that I found the Oxford group to be a "bait and switch" scammer using Mr. O'Reilly to shill for them, and that Mr. O'Reilly most assuredly is being compensated for the time he spent shilling for Oxford. Caveat Emptor.

If it looks like a duck, waddles like a duck, and quacks like a duck, its probably a duck!!!

Member for several years
August 6, 2020

I have been a member for several years now. They start out with a low rate of less than $100 per year. But, that is just about to get on their email list. Then, they have these "special services". I have been involved in two of them.

I don't think I have made money in either of them. Yes, I have made money on one investment they recommended and then lost it on the next. I like receiving their newsletters that discuss the state of the market, etc.

The "Communique" is pretty good. But 90% of the emails I receive from them is where they lure you into listening to a long (30-40 min.) video presentation about how this or that theory works and they will put you on a list to receive the next recommendation for $1,500 to 4,500 per year subscription.

So, as I said, I made a few $$$ on one "special newsletter" and lost on another, but when I consider the investment in time and the newsletter itself, I lost money. I still read their emails, but as soon as I see it is one of those "special deals" that will lead to a 30-40 minutes presentation, I hit the DEL button.

August 3, 2020

OXFORD CLUB INVESTMENT -COMPLETE AND Total scam-they send several e mails daily encouraging you to watch a video of the latest greatest stock, only to reveal that your level of membership ($1995.00) in my case, does not allow access.

You will need to upgrade your membership by another $2k. Then, they send e mails , testimonials of members who have made a fortune and even quote buy in and sell prices , including dates, this is direct from their 7/29/2020 e mail to me:

War Room member Jim S. 6/5/2020 at 10:10 a.m.

Bought DOW at $3.06, sold 3 days later at $6.18 for 102%. First real trade here. Thanks Bryan.

War Room member Ralph 6/19/2020 at 9:54 a.m.

WING... in yesterday at $.45... out at $3.36... thanks!

I own 1 of these stocks and NONE of these stocks is anywhere near these prices on or near those days and, here are the actual stock prices: DOW roughly $36.00 per share ( not $3.06 as stated) , WING about $121.00 ( not $.45 as stated).

This is intentionally misleading, deceitful and should be and probably is illegal. I e mail these crooks and tell them this and their response is simply- We do not refund your subscription fee.....etc....

If you want to spend $1995 on something, don't give it to these crooks. It is a complete scam, in my opinion, and as a member who has tried to reach out to them telling them how I feel, they seem to care a less.

OXFORD CLUB- COMPLETE SCAM- Bait and Switch all the way. You would be better off burning your money!!

They are pretty good
July 28, 2020

I'm a retired MBA looking for investing as a hobby. Like a lot of investment research firms, you have to READ their stuff, research the companies somewhat yourself, and make decisions as wise as you can.

They are pretty good and freely give the performance numbers on their recommendations. I'm ahead of the game right now.

They fleeced me
July 6, 2020

Even with my level of knowledge still cant't believe how they fleeced me, compared to what I have been reading about people who have lost more. Iq-options has to be the worst and how they can lie is unbelievable making me loose my hard earned 120k USD was astonishing.

After a year constant turmoil I was able to recover my full investment from Iq-options so much thanks and gratitude Geminihacks -.- com they were so professional and true to their word thank you so much.

If you lost money trading Binary options reach out to Geminihacks -.- com

Just say no
July 2, 2020
I wasted money on the newsletter, and then even more on their Closing Bell subscription. Their recommendations caused me to lose a lot of money. Just say no.

Just another scam
May 20, 2020
I was interested only because of Bill O'Reilly's recommendation but because of my caution I only got the $49 package I am totally disappointed in the newsletters content. I think this is just another scam.

Al May 24, 2020

I have the $49 package and bought five of their recommendations (very small amount of money) as a test. All five are still in the plus.

James B July 15, 2020

I agree with you however the stock that o'reilly recommended went from $20-$35 a share it's a 5G company.

Debra G September 03, 2020

I'd felt suck-in after watching the Bill O'reilly video as well. I'd paid $2000 for Insider Alert.

It wasn't a try-buy. I'd called to cancel. They'd refunded half of my money.

That said... Now I really like Insider Alert! I'm not ready to do options, but I'm going to learn. I'd earned $50 per share on one of Alexander Green's recommendations! So, roughly $2500!

NOOOO... nobody is paying me to say these things!

My IRA is growing! It's easy...I get a text alert about a BUY or SELL. Then, check email and he explains why it's BUY or SELL. Truthfully, his Insider Alerts are performing enormously better than my mutual funds.

FYI: I'm also a member of Technology Profits Confidential. I play with those tech stocks in my "fun account". If you enjoy learning about what happening in high-tech than you'd enjoy this one. Loads of cool stuff (energy, space, etc).

I hope my experience has put your mind at ease. I was very nervous at first. But, I've doubled the money in my IRA and my "fun" account...since early August! I'd like for my husband to retire early. I can't work because of covid (weak immune system). I may not need to work when things normalize. I'm earning more money NOW than I'd earned in the crazy corporate world! OK. I'm done. Simply a wee bit excited!

If it looks too good
April 27, 2020

I must tell you. I was truly a die hard supporter of Bill O'Reilly. Watched his program religiously for years.

Purchases the majority of his books too.

During O'Reilly's evening telecast he would criticize guest for similar things he was doing behind the scenes. His actions were not much better than Matt Lauer's performance. For his performance and lies, he was asked to leave the Fox network and I might add, if the news reports were correct, with full pay of his contract. The man is already very wealthy.

When watching the online ad campaign for the Oxford Club, it was presented we would receive O'Reilly's book, three CD's, three spiraled overview booklets and the news letter for $49.00. What they don't tell you is that the news letter is electronic only, not hard copy, you will receive the O'Reilly book plus the three spiral booklets.

For $99.00, add the three cd's, the news letter mailed hard copy or emailed plus the booklets. Little misleading after this and reading the reviews, I believe this is not such a good opportunity. If it looks too good, its likely too good.

Stay away
April 14, 2020

I paid $4300 to receive recommendations, and if recommendations were wrong, then I could request change to another so called analyst. Then comes misleading information , false recommendations, I lost over $25,000 in their recommendations to buy PayPal in 2019. when I complained and request a change.

I received no response to my calls, emails. I am surprised such thieves get away with what they do. Stay away

I think this program is a scam!
March 30, 2020
We really do not have money to invest but we joined anyway. I wanted to read Bill O'Reilly's book. Now we're getting messages to invest MORE money and buy a better program. Come on! I think this program is a scam!

Robert J March 31, 2020

Carolyn I can tell you I have bought into a couple services. You have to realize this is the only way they keep the doors open is to sell their services. Just say no !!!

Pretty good!
January 22, 2020

The Oxford Club offers many products that are spearheaded by many different "experts". Bill O'Reilly only recommended Alexander Green.

I have used his recommendations over the past 8 weeks by buying 5 out of 6 stocks. They are up: 17%, 38%, 33%, 6%, and 26%. The one I didn't buy is up 13%. Pretty good! I am happy so far.

Bruce V January 31, 2020

The Goat, When did you invest in those 5 stocks? I invested in the 5G recommendation and a penny stock and put the rest in a watch list. It went up a little at first but every one seems to be going down in value a little bit every day.

January 15, 2020
I just paid for this and have had no reply. And after reading reviews I want my money refunded but I have not been able to contact anyone

Cynthia S January 28, 2020

Call them 800-992-0205 or 443-353-4056