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December 10, 2018
Just a quick comment: their trading advice and results on average are not what they profess.....more losers than gainers. And the gainers happen in 1 out of a hundred trades (I guess but it could actually be a lower percentage) but they won't tell you that even if you ask......I have with no response. The dividend portfolio has produced better than average returns and I would recommend following their advice. But stay away from the trading services.

December 9, 2018
Don't waste your money every new letter. Is basically just asking you to buy another package to gain the secret company.Alex Green has been saying the same thing for at least 6 months the company trading under secret name.I do believe that would be not be leagal.or is it? All I know is I wasted my money. Not to need good solid advise.they only want you to buy more.I had to keep reminding them I had paid for a year.

December 9, 2018

I have to agree with Henry. I've been a paying member for about 10 years now for their Communique (basic letter) and I respect their approach. I recently added to it to include the Income Letter too, which I wish I did years ago.

In general, their recommendations are well thought out and their approach sound. I can see now that I second guessed a little too much and would have done better if I had adhered more closely to their approach and acted when they said should have. You can even see their recommended portfolios, which are their actual recommendations, and how they've performed over time, and they comes out looking pretty good. No, I am not affiliated with them nor am I getting paid to say this. I am just a paying member, who, on balance, feels that their main investing letters, the Communique and Income Letter, are solid and worth getting. I can't speak to their premium services though.

December 8, 2018
Michael I commend you on telling it the way it is. Rare to have Honesty, your are needed and will have many followers if you continue to help. Create a blog websight and help the want to be investors.

November 19, 2018
I'm new to this and regrettably bought into this B.S. because I actually listened to the entire pitch. I found that robinhood doesn't offer this company's stock and TD Ameritrade won't let me purchase it. I think now that I might be thankful for that after doing my own research. I'll be requesting a refund on my $99.

November 15, 2018
There are many a circus huckster in the high adrenalin, ego and greed dominated world of investing. The online venue is no exception in my experience. As an amateur member for many years, I have come to see that the Oxford Club is an organization honestly working daily to guide and teach in the classic manner what building wealth over the long term is all about. I have come to respect the ethics, the experience, and the breadth and depth of knowledge demonstrated by this unusual group of men and women over the years. Sounds like maybe I work there or something, but no, I really have benefitted from this group, and have no other motivation to write this.

October 23, 2018

I am a member of the President's Club or whatever it is. I dispute the gains claimed by the writers of their gains. Some time ago, Mr. Green introduced The Insider Alert which was supposed to tell us when the insiders of a company (CEOs, corporate officials and others "in the Know") were buying the stock which was to be a sign some

thing big would occur within six months. I bought the first eight recommendations at the time recommended and lost six figures while Mr. Green alleged he had gains of more than 100%. How can that be? It can't

October 9, 2018
I rate the Oxford Club as 5 stars. It is an outstanding service.

October 1, 2018
It's unfortunate that most of us will see this ad, and based on historic scams, opt out before actually finding out if it works or not. In my experience, anything that sounds too good to be true, usually is. The stock Market is a hit or miss unless you are able to get info through insider trading. Some have gotten wealthy on penny stocks. Meanwhile others have lost fortunes. IF you decide to try this or any other program that offers wealth, go into it very skeptical and with set amount of money you are ok with losing. Once that amount has been lost, GET OUT! If you become one of the few lucky ones, be sure to share your experience so that we know it can happen.

September 26, 2018
Have been a member for 3 years and have tried 3 different trading services. Investing is not a get-rich-quick scheme. It takes time and continual review. The money people on the Internet and in the major news steer more people in the wrong direction than anyone else. Oxford gives the thinking behind their suggestions and their trailing stop idea is a must. The rest is up to you. The only thing that is a little irritating is excessive advertising, but I have the choice to quickly delete and I do. I enjoy their newsletters and reports. I am posting this because I thanked them for the reference to Portfolio Visualizer in one of the newsletters which helped me categorize stocks in my portfolio while I was checking to see if I was too heavy into any one industry. I receive no benefit for posting something positive.

September 22, 2018
You have to watch an hour long video( that could be 10 minutes) only to learn about Bill in California and Mary in Ohio,etc (who cares!!!!). Do they really exist? Just tell me up front what the offer is and how much. If it takes an hour to sell me something, how good can it really be? But, I do enjoy some of it,just to be fair.

August 22, 2018

Quote directly from the transcript of "The Single-Stock Retirement Plan"): "You can buy this $3 stock from a regular brokerage account... today. But only if you know its secret name. (Which I'm prepared to give you now.)"

Not only am I not able to buy this stock (OTC: FXCOF) from my "regular" investment account, because it is sold through the OTC Grey Market, he never does reveal the name of the stock. After sitting through his hour-long video meant only to sell you his investment newsletter, all I get is an "opportunity" to pay money to join his investment club plus a bunch of "freebies" ONLY if I "Act Now". Nothing in the script guarantees that he will reveal the name of this magical stock, even after you buy his newsletter. Scam? He lies and isn't lying a scam? This is no different than the thousands of investment "gurus" out there that claim to have the "perfect hidden stock" or "little-known investing technique" that will make you millions. Then you read the disclaimer that basically says they have no responsibility whatsoever for getting you all excited about a stock, which has a high likelihood of losing money. If that doesn't qualify as a scam, then it certainly is at least shady! If these guys have made all the money that they claim to have made on their previous buys, why are they left to peddling their investment newsletters. My guess is that the few stock wins that they've accumulated have been far overshadowed by the many loser stock picks that they've made. The only real money comes from us peons who get overly excited about their super stock picks or secret investing systems that we fork over our hard earned money to them. In a world of 7 billion people, are they really the only ones privy to such secret knowledge. "But I'm already rich, I'm only doing this to help you have all the wonderful things that I have". Really? How altruistic of you! Sorry, not buying!

May 11, 2018
I subscribed to the oxford club communique right after the 2008 financial meltdown. Wish I had found them a year sooner, would have lost less and made more. While they will freely admit that not all of their picks are, or can be winners, there are many more winners than losers and if you actually maintain a trailing stop as they advise, you will make a lot of money in the long run. Just closed out a stock I purchased in March of 2017 for an over 300% gain. I bought the chairman's circle membership three years ago and enjoy the recommendations, doing my own homework and investing as I see fit from their recommendations.

April 23, 2018

Since 1955, I have been interested in the Stock Market and in learning to invest. I am a frugal person and an accountant, so I wanted to "do it" myself instead of paying an expensive "expert" to "do it" for me. During the years between 1968 and 1985 I went to many "presentations" and "paid for" week-long seminars, gaining some knowledge but not any real "know how". I even went to Russia in 1991 with Howard Ruff and some of his students to teach the Russian people "entrepreneurship" (an unforgettable experience!).

About 1992, after I got the internet on my desktop, I heard about The Oxford Club. It really intrigued me, but I thought it was "too rich for my blood" but kept reading the interesting emails, from which I learned more than the seminars and other classes I kept attending. In August, 2010 I finally to a trial newsletter which, after reading, I extended to the full year and a month later, upgraded to the "Chairman's Circle" - the best $5,900.00 I ever spent - which gives me Lifetime access to every newsletter they now or ever will publish.

All their editors are educators in the true sense and don't waste one's time talking about their children other off-topic nonsense. Each recommendation is accompanied by their personal research (often to the company headquarters, even for foreign securities), their projections for growth, instructions for entering the trade. Each newsletter includes a detailed listing of the portfolio(s) with Date and Price of recommendation, Current Price, Rating (Buy, Hold, Sell), a Trailing Stop Price, Total Gains % since recommending, Editor's name.

I highly recommend The Oxford Club, if you want to "do it yourself". They are most definitely NOT A SCAM!!!

April 4, 2018
Wow, thanks for the input. I recently bought the cheapo membership, and I can say with certainty that they have a very layered sales approach. Even so, before buying into this malarkey i decided to do a scam search. Thanks, Tim

March 5, 2018
Don't do this people retire's of all the Baby Boomer's! This is the third so called company doing this! They have figured a way to capitalize on us Baby Boomers! It's hard to admit when we've been scammed. Please post if it has happened to you. Please for other's. I was told 20 years ago this was going to happen. And wow younger people think we have all this money because of buying our home's when it was still affordable. They are pissed at us! I have two son's that are in this age group. They said mom it's a common belief that the younger generation feel's we screwed them out of a future so they are biting back by trying to take our money. It was not us it's this government kids. We never wanted to hand over a future like the one you're getting. It breaks my heart. It's turned people into legal criminals. Let's not be evil because you feel your owed. Get out and vote kid's change it for yourselves. Shape your future! Make these kind of company's eligible.

March 5, 2018
What I would like to know is what does Oxford get out of all these people investing there Hard worked money? I believe they must be getting money from everyone that join's. Have anyone seen how cheap it is to make these free new's letter's? They get you to join then get you to pay pay pay. Everyone please do not give your money away.....

March 2, 2018

I have been a member of Oxford Club for awhile now. I only reguard them as a NEWS LETTER NOT AN Investment advisor. Each of their recomendations need to be looked over carefully. As a retired stock broker I find that their advive as to having preset trailing stop loss numbers set is abdolutely critical. 25 percent may seem a bit much so I also set 6 & 15 percent warning markers. For the most part my losses have been manageable and the successes wonderfull. I had little or no bond experence but came to realize that I should have at least some bonds in the portfolio so I signed up for the Bond Advantage. Expensive yes but when viewed as an education and investment expence it is priceless. Buy following SteveMcDonalds advice I avoided the costly mistakes that I would have made. By rebalencing my weak stocks and my total other non stock holdings I avoided the worst of the Jan. 2018 "crash". Yes bonds are dull and boring, but far more "peacefull".

Advice I always gave my clients was to consider investnents that were peacefull, or in stocks that were illegal, imoral, fatning, or adicting. If you do not know what you are doing READ. THE BOOKS FIRST'. Stock Market for Dummies is a good place to start. Oxford is a good education tool.

February 1, 2018

BE WARE of the OXFORD CLUB!!!! (Con Artist Sales Personnel & Customer Service!!)

I joined a Cryptocurrency newsletter in October 2017 with oxford. Was Called by Michael Fackler Salesman, (Malignant Narcissist). He proceeded to con me into a lifetime membership (Chairman's Circle Oxford Club)!

Was Skeptical, Reduction in membership cost & 6 month money back if not satisfied. I was asked to use my 401K to fund my lifetime membership, I told him, it isn't possible, & I told him No! NO! NO! I said I had a settlement but needed that later, he told me I would make the investment back in several months.

Lifetime Membership cost me more then Several Thousand Dollars & I asked what I needed to invest, he said only $500.00. I said Ok, after 3 Phone conversations & clearing money with my bank.

Oxford send emails with stocks to buy & when to sell, hold. Some stocks are thousands of dollars per share & a few from $8.00 or so & up. In order to by shares cheaper, You need 100 shares to options trade. I could afford a few shares here & there, not a 100 stocks, so the stock go up a few $$$ & they tell you to sell half to make profits & hold the rest.

At a few shares I bought, I hold them all & the sell off makes the stocks fall & with trade commissions my stocks now worth what I paid for them or less, the stock never regains profit. I loose money. Other recommendations from oxford cost extra thousands of dollars, it all wasn't covered by my lifetime membership, I didn't buy in

In January 2018 I call Oxford & talked to Mike, Michael the sales person is also customer service, didn't see that coming. He said he has to listen to phone recordings & will call back at set time. I get a call & notice it has a local prefix # Its Mike / Michael, telling me there was no money back offer in the 2 phone calls when we made the membership deal.

We had 3 phone conversations. He said when deal was made, I said I was going to make this happen & was excited, & they gave me everything I needed to be successful. My feelings are they failed me, but he told me it was my fault I didn't succeed. I said I didn't have the capital to make this work.

I could hear yelling in background from oxford customer service bull pen at other customers, he got aggressive & louder, I asked him if he slept at night & he conned me, & kept shoving this down my throat, I asked him to stop he wouldn't & I finally hung the phone up on him. He was NASTY!

I wrote customer service about mike & my disgust & never heard back from the almighty oxford club. I have 2 more options possibly & the BBB is B S. I just wanted to cut off the Oxford Club where it will BLEED, so that is why I am sharing My horrible incident with the oxford to all who will benefit from this information & not let oxford jam others

Very bad experience
January 22, 2018

I have just attempted to sign up for a basic membership. They have a login link but not sign up link. The site though provides multiple alerts. So I clicked on the insider alert, and filled up the form anticipating signing up for membership.

Strangely enough - no price was shown, but I heard that the membership is about 49-149$ so I was not worrying.

Right after I clicked place order immediately I have got an alert from my credit card that I was charged $4000.00!!!!!!!!!!!!

With 10 pages of advertising the alert there was no mention it costs 4K! I called my bank immediately to block the transaction. Very bad experience.