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Stay away
April 14, 2020

I paid $4300 to receive recommendations, and if recommendations were wrong, then I could request change to another so called analyst. Then comes misleading information , false recommendations, I lost over $25,000 in their recommendations to buy PayPal in 2019. when I complained and request a change.

I received no response to my calls, emails. I am surprised such thieves get away with what they do. Stay away

I think this program is a scam!
March 30, 2020
We really do not have money to invest but we joined anyway. I wanted to read Bill O'Reilly's book. Now we're getting messages to invest MORE money and buy a better program. Come on! I think this program is a scam!

Robert J March 31, 2020

Carolyn I can tell you I have bought into a couple services. You have to realize this is the only way they keep the doors open is to sell their services. Just say no !!!

Pretty good!
January 22, 2020

The Oxford Club offers many products that are spearheaded by many different "experts". Bill O'Reilly only recommended Alexander Green.

I have used his recommendations over the past 8 weeks by buying 5 out of 6 stocks. They are up: 17%, 38%, 33%, 6%, and 26%. The one I didn't buy is up 13%. Pretty good! I am happy so far.

Bruce V January 31, 2020

The Goat, When did you invest in those 5 stocks? I invested in the 5G recommendation and a penny stock and put the rest in a watch list. It went up a little at first but every one seems to be going down in value a little bit every day.

January 15, 2020
I just paid for this and have had no reply. And after reading reviews I want my money refunded but I have not been able to contact anyone

Cynthia S January 28, 2020

Call them 800-992-0205 or 443-353-4056

January 2, 2020
As my father used to say, "If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is..." I haven't made any money off one recommendation to date. Reems of stuff coming in email points in all directions. I don't see any value. Will try and get my subscription money under the 90 day guarantee back....can't wait for the push back and offer of "better services"....for a small additional fee naturally.

January 2, 2020

I don't know how good the stock picks are. I have been a subscriber for about 4 months now. None of the recommended stocks have made any real measurable amount of gain but they haven't lost either. The thing I don't like is the constant deluge with all sorts of additional advertisements for many additional investment related news letters. It makes the organization appear to be cheap, unprofessional and snake oil salesman.

Sell a quality news letter at a reasonable price and deliver on your promise. Don't slam my inbox with constant offers for more new letters. What is wrong with the subscription I bought? Sell a subscription that contains complete recommendations and quit with the SPAM!

Dr. K January 02, 2020

I fully agree with Ismael Ramirez' comments above: After joining the Oxford Club I was inundated with endless hard-sell proposals and "get-rich-quick" opportunities that smacked of self-serving goals for the promoters and offered little that was real for the average investor. I have no doubt that some people have made good money through this club, but is it really necessary to brow beat intelligent people with half-hour boringly repetitive claims and everything of course for a "modest fee" that one would recover in a day or less by following their questionable advice. I would expect much more honesty and integrity from an investment club that takes such a high moral ground: clear, concise information about good investment opportunities and not the endless rantings of people who use The Oxford Club as their platform for pushing their ideas and products. Although I have always had great respect for Bill O'Reilly as a commentator, I must confess that the only positive thing I have gotten our of "The Oxford Club" is his excellent book "The United States of Trump." I am puzzled how a man of his integrity got involved in what I consider a complicated, high pressure and somewhat devious investment scheme that promises the sky in favor of some real earthly benefits.

In summary, the materials sent to my in-box on a daily basis would overwhelm anyone new to investments; they are confusing, endlessly repetitive, and lack credulity. They are the embodiment of the notorious American "hard sell" and comparative to the erstwhile snake oil peddlers - misleading, confusing, redundant, and self-serving.

Karl H. Heller, Ph.D.

Heidi January 21, 2020

Well stated, Ismael. I signed up after seeing the O'Reilly infomercial. Yes I made money on one of 2 investments so far and got a free book but I am sick and tired of the constant barrage of emails that aim to sell something else. Outta here myself.

December 31, 2019

Could do nothing & likely end up just fine. In retirement better off average family 4 in NoCal SF Bay area excluding paid off house, 6 figures annually & in bank. Wife provides complete 2ndary high end PPO to supplement Medicare. Complimentary mixed race couples W/ shared values usually most successful.

Problem W/ my annuity is other than rock solid 4% money market with well funded insurance company to provide MDR in down market in 4 years, I need overall 5 % total. Managers of 457 won't privately manage for fee, institutional funds they offered to employer I retired from. I need to at least to meet a double down sucks to be us health scenario, after exhausting long term care insurance. Put half a bill and got 18% in a small daily managed roll over IRA for small part of it, but need bit more similar in stocks, a proposal I'm reviewing.

Want $10K- $20K moon shot advice to present to our broker for what looks the best for him to invest for us. All our nieces and nephews very or exceedingly successful both sides. Unlike my wife raised as a rich man's daughter in 3rd world country, our broker a US citizen because of his father's tenacity. His father brought whole family as LEGAL immigrants. We share a low family income in common, upbringing, and similar values. If I had a sister, sister in law, or niece his age, he'd make a good husband & relation. Looking for something Roger can't pick apart; including some of his employer's offerings I've mentioned.

Would be fantastic to leave a legacy Dems & Lefty's hate: Mixed race, 50 until death marriage, chiding Dems with excellent American & Chinese majority & minority pedigrees: Jewish ancestor fighting in Revolutionary War. (Every generation serving US Military) and Hui/ Silk Road Simper Fi quality faithful Han Muslim General serving Tang Court. Today his ancestors serve US or Taiwan.

December 30, 2019
I bought into the lifetime subscription for a grand total of about $500, and so far I'm liking the feel of having a seasoned advising team. Not that I've gained anything after 3 days investing in 7 stocks, overall, but I've been in and out of this game and have never came out ahead. It always seemed like big fish eating up the little fish, like me. Although it feels a little different this time with the professional guidance and O'Reilly recommendation. Of course he must have made money promoting the Oxford Club, at least in offing his Trump book. But I do believe there is some truth to his recommendation. It will take time and my own common sense to find out. There are many fundamental tips on how to trade, invest and save money. One thing that I like is the 12 month investing approach, investing 4% of your available cash per stock with 25% trailing stops, so that for any single investment you can only lose 1%. Not only this, but staying invested for 366 days or more saves a lot on taxable gains. I am getting some emails in today; one promoting a Momentum Alert service on "dark trades". Seems a little fishy to me, along with the sense of urgency they put into buying the service: only available for the first 200 callers for (not $4000, but today only $1400). Really? Seems like a slimy sales tactic. And why could this be better stock advice than what I just paid for?... but again, I'm new to this and new to the Oxford Club. I'll stay reserved here until I learn more and earn more.

Doug January 18, 2020

Robert - I just read your message . I have been with the Oxford Club since last November. I have not made much money either, however; I haven't lost any money either. I do agree with your assessment concerning the 4% investing rule and the 25% trailing stops advice from Alex Green. I also agree with Mr. Green's advice on not investing more money than you can afford to lose. Bottom Line: You want to learn how to make money in the stock market? You have to become knowledgeable in how to make money in stock market. Here is what I do: First, I read all of the business magazines. My favorites are Forbes, Bloomberg, and The Economist. Secondly, I watch several business programs on TV. Lastly, I choose several stocks in which to buy shares using play money. In other words pretend to buy stocks until I become comfortable with what I am doing before I buy share for real; and then only few shares at a time.

December 27, 2019
Oxford Club is a SCAM! I joined for $99.00, and consequently am incredibly disappointed with their 'so called' services. Shame on me for not checking reviews and the 'Better Business Bureau' which has countless negative reviews on Oxford. I've received many, many emails from Oxford that result in constant requests to sign up for 'trading secrets' that cost thousands of dollars to 'join'. I plan to cancel my current subscription, and do not expect a return of my $99.00. Yes, I was also 'suckered' in by their on-line presentation with Bill O'Reilly.

December 25, 2019

Charlatans. .. a real joke. For $7900 you will make millions if you can spend hours reading all their junk and then be exactly good enough to pick one of the hundreds of recommendations that are given which are the ones they choose when promoting their junk. They NEVER speak about their losers which are plentiful. But just think about this... $59,000 worth of information for only $7900!!!! Wow...what a bargain.

Never did find out why Steve McDonald, their bond "specialist "left or was fired. Hmm just wondering. A real joke

December 14, 2019

Oxford club is a big time scam artist organization. I did it because of Bill O'Reilly that I truly respected was a aprt f it. But for him to place his name to this dishonest company it is sad. I realized that these people are just dishonest and I can not understand why Bill would associated with these people.

They charged me an extra $3000.0 and more on my credit card because of additional infomation I did not need. SAD!!!

Gramcracker December 29, 2019

I just did the same thing because of Bill O'Riley. This makes me so very sad but I also didn't check out reviews first. I am going to try to call tomorrow and get my $ back

December 13, 2019
Glad I read this comment section. I've never invested and was about to drop $15K on the new 5G stocks after I paid $99 for the publication of course. My $15k is safe. Maybe I should just start a Taco Stand

December 11, 2019

George K,

I was looking for a group that sounded right for me. I've played the market and lost since I was a kid and lost my axx 99% of the time. I'm 70 now. Once I made 40K in two hours. I figured "Now I knew what I was doing. I was wrong! I lost it all! It takes time. A "long term" stock was up 29% and fell back a little. They bounce around a bit. Patience people. Two hour wins are very rare. Find a good one and "let it ride" till "due diligence" tells you to sell. Alex seems to know what he is doing. Bill O'Rilley is window dressing. He listens to Alex but he understands patience. $3.00 is good for me with a great dividend. 78,000 patents? Go figure! I'm a believer.

December 8, 2019

I subscribed to the basic newsletter with the full knowledge that there would be lots of up-selling going on for their very pricey add-on services. I hate to say it, but this is somewhat typical of many of these newsletters including competitors such as the Motley Fool subscriptions (which I tried out a number of years ago).

I got in and quickly out of MRVL (basically, broke even) as I suspected it was being over-hyped and it got a "D" rating on Schwab. Not that Schwab ratings are the end all as to advice, but it was a red flag for me. All that said, I think one needs to filter out some of the recommendations with additional research and due diligence. Some of their other recommendations have been good such as SYF (at least, at this point in time). Please don't view this service as some sort of "get rich quick" scheme. The basic service is fine, but I really wouldn't opt for their more expensive offerings. I wouldn't call Oxford a scam..rather, a springboard or basis for some possible stock recommendations while taking into account basic investing principles and maintaining asset allocation within one's long-term goals.

There is definitely an overabundance of hyperbole and spam e-mails that one will get with this service. The basic Oxford Intelligencer newsletter is relatively inexpensive and can provide a few good leads if one takes time to research the recommended picks and not take unreasonable risks.

December 7, 2019

Louis, December 7, 2019

I'm an 88 y/o man who lost a good portion of his retirement in 2008. I will probably have to move out of my house. I happened to see an add by Bill O'Reilly, who I highly respected, extolling the merits of joining Alex Green and Oxford Club. Thought I might recoup some of my losses based on your add and on the Bill's recommendation. I joined the club against my wife's wishes who felt this to be a scam. Who are you people, that are permitted to be so dishonest. I need and respectfully request returning my registration money. There is nothing I can see here but a marketing scheme.

Thank you.

December 4, 2019
Bill O'Reilly sold out to Oxford. I joined and quickly discovered it's nothing more than a marketing machine to constantly sell you (bug you) to buy new and "better" advice before providing any decent advice to make money with. Oh by the way I'm already down 10% on his 10x recommendation to go long MRVL.

November 21, 2019

They claim X amount gains on certain stocks and derive those percentages from the optimum time to get. Problem is they recommend stocks for months so entry points are not optimal. They stop out on many of their "10 baggers".

I bought Foxconn a year ago and still at a loss they claim up 29%. That was marketed at "you can mortgage the house on this one". If I had I'd be living in a van down by the river. Maybe it will be something some day but point is, don't jump into their recommendations or better yet get your stock choices from a hat. You'll do better.

November 21, 2019
I was lucky I only bought the 49 spot. These are ALL scammers including Bill Oreilly. Man I loved this guy until he stooped this low

November 21, 2019
I first subscribed to the Oxford Income Letter over 2 years ago after reading Marc Lichtenfeld's book "Get Rich With Dividends." The philosophy he has for choosing and staying invested in safe dividend stocks is brilliant! Later I added the Oxford Communique. This year I was glad to become a member of the Chairman's Circle, giving me insights into the proper way to choose bonds and a variety of investment strategies. I have more than enough choices in their newsletters of profitable investing opportunities. Alexander Green is a deep thinker and writes the thought-provoking Liberty through Wealth. I read every issue. Customer service answers the phone and my emails. I wish I had joined the Oxford Club 15 years ago.

November 18, 2019
We experienced a “bait and switch”. The pricing on the first page was clearly marked either 49.00 or 129.00. Entered our card information, scroll through several pages of “fluff”, get to the end and they gave me a receipt for 466.80. Company is unreachable via the phone numbers they have listed