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I'm the Fool
October 28, 2023
I rolled a large sum hoping to create a decent growth portfolio... I picked the top stocks they were recommending continually as the best you could hold for the future and buy "right now Hand over Fist"..Here's a few beauties that I lost my shirt on as soon as I got in : Square (-82.50%)..Sea Limited (-87.45%)...Teledoc (-87.45%)...Roku(-75.88%)...Truelieve Cannabis(-86.73%)...Paypal(-74.81%)...Pinterest(-46.98)....And some others over 90% loss...Great...Thx....My portfolio is decimated...I can't even look at it...I made other accounts with sensible etf's and quality stocks and am killing it on my own

May 5, 2023
Absolute garbage stock picks with little to none quality DD. Their charts make is seem like they pick a stok right before it blows up, but they conveniently leave out all of their losers. DO NOT BUY.

Refund policy is smoke and mirrors
December 21, 2022

Upselling is their game and then sneakily the 30 day refund policy disappears in the fine print. No refund for me.

Research is ok but it's no better than the free stuff out there.

Terrible performance this year. Even worse than the market on the whole.

Be very careful about spending your hard earned money on Motley Fool
November 7, 2022

Well the old buyer beware still holds true. If you think you're on track by buying into Motley Fool think again. Your purchase price is just a come on that you will receive nothing for.

After that if you want any information good luck?? You will not be able to contact anyone, except people with their hand out wanting more money, to give you any information what so ever. I canceled out of their grip years ago and they still bill my card, and I have to fight with them to try and get a refund. I guess they stay just inside the law so the security commission doesn't shut them down.

As far as I am concerned it's your money and if you want to throw it away join Motley Fool and pay for every little bit of information that you may purchase. While some people have made a profit from the info. that they bought from Motley Fool after the initial purchase price, and double checking it with others.

But from what I can gather your chances are about 20 to 1 of doing so. Yep I just got billed again from them for 222.88 dollars and canceled them out years ago. I guess they figure a lot of people don't check the charges on their card and just pay it, and they must be right??? Or why do I keep getting billed from them after canceling years ago?

Bag holder
August 16, 2022
They are just looking for bag holders. I was dumb enough to pay them for the privilege of being a bag holder. Do not recommend.

Motley Fool is run by fools!
July 8, 2022
Most of the stocks I bought based on Motley Fool reviews are down 60-80%. Thanks so much, you fools.

SamuelMerenda July 20, 2022

What I’ve found (been a member for little over a year,) is that their different levels of programs are used to help push stocks up at other higher level programs.

Less costly programs are given stock info that was given out days or months before to higher levels of programs. This of course helps push up or maintain prices.

What drives me crazy is every week they have another new great offer with best stock picks in that particular package. Always 1k or more. What's crazy is I fell for a program called “Blast off 2020” offers of great picks of new stocks with great gains.

What I found was “not one new stock that hadn’t been offered in one of their other programs from the past. So my dream of new “Blast off stocks” turned out to be stocks with extremely high prices that had been in business forever.

Idea is to follow successful companies some old, sometimes new, if you buy one of their other programs and hold them for at least five years. And to buy at least 20- 25 companies.

So like a typical mutual fund, but hopefully a few better stocks to help kick butt. When my basic program ends, I’m done with them.

MikeW August 03, 2022

I always wondered if they did that. Motley fool is a joke. While the market has been down, the Fool stocks they recommend that I purchased are down to almost 10%-20% of what I paid at the time they recommended them. (RDFN, PTON, GDRX). TERRIBLE!!

Motley Fool helped me show a 31% return over 12 months.
June 22, 2022

I subscribed to Motley Fool's website to get insight on which stocks to invest in. I took Motley Fool's recommendations, and then I checked them on the Yahoo Finance stock Summary page to see if analysts rated them as a "buy, hold, or sell".

Out of the Motley Fool's recommendations, I only purchased stocks that analysts showed a 1 - 1.9 buy rating for. When Motley Fool suggested I sell, I again checked Yahoo Finance to see what the analysts recommended. If analysts had changed the rating to between 2.2 - 5.0 then I sold. Over 12 months I showed a 31% return on my investments.

Was the Motley Fool subscription fee of $100 worth it? I would have to say "Yes", because I am not a professional investor who spends 40 hours per week researching stocks. I let them do the research, because I prefer to spend a majority of my free time hunting and fishing. Their recommendations helped me beat the S&P average over the same time period.

Charles DanaStanley June 22, 2022

I would like to add that Motley Fool does not often recommend selling a stock. They believe in holding for at least 5 years. Occasionally they do recommend selling. Every week I checked Yahoo Finance to see if the analysts changed their ratings of my stocks. When the ratings changed to 2.2 - 5.0 I sold whether Motley Fool recommended it or not. Motley Fool is a tool; not the end all be all. Never take stock advise from just one person or one website. Motley Fool is a starting place.

Good way to lose money.
June 14, 2022
I lost a lot of money following their advice.

Used to be decent but now WAY off!
June 5, 2022

I have been a long-time user with decent returns on small investments. In 2021, decided to go in with a large nest egg and subscribed to the Rule Breakers, FinTech, which are supposed to be "the best" recommendations for maximum performance.

I followed their formula of investing percentages, investing on time, etc. Almost EVERY one of their picks are down, including some gems like VROOM, Lemonade, TruCompanion, Zillow, Redfin, some of which are down 80%. I understand that it is a down market but WOW - to be so wrong on SO MANY picks! Marketing material talks about massive gains - my experience was MASSIVE loss.

PhilBabb September 30, 2022

David retired. Fool has lost its leader.

I regret
May 16, 2022

Even in a bear market (now), some of their recommendations during year post-Covid (before brother retired/transitioned responsibility) are now showing worse returns than this year's CW ARK Fund. One of their recommendation at .10 cts today. Love selling a stock for a 7k loss.

Of course, they may have sent out an alert to "sell" it after I dropped their service. But a fool me once moment (when I didn't renew last year). Don't even get me started on my foolish "buying" their options education/recs, that I never used, given risks (unless you only take their safe(r) entry/exit/roll recommendations on X stocks).

Ultimately, on me to "not" exit positions, when dropped >20%. As market was clearly transitioning out of high growth to value and/or "cash" b/c pending bear market/interest rate. Also on me to "go with them" in the first place (despite numerous articles, re: few traders actually beat the ETF/MF/etc) -- rather than robo, SP500, etc.

Probably looking at a 200k loss courtesy of MF in the past 2 years (across my various accts). My WFront robo with aggressive profile -- much less red. Yes, I have more than their min recommended stocks (actually 50-75). I will slowly sell off the dogs to offset capital gains from my Div stocks, real estate, etc.

Motley Fool long time customer
May 9, 2022

I have been using their service for about 12 years. I tried investing on my own but just did not have the time to do the research and get it right. My first buys on my own crashed and burned. I had bought a number of their stock picks over time and have seen my overall portfolio double.

One of the first picks I bought was UNH which is up 1,882%, much better than I could have picked on my own. I have also weathered the ups and downs over the past few years, seen some of their picks go up 1000% and a few like Luckin Coffee go belly up. I agree they missed that one.

For me, their gainers far outweigh their losers and have done way better with their guidance. I don't buy on every recommendation, but I appreciate they offer insight and visibility to companies I never thought of. I bought SQ when they recommended it at $38 in March 2020. It went to $289 in November 2021. If you take a look at the market, everything is tanking.

Sure I get that if you just bought their service and their recommendations are tanking like the rest of the market you would be mad. Me too. But I can speak to their long term advice that has done well for me.

Bold, Yet Patient
April 26, 2022

I just posted a longer review but missed the chance to pick stars. Almost twenty years ago I noticed a scorecard of all major newsletters by Mark Hulbert now of Market Watch, and that year Motley Fool was number one on the list.

I have been a regular subscriber since then. Most of their picks beat the market over the long haul, and by a big margin; but if you join when the market is already sky high, you are going to wait a long time for success. That's the way it works for all investors.

Consistently Poor Advice
March 29, 2022

I subscribed to Motley Fool in the Fall of 2021 and purchased 10 different stocks based on their monthly recommendations.

Virtually every stock lost a minimum of 40% and some upwards of 60%. I am cancelling my subscription and avoiding their recommendations at all costs.

KevinConway April 26, 2022

I have been a Motley Fool subscriber since 2002, and I am very satisfied, in fact I upgraded to full access a couple of years ago. Since they are not market timers, the Fool recommends new stocks every month regardless of macro or micro conditions, in the markets, or the Economy.

Thus, those newer subscribers who joined when the markets were elevated are more likely to feel alarmed that their picks are under water. If you play the long game as the Motley Fool recommends, you are likely to beat the markey handsomely in due time. One newsletter more suitable for some investors might be Motley Fool Options.

This is not some Las Vegas style options newsletter, but safer options which make money over months and years with way less risk of immediate "decapitation". (Nobody likes to have their head handed to them when they open the page to their brokerage account!)

Historically, Fool option trades make money 82% of the time, and trades virtually never go to zero because they usually pair the trades or cover with your existing stock holdings. Options- worth a look!

scam advice
December 28, 2021
everything they write is opinion pieces to serve themselves or their associates by scamming readers

CatherineVanHollebeke March 20, 2022

I was so happy to see the review above. I bought 3 stocks based on their opinion that dropped more than 90%. When I canceled the subscription, I got a letter claiming they had made some mistakes, but knew things would turn around. Three for three complete losers?!! Bye-bye

Motley fool is NOT good advice.
September 20, 2021
Motley fool in my opinion is full of speculative advice. I have yet to see any advice with real substance behind it. I suggest one steer clear of this nonsensical site and its so call investing advice. One thing they advise that seems obvious is that bitcoin is a scam and should be avoided. This is great advice but is obvious to any wealthy pragmatic investor already.

Phishing, and I am not talking about the band
March 24, 2021
If you take the 30-day trial review and cancel, Motley Fool will unleash their spam and phishing excellence on you.

Still Waiting to See....Should Have More Stock Option in Stock Advisors
February 14, 2021

So far I am still on the fence line hence the 3 star. I joined Motley Fool (MF) about a year ago and only started to invest in stocks recently. One of the stock did make quite a bid of money after 6 months but the tech stock markets are all moving up in unison so I cannot tell the wheat from the chaff yet.

I don't like their constant pitch to upsell you new services that can amount of hundreds to thousands of dollars per year. You will need to invest a lot of money to make it worthwhile assuming the recommendations work out.

Another caveat is that their advertised rate of return is based on their initial time of recommendation. This means the rate of return will ALWAYS be less than the advertised rate for those who joined shortly after- given that the stock would go up dramatically after the Motley Fool announcement.

I suspect some of the gains is due to Motley Fool investors voting as a single block and holding the stock as recommended. The other thing I don't like is that MF will give away the list of recommended stocks (from Stock Advisors) for free as an advertisement gimmick. Given that MF seldom updates the listed, this really short change the Paid Subscribers such as my self while MF rack in new subscribers at the former's expense.

StephenDunn May 02, 2021

I totally agree! They never give away anything even on a basic paid subscription. There next BIG tip always has to be paid for. I got ZERO tips on anything from this outfit and basically wasted my money. In actual fact this whole thing reminds me of a 60's "pyramid" scheme . The subscribers pay these people at the top money who then invest it all for themselves. They are probably the only "insiders" who make any real money. Like this reviewer said all there tips are stale or they link you to some other "insider" group that also isn't any use.

Rip Off
August 19, 2020
They recommended TCS month after month and many others picks that dropped like sky diver, I bought at low's 40. Guess what the price is today! I do not know much about investment, but I think I can do a better job in picking stocks then they can. unfortunately, not has good sensing a professional business protocol. Be warned.

Promises Promises Up-sell Promises
June 2, 2020
With Covid 19 i missed the crash and had some money to invest. Their video service was very useful and helped keep me sane through the wild market ride. I bought about 3 of their service. after the first you get a weekly teaser of "24 hours only - buy this special service run by our super duper team - for only 1500 to 3000 dollars. But i had seen most of the stocks before. The last big one was get all their services for a mere $14,000 the first year with $5000 charge every year in the future. No thanks. Listen to some of the videos with Stock Advisor - their basic service, figure out how to use their forums and see the member pages with what they actually own. but be really careful of their high pressure sales to up-sell you on a limited time oportunity to get these extra special stock picks on whatever (today was 5G) that they never told you existed before and you only have 24 hours before the opportunity goes away.Treat this like a college seminar in learning to invest.

Motley Fool is Worth the Money if you use the Research
May 28, 2020

This site gives you top picks every month and stocks for beginners, as well as stocks to buy right now. It is less helpful with when to sell because it believes in keeping a stock forever, yet if you need to sell because you need income or have to make withdrawals it is less helpful when it comes time to make those decisions. I have made a lot of money following their suggestions and I particular like the suggestions of David and I love the new videos where you can submit questions. It is worth the money if you work at it and learn more about investing as you go about it. If you just want a magic stock pick you may not be happy. Then again if you by all the stocks they suggest and hold them for awhile you will probably be ahead. I have an account with a firm through my retirement which is run by a company selected by the company I retire where I worked. My small account has always beaten the return rate of that company because I use MF and I challenge the quite often and ask why I can't take my money out and invest it myself because I could do a better job! I get silence and they hate it when I bring up MF. Buy it and Try it and work at it!