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Stansberry Research, headed by Porter Stansberry, is an investing publication website used by independent writers and investment gurus to publish their own personal investment newsletters.

How Does it Work?

Though Stansberry Research works hard to seem like an investment research company, the reality is that they are an umbrella website that draws internet traffic to a single site and sells subscriptions for a variety of newsletters for writers who use them for publishing purposes.

Porter Stansberry, who runs Stansberry & Associates Investment Research, is perhaps best known for his devoutly anti-government stance and his use of viral videos and essays on topics like "The End of America" to bring interest and clientele to his company.

While working for Agora Financial, another financial newsletter publishing company, Stansberry and Pirate Investment were successfully sued by the SEC for defrauding subscribers of a newsletter Stansberry wrote under the name 'Jay McDaniel.'

The judge found Stansberry guilty of intentionally defrauding his clients by falsely claiming to have the 'inside track' on government deals and charging his clients $1,000 each for access to this 'inside' information.

In addition, Stansberry used the rising price of the stock he was promoting as proof of his knowledge and reliability to convince further clients to purchase the stock.  

Since the stock price was only rising due to the purchases of his earlier clients, who were purchasing based on the fraudulent information given to them, Stansberry was additionally found guilty of price manipulation.

Stansberry appealed the court's decision in 2001 but the guilty verdict was upheld.  A further effort to appeal the ruling was denied.

Stansberry likes to point to his conviction as "persecution by the federal government" who are denying him his First Amendment rights to free speech in order to stop him from revealing the evil truth about America.  

Some subscribers to Stansberry & Associates Investment Research say good things about certain newsletters published there, but in general I would recommend looking elsewhere for investment advice.  

Knowingly putting your trust in a company run by a man who has already been convicted of fraud, who is known to write newsletters under false names, and has already been found guilty of stock price manipulation just doesn't seem the smartest thing to do with your money.

If you have any experience with Stansberry Research or their services, please leave your reviews below.

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The Hustle
March 8, 2023
Stansberry and Bonner research are both scams. They appeal to our greed for great wealth but also and to our fears that America is in danger of financial collapse. Don’t let them hustle you into endless, worthless subscriptions.

December 3, 2022
Marketing machine designed to get you to spend more with them. Took me 4 tries to cancel the service and they just kept billing. Finally, had to give the dispute to my cc company. Hopefully this will end it. The content does not justify the hype.

Stansberry Research - unprofessional management of subscription
September 5, 2022

Due to an internal error Stansberry Research debited may Amex of a renewal subscription for a year while my original subscription was confirmed valid for the same year, therefore they charged me twice for the same service.

When I got information of the new debit by Amex I immediately forwarded a claim to Stansberry customers service.

It has been going on for 8 month and although I've sent evidence of this error many times I've never got a sensible reply and was never offered a solution to this issue.

It is a real and outrageous shame on that company's reputation and its inefficient customer service and it looks like they have hard time to accept error and reimbursement of money. Consequently I will cancel my subscription.

Mr A.Marzat

Mysterious death associated with company
August 25, 2022

I did subscribe to them years ago but found everything too vague and not helpful so cancelled. More interesting to me is the mystery surrounding Rey Rivera's death which featured in Unsolved Mysteries on Netflix.

Clearly a disturbing case and Porter Stanberry who he worked for, never came forward with any information though he was supposed to be his friend as well as work colleague. Clearly not someone you should rely on for financial information and definitely someone with something to hide.

Beware of their billing practices
August 23, 2022

I have used Stansberry Research newsletters since 2003 and there are a couple that are good. I decided to cancel one. To be up front, I cancelled it two days late. So I called and they sent me a cancellation email and removed my access to the newsletter. They used the wrong street address and an old credit card number. I disputed the charge and they pushed back hard.

They didn't call, they didn't email.

Given all the spammy crap they send me, I am going to fight this as hard as I can.

Most disappointed.
July 30, 2022
I was not going to give any stars, but it will not post without it. They fill your inbox with emails, I wish they were usable emails, but they are not. They charged my card for a whole year of membership without my authorization. They refuse to communicate to cancel and refund my money. I wish I have never heard of them.

The Ultimate Money Grab
May 10, 2022

Maybe you remember Baskin Robbins and the 31 Flavors. But as you ice cream aficionados know, those flavors are never sedentary, having now introduced over 1,000. At Stansberry every few days, a new prognosticator is revealed with the 'latest and the greatest' sure fire way to make exponential returns on your capital, most recently 100x.

Then again, maybe it's more reminiscent of the Amazon Deal of the Day. They will continue to try to peddle as many services as possible to the consumer, which of course forces him/her to decide which of the hundreds of securities recommended one should insert into their portfolio.

No matter. For Stansberry, unlike other platforms which leverage what they have in place, it's an endless insatiable quest to line their pockets while leaving the customer more often than not confused. Recently they brought an analyst over from another firm that hawked expensive annual and lifetime memberships while leveraging his track record, shortly before he jumped ship and went to Stansberry.

That analyst. Matt McCall eschews stop losses and thus many of his positions are down well over 50% and upwards of 80%. There are better services out there and for less money. Greed is not good.

Stansberry research is 100% scam, fraudulent charges
May 6, 2022

Stansberry Research in 100% scam. Here is description of my experience:

Back on May 2021 I signed up for a trial membership of the “True Wealth Special Reports” I agree to signup since it was a 30 days trial and stated that if canceled before the expiration of 30 days, a full refund will be made with no further charges.

2 weeks after sign up I realized that the news letter offers nothing and there is absolutely zero benefit I could get from this product. The initial charge to my card was $49.

I called the CS number and delivered them that I have no interest in their product and I would like to cancel for a full refund and no future charges.

I was told that that I would get my full refund back to the card within 2 weeks.

The CS was polite and professional and for me this was case closed.

The card I use was from a business account with lots of transactions so its not easy to keep track. I assumed that refund was made but never verified it.

Fast forward to exactly 1 year later, on the same date that I signed up a year ago, now there is a new charge on my card, $199 for renewal of annual membership.

Since I did not login to Stansberry site for one year, I knew that I did not signed up again or provided my card number again. So I went back to my bank statement from a year a go, and found out that the $49 for my canceled trial membership was never refunded.

So as it stands now, Stansberry research robbed my out of $249.00.

I say this since this company is a complete fraud. They have nothing of value to offer and they are only in a business to obtain your credit card number. Once they got it, they will use it as long as the card is working, no matter how many times you try to cancel the membership. There is no way I will let this slide. I am suing them in NYC and will look in to a class action lawsuit.

The founder, Porter Stansberry, was convicted of securities fraud.
April 24, 2022

The founder, Porter Stansberry, was convicted of securities fraud. Just Google “Porter Stansberry fraud”. The service now promotes any number of advisory services for a fee.

Now they are simply an umbrella website that draws internet traffic to a single site and then sells subscriptions for a variety of people who use them for publishing purposes. Any service that would be associated with this scammer’s name has to be of questionable integrity.

stanssberry Research is a big scam
November 18, 2021

stay away from Stansberry Research scam.

1) kill you with emails , no meat on it ,

2) signed up for $99 trial and next thing found out they kept my credit card and charged me $199 annually without my permission . they admitted that i was not getting emails for2 years

2) did not refund me , and best of all said their policy does not allow supervisors to talk to customers.

horrible customer service

big scam company

October 23, 2021
I have been an Alliance member for more than 15 years and find most of their subscription news letters quite informative. Agree with some subscribers comments about politicizing the articles which i would prefer they refrain from but otherwise for the subscription amount the extent of quality information is definitely worthwhile. The best ones are Steve and Doc.

Michele LClarke January 02, 2024

Must be a Stansberry plant

Overwhelming amount of emails to get you to subscribe to more
April 15, 2021
I’m overwhelmed with multiple emails every single day identifying either a crisis or golden opportunity, but in order to get the details of capitalizing on this event, I would have to purchase the next level of subscriptions. If there is anything of value in their newsletters, I would have to cull through so many emails to find the golden nugget. A colossal waste of money and time.

Useless information
January 18, 2021
I paid for two subscriptions that I never got. I sent two reminders but except for promises I got nothing. SCAM, WASTE OF TIME AND MONEY. I was interested in cryptocurrencies and they sent me mail about racing horses.

Get great ideas from them
November 24, 2020

I have been following Steve Sjuggerud's "true wealth" and "daily wealth premium newsletter" for the past two years now. I have made money on almost every recommendation from those subscriptions.

Although I don't just buy and hold, when the are way over bought I take my profits, sooner or later market pulls back and I buy recommendations back when they get over sold. I have never asked for refund, never had extra charges, but have never tried to cancel.

I don't want to cancel, I make money and get great ideas from them. I learn a lot from the emails I receive. I am new to investing as of 2 years ago, so I am very inexperienced. But so far so good!

I read the book, I thought it was written by Porter Stansberry? And I personal agree with a lot of it and I am not usually conspiracy theory type person... and I'm not a republican!

Michele LClarke January 02, 2024

Another Stansberry plant?

Make it hard to cancel
November 18, 2020

Some of the publications used to be good, but no more. Now they fill my email box with content that traffics Trump rhetoric and conspiracy theories about how Democrats are socialists.

Once you go down the political polarization route, you are going to be blind to facts, as they now are.

They also make it hard to cancel. You have to call them to cancel and hope for the best.

NicoletteD December 16, 2020

Yea I read the reference to "socialists" in one of Porter's newsletters, and it ruined my opinion about him being objective. While I don't remember there being the word "Democrat", I did take it as a slam against Dems, since historically Republicans have used that since I believe 1945 Harry Truman promoting health insurance.

However, I have never had trouble cancelling.

Low-life crooks
November 10, 2020

These people are low-life crooks... plain and simple. And when they renew your subscription without even telling you, they refuse to refund your money under their "Strict cancellation policy".

Financial sector maggots.

Avoid like the plague
October 30, 2020
There is some decent content but it's a hard search and you're locked in with automatic renewal which impossible, as far as I can make out, the unsubscribe button doesn't work and the phone number constantly busy. Not good.

Expected to spend LOADS of money
August 27, 2020

I generally like some of the supposed information that I received for my subscription fee. However there are always "opportunities" where one is expected to spend LOADS of money with a VERY strict deadline for the offer. I can not afford this, my gut tells me to leave it alone. Stansberry Research is the ONLY one making money, not I.

You ALWAYS have to pay up front even with the "FREE trial". If you get a "refund" you have to call customer service. I am not a fan of paying up front for anything so I guess this "opportunity" is lost to me forever. And I keep my thousands of dollars in my pocket and do my own research which has always worked well for me.

SCAM Stansberry
August 20, 2020

SCAM Stansberry!!! All they want to do is up-sell you, cross-sell you....constantly. No wonder he lives in a big estate in Maryland....its a numbers game...big hype no return...big hype again.,, he just wants to maintain his subscriber base.

They also, don't honor their agreements...especially for refunds! I have many other subscriptions....all are better and actually provide trades. They don't try to cross-sell up-sell me every day...

I ordered their service for $49, then got trapped in the monthly $55 billing cycle...nothing was done when I called, emailed multiple times. It was always my fault as the customer, that they agreed to remove me and didn't. Not as bad as other people but $155 is still a lot of money!

Even though I called every month to cancel and they assured me a refund...nothing happened. They said they sent 1 email to help me, since the phone rep never told me that, I never looked and when I did look after the fact...I don't see it.

Now its my fault, I didn't follow the automated refund process, even though the phone rep said he would take care of it (as I sent an email before calling stating the same thing, he said they would honor my refund request...72 days later they will not honor my request for a refund).

Last time I checked, confirmed voice cancellation is a valid form of communication, email request to cancel is a customers were supposed to be treated as correct and as a business you honor your agreements.

Don't count on them honoring their agreements! They will just drag it out, sneak a couple of extra months charges out of you and then only refund you for 1 month, not the full amount and make it sound like you didn't do anything.

V R October 29, 2020

Thanks for sharing your experience! Saved me from getting in the mess!! Stansbury sure spins a good line!

I'm not satisfied
August 15, 2020

In July 2020 I filled in my information for on-line information plus an on-line book entitled " The Battle For America". There was a fee of $49.00 for the book written by Steve Sjuggerud .

I haven't heard from or seen evidence of anyone involved with this and want to know why. There was also a fee of $199.00 reduced to $149.00 and refundable if not completely satisfied.

I'm not satisfied and I am angry! I haven't received one iota of information and I want my money back!