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Madison Seating, found online at, is an online retailer of home furniture, like Sofas, Dining Room and Living Room Chairs, Office Chairs, Beds, and more.  

How Does It Work?

Customers can go through their entire catalog of products on their website, searching either by general category, a favorite brand, items that are on sale, and more.

Once you find the item you wish, you can purchase it and arrange shipping directly to your home, all online.

Cost/Price Plans

Products that you find at Madison Seating will vary widely depending on the size and brand of the product, whether or not it is on sale, and the area to which you are shipping it. 

Refund Policy

The website details what they call their 30 Day "Hassle Free" Money Back Guarantee. This guarantee states that customers who are unhappy or have complaints about what they receive have 30 full days to return it in unused condition for a full refund of their purchase price, less Shipping and Handling.

Customer Service Contact Info

Customers with questions can call them directly at (888) 704-3435, mail them at 244 5th Ave Suite 1554. New York, NY 10001, or submit a question directly to their website for any of their individual departments.


Unfortunately there are some complaints regarding Madison Seating, especially that they are not an authorized dealer of some of the brands they sell, which means that if there is a problem with the item you receive the manufacturer will not help you and returning it to Madison Seating will cost you the return shipping cost.

Is It Safe?

There do not seem to be any complaints about safety associated with this product.

Competitors and Alternatives?

There are many different online furniture retailers like  and others.
If you have any experience with Madison Seating or their products, please leave your reviews below.

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Madison Seating Customer Reviews

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Zero Stars SCAM
November 29, 2021

If I could give this company zero stars I would. Do not buy from this company. It is a scam at best. It clearly states on their website that they will not charge your card until they provide you with shipping information.

I ordered a chair 10/29/21 and my card was charged on 11/2/21 and I was not provided with any shipping information. I contacted the company via email and had a back and forth conversation with Sana and the answer to when I would receive shipping information was changed twice in this conversation.

So I decided to do the smart thing and cancelled my order. My boyfriend also cancelled his order at the same time on 11/11/21 and he received a refund notification whereas I did not. I called my credit card company and let them know what was going on and my credit card company suggested I do a charge back.

TWO WEEKS LATER I receive an email (on Thanksgiving no less) with a quite threatening email demanding I return the money that was refunded to me and that I had now received two refunds. My bank account did not reflect this until TWO DAYS LATER, so, since I used to download credit card reports and call credit card companies when people used to try and scam my company out of services, I suggested that Maddison Seating contact my credit card company, as I know company to company they can resolve this.

I received an email reply back threatening me with legal action if I did not call my credit card company myself. Now this company can have a grand ole time waiting their up to 30 days for their return all because their “billing” or “chargeback department” didn’t check their credit card reports before issuing me a refund.

This was not my fault, or my credit card companies fault. Madison Seating has a poor reputation and that reputation has proven itself with this interaction.

I will be contacting the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, the Federal Trade Commission, and the New York State Attorney General about their scammy business practices. Do not buy from this company.

Customer Service
October 28, 2021

The company listed a product that was out of stock, once an order was placed customer service attempted to offer a substitute with a longer wait time than originally advertised. When I requested a discount for the substitute they refused.

I accepted the substitute (without any discount), however, customer service then chose to cancel the order instead of sending the substitute and noted that I should "find another vendor that can fulfill the order with the discount rates you wish".

Awful Service at
August 23, 2021

I recently bought a SteelCase think chair. The description of the chair says that the castors are compatible with carpets. They are not, as they cause the piston of the chair to drag on the carpet and bottom out. I reached out to there service department and their response was, "To bad, you can buy new wheels on ebay or amazon."

Do NOT buy from

Horrible customer service. Never received a refund or replacement.
February 2, 2021

Horrible customer service. Rude and unprofessional.

I ordered a chair with upgraded casters that were advertised on their website as "Deep carpet". However, the casters I received were not rated for high-pile rugs and carpets by the manufacturer and do not work on deep carpet.

Never received a refund or replacement.

Took almost 3 months for the chairs to arrive. broke their promise
January 17, 2021

By way of background, Madison Seating first screwed up an order I placed back in 2015. Their customer service rep (CSR) emailed me after that, to promise a discount or expedited shipping on 'any future order.'

This month (January 2020), I placed an order with them for a new Herman Miller Aeron chair. I referenced that prior promise, and a CSR on the phone assured me they would honor this promise, and then the company followed up in writing with the promise of expedited shipping (not a discount).

In reliance on this promise, I placed my order. But then they swiftly wrote to me, reneging on this promise, saying they won't expedite delivery... or do anything else as a make-good. The order is now cancelled. I cannot in good conscience recommend doing business with an organization that makes a written promise to a repeat customer twice, and then breaches that agreement and denies any further responsibility.

My suggestion to you: find another online seller for your business furniture needs. I do not consider this company ethical, trustworthy or responsible. Nor are their "sale" prices astoundingly better than other sellers, at least not enough to justify the leap of faith necessary to count on them to follow through.

Waited 4 months, eventually canceled
November 18, 2020

I wish I could comment on the quality of product, but I did not receive my chair after nearly 4 months of waiting and sub-par customer service. I ordered a chair mid-July 2020. The website did have a banner mentioning that COVID19 would potentially delay orders, but when my confirmation came it said 10-15 days.

That time-frame came and went, but understanding supply chain issues, I tried to call them. Their phone support is shut down and the voicemail instructed me to email them for an update. I emailed them in early August and was told mid-August.

Emailed again when that date came and went, they responded with a canned email exactly the same as the first delay, but with a new shipping estimate of late August.

Date came and went, emailed them early September, new shipping estimate of mid/late September. Date came and went, emailed early October, new shipping estimate of mid-October. Date came and went, emailed late October, new shipping estimate of mid-November.

Date came and went, I sent one last email telling them I'd like to cancel if they could not provide a concrete date, they sent another canned email with a new date, not acknowledging my request to cancel, and I asked them to cancel one more time and they did.

I understand the supply chain has been interrupted during COVID, but there is a way to handle customer service, and this is not it.

Very disappointed in the lack of communication and transparency. When I initially saw the prices I thought they were too good to be true, and it turned out that was the case.

Madison Seating LIES and will leave you hanging
October 17, 2020
The company repeatedly lied to me about my order, leaving me without a chair when I needed it. They basically sold me a chair they did not have, and then kept telling me it was coming.... this one one for about 2 months before they cancelled my order without explanation. Since they kept telling me it was coming I didn't order a chair elsewhere. Until Madison Seating cancelled on me, then I ordered a chair elsewhere and I received it 2 days later. I ordered an Aeron, which they keep listing more of for sale... so why couldn't they send me one???

I would suggest not doing business with this company
October 15, 2020

I was so excited to purchase a chair from this company! When I bought it I was informed that it would be shipped in 10 to 14 business days. After I hadn’t received it I emailed them and they informed me that it would be shipped by the end of the month. I emailed them again at the end of the month at which time they informed me it would be shipped in the middle of October.

I recently emailed them and they informed me that it would be shipped mid November. They never reached out to me to tell me that the shipping will be delayed I had to contact them. When you call in to talk to someone it says that they are experiencing Short delays in shipping. 2 1/2 months is not a short delay! In addition when I went to look at the shipping times as if I was purchasing a new chair it’s still says 10 to 14 days.

I believe this is false advertising. If they know that there are delays in shipping because of Covid which is understandable, they should be transparent about that when you order the chair. After I complained and asked to speak to a manager, they canceled my order. I have purchased things from several companies that have delays because of Covid. Again, that is completely understandable but these companies are transparent about it where Madison seating is not.

I am so disappointed in the customer service and that they canceled my order without asking me if I would like my order canceled first. I would highly recommend that you do not do business with this company. If anything, I hope that they update their website and their phone to be honest with consumers. I also hope if there’s going to be delays that they reach out to the consumer ahead of time and let them know.

Gray Market Liars
September 10, 2020
Purchased Steelcase Leap chair in March. Recently the pneumatic has stopped working. Contacted Steelcase and they identify Madisonseating as a grey market reseller, frequently reselling used items as new or misrepresenting older models as new. One their site it says "All items sold as new will include a (1) year warranty from the manufacturer directly." This is patently FALSE. Madison wanted over $125 in shipping to repair under their warranty. They are in lawsuits with manufacturers. DO NOT BUY FROM THEM.

They ask for good reviews in order to get a refund???
August 10, 2020

Ok so Madison Seating by is so crap they made sister give them a freaking good review in order to get a refund and still she has to pay a restocking fee. She only asked how to get a refund and then emailed and called but no answer. On Monday morning they replied by asking for a good review in order to get a refund which is actually Illegal according to the Consumer Review Fairness Act. Also here's a link to that ( If anyone from Madison Seating reads this please review your refund policy and go with the law and not against it. Thanks!

Yours truly,

a Madison Seating Costumer Service Hater

July 24, 2020
Madison Seating sold me an item that was old (over 15 years old). They simply repainted parts and added parts that are not Herman Miller, still calling it "open box". Customer service was horrendous. They offered me a $100 credit. When I tried to accept, they rescinded the credit. Terrible business model. No wonder they were sued by Herman Miller.

July 6, 2020
Sent broken chair and are demanding I pay for its return.

Stay away from this company
June 18, 2020

For a big damaged chair, they called it "minor nick and scratch" and refused to replace it. The customer service does not help customers to solve the problems, but ignore customers issue and refuse all requests from customers. Don't trust their return policy. Don't trust anything posted on their website. Take a look of BBB complaints about this company, and you will know you have to stay a way from it.

Shipping problem. Do not order if you need the chair any time soon.
June 15, 2020

Ordered 6/2/2020, got an email saying "The estimated delivery time frame for all in stock items is 10-14 business days from the order date. Should the item selected not be in stock, you will receive an email notification."

If you don't receive that 'email notification', the logical deduction is that the item is in stock.

Checked back with customer service on 6/15/2020. The response was "This order is scheduled to be shipped out by Early July. Tracking will be emailed once released."

When I responded that this is not what was promised on the order portal and the email, and that they should expedite the shipping, I got "Madison Seating is experiencing delays on all orders due to COVID-19. We do not offer expedited shipping."

I went ahead and cancelled my order.

Delays are understandable during covid19, but not being transparent and making promises you can't keep is not ok. I have a lower back problem and this delay keeps me on an uncomfortable chair for longer than necessary. I could have selected another vendor if I knew I wouldn't get the chair for 6 weeks!

Not a legit business
June 5, 2020

Don’t like your item? You probably will get your money back for your item, maybe but first: shipping a chair back? Look up shipping a 27”x27”x40” 20lb box ... could be 50% (more than $200 via Fedex / UPS) or more of the item’s cost. In other words: it really doesn’t matter if you get your purchase price back ... you might end up keeping something you’re not really satisfied with to avoid shipping the return back ...

In my case the item received was different model than the one photographed on the site. Different SKU, model

They state they provide warranty service but
June 1, 2020

They state they provide warranty service but are saying they closed the warranty department due to COVID, From the looks of it they are still selling chairs but delayed due to COVID. I asked for a refund after being told a 2nd time I have to wait month and even then no guarantees. So in my opinion they do not provide warranty service currently and won't until its safe to go back to work.

I would not recommend getting one of their chairs as they are not very good quality, mine broke after 8 months of use and now there is no warranty as stated on the site. You cant't say you have a warranty when you close your warranty department.

Good luck shopping here if you choose to do so. They seem to have good prices but... No guarantees. I am regretting that decision now.

ChristineMissonak June 03, 2020

I couldn't agreee with you more! I am having the same difficulty! The chair that was purchased broken after 1-1/2 years. It was a very expensive chair (a little over $500). The plastic cracked and the person using the chair fell straight to the floor and was lucky there was no injury. I have been emailing with a response of Warranty Department is closed, try June 1st. I tried to email June 1st and got a response that they are now closed until June 15th or later. Again, I am sure they are selling chairs and can just replace it and sort out the details later. I have a full complement of persons returning to the office on June 15th and no extra chair to use so will have to go out and purchase a chair. There is NO reason for the lack of service as in my last email I let them know that surely the person in charge of the warranty department could be reached via email for review and consideration of a replacement. Ridiculous! Would definitely NOT recommend this place to anyone!

RandyL December 02, 2021

Agree, for different reason. 1 1/2 yr old chair. Never abused. Plastic collar around piston/wheel base broke. Chair is unusable as is. They want me to pay to ship to New Jersey from west coast, then another $75 to have it returned! Some warranty for a couple dollar part! Avoid this company.

Rude Customer Service and Lies
April 28, 2020

I purchased a Steelcase Leap V2 chair on the morning of April 15th, 2020. Order # 437570. Initial response what that the chair would be delivered within 10-14 business days.

A few days later, I found their same chairs on ebay, with significant'tly faster guaranteed delivery times for the same price. So on business day 10, a full two weeks after placing the order, I asked them when it would be shipped. The most specific answer I got was "Sometime next week," combined with a rude attitude. When I asked "what would it take to ship that chair today?" I was told that the delays were due to Covid-19 and it would be sometime next week. Yet, on ebay they are offering the same chair, at the same price, with a guaranteed delivery date of Monday 5/4/20, which indicates they have stock on hand to ship within 24 hours.

"It's clear you are not happy with the services we can provide during these times.

We have canceled the order as we do not feel we can fulfill the order for you with the time frame you need.

Please find another seller that is not experiencing delays due to Covid-19 and can answer all the emails and inquiries you have on their product and services.

Stay well,

The Team at Madisonseating

Ticket ID: PBM-259-20452

RiceLee June 18, 2020

I couldn't agree with you more. MadisonSeating has the worst customer service. They are rude, lie, even threaten customers. Stay away from this company.

Long wait, poor communication, never notified item was out-of-stock
April 23, 2020

I purchased a Herman Miller Aeron chair that was supposed to ship in 10-14 business days. I was willing to wait that long because the price was very reasonable. After 14 business days passed with no updates, I contacted customer service. They stated that the chair I ordered was out-of-stock. However, I never received a notification of it being out-of-stock during the three weeks I waited. Plus, the order was never placed in "backordered" status on the site.

Although they offered to substitute a different chair size when I contacted them, I was told this would take another 10-14 business days. They then cancelled my order without my permission. No explanation given or even an apology.

Just to test it, I found I was still able to put my original order into my cart on the site with no indication it was out-of-stock, despite being told it was out-of-stock. I asked them why I would still be able to order something that was not in-stock, but they replied they are updating their site.

I understand that this is a difficult period for businesses, but there is no reason why a customer should not be able to be informed something is out-of-stock. Having someone wait for three weeks for nothing is absurd. And why is domestic shipping so slow for an in-stock item?

I took my business elsewhere and suggest you do the same.

April 14, 2020

Many people think that when they order online the item should be perfect. It is when things go wrong and the company is put to the test to correct something that a truer evaluation can be made. I received a perfectly good Leap chair with a faulty cylinder. One email, quick response, and customer service recommended that I review a YouTube video. Cylinder still faulty. Second email, quick response. They sent me a new cylinder FedEx and it works perfectly. Bravo Madison Seating. Nicely Done!

Dr. Edward Shukovsky

Scam Artists. Avoid at All Costs
August 20, 2019
If I could give them a Zero, I would. I will be reporting them to the better business bureau and possibly some other agencies. False advertising. I was so excited to get my Herman Miller Chair at a discount. I figured it was slightly used and thus the discount. When I got the chair, I realized that the chair was 15 years old. When I tried to return it, I realized that it would be $400 to ship it back and $50 for a restocking fee. That was the original cost of the chair, so now I am stuck with it. When I emailed to complain they bragged about what a great discount they had given me on the $900 Herman Miller Chair. I'm pretty sure a 15 year old chair is not anywhere near worth $900. This company is horrible. False advertising scam. Buyer beware. Spread the word. They should be out of business for this practice. No where on their website does it say that the chair might be 15 or more years old. Ridiculous.