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April 13, 2023

DO NOT EVER BUY HERE! You will wait months for in stock items, get customer service lying to you about getting your furniture or your issue resolved. I could go on and explain but I would need about 2 hours. They will charge you immediately and not ship for months.

They make up very good lies as to why. They want to hold onto your money as long as possible before ordering your furniture. Want confirmation? Here are the complaints from the Better Business Bureau. Here is the link-

Read the constant pattern. Even the resolved ones take months and it is not worth the aggravation for a small discount off the competition. And then they will screw you on their “white glove” shipping to make up for it.

Sells fake Chinese made goods as Originals
December 16, 2022

This is a terrible company to both buy from and deal with. I bought two lights which were advertised with an Original name that is made in Italy (Crown Minor by Nemo lighting). When I received them, one was broken, and both were fakes made in China.

I sent many pictures the very first day I received the lights showing the damage and proving they were fakes (stamped made in China on the box). Yet the company denies the lights are damaged and says they were never advertised as originals. Yet I've taken a screenshot of the page and nowhere does it state these are not originals. They were even charging almost the same price as the original (their price $1100 per light - original $1600 per light). I could have bought the lights on Aliexpress for $300 if I wanted cheap junk,

I've sent them at least 10 pictures of the broken light which they deny is damaged (it's clear from the pictures that it is). Now, I've given this to my credit card company.

Buyer beware - they sell cheap Chinese junk under false pretenses of being original. And then they lie and cheat to try and get out of taking responsibility.

Good Customer Services
November 21, 2022
We just took delivery of the Toulouse range of dining room furniture from France and Son. The items came very strongly packed and the sideboard and bookcase were absolutely perfect. There was a slight problem with one of the 2 occasional tables and it only took one phone call and a perfect replacement was sent immediately. The delivery team was very helpful and pleasant and we absolutely love the furniture, both the style, and the quality, and would thoroughly recommend anybody to buy from this excellent company.

Believe what others have written
October 19, 2022
Talked with Peter Jordan over phone and Bonnie on chat re a cancelation of an order that Peter Jordan states was a glitch in the system and that they refunded me. My bank has no record of receiving a refund and it is almost a month since this happened. Yes, I have a case opened but makes no sense to me that "glitch in system canceled the order" but miraculously the refund went through because the invoice shows a refund. If there is a glitch it only applies to the cancelation, not the refund....???!!!! There couldn't be a glitch with that too??? And the fact that I didn't receive an email regarding the cancelation, that's not part of the glitch either???!!! Bonnie and Peter Jordan have no use for your business if they can't help. And I asked for a manager and Peter told me he was the manager. Later in the conversation I asked for his supervisor and he hung up on me. Customer service at its best!

Scam Company
June 26, 2022
Please don't shop here. They aren't to be trusted. They told me I would get a full refund because my items still weren't in stock after the ETA. They asked me to sign some forms for my refund. They didn't give me a full refund. They charged me a restocking fee... when they didn't even have the items in stock. Save yourself the headache.

No integrity
June 22, 2022

I ordered bookcases from France and Son and the order was confirmed May 6th. I had follow-on communications over the next 6 weeks regarding when the bookcases would be delivered.

France and Son provided contradictory and misleading information regarding the shipping/delivery. I asked for a tracking number and delivery date and they refused to provide either. I became frustrated and convinced that my money was being stolen and asked that they cancel the order and provide a refund.

I followed up this request with a phone call and found out that this was the one request that they claimed to honor **no refund received yet**.

I find it strange that they could not answer any request or deliver the product, but they were HAPPY to cancel. When I checked their website I discovered why they would not honor my purchase.

I paid $1111.00 per bookcase and they are now listed for $1529.00 on every site that carries them. That means that France and Son accepted my purchase and at some point realized the price increased on the bookcases and then delayed delivery and lied every step of the way.

That is BAD business. France and Son, you may make a higher profit on the sale but you lack integrity. SHAME ON YOU.

Worst customer service I've ever experienced
May 19, 2022

They cancelled my order (which, before purchasing, a representative told me was in stock and ready to ship—it was not) that I’d paid for in full and had been waiting 3 months for on the day it was supposed to be delivered without even notifying me. Customer service is comprised of three sexist, condescending men who literally laughed as they hung up on me as they said “i’m not dealing with this.”

I tried to call back and be as calm as possible but the manager refused to take my call (to be clear, I had accidentally cursed while explaining the situation out of frustration, but none of that cursing was directed at him). They would not give me any options, told me to re-purchase at a now higher price (inflation) and said that the case was closed once they refunded my money (which I asked them not to do). customer service continuously hung up on me and “transferred” me to full mailboxes or fake numbers.

They also gave me several different reasons as to why they cancelled the order. The first being that France & Son had failed to pick up the order from the manufacturer in time, so the manufacturer cancelled it. I insisted that I could go pick it up, but they said the item was gone and I’d have to go back to the end of the queue. I honestly had never been treated like this by any company in my life and had my lawyer call them (who they kept referring to as “him,” when I corrected them and said she was a woman) and they lied about the reason they canceled the order, saying they cancelled it because I was rude. How could that be, when I was only calling once I found out from the delivery company that order had already been canceled?

I finally got in touch with their president and the sales team, and so far they have offered to sell me the chair at the price I’d paid, but that I’d have to coordinate pickup from the manufacturer myself.

As someone who’s worked in the service industry and in marketing at the world’s biggest tech companies, I truly cannot believe that they consider this helpful. They are acting like they are doing me a favor, and making me pay for my own transportation, when normally shipping is free. I also have yet to get clarity as to where the warehouse is, and if I can go get the chair soon, or will have to start back at the end of the line.

TLDR: They may be a couple hundred cheaper than other sites, but the opportunity cost that I’ve sacrificed dealing with them when I should have been working has far eclipsed the stress and savings. I’ve never seen a business run this poorly, honestly, in my entire life.

France and Son are liars!
July 24, 2019
I tried to buy an item online from them! They took my money and never delivered the product! I called twice to get my money back. The customer service personnel are rude and no help! Don't buy from this company!

Items are not as pictured
December 10, 2018

I ordered a nesting table with stainless steel legs and solid marble. On the website, it is pictured as white marble with gray striations. The marble I received was completely different (beige/gold striations), like the one pictured for the gold marble nesting table.

I have been back and forth with customer service and they insist it is carrara marble and won't replace it for the correct marble. In addition it took about 4 months to receive this table when no where on the website did it mention it was back ordered.

Products are missleading
December 15, 2016

I ordered a side table that was advertised as a hardwood (tan color) top with gunmetal legs. What I eventually received was more like a black granite top with mirrored steel legs. At the time I ordered it there was no mention on the website that there were color variations. I expected some variations of wood grain but nothing else.

From the beginning there were shipping issues, that were resolved after 3 weeks of phone calls and a pervious bad review. After a formal complaint about the product, what I heard back was there were no physical defects in the table so I'm SOL. France and Sons and their source on this table are deceptive and shouldn't be advertising something that is so blatantly misleading.