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Easy to Use
December 22, 2022
An easy machine to use. The screen gives clear directions and the results are perfect. Plus, it is easy to clean when your done with a batch

I love my freeze drier!
December 22, 2022
I have loved my freeze drier! I use it constantly! It feels so good to stick up my food storage. I do wish the company offered repair technicians, but I think they grew too fast and will someday be ready to offer that.

Large Freeze Dryer
December 22, 2022
We purchased the large and have used it once. We did bananas, chicken broth, lemons, limes and strawberries. All of them turned out great. Our only issue is the machine went back to factory settings for some reason and we had to call customer support, they were great, so we are hoping we don’t have to do this every time. If not for that, it would be 5 star so far!!

A Slow And Frustrating Start!
December 22, 2022

I took delivery of my Harvest Right Freeze Dryer on 1 Nov 2022. I freeze dried four batches of assorted items-eggs, vegetables, cheese and milk with great success. However, on the 5th batch the dreaded "inadequate vacuum" error was displayed on the control panel. I watched videos and followed instructions in the Harvest Right Troubleshooting Guide - after hours of trouble shooting I gave up and called customer service, only to be told there were no appointments available for several days. Finally, my first appointment with a service tech was on 15 Nov 2022. I subsequently had a total of six different appointments. Each time I needed a follow on appointment it was a 2-3 day delay. All told I personally spent at least 15 hours, watching videos, twice removing and reinstalling the outer case of the machine, testing the vacuum pump and performing one test after another before ultimately solving the problem. What's frustrating is I had to spend my own money (purchased additional vacuum pump oil and silicone sealant) to solve what I consider is a manufacturing defect that Harvest Right knows about. The wiring harness assembly that goes through the vacuum chamber wall was not thoroughly sealed on the machine I purchased. The first month I owned the machine it was out of service over half the time!!!

The positive experience was dealing with the Harvest Right Technician. She was very positive, knowledgeable, thorough, polite and upbeat. Very, very professional. I can't say enough about her. It took over two weeks to get the machine back up and running. I have since run 15 different batches and have one running almost daily.

Would I buy a Harvest Right Freeze Dryer again? Yes, it does a fantastic job with everything I have put through it. Just a very frustrating and time consuming first month of ownership. Fortunately, I am retired and had the time and inclination to fix a brand new machine that costs almost $3000.00. If a year from now my freeze dryer is still working like it does now then it is definitely a 5 star machine!

Great Investment
December 22, 2022
I am very happy with this freeze dryer (medium size with premium pump). My goal was to find an alternative method to store food without the tedious task of canning. So far, I have freeze dried the following:cooked meats, yogurt, lemons, apples, blueberries, milk and eggs, and I haven't had an issue with anything ( each batch is between 20-26 hours depending on the type of food). My first batch was apples, and after it was completed, my kids devoured it in seconds. I highly recommend this purchase especially if you like to garden. The machine is easy to use and customer service is excellent!

Factory Reset message after Power Outage
December 21, 2022
I have only had my Freeze Dryer a few days, so I am a newbie. The power went out and I couldn't get the machine off of factory reset. Customer service helped me in no time at all. Thank you!

Freeze Dryer
December 21, 2022
We went to North Salt Lake to purchase our freeze dryer. The salesman was very knowledgeable and in a short time we were loaded up and headed home. When we set up the freeze dryer, we noticed we were supplied with the wrong sealer. It was a 220 volt 50 Hz sealer. I called customer service about the issue because we live 120 miles from Salt Lake. The customer service agent was very polite and accommodating and he had the correct sealer sent to us in a couple of days at no charge for shipping. We have used our freeze dryer several times and it has ​​​​​ performed as advertised. We love it.

Fingers Crossed
December 21, 2022
I was thrilled to be able to finally purchase a HR Freeze Dryer. Once we set things up, we realized the machine was not operating properly. It took a month of calls with a technician complete with assignments that he had given us to try, before the unit was operable. Having the ability to send over files from the machine was handy and aided in the diagnosis of the problem. Having a really costly machine sit idol for a month was quite frustrating, but the technician we were assigned was thorough and dependable. Fingers crossed the machine is now fully fixed and ready for many cycles of food preservation.

Best freeze dryer machine!
December 20, 2022
It's one of the best buys that I've done. Well spent money on the medium harvest right freeze dryer! A++

Keep learning
December 19, 2022
Learning curve but very simple in reality Fun to use

Amazing Product Amazing Customer Service
December 19, 2022
So happy to finally be a harvest right owner! Our machine came in perfect condition and customer support has been a huge asset in the learning curve of using it. We are so grateful for the ability to preserve our food while maintaining nutrient value.

Great machine, just don't buy the oil free pump!
December 18, 2022

We have had our 5 tray machine 3 years now. As long as you're doing a batch you might as well do a large batch. the trays hold more. We upgraded from a 4 tray and like it much better- even for a family of just 2.

The software upgrades went well until their latest 5.0 version. The software is SO much more sensitive to any little thing out of balance and throws an error message and stops working.

We bought an oil FREE pump investing $1400 in what we THOUGHT was an expensive and long lasting product that would take NO maintenance. The pump had problems from the get go and just needed a rebuild 3 years later (Of course out of 6 month warranty) --which cost another $375. All the pump usually needs is an extra run of 15 mins after each batch you do so it gets the water out of it. I personally think it is NOT worth the price and the oil pump is a much better deal even if you have to deal with the filtering of the oil after every 2-3 batches.

We bought the heavy duty cart to put it on and it is so easy to move! I can move the cart outside the house in the summer to keep the house cooler.

The company is good about fixing any problem- even over the phone instead of it being a 1 hour drive to get there for trouble shooting. The unit is sound. :) The oil free pump --they haven't got a good model yet- so don't invest. We feel we have funded there R&D department on pumps. :(

Great product, great investment
December 18, 2022
I love this machine. I encountered a vacuum error, contacted HarvestRight and was put in contact with a tech. I was given a very simple solution and it took care of the problem. I have freeze dried meat, eggs, fruit and vegetables. It is so rewarding to have food preserved in the event of an emergency.

Great Customer Service
December 18, 2022
Bought a harvest right freeze dryer. My main goal in buying this was to make more nutritious treats for grandkids, and more cooking options with less food waste. It was delivered right after I had hip surgery. At least a week before we could set it up and start. Bread run was great. Pineapple took five days and still not dry. Scrapped it and tried cooked shredded turkey – it was fantastic. Next batch wouldn't dry. No error codes. Contacted harvest right and set an appointment with the tech and was contacted at appointment time. Took me some time to get the information to perform the tests. In three days I had an answer from the tech with a solution. Followed the tech's directions and got my first batch of yogurt drops. Next time put in fruit and got an error code that the heater failed midway. Looked in the book, followed the directions and got to step two - it said I needed to call my tech again. Contacted customer Service and had a call back within three hours. After 15 minutes on the phone problem solved! Since then I've gotten several batches made. Scrambled eggs, peppers, yogurt drops, strawberries, and I can't wait to keep going!

Small Technical Issue
December 18, 2022
Had a technical issue with my freeze dryer, thought I had broke it, but called tech support and they walked me through what needed to be done and it was fixed in less than 3 minutes. I was so relieved.

HR review
December 17, 2022

Bought a medium unit back in May. Had multiple problems, which the Technicians attempted to help me correct. I have some problems that it took so long to identify that there was a problem. Usually because there was a time delays between the steps to attempt to mediate the supposed problem.

I would submit a ticket. They would send me information on how to fix a problem; then I would review and attempt to do as the corrective action advised or await the parts to fix the problem (this may take a week or so). I would then speak to the technician or await for the technician to get back to me and try something new. The technicians were always polite and very helpful. It was decided that the unit I had needed to be replaced (along with the vacuum pump. The new unit arrived in November and the old unit returned. I am still awaiting the pump as it had to be back ordered.

This new unit has functioned without any problems after 3 weeks of almost constant use. If this was the unit I had originally received this review would be a 5 Star and not a 3 star.

Excellent way to preserve foods
December 16, 2022
Great way to empty and unplug your freezers. We have been running our Medium sized model since Dec. 2021. We freeze dry a 10 gallon stock pot of soups/stews every few days then switch to meats then veggies then juices. Totally regret not going with the Large unit. We have been freeze drying our garden harvest as well. The finished product is only as tasty as you make it so have a decent spice pantry to compliment your preparations. And yes, we also pressure can as well.

Amazing Freeze Drier!
December 16, 2022
this machine is amazing for preserving my garden harvest!!

Harvest Right Freeze Dryer
December 16, 2022
We enjoy freeze drying our fruits, vegetables and meats in the Harvest Right Freeze Dryer. Freeze dried Skittle's are everyone's favorite!

December 16, 2022

So excited to have this Freeze Dryer!!

I love my Harvest Right Freeze Dryer,

I bought the medium one. It has 4 trays.

I definitely could have bought the large.

But product description is true to word

Very impressed so far.