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Easy to learn.
September 30, 2022
I like being able to freeze dry my berries, meats, and cheeses. I like being able to make meals for camp outs. It’s very easy to learn and use.

Saves money and food tastes great!
September 30, 2022
I LOVE this freeze sprayer! We buy fruits and veggies when in season and save money by making full meals and then freeze drying them for later. Everything rehydrates great and I even take these meals with me when we go on vacation and camping! Awesome product!

My two cents!!
September 30, 2022
I have enjoyed creating meals to freeze dry for my family. The new candy update is nice it doesn't take as long to do!

Great Machine!
September 30, 2022

I have used my Harvest Right freeze dryer almost non-stop since I've gotten it 2 years ago. I have been so happy to be able to save the foods we eat with our own special diets rather than purchase what a bulk manufacturer has ready. My Harvest Right has been a faithful, hardworking machine and the company is always responsive if I have questions or need a repair. I have only needed one fix so far since I purchased it, and it was easier than I thought it would be to replace that part. The part was only between $50 and $75, not sure I remember exactly, but I can't replace a battery on my car for that!

They have video's everywhere to walk you through tests, procedures, and training how to use it. The automation is fabulous, and the company is always trying to improve their design, functionality, and customer service. They are a quality, caring company with a great business model that benefits the customer. I have never had a bad experience with customer service or this company, and that is hard to find these days.

Top-notch customer service
September 30, 2022
So far so good! I have had my Harvest Right freeze dryer for just a short time, but I am enjoying the process and learning experience. I can’t give enough credit to the convenient and excellent customer service they offer. In a matter of minutes I’m speaking with a friendly and helpful customer service agent. If you’re considering making a Harvest Right purchase, I say go for it!

September 30, 2022
I love the simplicity of this machine but the condenser quit on me after 20 uses. It is now up to me to track down a pallet and a truck to haul it with so I can send it back for repairs. It's back to the reliable canning for me.

Addiction To Freeze Drying
September 29, 2022
This Freeze Dryer has changed my life to a point where I have total peace knowing I have choice food in my house for any emergency. I am able to prepare fresh foods and store them for so several years, if need be, and they are as fresh as day one. I love my LARGE Freeze Dryer and would purchase another one if I ever needed to do so. The guy on UTUBE called "Retired at 40" has helped the most in showing you how to set up your machine from day one to showing you how to Freeze Dry so many different foods. I have become an Addict to Freeze Drying Foods now. LOL Thank you for reading my review and I hope you buy one. This review comes from my heart and there is nothing in it for me, but to help others make wise decisions for a better life.

Harvest Right Freeze Drier
September 29, 2022

We purchased the large Harvest Right Freeze drier with the Premium Pump locally from one of their retailers. The freeze drier came package securely on a pallet and was loaded in the back of our pick-up. Once we opened the box, we found that everything we needed to get started had been included, a box of mylar bag, oxygen absorbers, the bag sealer, oil for the pump as well a filter. Far too often when you purchase items like this you always find that you needed some additional items to actually use it.

Setup was simple and straight forward, there are several resources available on line as well as the provided manual is easy to read and details everything you need to know even if you’re a first-time user like we were.

I have had to contact customer service a couple times and both times they were prompt in responding and easy to deal with. In both cases the issue was resolved by sending out new items and they did that right away.

We have always canned various garden items for years and will continue to do so but the Harvest Right Freeze Drier just helps us to diversify our food storage and honestly helps save space over canned food items. With harvest time going on we have kept it busy processing fruits and vegetable right out of our garden. We have even used it to process canned foods in our pantry that were nearing the use by date so we didn’t have to throw that food out.

There is such a great community of users that are all willing to share ideas, recipes and help with technical items as well. Looking forward to expanding our skillset to freeze drying prepared meals for backpacking and camping.

I have no issue recommending this product to anyone that is looking for a freeze drier.

I love my Harvest Right Freeze Dryer
September 29, 2022

I have had my Harvest Right freeze dryer for 2 years and have had no problems.

My last batch looked a little burnt. I called Harvest Right and was able to talk to a real person within 5 minutes. I have been in contact with 3 different people today and they have been very professional and have been very helpful.

I am extremely impressed with Harvest Right Customer Service and my Freeze Dryer.

Great Priduct!!
September 29, 2022

I purchased my medium Harvest Right Freeze Dryer the beginning of July, (2022) and love it!

Customer service has been great and I am totally addicted to freeze drying anything that comes my way!!

Harvest Right Freeze Dryer
September 29, 2022

We purchased the Harvest Right Freeze Dryer for our garden produce, and emergency food storage. After I watched a dozen videos by Harvest Right and others, I realized that there are so many more uses of freeze drying. We will be freeze drying meals now for our backpacking, camping and hunting trips.

My wife and I considered getting a Harvest Right for a couple of years. I'm glad we finally decided to get one this year! It has definitely been one of the best investments for our homestead.

I also have to say the customer service is first rate! I love this company!

Great company, excellent products!
September 29, 2022
Harvest Right is THE best company! Their products, and customer service can't be beat. I bought my first dryer in 2014 and am so glad I did! I can't imagine not having it. Any problems or concerns I had were very quickly and efficiently taken care of. I highly recommend Harvest Right and their products.

100% quality investment
September 29, 2022
Harvest Right as a company has figured it out !! The quality of their equipment and customer service are amazing !! An absolute must-have for food preservation and storage.

Harvest lasting Longer
September 29, 2022

Great end result of the food. There is a slight learning curve but online resources are popping up among this little community making the process easier. I am glad I invested in this to make the most of the food we would otherwise throw away. This is a good product that seems to improve with time.

For example, our premium upgraded pump is now standard with machines. Tech support is great with follow-up. I replaced a relay board myself which was pretty easy with the how-to video explaining the process. It is an investment but worth the price.

Recommend highly
September 29, 2022

After the Food shortage because of Covid, I knew I had to be more prepared. I saw these ads about freeze drying your food. That led me to discover Harvest Right company that makes them for home use.

I am so glad I followed up on this, now my family is better prepared for any food shortage that could come. Good machine, and good customer service. Highly recommended.

Great Product
September 29, 2022

I bought my freeze dryer from Harvest Right eight months ago. We absolutely love it! We no longer throw away leftovers as I freeze dry them when I have a full load to go in the freeze dryer. We had a birthday party for my niece's kiddos where they placed candy (skittles, gummy nerds, taffy, jolly ranchers, etc.) on a tray to freeze dry.

The candy function only takes a couple hours and the kiddos had their own candy to take home. They absolutely love it and so do I! We recently had a problem with the vacuum function only because we had to move the freeze dryer to another location but it was easily fixed with help from Harvest Right.

Ease of Use
September 29, 2022
The machine is very easy to use and has worked perfectly. We started freeze drying all sorts of food the day we got it and have not stopped since. Great product!

Easier than I thought and tastes great
September 29, 2022
I’m very happy with the Harvest Right medium freeze dryer. I have only had it a month, and I was a little intimidated by setting it up and using it. I found the customer service to be incredible. Initially I had a problem with off-gassing smell, but Harvest Right has a specific protocol to address that. Reps were always friendly, informative and patient. It turns out the process of freeze drying was easier than I thought. I started with fruits so I could take advantage of the great seasonal fruits and have healthy snacks year round. Tastes great. I’m looking forward to trying meats and candies!

User friendly product for storing lots of foods.
September 29, 2022

We purchased our Harvest Right freeze dryer one year ago and have used it an average of four days a week since then. We purchased the oil free pump and love the ease of running batches without having to change oil.

We have freeze dried fresh fruits and vegetables, eggs, and various cooked meats and even ice cream sandwiches with great success. The software makes the unit is easy to use and has a user friendly interface. We continue to experiment with new foods to freeze dry and store. Highly recommend this product.

Great customer service and quality
September 29, 2022
We have been completely satisfied with our large HarvestRight freeze dryer. The customer service has been great as we have had questions as we get to know the machine. The interface to use the machine is clear and makes usage easy. We look forward to using this for years.