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Awesome user-friendly machine!
August 26, 2022
What an awesome machine! Great customer service! The freeze dryer is very user-friendly. I called harvest right with a question and was on the phone with someone in less than one minute. They were very knowledgeable and answered my question right away!

Cant believe I waited so long.
August 26, 2022

I have always wanted a freeze dryer and my kids bought my wife and i one a month ago. It was ordered from Harvest Right and took some time to arrive but I prefer quality over speed. I noticed videos online had an item that I didn't receive so I called and within a minute I was speaking to them and they were great. The item was not needed and the company rep. was awesome. The dryer has a learning curve but we have had no problem learning the tricks by watching videos online. I have been wondering why with all the food waist why every home doesn't have one of these. If you get one you have to try the ice cream sandwiches. :-)

Harvest Right Freeze Dryer (Medium)
August 26, 2022
I purchased a Harvest Right Freeze Dryer (Medium) and have run almost 40 batches to date through the machine. The dryer has done a wide range of foods and I am learning about new recipes all the time, the possibilities are vast. It was easy to set up and even easier to operate, especially since the "cady-mode" update. The dryer produces a very high quality final product that when paired with at home cooking rivals any freeze dried product available for purchase. I really enjoy making everything myself and knowing exactly what the ingredients are. I am very impressed with the quality of every component included, no shortcuts were taken. I have been very impressed and satisfied with my investment.

Great product
August 26, 2022
Got my freeze dryer from Harvest Right. They were easy to work with and the device itself is working very well! I've had to call and ask a few questions, got right through to a person and got my questions answered right away. Would definitely recommend this product from Harvest Right to my friends and family.

Easy to use
August 26, 2022

The Harvest Right freeze dryer is so easy to use with the software that is built in. Low maintenance. If I need help customer service is top notch.

I love being able to freeze dry so many different types of foods for preservation.

Money well spent on investment!!

A Food Preservation Game-changer
August 26, 2022

I bought my large freeze dryer 18 months ago and it has been in continuous use ever since. I know it can be daunting - it's a significant investment and a unfamiliar process to preserve food.

In my opinion, Harvest Right has made the machine as simple to use as possible, but there are so many variables depending on what you are freeze drying, that there is still going to be a learning curve. But there are many resources to help - Facebook groups are a wealth of knowledge.

My only experience with customer support was after 18 months when a part wore out. The troubleshooting process was simple and the customer service was responsive. It was a simple repair and the machine is running again, doing a batch of raspberries right now.

I am very pleased to be able to preserve the harvest from my fruit trees & garden. It's so much easier and less messy than canning, and you can freeze dry things I would never feel safe canning.

Endless possibilities for food preservation
August 26, 2022
I love my new HarvestRight freeze dryer. There are endless possibilities for food preservation. I don't have time to wright a long review, because I need to load my freeze dryer!

The food tastes so fresh!
August 26, 2022
Love my freeze dryer! The food tastes so fresh! Mine is running all the time!

First use of my dry freezer
August 26, 2022
I dry froze a couple of blueberries as a first; it was very simple to use and works amazingly great. The possibilities are endless and I cannot wait to try recipes that it came with.

Good Product, Price and Service!
August 26, 2022
Recently Purchased the Harvest Right Freeze Dryer and I am very satisfied. It came well packaged, was easy to set up and performing perfectly. I called to ask a question and they were friendly, knowledgeable and helpful. Good Product, Price and Service!

I should have bought this sooner!
August 26, 2022
I should have bought this alot sooner! I love my Harvest Right FD. Easy to use and customer service when I had questions were very helpful. Would definitely recommend. I should have bought this alot sooner! I love my Harvest Right FD. Easy to use and customer service when I had questions were very helpful. Would definitely recommend.

Don't knock it until you have tried it, smelled it and tasted it. Bravo Harvest Right!
August 26, 2022

Exceptional Customer Support and the product works fantastic. I have not completed 20 loads through my Medium Harvest Right Freeze Dryer.

I just had a lady come to me and tell me, emphatically, that freeze dried Basil is not good. No aroma, no flavor. I grow my own organic basil and just finished drying 4 trays of it. I have 8 more trays to process. I tore open the mylar bag and asked her to smell this as I placed it near her nose. She grabbed the bag and began ohhing and awwing all over it. Then I asked her to taste the freeze dried leaves and she said, that is so much better than any basil I have tried.

That is what you call FACT CHECKING!

best purchase
August 26, 2022

This machine is pure art, and saves me LOTS of money. I have a family of 8 and we are keeping scraps freeing up our freezer hoping to go to one freezer, not sure yet nevertheless I am very very happy with the product -customer service and most of all a peace of mind that we have food if things happen. Just today butter is 4.99 and for a not so good brand, life is costing more. BUY this and save.

plan for the future
August 26, 2022
This machine has been an investment in our future! We have used it to put away excess food such as chili and stews and not loose valuable freezer space. We are currently freeze drying zuchinni which will be ground to flour and help off set future flour shortages and I can add them tot he kids smooties so they dont realize there are more green things in them! we currently own a large but have a second large on lay away and plan on buying a small for herbs and trial runs.

Love my Harvest Right Freeze Drier!
August 26, 2022
I absolutely love our machine we purchased our Harvest Right Machine in late April and are approaching 100 loads. We have recouped our investment and love the quality of our freeze dried food! Great investment!!!

The Machine works like a dream.
August 26, 2022
I really love the concept of freeze drying at home. The machine works very well and customer support is very responsive. I have had my machine for about 6 months.

Excellent customer service and product!
August 26, 2022
I just received my large freeze drier last week. The shipping company dropped it off when I wasn't home so I want able to open it and check for shipping damage with the driver. I spoke to Harvest Right customer service and Clark stayed on the phone while I opened my box and confirmed there were no damages. I have found customer service excellent every time I called with questions, to order and this time when I received my freeze drier. And now I’m on my third load of freeze drying veggies and everything is going wonderfully. Thank you so much.

An Amazing Freeze Dryer
August 26, 2022
I received my new Harvest Right freeze dryer last month and I am really happy with it. It is an amazing freeze dryer. Harvest Right’s customer support is great. I had a few questions and I called and they helped me right away. They also have the mylar bags and oxygen absorbers I needed to get started. I would definitely buy from them again.

Coolest appliance I own
August 26, 2022
Been freeze drying for 4 months straight with no end in sight! We did all the garden excess after running out of mason jars and now we're doing load after load of candy to sell! I love it!

I’m very happy with Harvest Right
August 25, 2022
I love my Harvest Right freeze dryer. I’ve had great customer support. I had a simple error on my freeze dryer that their online troubleshooting links help me fix. I had my impact sealer stop working and they promptly replaced it. I’m very pleased with Harvest Right & can easily recommend them