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Harvest Right Freeze Dryer
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The Harvest Right Freeze Dryer is an in home kitchen appliance which promises users the convenience of commercial quality freeze drying in their own home.

How Does It Work?

According to their website, Harvest Right is the only company which has built an In Home Freeze Dryer that is truly small enough in size to comfortably fit in your home while still being powerful enough to freeze dry all the foods you may want it to. 

Their products are very simple to use as well. Customers can place fresh or cooked foods into the dryer where they will be frozen to -40 degrees Fahrenheit or colder.

After the food is frozen, the freeze dryer creates a powerful vacuum around the food, and as the food slightly warms up, the ice will turn into vapor and evaporate. 

Customers can then store their foods in Mylar bags, mason jars, or cans along with an oxygen absorber to ensure freshness until you decide to open it.

Their website says that their foods and meals can be rehydrated in just a few minutes, and fully restored to their original textures and tastes. Their website provides a full guide for rehydration of Meats, Vegetables, and even Fully Meals.

Cost & Price Plans

As a large scale kitchen appliance, freeze dryers are not necessarily inexpensive. In fact, their website shows prices which currently range from around $2,600 to around $4,100, though prices may vary.

In addition, there will be shipping charges assessed for this product, and as it is complicated and these products are very heavy, these charges are often expensive as well.

Refund Policy

Their website says that in home freeze dryers can be returned within the first 90 days as long as they have not been used, though the website is unclear whether this 90 day period begins on the date of purchase or on the date of delivery. 

Regardless, the website says that customers will not be charged any restocking fees for returning their products, however they will be completely responsible for all shipping fees, both the original fees and the return shipping fees.

Harvest Right will issue your refund after the freeze dryer has been accepted and inspected. 

Customer Service Contact Info

Customers who would like to contact Customer Service with any questions, concerns, or complaints can do so by phone at 800-865-5584 or by submitting them directly to their website through their Contact Us link.  


It is not surprising that there are not many reviews for this product at this time, as there likely isn’t an incredibly huge market for in home freeze dryers at all times.

However, as far as the few reviews which are available are concerned, they all seem generally very positive about the quality of service this appliance provides.  

Competitors and Alternatives?

As mentioned above, Harvest Right claims to be the only company at this time that provides commercial quality freeze dryer in an in home appliance.

If you have any experience with the Harvest Right Freeze Dryer, please leave your reviews below.

Harvest Right Freeze Dryer Customer Reviews

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This company stands behind their product!
October 4, 2022

I’ve only had my machine for a month and the condenser went bad. You would think that would make me write a bad review with one or two stars. That is where I have to say you are incorrect!

Yes my machine has a problem but I have to say customer service has been awesome and they are currently scheduled to pick up my machine (at no cost to me) and will be replacing it or fixing it and then sending it back.

I cannot express how in todays market that this is incredible…they are making it right…that is what we as consumers need to hear.

Things happen, I get that and I am happy to be a harvest right customer.

I was able to use my machine before the condenser went bad and freeze dried a lot of the produce I grow in my garden. I love the idea of being able to have food that will last long after the growing season is done. I can, dehydrate and now will freeze dry.

I freeze dried quit a bit of tomatoes and then powdered them to use in soups and sauces throughout the next year.

My husbands favorite thing is eggnog…so I freeze dried several trays of egg nog bites, they reconstitute really well and actually taste really well just eaten as a snack.

I made pie crust biscuits and freeze dried those as well and they are delicious! I will probably gain 10 lbs just snacking on those..which by the way are great on fruit!

Outstanding quality from an outstanding company
October 2, 2022

I recently purchased a medium home freeze drier from Harvest Right in order to preserve more of my garden produce. When it arrived it was carefully and thoughtfully packed in 2 large boxes strapped on a pallet. They shipped it 7 weeks earlier than expected and upon opening it it exceeded my already high expectations. The fit and finish of this machine is excellent. The owners manual is very well written which is almost unheard of today.

I had one small issue where an extra accessory that I ordered was missing. I contacted Harvest Right and they responded immediately and sent the missing piece. Before buying the machine I called and spoke with someone from their sales department who took the time to answer a number of technical questions that I had. Harvest Right customer service is absolutely excellent. I wish more companies would follow their lead.

I currently have my first batch running and there have been no surprises and no issues at all. The machine is easy to operate and is doing exactly what it is supposed to do. I am looking forward to using it for many years!

One last observation: Harvest Right has exactly zero market competition. They are literally the only manufacturer of this type of machine. Since the first machine was sold they have continuously improved, updated and perfected this device. They listen to their customers and strive to make this machine better and better. They don't need to but they do. That is the kind of company that I like to do business with.

Easy and delicious!
October 2, 2022
Delivery was quicker than expected and setup was easy! We’ve loved our first few batches!

The HarvestRight is worth the money
October 1, 2022
The HarvestRight is a great machine. The money you save by freeze drying your own vegetables is great compared to those already packaged up for consumers. Plus you know exactly what's in it. But I also just like buying frozen bags from Costco and then freeze drying them.

Good piece of equipment!
October 1, 2022
Purchased a large freeze dryer. Definitely an investment but I think it will be worth while in the long run. It's easy to use and help is kind and available if need be. So excited to preserve food in a quick and easy way that doesn't need much babysitting unlike canning. Also maintains more nutrients this way and makes it easy to reconstitute a meal quickly if in a pinch. Some items do take longer than expected, but overall a really great way to preserve food!

Love our Harvest Right!
October 1, 2022
We would not consider ourselves "preppers" it is just a lifestyle for us. We use our HRFD for all our garden abundance, soups, milk, broth, cheese, and on and on. My favorite thing to FD & eat is quiche.

Better than I thought and easier to use than I thought
October 1, 2022
Better than I thought, easier than I thought to use. I did experience one problem with the shelving unit- the top piece looks like corrugated plastic slide forward- got some double sided tape and reattached it, and it works fine. Other than that couldn't be happier with it.

Great product, great service
October 1, 2022
What a great way to preserve your foods. The freeze dryer is simple to use, though there is a learning curve on the processing of different foods. Harvest Right provides excellent customer service and all representatives that I have spoken with have been friendly and knowledgeable.

My impulse sealer
October 1, 2022
My impulse sealer popped and then stopped working. I called Harvest Right and the service department rectified the problem, they will send me a new impulse sealer.

Herbs and flowers maintain their color and aroma
October 1, 2022
Our Harvest Right freeze dryer has been running 24/7 since we received it in July. Has worked perfectly. Just finished some basil, chives and flowers that do not dehydrate well. They turned out beautiful with wonderful aromas.

Great product
October 1, 2022
I bought a large freeze drier and had an issue right out of the box. I contacted support and Matthew was extremely helpful and had me up and freeze drying quickly. I would recommend Harvest Right.

Older machine experiences - Good company
October 1, 2022

We have an older (5yrs) model and have had some issues show up requiring some repairs. We like the processing of food with this freeze-dryer. The things we have processed are great quality. We don't live locally so the service is a little tougher by phone and email.

Being and older machine, some newer techs aren't as sure about what we have, but we have been able to work through things. They have been helpful. I think maybe the newer systems may have more of the bugs worked out. We upgraded to the oil-less pump about 3 or 4 years ago to avoid the oil changes. That was a help. Not knowing what to expect, I thought since we didn't really do a super lot of drying, I thought there would be less issues over time.

At this time, you can get to talk to a 1st level tech but if it needs much more, you have to schedule time with another tech and it can be a couple of days to get connected. That was a little frustrating at first when I was in the middle of a batch. We eventually got connected and have been working through the problem. Good people, pretty good dryer and we do like their effort to help.

Quality well built freeze dryer
October 1, 2022

We received the Harvest Right Freeze Dryer in the beginning of September. Since then we have done a number of batches with both fruits and vegetables. The freeze dryer has worked flawlessly! The freeze dryer appears to be quality construction and is built with solid components.

We had a small issue with the impulse sealer, we contacted Harvest Right, and they handled the issue right away. We are very pleased with our purchase and look forward to preserving our garden produce for the winter.

Best freeze dryers!
October 1, 2022
I have had my unit for 5 months. I love it!! Simple to use. The new candy mode makes candy so so easy and fast! Did I mention how good the candy tastes. We use it for both candy but mainly for long term storage of foods. Simple to use , to clean and frankly an amazing machine.

Long term food problem solved, it's a Harvest Right
September 30, 2022
I purchased a medium Harvest Right freeze dryer and my only issue was the new rubber/silicone smell which took a while to clean and heat cycle the machine. After that it has been running non stop. I've made ggs, chili, ground beef and pasta and the machine has run flawlessly. I wish I had a second one!

So much better than canning
September 30, 2022

I have owned and used a harvest right freeze dryer for 5 years. They are easy to use and a great way to preserve any kind of food.

Customer service is easy to work with. It helps to be able to simple tasks.

Costumer Service is Awesome!
September 30, 2022
Harvest Right Costumer service got 100% better. Now its like it should be, thank you for the support!

We can do it ourselves!
September 30, 2022
Harvest Right gave us control over our long term food preservation. We no longer have to purchase our prep food from a stranger. Very happy!

Freeze dryer heaven!
September 30, 2022

I'm thrilled with my Harvest Right…

I'm thrilled with my Harvest Right freeze dryer and the customer service that goes with it. They are so friendly, knowledgeable and helpful even when it's user error. My unit has been working non-stop since I received it. It is simple to use and to understand. It is a bit noisy like a dehydrator so you won't want it in your kitchen but you will want it where it's handy to put food in and out. It's also handy to have a small work space next to the unit for trays and supplies to handle the food once done. It's a quality investment in your future.

Best way to store protein
September 30, 2022
I have grains and canned goods, and even freezers with meat products, but if the freezers go down I would have no protein unless I shoot it. Now we are storing complete meals including proteins and can have them ready just by adding boiling water. They will last years. It's a great capability.