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Freeze Dried Candy
January 10, 2023


Considering the outstanding technology this machine has, my husband and I had no issue learning how the machine performs. Luis V, sent me as much information as he could think as well as shared with me the Facebook group I should be joining! Excited for this journey!

Good customer service
January 10, 2023
Had a problem with my machine, was told it would take a week before I heard back, heard from them a couple days later. Jonathan worked with me until the problem was resolved.

Harvest right freeze dryer working like a charm
January 10, 2023
We've had the harvest right freeze dryer for about a month now and it's working like a charm. We got it to preserve food from our garden instead of relying on dehydrating/canning/freezing. So far, we've been really impressed by the quality of the freeze-dried end-product, which is delicious as is or reconstitutes with water easily. We've dehydrated tons of things so far, and we're excited to exploring what else we can do with it!

5 star review
January 10, 2023
Harvestright is a 5 star company. They provide a freeze dryer that is the best in their industry. I would recommend their freeze dryer to anybody that wants to preserve God's bounty. My research suggests they are the way to go with preserving food.

Works as advertised
January 10, 2023
A bit pricey, but I believe is well worth it for our family to have for lightweight meals for camping, emergency preparedness, and cutting costs from otherwise unused leftovers. Highly recommend for anyone who is willing to make an investment in self sufficiency. Ice cream and stew meat turned out great. (we are learning to follow the directions better--don't overfill the trays or put in irregularly thick slabs of meat). Looking forward to using it on our garden produce this summer.

Worthwhile Investment
January 9, 2023
Had my freeze dryer for 2 years now. I have been able to store away hundreds of pounds of food for when times get tough. It’s super easy to use, just follow the instructions.

Excellent Customer Service
January 9, 2023
Mary in Customer Service walked us through our problem and got us up and running again. She was very helpful.

Quality Product
January 9, 2023
We purchased our HR freeze dryer and love the product it works great and if there are issues HR stands behind their product and works quickly to address any issue. The product is great for storing food long and short term and in today's world is a must have. Amazing commercial quality right at home money in your pocket every month.

SUPER HAPPY + my fave tips!
January 9, 2023

We LOVE our new freeze dryer! We have already made quite a few batches of all kinds of things. Fruit, veggies, sauces, and our favorite marinated veggies!!

We did have a few issues in the beginning with the vacuum not sealing properly but there was a tiny particle in the O ring that was preventing it from functioning at its fullest. The kind support desk really helped us to diagnose and try some things. Once we discovered that particle and removed it (it was so tiny we didn't even notice at first!) the issue was solved and the machine has been wonderful ever since!

My personal biggest tips (or things I have learned) for anyone buying one is to 1) CLEAN THE MACHINE WELL and make sure all the hoses are connected properly and free from particles!! and 2) When freeze drying, do ALL the trays with the same or extremely similar texture/size/type of food. Not like 2 trays sauce, one tray broccoli, one tray apple slices, etc.... Do them ALL apple slices, or ALL sauce. So if you are doing fruit, do all 5 trays (we have a large so it's 5 trays) of the fruit. If doing veggies, do all 5 trays of the same veggies, etc. They dry much better all the same texture/type/hydration level, than if you mix all kinds of types in one batch. We found that certain things didn't fully freeze dry (when we mixed trays of different food types) while the other thing was completely perfectly dried.... and we had to run the batch all over again to make sure the other stuff got dried properly. But every tray dries perfectly when each tray is the same thing.

Hope those tips help and that you enjoy your machine too! We can't wait to make so many more things!! Thank you Harvest Right!!

"DROP THE MIC" Harvest Right
January 9, 2023
We purchased a Medium Harvest Right Freeze Dryer at the end of November 2022. We love using it. We really appreciate the instruction pamphlets for the Freeze Dryer and Premium Oil Pump. The instructions were precise and very easy to follow. We have been freeze drying constantly since our purchase and have had no issues. Any questions we have had have been answered quickly, and efficiently by customer support....they are awesome. If you are considering the purchase of a Freeze Dryer then Harvest Right is the clear, and undisputed winner.

Great machine
January 8, 2023
No regrets with the purchase of my Harvest Right. Loving all the foods I’ve freeze dried. Great customer service if you have functional problems.

Medium Sized Harvest Right Freeze Dryer
January 8, 2023
We bought our medium sized Harvest Right Freeze Dryer almost two years ago and absolutely love it. In that time we have freeze dried over 200 batches of food with no problem. The system was easy to set up and operate. While there was a bit of a learning curve when it comes to knowing what foods do best in the freeze dryer (there are numerous social media groups to help with this), the controls and operation of the freeze drier are easy to use and intuitive. We bought the standard vacuum pump with ours. Harvest Right recommends changing the oil every 4-5 patches but I found it relatively to do so I filter and replace the oil after every batch.

If you get one, buy a second set of trays. Saves a lot of prep time between change outs.
January 8, 2023
I've had my large Harvest Right freeze dryer for 2 months now. I've been using it 24/7. The ease of use is incredible. This is probably the best investment I've made.

What a great machine!
January 7, 2023

Since I've been using my Harvest Right freeze dryer

I haven't had any issues with it. It has performed exactly as I was expecting it to. Thank you Harvest Right?

Harvest Right Owner
January 7, 2023
this is a great product. had a little confusion about the door being loose but after a call to the support team all is well. Maybe they should put a sticker on the door to inform us that the door is suppose to be that way. After the call all is well and I love my machine and have used it everyday. Thanks for putting this into the general populations hands. Great Product!

An Excellent Investment
January 7, 2023
The Harvest Right Freeze Dryers are an excellent product and great investment for the future. I have been using my medium freeze dryer since April 2022 to preserve meat, fruit and garden produce. From questions about ordering, shipping, set up and the first batch, there has been excellent customer service and also tutorial videos to help new beginners. I highly recommend Harvest Right Freeze Dryers and their products.

Pleased with purchase
January 7, 2023
We have had our Harvest Right freeze dryer for over a year. I have been pleased with it since day one. Easy to use. Good vibes out great and is ready to store and rehydrate. Great for camping food.

Fantastic machine and customer service
January 7, 2023
I’ve been contemplating getting one of these for years. Finally took the plunge, and not only the food is fantastic, flavor are sooo concentrated but I can freeze dry things I could not before. As a homesteader that I have highly perishable products seasonally, this is an absolute game changer! I can freeze dry batches of 2 gallons of milk or cream in just about 24-36 hrs! That’s is amazing. And customer support are available and very responsive to coach you if you have issues. Highly recommend.

I love harvest right
January 7, 2023
I’ve been wanting a freeze dryer for years. Finally bought one and can’t wait to buy another. I love that we can preserve our food by freeze drying. I would never go back to dehydrating food and froze drying is so much better.

Love Harvestright!
January 6, 2023
I am basing this review on my 4 years experience with Harvestright. I love them and their products. Do the machines have issues? Of course they do, all machines do. But it is the team behind the products that make the company. I highly recommend Harvestright! They help me fast and get me up and runnng, if I have any issues!