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Horrible customer service!
March 19, 2020
I returned my glasses for an exchange because I could not see distance clearly. I sent several emails and called them multiple times asking one question. "were the glasses made correctly or is the prescription wrong" ? I am absolutely positive they are going to send my original glasses back to me and claim that they remade them. They didn't respond to most of my emails, when they did respond the answer was completely irrelevant to the question I asked. Customer service can not answer questions over the phone. When I call I'm told that a manager is currently unavailable to talk, a manager will return my call the same day. No one has returned my phone calls. The return policy is 100% refund on 1st returns only. If you need to return them a 2nd time you can only get a store credit. My advise to everyone is. Buy your glasses somewhere else. if you buy them from GlassesUSA and need to return them, TAKE THE REFUND! DO NOT EXCHANGE THEM!

Brian March 29, 2020

I received my replacement glasses after almost one month. I paid extra for the 1.6 Progressive lenses. The replacement glasses are the cheaper Progressive 1.5 lenses. The replacement glasses also do not have the blue light blocking option, I paid extra for that on my original pair. I highly doubt the smudge resist coating is on the new glasses as well. DO NOT BUY YOUR GLASSES FROM GLASSESUSA.COM!

Stay away from GlassesUSA
March 10, 2020

If I could give fewer stars I would, but one is the lowest, so it's a one-star review.

I ordered a pair of Armani Exchange AX1014 prescription glasses on February 4, 2020. I literally received them about two weeks later, and wore them for a day. The right lens was incorrect and needed to be replaced. I got online and chatted and was given an RMA number and sent them back. Understand... I physically owned a pair of glasses and I literally physically took MY glasses, packaged them up myself in a padded box and drove them to my local UPS store. I checked the return several times. It took an extra week for them to receive, but they did receive them, finally. I chatted online and they confirmed physically receiving MY glasses. They told me the return would take the same amount of time as the original order (two weeks). No one said anything about the possibility of what ended up happening. Sitting down? Three weeks (March 10, 2020) later I went online and chatted to find status and was told they were "out of stock!" Out of stock is not a concept in "returns!" I simply needed one lens to be replaced ON MY FRAMES that I physically returned and they're "out of stock?" How is that? How does this happen? I returned MY FRAMES to them for just for ONE lens replacement. This a direct 1 to 1 thing — like taking your car in for an oil change where you bought it. They work on your car and give it back to you. Not here!!!

The morning of March 10, 2020 I chatted with "Carol Anderson" and explained what was happening. She told me to call customer service. Guess what? It's a call center in the Philippines. I asked for a supervisor. Talk about a terrible experience? I sat on hold for nearly 30mins. She kept coming back with excuses that they didn't have a supervisor. Finally she came back and said the best she could do is have a supervisor call me back "in a day." So, here I am expending far too much energy for a lousy pair of glasses. After one hour, I got back online and chatted again. This time with "Marge." After several promises, several chats, waiting, packaging, driving, checking tracking info, several more chats, phone calls, and I still don't have my glasses and no explanation!!!

Finally, after getting almost irrate via chat (because calling the call center does no good) a "supervisor" named "Jacob Goodman" called me. He explained that they do NOT repair or recycle frames because of reasons for "ethical" and "cleanliness" purposes. I'm no fool. I understand what they're doing. They're a small operation that outsource EVERYTHING and utilize cheap labor on another continent and to return something creates a costly scenario that they avoid, such that from a business perspective, it's too expensive for them to send the frames from their receiving facility in Pennsylvania to their manufacturing facility in Tel Aviv Israel, so they come up with some silly policy like this. AVOID THIS COMPANY!!!!

If you want to avoid the possibility of what I have encountered, which is one of the most ridiculous experiences you could ever imagine featuring horrible timeframes, horrible delivery, horrible returns, horrible customer service and completely apathetic service personnel, I WOULD RECOMMEND YOU AVOID THIS COMPANY LIKE THE PLAGUE!!!

My RMA was #267806 and my original order was # 102016815. It's been six weeks and I do not have glasses!!! I have nothing. But they have my glasses, my frames and my money!!! I asked for a refund and I bet I'll have to go thru the same degree of silliness and follow-up to get the money back! After all this, I'll be going to my local glasses retailer where I can physically deal with my eyesight needs.

Mike Casey July 22, 2020

Good luck.

RoxieRocker August 30, 2020

Well NOW I guess we all know why this place HAS NO ABILITY TO REPAIR a frame! I'm bring my frame and new script to a local optician, where I can have the frames adjusted at the time I try them on. May cost more, but it's worth it. I'm sure ALL of these optical shops on line are doing the same, sending scripts out to 'bum-fu*k Egypt somewhere.

February 21, 2020

Glasses broke after two weeks. Cheap frame.

Warranty only for 2 weeks.


December 20, 2019
If I can give this company a big fat 0 I would. I never received my glasses and when you call they give you one lie after another lie. This company is a SCAM! Do not buy anything from them because it is not legit.

Great glasses
December 11, 2019

I have bought 3 pairs of glasses, over 4 yrs time. fro I got them with in 2 weeks. I put the on put them on, and thy are great. They look, and feel great. I can see the best ever. The cost is also great. I will keep on getting my glasses from them.


You get what you pay for
November 7, 2019
This place sucks. Cheap materials. Glasses fell apart almost right away. I was offered a credit of $15. Instead of a replacement. Horrible customer service

Should have read the reviews
November 6, 2019
I ordered two pairs of glasses from them over one month ago. I did receive one pair quite quickly. They're cheap and fine. BUT the other (nicer, more expensive) pair disappeared and no one can tell me where they went. They will not answer the phone and their "customer service emails" (bots?) answer with the same stock "we shipped your glasses, please be patient." I have been patient. It's been a month and I'd like a refund. But they won't do it. Caveat emptor.

Low quality Ray-Ban
October 28, 2019
My glasses were supposed to be Ray-Ban but the lettering came off after a month. Also the frame was coming apart. My local optometrist said my glasses appeared to be a low quality knockoff. Company never responded to my complain.

Nightmare in online ordering
October 10, 2019
I have ordered from before and now I remember what I have never liked about them. In this online ordering age getting information about your order should be seamless. They offer very little information about your order in process and what you do get is not reliable. Most of the time your glasses are in the Quality Assurance department and when there it is like the Black Hole. No information goes in or out. Shipping notices come after your glasses have arrived. I bought the BOGO special. Sunglasses arrived first, BROKEN frame. NO ONE can tell me where my second pair of glasses are. They just spit out computer generated answers. Do not buy from

1 year waiting
September 30, 2019
Time waste 3 months just to place my order, then they couldn't make it so picked another glasses that was another month ,it took them 3 months to make it, another month to overnight it, and the lens were warped and unsable. I refunded the that day ,its now been dozens of emails and calls all for nothing. I'm STILL WAITING FOR REFUND ITS BEEN 6 MONTHS!!! That just company policy Sir is there response F*UCK U your a criminal organization that robs people.

Worried and I don't have my order yet.
August 14, 2019
I am beginning to believe what I've read above. My experiences thus far mimic those above. I checked resellerratings and I think many of the ratings are fake, although they say they are verified. I'm beginning to think they just have people create fake websites.

Same as everyone else; no glasses and no refund
August 3, 2019

I placed an order for two prescription premium frames with custom lenses. I used a discount code in addition to a store credit that I had from returning a pair earlier this year. After two weeks I get an email that one frame was sold out and to select another, which I did. I responded to the email as directed but only got an automated response. I also noticed that the second frame was significant'tly cheaper on another site so I sent an email with the screen shot and wen address. Also received an automated response (they advertise price match guarantee. That never happened).

So began the phone calls. I told the “service” rep (located somewhere in Asia) of the order change. I was assured that all would be processed. It wasn’t. I never received any further emails except for automated responses to my requests for updates. So I look today and not only had my order status not changed, the second pair of frames is now sold out. So I make another call to Asia and explain the situation several times to “ralph” who at first Is unable to calculate what the cost would be should he remove the unavailable frame, and then can’t figure out how to refund the entire order plus the credit. He finally assured me that the refund will be given in three days and the store credit returned. Of course none of this happened. Now I get to file complaints with the FTC and bbb and my credit company to have my money returned.


JamesBirkenberger August 09, 2019

I had the exact same experience in the past week. Worst customer service experience EVER. They lie and have no answers DO NOT BUY FROM GLASSESUSA.COM, its not even a USA company, they use the name to trick customers into thinking its a USA company

Terrible Product and Terrible Service
July 25, 2019
Terrible product and service. The glasses looked like they came from the dollar store. The coating was peeling off when I received them. I kept getting emails they were going through a stringent quality control process. That's a joke. A blind rat must have put the coating on. I returned them immediately. The customer service people lie and say they didn't get the glasses until 23rd. They were there they day before. And now they say they have no control over refunds. I had to shell out another 400 dollars for glasses somewhere else because my husband needed glasses. I'm out over $800 and they tell me it could be up to 30 days. And now I'm wondering even if I'll get a refund after reading all of these reviews. BEWARE DON'T DO BUSINESS WITH THESE PEOPLE. POOR WORKMANSHIP, POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE, BAD BUSINESS. NEVER BEEN TREATED SO BADLY BY A COMPANY EVER. SHAME ON THEM.

False advertisement
July 24, 2019
They DO NOT honor their return policy. Buyers beware. If you want ripped off and lose your money, these are the people to buy from!!!

Terrible company
July 13, 2019
It's been nothing but excuses and no glasses.. I would not recommend them to anyone I hate.. total rip off.. I can't believe that I read some reviews that suggested they are legit and good company.. mustve been s some one from their company wrote the good reveiws I read .. I've read more bad then good reviews regarding them.. my advise keep your money and go elsewhere you couldn't possibly do much worse in doing so

Concur with all previous complaints
June 29, 2019

I had the same experience as many on this website. Order delayed in production, email status will take 2 days, we're sorry for your inconvenience, etc. Nothing but excuses and no glasses! I have started a credit card charge dispute with my credit card company and will update as things progress.

Never use this company! Please be warned. I wish I had looked up reviews before placing my order. Lesson learned.

No help at all
June 28, 2019

Ordered glasses, paid money and a month later, no response to my status requests - same story every time I call:

"We'll forward your request to production"

Just a brick wall. They need a new support manager apparently - avoid at all costs.

No Glasses, No Money, No Answers
May 22, 2019
Worst Customer Service Ever..have called, written, emailed, texted, even chatted on their facebook page..standard answers.."sorry for your inconvenience, we will start an inquiry and you will receive an answer within 2 business day" and nothing ever comes. I have inquired over 10 times in over a month and no answers. I asked to speak with a supervisor and told no..I would have to wait for an email..which never comes. Filed a complaint with the and with Paypal

Hard to believe it's not a scam.
May 20, 2019
Ordered a pair of glasses in February. They sent the wrong prescription two weeks later. I sent them back and now here on May 20th they have no idea where my glasses are. Asked to speak to a supervisor. They don't have supervisors. Pretty sure the phone center is not in the US, every time I have called I have encountered a heavy accent - which makes problem solving difficult. Asked for a refund. They said they will start the process. Huh, what happened to just crediting the credit card?! Never again!

Scam Company
May 18, 2019
Ordered designer frames and upgraded lenses 3 weeks ago. Nothing has been updated, new prescription sent and acknowledged. Their site claims they produce within 6 days. They will not answer my emails, I just get misspelled empty promises after publicly shaming them on social media. $450 gone. Total rip off.