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Terrible service, bait and switch tactics
September 23, 2022
This company is a joke - I ordered frames that were "in stock" only to be told they were not in stock almost 2 weeks later. Then, upon trying to pick out a replacement frame, I was not able to pick a "premium" frame even though it was listed at the same price. I tried calling the 800 number, but there is no one to speak all. I ended up requesting a refund. Don't deal with this company, there are better options.

Do Not Do Use This Company
September 20, 2022
This company is dishonest and unreliable They take your money for glasses and say it will be 7 days in production. Here it is 14 days later and all they say is "it's in production." No manager is available. No response from customer service. I've called. I've "live chatted." I'm email. No response. Do NOT trust this company. Do NOT do business with these people. You will be as sorry as I am. They take your money and do not provide the agreed upon services or materials.

Totally incompetent
September 1, 2022
I bought a pair of sunglasses 2 years ago that broke, so I asked to do a repeat order. They have sent sunglasses three different times, and each time they got it wrong, asked me to send it back, and then sent another wrong pair. I finally gave up. Even 2 years ago it was an incredible hassle dealing with them. Stay away!

Photochromic lens does not darken.
August 15, 2022
Glasses were OK but I do not like the progressive type. My main beef is that the "photochromic" lenses do not darken at all. They will not allow a return, because I did not find out until after the 14 day period.

Shipping Nightmare
August 10, 2022
This company has a very bad order processing and shipping practice. If you select free shipping, they will ship your item at the cheapest rate, and it will take 12-15 days to receive your glasses. Customer service will not help you process a return. Call your bank and have them charge back Glasses USA as a work around.

DO NOT BUY from GlassesUSA
August 4, 2022

What an awful experience. I feel like I've been ripped off. I returned a pair of glasses and now they won't replace them. DO NOT BUY from this retailer.

Save your money
August 3, 2022

DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY. It's been over a week and my glasses are still in production. I paid extra for expedited service and they keep telling me that it will be 1-2 days before I hear back. Well, still waiting. The communication is awful. They will jerk you around. DON'T DO IT!

JamesFazzini January 10, 2023

Yeah. 48 hours my butt! how about 48 days and still no sign

I've had pretty good luck with them
July 27, 2022

I see there are some pretty terrible reviews on here and granted things go wrong especially when you're ordering something like glasses. But I have to say after having ordered three sets of glasses through them I think I can give you a pretty fair assessment of at least my experience.

The first time I ordered glasses through glasses USA must have been approximately 6 years ago. Everything went fine no particular problems. The hard part is just being patient and waiting to get the glasses but they came and they were okay.

The next set of glasses were okay but there was something about one pair that just never seemed quite right the way I could see out of them. But it was a pretty minor problem everything considered and I kept them.

My most recent glasses which I just received a few days ago well...... That's a different story. I ordered glasses and then promptly got a message back that said the frames I picked were unavailable. Okay so I picked another frame. Then nothing happened. But I called in and the customer service person was nice enough but I ended up canceling those and was a little perturbed.

After a couple weeks or so I got a good offer for buy one get one free so I went back on the site and picked out some glasses and some sunglasses. This time the service was excellent and the speed with which they got the glasses done and shipped was actually ahead of time and I actually received them a day before the scheduled delivery date. So I thought that was fantastic!

So now I have my glasses and they are absolutely all that I had hoped for and maybe a little more. And after reading these really bad reviews I thought I would go ahead and put my two cents worth in here.

All I can say is anytime you order online to begin with you need to look at reviews on several different sites for that same company. Read the good reviews, the indifferent reviews, and the bad reviews. Then you've got to just stop and think about what you read and what makes the most sense. And this is for any company out there.

Glassesusa has been around a while and they've sold a lot of glasses. I originally started buying my glasses online after a Dave Ramsey review of Zenni optical. I didn't really have any problem getting glasses from them it's just that they were cheap in price and of course they were cheap in quality. I think Glassesusa does a pretty good job. So you just have to use your own judgment and give them a shot.

Hopeful November 12, 2022

Just ordered my glasses 11/12/22 and have been reading the comments all of the reviews are terrible except for yours. Do hope my experience resembles yours. signed Hopeful

Prescription botched
June 22, 2022
Disappointing. Ordered 3 expensive pair of glasses and none of them came back correct. Prescription was wrong on all of them.

Disappointing And Never Will Order Again
May 20, 2022

Wanted reading glasses - same prescription as I had ordered before, but with sunglass tint. When I got them, could not see or read - kept trying because I thought they should be ok - Found they changed it to distance - not reading. At this time - out of 14 day return window and they would do nothing.

Do NOT use this company
May 18, 2022

I tried to order contacts, followed all the steps, and even paid. Waited almost 2 weeks with no confirmation or shipping updates. Called the customer service who said that my information had not been saved on file and that they would need to reach out to my doctor. what did my doctor say?

Well, we haven't contacted them yet. Why not? ..........crickets

Fortunately, my refund was processed in 3 days. My account deleted.

If you want good quality service, and timely delivery, do NOT use this company.

JamesFazzini January 10, 2023

Sucker. Just like me!

May 13, 2022

First, cant actual review the product as it has not arrived yet and that is the issue. Ordered on 4/28/22, online shows shipped (ha), on 5/8/22. I paid for 3-5 day rush delivery. 5th day here and gone , no sunglasses.

Online tracking is a farce bordering on fraud, gives some DHL tracking # that either does not exist, or someone did not input into the system, which is pure incompetence.

Called customer service, pleasant enough, but no doubt got a scripted reply that they will contact the delivery co and they will respond by email.

I am waiting with eager abatement, (ha) for an email I seriously doubt will ever arrive. Needed these glasses for a trip to sunny climate and now wont have prescription sunglasses for the beach.

Had I done my research I would have seen the dozens and dozens of negative reviews on shipping. Shame on me for not doing that research prior to the purchase.

Don't order from this company
April 12, 2022

Ordered contacts on March 23, 2022. Credit card was charged right away. Received an email that parcel was in my local UPS hub on Sunday April 3rd at 6:04 AM.

After several calls and useless follow up emails they said on 4-12-22 we HOPE your package arrives shortly. Are you kidding me! They should have sent a replacement order days ago.

Hopefully you aren't in a hurry.
February 9, 2022

Their timelines are an outright lie. 2-4 days? LOL. Try 6 BUSINESS days to make and I'm now at 7 BUSINESS days and still no glasses. Reached out to customer service 3 days ago and ZERO response from them. Don't buy here. There has to be someone better...

NancyDoll March 22, 2022

I agree with your post I have been waiting for 3 weeks for contact lenses. The only tracking they have is on their own site and it’s not that of USPS or any other company.

Between emails and phone calls nothing gets resolved. By the time if I receive my contact lenses it will take well over a month. It’s a hassle not worth it

Things aren't as good as they seem
February 8, 2022

I wish I could make a good review but that's not the case. Glasses USA fails in many regards. Let me list.

1. Took 19 days to get a pair of prescription glasses yet online it says shipping is 9 days, they don't mention they want another 10 days to process a pair of glasses. ( I guess it takes that long to pull them off the shelf)

2. They shipped an order for prescription glasses without the prescription.

3. The reorder was out of stock so Customer Service told me to pick another pair (they would not apply the discount coupon to the new pair)

Big mistake if you buy from Glasses USA

February 4, 2022

Nobody there can speak good english, I just bought a pair of glasses 30 days ago. the screw that holds the frame together came out and the lense fell out. they said the only thing they could do is give me 50% off the next pair. Its a friggin screw. I would have sent them back to them for a little screw. They wont even do that!

$25 PER Box for Handling Fee
December 31, 2021

I tried to order 8 boxes of contact lenses from them. Their web site shows them at $74.58 per box. Looked like a good deal. I added four for my left and four for my right eyes [a year's supply].

When I went to complete the order, the price jumped up $200 more. I checked this several times and then called them. I was told that this was a handling fee. $200 to put them in a box and ship them????? So much for their 'FREE SHIPPING' advertisements!!

Worst Company EVER!!!
August 12, 2021
This is a horrible, horrible company! Paid for expedited delivery and...shocker...glasses didn't arrive. Worse yet, the customer service experience is, simply put, horrendous. No one, even supervisors, is empowered to take care of customers, especially when they are to blame. They promise callbacks that don't happen. They assure you that they are going to help and...nothing. It's a scam!

Slooow shipping
July 16, 2021
My glasses came, finally, and they are very good, not cheap. A better selection than most stores. VERY slow service. The shipping is terrible. They use DHL which adds a second week to the post office. There are so many ways this can go wrong. It took almost a week between DHL handing them off to USPS and USPS receiving and delivering. This seems to be constant with DHL. They could get to you much faster by just mailing them. I guess they make an extra ten cents.

Don't waste your time or money
July 15, 2021
Hope you don't want your Rx glasses in less than 5 weeks. Yes....WEEKS. Customer service is a waste of time and good luck getting timely updates. They can't even ship using UPS or FedEx. Nope. DHL. TO USPS after that! With all of the upcharges (nearly $90 extra for polarized, seriously?) there are plenty of better places to get your Rx glasses. Don't believe me? Check out all the other glowing 1-star reviews here.