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Don't order from this company
April 12, 2022

Ordered contacts on March 23, 2022. Credit card was charged right away. Received an email that parcel was in my local UPS hub on Sunday April 3rd at 6:04 AM.

After several calls and useless follow up emails they said on 4-12-22 we HOPE your package arrives shortly. Are you kidding me! They should have sent a replacement order days ago.

Hopefully you aren't in a hurry.
February 9, 2022

Their timelines are an outright lie. 2-4 days? LOL. Try 6 BUSINESS days to make and I'm now at 7 BUSINESS days and still no glasses. Reached out to customer service 3 days ago and ZERO response from them. Don't buy here. There has to be someone better...

NancyDoll March 22, 2022

I agree with your post I have been waiting for 3 weeks for contact lenses. The only tracking they have is on their own site and it’s not that of USPS or any other company.

Between emails and phone calls nothing gets resolved. By the time if I receive my contact lenses it will take well over a month. It’s a hassle not worth it

Things aren't as good as they seem
February 8, 2022

I wish I could make a good review but that's not the case. Glasses USA fails in many regards. Let me list.

1. Took 19 days to get a pair of prescription glasses yet online it says shipping is 9 days, they don't mention they want another 10 days to process a pair of glasses. ( I guess it takes that long to pull them off the shelf)

2. They shipped an order for prescription glasses without the prescription.

3. The reorder was out of stock so Customer Service told me to pick another pair (they would not apply the discount coupon to the new pair)

Big mistake if you buy from Glasses USA

February 4, 2022

Nobody there can speak good english, I just bought a pair of glasses 30 days ago. the screw that holds the frame together came out and the lense fell out. they said the only thing they could do is give me 50% off the next pair. Its a friggin screw. I would have sent them back to them for a little screw. They wont even do that!

$25 PER Box for Handling Fee
December 31, 2021

I tried to order 8 boxes of contact lenses from them. Their web site shows them at $74.58 per box. Looked like a good deal. I added four for my left and four for my right eyes [a year's supply].

When I went to complete the order, the price jumped up $200 more. I checked this several times and then called them. I was told that this was a handling fee. $200 to put them in a box and ship them????? So much for their 'FREE SHIPPING' advertisements!!

Worst Company EVER!!!
August 12, 2021
This is a horrible, horrible company! Paid for expedited delivery and...shocker...glasses didn't arrive. Worse yet, the customer service experience is, simply put, horrendous. No one, even supervisors, is empowered to take care of customers, especially when they are to blame. They promise callbacks that don't happen. They assure you that they are going to help and...nothing. It's a scam!

Slooow shipping
July 16, 2021
My glasses came, finally, and they are very good, not cheap. A better selection than most stores. VERY slow service. The shipping is terrible. They use DHL which adds a second week to the post office. There are so many ways this can go wrong. It took almost a week between DHL handing them off to USPS and USPS receiving and delivering. This seems to be constant with DHL. They could get to you much faster by just mailing them. I guess they make an extra ten cents.

Don't waste your time or money
July 15, 2021
Hope you don't want your Rx glasses in less than 5 weeks. Yes....WEEKS. Customer service is a waste of time and good luck getting timely updates. They can't even ship using UPS or FedEx. Nope. DHL. TO USPS after that! With all of the upcharges (nearly $90 extra for polarized, seriously?) there are plenty of better places to get your Rx glasses. Don't believe me? Check out all the other glowing 1-star reviews here.

Too good to be true
July 15, 2021

I ordered some RX Oakley sunglasses. I paid $209 for them which seemed too good to be true for RX Oakley's. After I paid for them I received a text saying they started production with an estimated time of 6 business days, then they begin quality testing. A little after 6 business days I got a text saying they are now in the quality testing stage which takes 2-3 days.

That was the start of the red flag for me. If they ordered my glasses from Oakley with a prescription there should be no need for a testing stage. I received the glasses 10 days later. I did not get a text saying they were going to be shipped. When I received them I noticed that the lenses weren't Oakley lenses. I know this because I have real Oakley RX glasses.

I also noticed that the fit of one of the lenses was not very good. It had a gap in the top corner. The lenses were also not tinted as much as the Oakley's and the reflective coating on the outside was not very good. That's when I realized what was going on. They must be ordering regular Oakley sunglasses then make lenses to put in them. The vision quality was distorted, nothing like the quality of a real Oakley RX lense. I went to Glassesusa and selected the option to return and I got a message that said my item is not eligible for a return.

I contacted them via the chat option and the person told me that their system had not updated to reflect that I had them, and it would take 24 hours to update. I asked if she could update the system and she said no, everything is done by email. I asked to speak with a supervisor but she would not let me. She said all I could do is wait for the emails. I got a text about an hour later that said my item has shipped even though I had the glasses already.

I receive an email about 2 hours later with a return label. I am in the process of returning the glasses now. At this point, I don't have very much faith in getting a refund.

July 8, 2021

This is now the second time I have ordered from GlassesUSA and have yet to have a good experience. On both occasions, I had a pair of glasses break and required a replacement quickly. I opted to go with Glasses USA given their lower cost and good reviews. After my experience, I have to believe most of these reviews were fake. On both occasions, I opted to use express shipping (3-5 days I'm looking at it on the website) and on both occasions the glasses did not arrive on time.

My first order arrived two weeks after the date of shipment. My most recent order has yet to arrive and was "supposedly shipped" on June 27th. Today is July 8th and after contacting the company several times over the last 4 days I have been told "we can escalate your complaint to our shipping department who will reply by email." I've been told this 5 times thus far and have yet to receive an email or any correspondence regarding where the package is at this point in time.

According to the tracking number, the package was in Orlando on July 1st. It's hard to believe that it would take over a week for a package to travel a couple hundred miles especially when it is express shipping! I apologize for the rant but wanted to detail my experience and voice my frustration. At this point I doubt I will ever see my glasses or a refund.

If you are looking for a company that delivers solid customer service and practices shipping policies in accordance with what their website states, seek other options. If you prefer poor customer service, shipping via sloth, or just plain not getting your glasses, by all means pencil in GlassesUSA at the top of your list!

They have PERFECTED their ability to scam. Stay AWAY!!
April 11, 2021

I trusted them and they scammed me!!

This has been a terrible experience! I ordered 2 pairs after much research. I looked for the best coupons and deals and researched the company--- then I finally placed my order. One pair came with a Rx and the other one DID NOT. I called customer service, to which they apologized for the error and told me that they would fix it. I sent it back with the prepaid envelop- which I was told would be picked up by the front of my door (it never was) so I drove to a post office to get the package back to them. This is now a week later and time is ticking.

They told me when they got the package that they needed me to resend my Rx so that they could be sure to get the order right this time. Then a little while after that they sent me ANOTHER message asking me to measure my PD with a Youtube video on how to to that. I did exactly as they asked. Then I get another message saying that my order has been cancelled because the Rx will cause the price to exceed what I had paid.

Here's where they scammed me!! They said they added a credit to my account of $39 that will expire in 3 months and cannot be used on an order that is less than $180!! Are you kidding me???

Customer service seemed so nice at first, apologizing and making promises. I feel so duped.

At no point --- in this entire hellish process--- did they mention that they had the right to keep the glasses AND MY MONEY once I did my part to send them back for them to FIX THEIR OWN MISTAKE!!

This is the biggest scam if I ever saw one.

***I am editing to add this new bit of SCAM***

They just wrote to me to tell me that they are sorry for my experience and that they will wave the Rx fee (like they are doing ME a favor when this was THIER mistake) and that I have to choose another pair of sunglasses because the ones I originally ordered are out of stock.


The glasses shouldn't be "out of stock" when I literally just sent the glasses that I ORDERED back to them to correct! These are MY GLASSES that I paid for and the reason I sent them back is because they assured me they would fix their mistake of not adding the Rx the first time. I trusted that they would do that. How can these glasses be out of stock? Did they turn around and sell MY GLASSES to someone else in the same hour that they asked me to resend my Rx?


I am reading all these other reviews and complaints... it looks like this is a recurring problem with them. Which means they have PERFECTED their ability to scam people. Their responses are carbon copied -- saying the same thing to everyone "sorry for your bad experience" but they refuse to keep their promises. BUYER BEWARE!! And why is it that everyone seems to get the same credit of $39 --- that cannot be used on the product that you originally ordered??? SCAM!!!

Contact wearers stay away from GlassesUSA
April 1, 2021

There is no need to ever purchase contacts from GlassesUSA when there are other that give much better customer service. When your prescription changes you need new contacts. Inevitably you have unused contact lenses. And the law does not allow you to resell those unused lenses so the ONLY option is for the entity that sold them to you to exchange them.

I purchased two 90-count boxes of Acuvue Moist from GlassesUSA a couple of months before the COVID lockdown. I'm 67 and have hardly left the house in over a year. So I never wore my contacts.

Now I have the vaccine and am able to go out again. My first trip was to get my eyes tested and of course my prescription has changed. I asked GlassesUSA to have some empathy for the situation and accept an exchange for these mint-condition unopened 90-count boxes perhaps with a restocking fee. They flat refused and have a 30-day return/exchange program that is RIGID.

Even hearing my story about why I never used them and the fact that it makes no difference to them to do an exchange and they KNOW that my only other option is to throw them in the trash they refused to do anything to assist.

Why would a contact lens wearer EVER buy from GlassesUSA when they are others like EZContacts, who have no limit on exchanges as long as the contacts are less than 2 years from expiration ,and Visionpros who have a one year return policy ?

Stay away from GlassesUSA or at least be aware of how you will be treated when you need to do an exchange. BTW, who will ever want to do an exchange on contacts within 30 days ?? Prescriptions don't change that fast....

Terrible Customer Service.
December 15, 2020

The financing options is a big lie. If your order is $200, they put that amount in hold during all financing time, The First payment is according the monthly payment offers, but the second is the full. They offer to pay the glasses en 3 parts, one payment at purchase time and the rest in 2 months.

In the second payment they made in full. Lying to customers is bad Business practice!!!. The eyeglasses are high quality but the Customer Service is terrible.

After placing the order I realized that I forgot to put suite number in the delivery address, I got in contact with customer Service several times and I had gotten the same answer: I'm sorry We can't do anything. I could receive my glasses because I requested to stop the package in my local postal office.

The Customer Service is Terrible!!!

November 20, 2020

I ordered my glasses on 11/04/20, on 11/07/20 I received an email stating that my glasses had completed production and were on their way to quality assurance. My Oakley Gascan would be there for 2-3 business days and that I would be updated with the tracking information once completed by quality control. On 11/16/2020 after not receiving a follow-up email from them, I decided to check on the status of my glasses, so I called them, and they said that my glasses were on way to me.

I waited till 11/19/2020 to receive an email update on the shipping status, there was nothing, so I called, they said that the glasses had already been shipped out on the 11/09/2020. I did review the updated tracking information which showed DHL label was created and a second notification saying the package was en-route to DHL faciality. From November 09th to November 20th they have been en-route to DHL (Ecommerence) then passed to USPS.

As of November 20th, the glasses are still on their way to DHL.

I have spoken to the call center multiple times and found no actual help. They blamed DHL a few times, USPS a few times, and finally their own delivery department. I was told that to receive a refund that they would send an email to their delivery department. Pause for a moment who email logistics department for a refund. So, I asked the question,” Why don’t you email the billing department for a refund?” The consolidated response was we are just customer service and we cannot call anyone and the script they gave us says send all request to delivery department.

Next step, I called my credit card company. 16 days to and the glasses haven’t left the building to much of a hassle. REFUND NOW.

Next time I will do C.O.D.

worst experience. Trust your local store
September 8, 2020
I have purchased two pairs of sunglasses with prescription. One pair has correct prescription and the other does not. This company won’t fix their manufacturing error and exchange my glasses with correct prescription lenses. They’re just giving me a run for my money. I don’t want a refund and I just want them to fix the pair they sent me and they won’t accept their manufacturing mistake. Multiple emails and calls with no solution offered.

August 30, 2020

Have had my eyeglasses since 2018, had a change in the script, and the frame needed a temple screw replaced. Contacted "USA", was informed by were unable to make any repairs, as they didn't have any such means of a facility for repairs. This sucks because when I purchased my frame, I PAID for the extended insurance on the frame and lenses. Was told by Kevin Moore, ... "you can pick a new frame". I'll be taking my still good frame and prescription to a local optical shop, where I can see the finished product, and have any adjustments needed done when I pick them up.

We were all looking to save a few bucks, what we got was screwed without a lubricant't! I'll NEVER order eyeglasses on line again, from anyone!

service Nightmare
August 21, 2020
I bought a pair of glasses here. They broke and I tried to return them. After 4 weeks, 7 calls with their customer service and 27 emails, I still cannot get them returned. I can ask a question and THEY WILL NOT ANSWER. It seems the customer are only allowed to say a few pre-selected lines. If you have something out the ordinary, they are completely useless. I even bought their premium insurance to avoid all this. What a waste.

RoxieRocker August 30, 2020

You're RIGHT! I ordered my eyeglasses back in March of 2018, and I ALSO purchased the "insurance". I received a new prescription, wanted to return the frame for new lenses and a little repair, ... was informed by KEVIN MOORE: "Unfortunately, we don't repair glasses since we don't have a repair center or a physical store. You can always get the best discounts if you want to place a new order. Just give us a call or email for the pair of glasses you are interested in". Sp where are these eyeglasses assembled? What happened to the 'insurance plan' I paid for?

My frame just needs a screw in a temple, ... and a spring adjustment. I informed KEVIN MOORE, I'll take my still good frame, AND my new prescription to a local optician, get the frame repaired and the new prescription installed. Their frame prices are moderate, but they'll get you on the extras such as tints and coatings along with other things. Do yourself a favor, find a local optician shop where you can become established in case you need repairs.

August 12, 2020
I placed an order on July 6, 2020, it is now August 12, 2020 an I do not have my order. I have reached out to their chat several times in the last couple weeks with no answer. Last week I called the 888 customer service line which I was hung up on three times through the automated system. I called a fourth time and just kept pressing zero over and over until a representative answered who gave me a UPS tracking number that has no purpose as it reads, “number nor found.” I reached out through email for the second time, three days later representative responds with same tracking number stating they will notify me when shipped. I just received a second text the glasses have gone into production taking up to 6 days. My first text of production was on July 6, 2020 and now the second text a month and 6 days later. I have given this company 280 of my hard working dollars for a product that appears they do not have...that is called a scam!

June 29, 2020
How is this company still in business. Wish I would had read the reviews before ordering. Freaking pissed. Going to see what else I can do so people won't buy from this shady company!!

Scammed and Lied to!
June 20, 2020


I ordered my glasses on 5/28/20, on 6/3/20 I received an email stating that my glasses had completed production and were on their way to quality assurance and that they would be there for 2-3 business days and that I would be updated with the tracking information once it was available to me. So on 6/8/2020 after not receiving a follow-up email from them, I decided to check on the status of my glasses, so I called them and they said that my glasses were finishing up in quality assurance and that they were on their way to packaging and shipping. I waited till 6/11/20 to receive a email update on the shipping status, there was nothing so I called again, they then said that the glasses had already been shipped out on the 6/4/20..... what?! so me being confused and irritated, questioned them about the misinformation I had been given prior to this, and got no answer from them. I called again on the 6/15/20 and asked where my glasses were again, and they then told me another lie saying my glasses were still in quality assurance and that the 3rd party shipper is experiencing delays... what?! I got off the phone very frustrated that time. Yesterday on 6/19/20 I received an email saying my items were lost by the 3rd party shipper... what?! so I called them, very furious now, and the lady made up some excuse that when the glasses sit in quality assurance for too long they get marked as being lost, I told her that makes no sense, I demanded a refund, to which I had to email another address for a refund request. I'm not looking forward to dealing with this lengthy process. Bottom line here: DO NOT ORDER GLASSES FROM THIS COMPANY!

Mike Casey July 22, 2020

Same thing happened to me.

RoxieRocker August 30, 2020

I ordered mine in February of 2018, ... took some time, but I did receive them, although later I had expected. Read my review/reply to David Moise above. If one's eyeglass frame needs a repair WITH a NEW PRESCRIPTION, ... just have to buy another pair as they don't do repairs. What in Hell is that about?