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Horrible Company
February 26, 2019

Shipping took a long time with almost no updates through the provided tracking number. Received the glasses, and they were comically bad. It was almost as if the lenses were set crooked in the frames, causing my sight to be very distorted. Actually ended up taking them with me when I went to buy new glasses and the optometrist agreed that the lenses didn't even match the prescription number I provided.

The return policy on the website states that you can return your first order within 14 days, no questions asked for a 100% money back guarantee. Shipped out the glasses about a week after receiving them, using the return shipping label that THEY provided.

A few weeks go by, and I still haven't received any kind of update on the return process. Reached out to them, only to be told they supposedly never received my glasses and can't help me. They are asking for proof that I sent the glasses, but I'm not really sure how to do that since I used the shipping label that they provided to me. It's not like my mailbox prints out a receipt when I put things in it. As of almost March 2019, I'm still being told that the glasses are lost and they won't issue my refund.

Almost $190 wasted because this company is a scam.

Nothing yet
February 4, 2019
I thought I purchased 2 pair of glasses on the 14th of January and on the 4th of February I have nothing to show for it.....No glasses and no shipping information. I would strongly suggest finding another place to purchase your eye wear. The price is very good but if you never receive figure it out

ElleMcLaughlin February 22, 2019

Wish I had done some research before buying.

This is my current experience with them. There are lies all throughout these chats.

Elizabeth McLaughlin

Feb 22, 07:37 PST

Chat started: 2019-02-22 03:14 PM UTC

(03:14:09 PM) elizabeth mclaughlin: Order #101525031

I never received these glasses. Upon searching for the status using my order number,



Quality assurance normally takes 2-3 business days.

What the heck is up with that? The day before yesterday I was told it had shipped!

(03:14:21 PM) *** Matt Stephenson joined the chat ***

(03:14:55 PM) Matt Stephenson: Hi Elizabeth!

(03:15:08 PM) Matt Stephenson: Let me check the status of your order and I will be back in a moment

(03:19:31 PM) Matt Stephenson: Your glasses have completed our 5 -stripe quality assurance testing and are currently in transit to our sorting facility. The tracking number should be assigned and become active within 1-2 business days.

You will be able track your order through our website by clicking on the following link:

Please note that the tracking system is space sensitive.

(03:20:26 PM) elizabeth mclaughlin: Well why did the csr I chatted with the day before yesterday, lie to me and give me the wrong UPS tracking number, when theyt weren't even shipped!

(03:20:33 PM) Matt Stephenson: You can expect your item to be delivered within next wekk, in the other hand, I will send a notification to our relevant department for an update of your order status.

(03:20:59 PM) elizabeth mclaughlin: There is something fishey with this company! And, I will make sure to let others know!

(03:21:04 PM) Matt Stephenson: Let me further check, one moment please.

(03:22:53 PM) Matt Stephenson: I can see here that our relevant department provide a tracking number, 1Z8WF1780476531138.

(03:23:04 PM) Matt Stephenson: And it is our for delivery today.

(03:23:47 PM) elizabeth mclaughlin: This is the chat I had with Sarah the day before yesterday.

(03:23:49 PM) elizabeth mclaughlin: Chat started: 2019-02-20 01:34 PM UTC

(01:34:48 PM) elizabeth mclaughlin: Order # 101525031

Where are these glasses? The CSR I spoke with last, stated they were shipped out. I haven't received a shipping confirmation or tracking number.

(01:35:20 PM) *** Sarah Simpson joined the chat ***

(01:35:33 PM) Sarah Simpson: Hi Elizabeth!

(01:35:36 PM) Sarah Simpson: Let me check the status of your order and I will be back in a moment

(01:35:57 PM) elizabeth mclaughlin: Thank you

(01:41:54 PM) Sarah Simpson: This is the tracking number 1Z8WF1780476531138 please click on the link

ElleMcLaughlin February 22, 2019


Worst Company Ever!
January 8, 2019
Would never refer this company to anyone. Purchased a pair of glasses and returned, they do not stand behind their 100% Money Back Guarantee!! I spent 6 months back and forth with emails and finally a dispute to try and handle. I see this seems to be a ongoing problem with this company. Buyer Beware!!!

Frustrated Consumer
November 8, 2018
I have found this company to be very deceptive and unhelpful. Ordered glasses and did not find out that frames and lenses were incompatible until I called to find out why they had not arrived. Customer service repeatedly gave the same story of incompatibility without addressing my questions as to why I had not been contacted or why the second pair that I had ordered had not been shipped. Even with all the delays they only offered me the "expedited shipping" that I had already paid for - the glasses would arrive in 8 days (a full 3 weeks from my order). I will never order from this company again and recommend that all customers go elsewhere.

November 5, 2018
DO NOT ORDER GLASSES FROM THEM!!!! I ordered 3 pairs of glasses and after a month of keeping up with the tracking info they gave me (which was inaccurate) I still never received them. When I called and asked what I could do they said it was not their problem and there was nothing they could do. So they kept my money for 3 pairs of glasses that I did not receive. DO NOT GET YOUR GLASSES HERE!!!!!!

James W Beck December 08, 2018

You're not very business savy. Call credit card company and dispute the charges even if a debit card. They will credit your card while they investigate.

Great company if you don't have to deal with customer service
October 28, 2018

I initially had a great experience with this company. I found the website user friendly and the selection to be sufficient. I received my pair of my glasses for a good price and was quite happy with them... for a few months. One day when I was trying to adjust the metal arm, the arm broke off at the hinge which was upsetting as they weren't even close to a year old. I remembered seeing on their website that they have a 365 day warranty policy (GREAT.) What they don't advertise is that you do not get your money back or a replacement pair. You get a partial credit... 50% of what you paid and you have a to pay for the return shipping and tracking. RIP OFF. They can't even stand behind their glasses. This was just one instance. Since I was initially happy with my glasses I decided to buy two other pairs shortly after I purchases the first pair. Once received, I found them to be of terrible quality and unsuitable for me. Trying to get my money back was an absolute nightmare. It took months. Trying to get ahold of them was nearly impossible. When I would get a response it was as if it was a robot answering with generic messages and not actually reading my whole email to answer my specific questions.

So if you don't have any problems with your glasses and never have to deal with customer service/returns, then go ahead and use this terrible company.

MJHewitt Jr. May 26, 2021

exactly how i feel. 3 weeks and tracking has not moved

bad company and bad support. I'll never buy anything here again
October 2, 2018
I would like to inform you of my bad experience with this company. I bought a Rayban sunglasses with multifocal lenses. The lenses were of poor quality and I returned my glasses. When I went to request the return I was offered the amount paid plus 10% if I opted to buy another glasses in the company. I accepted and returned the glasses. After more than 5 days I did not receive authorization to use the credit again and I went to the chat to ask why the delay. The clerk said she should wait up to 5 working days. Not satisfied with this term I decided to cancel my purchase and request the refund of the amount paid on my credit card. First she did not want to do it and after I insisted a lot she decided to do and said that the credit would be done in up to 30 business days. Therefore, here is a great warning to anyone who is buying from this company. The return is not made that easy. You need to have patience with the support so that they solve your problem and the company is not true in the information published at the time of purchase. Great advice for new customers, DO NOT BUY THIS COMPANY, MAKE VALUE FOR YOUR MONEY.

GregyThomas January 27, 2019

Bad customer service

Worst customer service company I have ever experienced !!
September 12, 2018
I ordered prescription sunglasses which were delivered broken. Instead of returning them through the mail which I knew could take weeks to repair and be returned to me, I opted to take them and have them repaired locally. I had them back the next day at a minimal cost which was fine. One week later the frame broke and a lens fell out. This time I decided to return them for repair thinking the frame needed to be replaced. Big mistake !! Two weeks later I called to find out when I could expect my glasses back. I was told my frames were out of stock and it would be several more weeks before they would be back in stock. Their attitude was just wait until they are ready to send them back to you. I was offered another pair of their stock frames as a replacement but did not see another frame that I wanted. The closest frame to the ones I ordered were a Ray-Ban frame which they refused to send because they were a more expensive frame then my stock one. At this point I decided to wait a little longer for my stock frame ( which I really wanted back ). Big mistake !! Three weeks later still no glasses and was told they had no idea when my original frames would be in. Their repeated response was " sorry about that " as if they could care less about helping you. At this point I told GlassesUSA to refund my money and I would go elsewhere. No telling when that might happen but rest assured if it does not happen within the next 10 days they have not heard the last of me. If I were advising a future customer about whether on not to order from this company I would say DON'T DO IT !! Buy your glasses elsewhere so that you can actually go to a store and resolve your issue face to face with someone who really cares about customer service. As I stated in my review title this is the WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE I have ever experienced ! BEWARE !!

JackHarwood September 24, 2018

I have pretty much the same problem from what I am reading in complaints about these isreal glasses were not going to get our money back. join me in posting on facebook, wiki, twitter,instagram and you tube lets put these crooks in prison or at least out of business. jack@ [email protected] I look forward to see you reposting

Do not order from scammers!
June 22, 2018

They offered to send a coupon code with 60 % off the first purchase. I spent a lot of time choosing the frame, get my prescription in and started to order the pair. When it was time to put in the coupon code it was invalid. I tried with another frame. Same thing. I called customer service and they could not give that discount over the phone. They had another brilliant idea to give me another generous discount that was $120 dollars less. I declined and hang up. I then checked all their coupon codes they offer at different places. It says 50%, 70% and 80%. When you use these discounts it turns out that it is not %. It is dollars. You get about half the discount you expect. I am sure they trust that the customers are less stubborn than I am and just order anyway.


June 7, 2018
This company is without a question a scam. I ordered a pair of Ray Ban glasses. Upon receiving, the plastic feels cheap and the hinges of the temples do not provide outward flexibility. My old pair is a legit ray band I bought from my optometrist office and when comparing side by side, it's sooo obvious the pair from GlassesUSA is a fake. The company is based in Israel (based on wikipedia) I assume this is where they received the counterfeit products from. there are many youtube videos to teach hot to spot fake ray ban and it's 110% without any doubes a fake!

ElenaCharrette June 12, 2018

Agree with it, i have the same story. I did order on a prescription Ray Ban sun glasses but i got chip regular frame with chip prescription lenses and just lenses from Ray Ban. Scam. Because Ray Ban prescription glasses coast around $ 450 but this company sell by $200

ElenaCharrette June 12, 2018

Ray Ban prescription sun glasses*

Great Experience, Quality & Price -- Glad I went ahead and ordered
May 14, 2018

I was somewhat concerned by the # of negative reviews which I read on BBB and this review site, so I thought a bit before ordering...

HOWEVER, when I finally did, I actually had a 5 STAR experience!

I finally chose GlassesUSA because:

1) I didn't want to pay an outrageously unfair amount of money for glasses

2) I had stopped in to a local provider and was disappointed in the style selection

3) I found the GlassesUSA Website extremely user-friendly; very easy to locate both the style and material of frames I was interested in

4) I loved the fact that GlassesUSA not only provided precise dimensions on the frames so I could compare them to my own, but they also had a range of "Faces" on which I could see the exact same glasses, and/or even upload my own photo or use my webcam like a mirror.

5) They were also offering a great discount

So.....I took the plunge and placed two separate orders for glasses. This was my experience:

1) I received immediate and timely updates from GassesUSA on the status of my order at each step in the process (Purchase/Production/QC/Shipping)

2) GlassesUSA also provided a USPS Tracking # so I was able to follow the progress of the shipment once it left their facility.

3) I received my new glasses in just one week (1 week earlier than the original ETA)

4) The glasses are fantastic quality and restored my struggling eyes to perfect vision.

I was delighted from start to finish and will continue to use GlassesUSA for my refills.

Cannot understand why so many complained.....perhaps GlassesUSA sells so many glasses and this represents only 1% of overall buyers experience. I had a great experience myself.

DK KM June 07, 2018

sounds like you were hired by the company to make this review. Typical. Trying so hard to debunk all the negative reviews

DK KM June 07, 2018

Your review is too detailed, bro. No one breaks down points like these unless they work for the company. Try again.

Diane June 07, 2018

Yeah, well I don't work for them and this was the first time in my life I've even needed prescription lenses. I've excelled in my profession because I am detailed oriented, and that's how I do everything. Sorry, bad call. ;-)

DK KM June 13, 2018

HAHA you said "bad call" as if one of these days there would be a good call if it's finally revealed the company hires people to review them? I am guessing you excelled in your job as either a low ranked customer service rep or marketing assistant.

Also, it's the first time in your life you ever needed an Rx lenses and you decided to order it online? Either you must be actually dumb or made up a very lame excuse.

FYI, most people with nearsightedness developed it very early in life. And I'd you are old enough to have farsightedness you probably wouldn't order the FIRSF air of your glasses online either (as most old people are old school and skeptical about internet purchases). I think you are pretty stupid to think anyone would believe those lies.

Diane June 13, 2018

No actually, I have been farsighted since childhood and have used drug store readers for the past 10 years just for reading.

Because I have different sight in both eyes, it was becoming more difficult to read and I feared I was damaging my eyes.

Actually, professionally my background is both in technology and Web site development, which I did free lance (to include developing entire product and Web commerce sites) and Accounting and Business Management full time.....all of which require extreme attention to detail.

Sorry, but you're incorrect on all counts... I'm not in any way connected to GlassesUSA....Just pleased with my first purchase and I frequently offer reviews on ALL my online purchases, especially on Amazon.

Mario September 30, 2019

You are paid lair this is a scam and you should be ashamed of yourself

Total Scam!!
May 12, 2018
I too fell victim to this evil companies games of lies and stealing money. I ordered glasses on April 20th with the 3 installment payment plan. I got an email saying that my glasses had shipped 6 days later. For about a week I kept checking the USPS tracking number provided me and it kept saying that the label had been created but the carrier hasn't received the package yet (which means they never sent it). I called Glassesusa to inquire about the shipping, because they had already taken out the first payment. First they said they shipped it on the 23rd, but the email I received and USPS said that the label was created on the 26th. I was also yelled at by the customer service representative (Who I swear is the same person everytime you call) because I kept calling to make sure they didn't start the 14 day return policy because I received another email saying we hope you are enjoying your new glasses, but I still had not received the glasses. He was so rude that at that point I was disgusted with this company. I kept calling to inquire about where my glasses were and they said they would have to forward it to the delivery department for further review. I would get emails saying that they are still looking into the matter and finally I got a message saying that as part of their terms and conditions they are not responsible for the glasses anymore once it leaves their facility. I was so pissed I called them again demanding answers. They told me to call USPS and I did and they said they still haven't received a package. I called them back to tell them what USPS told me and they finally sent me an email saying we are sorry but your glasses got lost in the mail (Bullcrap! They never sent them). Apparently, I ordered the last pair of glasses in the style I liked, so they offered me any price replacement glasses that were not premium glasses, store credit or a full refund. I did not like any of the other glasses they offered and was so over this company I opted for a refund. I replied to the email I wanted a refund and no response so I called them and told them I want a refund the guy said he was processing the refund and should see it within a few business days. Well now today I can see almost $84 (which is the last two payments) pending as a DEBIT! Not credit!! I called them yet again and the representative said since I chose the 3 payments option they have to charge the full amount of the purchase to refund the full amount instead of just cancelling the payment plan and refunding the first payment. Like does this make sense to anyone? Why didn't the guy who said he was going to refund my money tell me they were going to do some shifty underhanded BS like that?! They are scammers!!! I have to cancel my credit card now and dispute the charges because I do not trust them! DO NOT! I REPEAT, DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THEM!!!!

DK KM June 07, 2018

couldnt agree more

May 10, 2018


Their customer service and response times are ridiculous!! I placed an order and it wasn't until 5-7 attempts (each time was on hold NO LESS then 15 minutes) and 14 days later they informed me they were out of stock on the frames I ordered. I'm STILL waiting on my refund... THEIR BASICALLY STEALING FROM ME AND NOT RESPONDING OR GIVING MY REFUND OR PRODUCT!! Do yourself a favor and order from someone else!! Filed a fraud claim with my cc company along with my paper trail!

Company Does Not Deserve To Exist!
April 25, 2018
Thank goodness it doesn't happen very often in life, but you occasionally run across one of those companies that should not exist because they have a horrible company culture and do not get anything right! Glasses USA is one of those companies. They seem to endeavor to find a problem with your order so that they can stop it from going to production. There is a very noticeable amount of infighting between the internal departments, calling each other incompetent idiots in front of customers. In my two experiences with the company (each with an order for two pairs of glasses); they charge your credit card immediately, but lose the order and took nine weeks to fulfill one order and eight weeks to fill the other. The final order, they sent two pairs of sunglasses when one was supposed to be normal glasses with transition lenses; and it was silver instead of gold. (I have never owned a pair of silver glasses in my life.) And if you need warranty service, it took over five phone calls and eleven emails over eight weeks to get their attention! So am I supposed to send the glasses that need replacing and let them lose them and forget all about it? That would be foolish, wouldn't it? My advice, run, don't walk, away from Glasses USA! And they have existed for ten years now? Horrible company that does not deserve to exist because they do not care whatsoever about their customers!

Glasses USA is a scam
April 16, 2018

Glasses are the wrong prescription and they want me to verify it with an ophthalmologist who we do not have in our city. I got the prescription from a checkup in Washington state and those glasses are fine. Sent that prescription. It would cost me at least $2,000 to fly down to Washington which is not reasonable. I have heard this company is out of Israel. Is it USA owned and operated? They refuse to give me a refund on glasses I am willing to return.

The frames are very cheap and flimsy. In this case you don't even get what you pay for!

Garbage product., garbage service
February 6, 2018

I paid for expedited shipping and receive both pairs of glasses (one set a week after the first set) late, making it so I did not have them for a big trip we were going on. I get back, try them on and find that the frames are HORRIBLE quality. They won’t stay on my face and the lenses seemed to not be right. I decided to try them for the week to see if maybe my eyes just needed to adjust. They never did. I actually found it more dangerous to drive with the glasses on than to drive without glasses entirely. I’m not sure if they gave me the wrong prescription or if their lenses are just complete crap.

I called to see about getting a refund (even though I was out of the refund window due to THEIR MISTAKE) and was insulted by their only customer service representative “Jane” multiple times. Even if I was in the 14 day grace period, there is fine print stating you actually will not get most of your money back. “Jane” raised her voice at me, insulted me and told me that I would not be getting any kind of refund. She said my only hope was to possibly provide receipts from my trip (what????) to prove I was gone and to take the glasses to my optometrist (also what???) to prove they were the wrong prescriptions. I’m completely appalled by the conversation that took place and have never dealt with a customer service

DO NOT BUY FROM GLASSES- USA see WIKI information linked
January 21, 2018

Almost 6 weeks later, I am still trying to get a credit or a pair of glasses. Additionally, not only will they NOT issue a credit card credit, forced a "Store Credit" and now they arbitrarily reduced my "Store Credit" for no legitimate reason other than to take advantage of a customer. NEVER AGAIN. DO NOT USE THEM.

Parent Company - Optimax Investments Company - Tel AVIV company - USA locations

This is for information only, I have nothing against ANY foreign companies doing business in the US. I just thought you should know.

Please read all the reviews, especially the negative ones about not getting a refund. They do not want to issue a credit to your credit card under almost any circumstances. READ ALL WEBSITE INFORMATION VERY CAREFULLY. If you need bifocals or Progressive glasses you can almost be assured to have problems. They will only issue store credit - which forces you to buy something from them or forfeit your entire purchase price.

Bi's and Prog's require an Optometrist and/or an Optician to correctly measure not only your prescription but measurements needed to correctly fit your glasses. Without those specific "frame determined dimensions" you will not see correctly, you will try to return glasses, get a store credit and around and around GlassesUSA will take you.

Did I mention that you should very carefully read their website information because they WILL use it against any attempt to get a credit on your credit card.

There are dimensions which absolutely require the exact FRAMES in order to measure the height of your eyes in reference to the frames. GLASSES USA not only minimizes the importance of some dimensions on their website but they don't even mention others. Then you order, send them back, get issued a credit and on and on it goes.


Good luck cancelling an order with them
January 5, 2018
I ordered two pairs of glasses with them no problem. I placed an order for a 3rd; however, sent them multiple e-mails asking to cancel the order less than 24 hours after placing the order which was two weeks pre-production. Even though they acknowledge receiving the e-mails (which was noted next to my order,) they still continued with production. Now, my glasses are in their quality control process. They are telling me that they cannot cancel the order even though the glasses are days away from boxing and shipping. If their site states, "If, for any reason, you are not completely satisfied with your order, you may return it within the first 14 days. We even provide you with a return shipping label, no questions asked," then why cannot I return an item I do not want that has not been boxed or shipped yet??? Why put me through the hassle of having to ship back something I do not want to receive in the first place. I have made them aware that if I receive the cancelled order that I will not only return it; but NEVER order another pair of glasses from them again.

Fine for simple prescriptions
December 26, 2017

Fine for simple prescriptions.

“I ordered a pair of glasses with progressive lenses. The distance portion, which requires less precision, is fine. The near portion was manufactured with the wrong pupillary distance. They were essentially unusable. I asked for a refund, but was talked into accepting a store credit instead. They made another pair for me; these were also wrong.

This time I wanted a refund. Imagine my surprise when I was informed that by taking the store credit, I have up ever getting a refund on those glasses. As a matter of fact, they would remake them one more time, and then, right or wrong, is have no recourse. I'd just have to consider the $400 wasted.

My advice: if you use these folks, do so for a simple prescription only. If they're not right, get a refund. If you keep getting a refund when you order, you can keep ordering a brand new pair (another initial purchase) until they get it right or you go somewhere else.

The whole return process is slimy.”

November 9, 2017
I ordered two pair of bifocal glasses. Several days AFTER I placed my order and paid for it, I got an email saying that my "prescription is too large for a bifocal lens" but strangely enough, they could make them in progressives for more money, of course. There is absolutely no reason why my order was accepted if there are restrictions such as this; such restrictions should be part of their online order processing (in BASIC programming lingo, its a classical IF..THEN statement), and, in this day and age of online security concerns, I am miffed that they could only tell me this AFTER they received my credit card information.