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Total Scam!!
May 12, 2018
I too fell victim to this evil companies games of lies and stealing money. I ordered glasses on April 20th with the 3 installment payment plan. I got an email saying that my glasses had shipped 6 days later. For about a week I kept checking the USPS tracking number provided me and it kept saying that the label had been created but the carrier hasn't received the package yet (which means they never sent it). I called Glassesusa to inquire about the shipping, because they had already taken out the first payment. First they said they shipped it on the 23rd, but the email I received and USPS said that the label was created on the 26th. I was also yelled at by the customer service representative (Who I swear is the same person everytime you call) because I kept calling to make sure they didn't start the 14 day return policy because I received another email saying we hope you are enjoying your new glasses, but I still had not received the glasses. He was so rude that at that point I was disgusted with this company. I kept calling to inquire about where my glasses were and they said they would have to forward it to the delivery department for further review. I would get emails saying that they are still looking into the matter and finally I got a message saying that as part of their terms and conditions they are not responsible for the glasses anymore once it leaves their facility. I was so pissed I called them again demanding answers. They told me to call USPS and I did and they said they still haven't received a package. I called them back to tell them what USPS told me and they finally sent me an email saying we are sorry but your glasses got lost in the mail (Bullcrap! They never sent them). Apparently, I ordered the last pair of glasses in the style I liked, so they offered me any price replacement glasses that were not premium glasses, store credit or a full refund. I did not like any of the other glasses they offered and was so over this company I opted for a refund. I replied to the email I wanted a refund and no response so I called them and told them I want a refund the guy said he was processing the refund and should see it within a few business days. Well now today I can see almost $84 (which is the last two payments) pending as a DEBIT! Not credit!! I called them yet again and the representative said since I chose the 3 payments option they have to charge the full amount of the purchase to refund the full amount instead of just cancelling the payment plan and refunding the first payment. Like does this make sense to anyone? Why didn't the guy who said he was going to refund my money tell me they were going to do some shifty underhanded BS like that?! They are scammers!!! I have to cancel my credit card now and dispute the charges because I do not trust them! DO NOT! I REPEAT, DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THEM!!!!

DK KM June 07, 2018

couldnt agree more

May 10, 2018


Their customer service and response times are ridiculous!! I placed an order and it wasn't until 5-7 attempts (each time was on hold NO LESS then 15 minutes) and 14 days later they informed me they were out of stock on the frames I ordered. I'm STILL waiting on my refund... THEIR BASICALLY STEALING FROM ME AND NOT RESPONDING OR GIVING MY REFUND OR PRODUCT!! Do yourself a favor and order from someone else!! Filed a fraud claim with my cc company along with my paper trail!

Company Does Not Deserve To Exist!
April 25, 2018
Thank goodness it doesn't happen very often in life, but you occasionally run across one of those companies that should not exist because they have a horrible company culture and do not get anything right! Glasses USA is one of those companies. They seem to endeavor to find a problem with your order so that they can stop it from going to production. There is a very noticeable amount of infighting between the internal departments, calling each other incompetent idiots in front of customers. In my two experiences with the company (each with an order for two pairs of glasses); they charge your credit card immediately, but lose the order and took nine weeks to fulfill one order and eight weeks to fill the other. The final order, they sent two pairs of sunglasses when one was supposed to be normal glasses with transition lenses; and it was silver instead of gold. (I have never owned a pair of silver glasses in my life.) And if you need warranty service, it took over five phone calls and eleven emails over eight weeks to get their attention! So am I supposed to send the glasses that need replacing and let them lose them and forget all about it? That would be foolish, wouldn't it? My advice, run, don't walk, away from Glasses USA! And they have existed for ten years now? Horrible company that does not deserve to exist because they do not care whatsoever about their customers!

Glasses USA is a scam
April 16, 2018

Glasses are the wrong prescription and they want me to verify it with an ophthalmologist who we do not have in our city. I got the prescription from a checkup in Washington state and those glasses are fine. Sent that prescription. It would cost me at least $2,000 to fly down to Washington which is not reasonable. I have heard this company is out of Israel. Is it USA owned and operated? They refuse to give me a refund on glasses I am willing to return.

The frames are very cheap and flimsy. In this case you don't even get what you pay for!

Garbage product., garbage service
February 6, 2018

I paid for expedited shipping and receive both pairs of glasses (one set a week after the first set) late, making it so I did not have them for a big trip we were going on. I get back, try them on and find that the frames are HORRIBLE quality. They won’t stay on my face and the lenses seemed to not be right. I decided to try them for the week to see if maybe my eyes just needed to adjust. They never did. I actually found it more dangerous to drive with the glasses on than to drive without glasses entirely. I’m not sure if they gave me the wrong prescription or if their lenses are just complete crap.

I called to see about getting a refund (even though I was out of the refund window due to THEIR MISTAKE) and was insulted by their only customer service representative “Jane” multiple times. Even if I was in the 14 day grace period, there is fine print stating you actually will not get most of your money back. “Jane” raised her voice at me, insulted me and told me that I would not be getting any kind of refund. She said my only hope was to possibly provide receipts from my trip (what????) to prove I was gone and to take the glasses to my optometrist (also what???) to prove they were the wrong prescriptions. I’m completely appalled by the conversation that took place and have never dealt with a customer service

DO NOT BUY FROM GLASSES- USA see WIKI information linked
January 21, 2018

Almost 6 weeks later, I am still trying to get a credit or a pair of glasses. Additionally, not only will they NOT issue a credit card credit, forced a "Store Credit" and now they arbitrarily reduced my "Store Credit" for no legitimate reason other than to take advantage of a customer. NEVER AGAIN. DO NOT USE THEM.

Parent Company - Optimax Investments Company - Tel AVIV company - USA locations

This is for information only, I have nothing against ANY foreign companies doing business in the US. I just thought you should know.

Please read all the reviews, especially the negative ones about not getting a refund. They do not want to issue a credit to your credit card under almost any circumstances. READ ALL WEBSITE INFORMATION VERY CAREFULLY. If you need bifocals or Progressive glasses you can almost be assured to have problems. They will only issue store credit - which forces you to buy something from them or forfeit your entire purchase price.

Bi's and Prog's require an Optometrist and/or an Optician to correctly measure not only your prescription but measurements needed to correctly fit your glasses. Without those specific "frame determined dimensions" you will not see correctly, you will try to return glasses, get a store credit and around and around GlassesUSA will take you.

Did I mention that you should very carefully read their website information because they WILL use it against any attempt to get a credit on your credit card.

There are dimensions which absolutely require the exact FRAMES in order to measure the height of your eyes in reference to the frames. GLASSES USA not only minimizes the importance of some dimensions on their website but they don't even mention others. Then you order, send them back, get issued a credit and on and on it goes.


Good luck cancelling an order with them
January 5, 2018
I ordered two pairs of glasses with them no problem. I placed an order for a 3rd; however, sent them multiple e-mails asking to cancel the order less than 24 hours after placing the order which was two weeks pre-production. Even though they acknowledge receiving the e-mails (which was noted next to my order,) they still continued with production. Now, my glasses are in their quality control process. They are telling me that they cannot cancel the order even though the glasses are days away from boxing and shipping. If their site states, "If, for any reason, you are not completely satisfied with your order, you may return it within the first 14 days. We even provide you with a return shipping label, no questions asked," then why cannot I return an item I do not want that has not been boxed or shipped yet??? Why put me through the hassle of having to ship back something I do not want to receive in the first place. I have made them aware that if I receive the cancelled order that I will not only return it; but NEVER order another pair of glasses from them again.

Fine for simple prescriptions
December 26, 2017

Fine for simple prescriptions.

“I ordered a pair of glasses with progressive lenses. The distance portion, which requires less precision, is fine. The near portion was manufactured with the wrong pupillary distance. They were essentially unusable. I asked for a refund, but was talked into accepting a store credit instead. They made another pair for me; these were also wrong.

This time I wanted a refund. Imagine my surprise when I was informed that by taking the store credit, I have up ever getting a refund on those glasses. As a matter of fact, they would remake them one more time, and then, right or wrong, is have no recourse. I'd just have to consider the $400 wasted.

My advice: if you use these folks, do so for a simple prescription only. If they're not right, get a refund. If you keep getting a refund when you order, you can keep ordering a brand new pair (another initial purchase) until they get it right or you go somewhere else.

The whole return process is slimy.”

November 9, 2017
I ordered two pair of bifocal glasses. Several days AFTER I placed my order and paid for it, I got an email saying that my "prescription is too large for a bifocal lens" but strangely enough, they could make them in progressives for more money, of course. There is absolutely no reason why my order was accepted if there are restrictions such as this; such restrictions should be part of their online order processing (in BASIC programming lingo, its a classical IF..THEN statement), and, in this day and age of online security concerns, I am miffed that they could only tell me this AFTER they received my credit card information.

Good website
November 3, 2017 is an online company which claims to offer the highest quality optical products – prescription glasses and sunglasses – at the most affordable prices, in the fastest amount of time possible.

If you are a first time customer at GlassesUSA and are interested in signing up for their free newsletter, you can create an account with them and receive a coupon for 50% off your first purchase plus free shipping.

The company also offers what

Mario September 30, 2019

Paid lair, fake reviews ugh this criminal organization makes me sick

Slow but good service.
November 2, 2017
The progressive glasses did not work for me. The toll free number provided does not work in Canada and no alternative is given. I had to use Google phone to get through. The service rep was very helpful and courteous and provided a refund without question. Canadians must pay for return postage and expect long delays.

Worst Gift Card
October 12, 2017

I ordered a pair of glasses through this website, glasses were great..but I didn't realize that the gift card had A. an expiration date and B. You HAVE to use the full amount of the gift card all at ONCE on ONE product. Pardon me, but I think that rule is not common. So what happened? I paid less for the glasses than what was on the card, meaning, I am not out of the considerable amount left on the card; the card cannot carry a balance.

Suggestion: please train your customer service reps to use words like "Hello, how are you" "I am sorry, let me see what I can do for you" as well as put the fine print in big RED letters so the customer knows what they are getting themselves in to.

Glasses USA is excellent!
October 9, 2017
My husband's glasses came today and they are perfect! we have had trouble with his prescription before, at high-priced brick and mortar opticians, as he has very bad vision. I am very pleased and their quality control checks are 2nd to none! The 1st set didn't pass their quality control so they remade the lenses BEFORE sending to us! I'm very, very, impressed with them! Thank you, GLASSES USA, for doing an outstanding job and we will buy again from you!

Worse Company ever
September 19, 2017

I wouldn’t recommend this website to a fraudster, because white frankly Glasses USA would come out to be the bigger scam artist.

Glasses USA has a “virtual mirror" feature on their website that’s supposed to show a true representation of how the glasses will fit. I've used this feature to purchase these pair of glasses and they do not fit at all. The glasses in person doesn't fit anything like the virtual try on feature advertised. I even spoke to a supervisor Art, (Feel free to pull our phone call from

Sep 3, 09:40 PDT where he even ADMITS that they feature is not as good as advertised). Even your supervisor advertised that the virtual mirror feature wasn't as accurate as they advertised. These Michaels Kors Adrian IV glasses that fit nothing like advertised. It is huge, chunky and is practically falling off my face. The lens's prescription are also off, and is giving me massive headaches, so the glasses are unwearable. The company have refused to send me a shipping label to have it returned, and they still have not answered my 4 requests for a RMA. This is definitely a very complicated and smart scamming website. Requested a call back from a supervisor 8 hours ago, also sent an email and still no response. I've already put in 2 tickets, sent 3 emails, sent Facebook posts and face book direct messages, and still no one has gotten back to me with a response. I feel like I have to jump through hoops just to get my money back. POTENTIAL BUYERS beware of this company. If you ever have to return your product, prepare to constantly have to reach out just to get a person to help you and jump through a lot of hoops just to get your money back. Definitely not a good start when it comes to customer resolutions. I'm still waiting to have a shipping label sent out to return these glasses. Plus, you only get 2 returns until they REFUSE to have the glasses returned again. So you have a high likelihood of being stuck with a pair of glasses that you absolutely HATE.

Horrible experience
August 7, 2017

I ordered a pair of glasses on their website. Credit card gets charged. Never receive any confirmation email following the purchase. I email them several times about the purchase, and several days later someone sends me the tracking # to my purchase. Ok. When the package finally comes (I kid you not), I find an empty case with NO glasses inside. Annoyed, I contact the customer service about this and request a refund. They tell me that they don't offer refunds and cite one of their "terms and conditions" that states something like: 'we are not responsible for your product after it ships'.

I have never had a worse experience with any vendor/retailer in my life. Every interaction I had with them throughout the last couple weeks has been negative. The customer service is horrid. This is a borderline scam operation. Please save yourself the hassle and STAY AWAY from these crooks. I do not know how they are still in business.

So disappointed!
June 29, 2017

I ordered a set of sunglasses from them on June 6, and they were finally shipped on June 26, but have yet to arrive. I called to ask why it took so long to ship them, and they stated there was a "production problem". I asked if they were using expedited shipping to make up for it, and they said no.

My son received his glasses today, and he is very happy with them, but there was an issue with his prescription. I apparently didn't attach it the correct way when we ordered his set, so they tried to call me to let me know. Be aware that they use fake numbers from your local area code to contact you. I kept refusing the call because I thought it was a scam. They left a message on my voice mail, but it was unintelligible. The person spoke with a very strong accent and spoke quickly so all the words blurred together. I eventually answered when they called and we got my son's prescription sent in. I am hoping that my sunglasses will work, but based on the reviews I read here, I am planning for disappointment. I wish I had checked here first.

Scam artists
June 19, 2017
The glasses I bought had a broken weld within 3 to 4 months. They would only refund half the money period despite the fact that they said a 365-day warranty from the manufacturer was in effect. Stay away from these scam artists you will be ripped off if anything goes wrong despite the good prices. Pray that you never get Barbra Levin in returns department....she is pure evil.

Beware this Company
May 29, 2017
Beware this company - It's going on week 3 waiting on my 1.25 reader glasses and they still haven't been shipped. I asked 5 days ago to cancel the order, only to be told I could not cancel. According to the description on the website, my glasses were to take 3 days. I can't get a timely response from customer service. Some responses taking 3 business days. And their BBB rating is an F with 196 complaints. I should have researched better before ordering. Order #100779826 placed on May 15, 2017

Ditto to all the previous one star reviews
May 26, 2017

Got an overpriced even with a discount pair of glasses--they were the wrong frame...and that's just the beginning of my story. I won't bore y'all with the details but suffice it to say that every other one star review was pretty much what I experienced and five weeks later I still don't have a pair of glasses. I even got a call from a "supervisor" who said she would "look into getting me a refund" and would call me back. Nothing yet there, and that was my fifth call into customer service.

Long story short...stick with Zenni or EyeBuy Direct who are both cheaper and far more attentive to customers.

Not satisfied
May 1, 2017
After trying to get them to honor there coupon for 40% entire purchase and being told the coupon has expires (in less then 24 hours) I have taken my business to local optometrist only 10% more and no hassle. GlassesUSA not recommended.