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Worst Gift Card
October 12, 2017

I ordered a pair of glasses through this website, glasses were great..but I didn't realize that the gift card had A. an expiration date and B. You HAVE to use the full amount of the gift card all at ONCE on ONE product. Pardon me, but I think that rule is not common. So what happened? I paid less for the glasses than what was on the card, meaning, I am not out of the considerable amount left on the card; the card cannot carry a balance.

Suggestion: please train your customer service reps to use words like "Hello, how are you" "I am sorry, let me see what I can do for you" as well as put the fine print in big RED letters so the customer knows what they are getting themselves in to.

Glasses USA is excellent!
October 9, 2017
My husband's glasses came today and they are perfect! we have had trouble with his prescription before, at high-priced brick and mortar opticians, as he has very bad vision. I am very pleased and their quality control checks are 2nd to none! The 1st set didn't pass their quality control so they remade the lenses BEFORE sending to us! I'm very, very, impressed with them! Thank you, GLASSES USA, for doing an outstanding job and we will buy again from you!

Worse Company ever
September 19, 2017

I wouldn’t recommend this website to a fraudster, because white frankly Glasses USA would come out to be the bigger scam artist.

Glasses USA has a “virtual mirror" feature on their website that’s supposed to show a true representation of how the glasses will fit. I've used this feature to purchase these pair of glasses and they do not fit at all. The glasses in person doesn't fit anything like the virtual try on feature advertised. I even spoke to a supervisor Art, (Feel free to pull our phone call from

Sep 3, 09:40 PDT where he even ADMITS that they feature is not as good as advertised). Even your supervisor advertised that the virtual mirror feature wasn't as accurate as they advertised. These Michaels Kors Adrian IV glasses that fit nothing like advertised. It is huge, chunky and is practically falling off my face. The lens's prescription are also off, and is giving me massive headaches, so the glasses are unwearable. The company have refused to send me a shipping label to have it returned, and they still have not answered my 4 requests for a RMA. This is definitely a very complicated and smart scamming website. Requested a call back from a supervisor 8 hours ago, also sent an email and still no response. I've already put in 2 tickets, sent 3 emails, sent Facebook posts and face book direct messages, and still no one has gotten back to me with a response. I feel like I have to jump through hoops just to get my money back. POTENTIAL BUYERS beware of this company. If you ever have to return your product, prepare to constantly have to reach out just to get a person to help you and jump through a lot of hoops just to get your money back. Definitely not a good start when it comes to customer resolutions. I'm still waiting to have a shipping label sent out to return these glasses. Plus, you only get 2 returns until they REFUSE to have the glasses returned again. So you have a high likelihood of being stuck with a pair of glasses that you absolutely HATE.

Horrible experience
August 7, 2017

I ordered a pair of glasses on their website. Credit card gets charged. Never receive any confirmation email following the purchase. I email them several times about the purchase, and several days later someone sends me the tracking # to my purchase. Ok. When the package finally comes (I kid you not), I find an empty case with NO glasses inside. Annoyed, I contact the customer service about this and request a refund. They tell me that they don't offer refunds and cite one of their "terms and conditions" that states something like: 'we are not responsible for your product after it ships'.

I have never had a worse experience with any vendor/retailer in my life. Every interaction I had with them throughout the last couple weeks has been negative. The customer service is horrid. This is a borderline scam operation. Please save yourself the hassle and STAY AWAY from these crooks. I do not know how they are still in business.

So disappointed!
June 29, 2017

I ordered a set of sunglasses from them on June 6, and they were finally shipped on June 26, but have yet to arrive. I called to ask why it took so long to ship them, and they stated there was a "production problem". I asked if they were using expedited shipping to make up for it, and they said no.

My son received his glasses today, and he is very happy with them, but there was an issue with his prescription. I apparently didn't attach it the correct way when we ordered his set, so they tried to call me to let me know. Be aware that they use fake numbers from your local area code to contact you. I kept refusing the call because I thought it was a scam. They left a message on my voice mail, but it was unintelligible. The person spoke with a very strong accent and spoke quickly so all the words blurred together. I eventually answered when they called and we got my son's prescription sent in. I am hoping that my sunglasses will work, but based on the reviews I read here, I am planning for disappointment. I wish I had checked here first.

Scam artists
June 19, 2017
The glasses I bought had a broken weld within 3 to 4 months. They would only refund half the money period despite the fact that they said a 365-day warranty from the manufacturer was in effect. Stay away from these scam artists you will be ripped off if anything goes wrong despite the good prices. Pray that you never get Barbra Levin in returns department....she is pure evil.

Beware this Company
May 29, 2017
Beware this company - It's going on week 3 waiting on my 1.25 reader glasses and they still haven't been shipped. I asked 5 days ago to cancel the order, only to be told I could not cancel. According to the description on the website, my glasses were to take 3 days. I can't get a timely response from customer service. Some responses taking 3 business days. And their BBB rating is an F with 196 complaints. I should have researched better before ordering. Order #100779826 placed on May 15, 2017

Ditto to all the previous one star reviews
May 26, 2017

Got an overpriced even with a discount pair of glasses--they were the wrong frame...and that's just the beginning of my story. I won't bore y'all with the details but suffice it to say that every other one star review was pretty much what I experienced and five weeks later I still don't have a pair of glasses. I even got a call from a "supervisor" who said she would "look into getting me a refund" and would call me back. Nothing yet there, and that was my fifth call into customer service.

Long story short...stick with Zenni or EyeBuy Direct who are both cheaper and far more attentive to customers.

Not satisfied
May 1, 2017
After trying to get them to honor there coupon for 40% entire purchase and being told the coupon has expires (in less then 24 hours) I have taken my business to local optometrist only 10% more and no hassle. GlassesUSA not recommended.

April 25, 2017
This company is a scam. They offer deceitful promises and then refuse to refund your money under bogus Terms of Service. They failed to make the glasses I paid for, now want me to buy something else. Complaint filed with NY Atty General.

WARNING - GlassesUSA is the Wrong place to buy glasses
February 3, 2017

Having just gone to a local optometrist and gotten a prescription, I saw an ad for GlassesUSA so I called GlassesUSA and spoke to a sales rep who seemed very nice and helpful. Having double vision as a result of a former brain aneurysm, I needed prisms in my lens in order to correct that problem. The sales rep assured me they handle that and put the prisms in the glasses. I picked out a frame and ordered bother a regular pair of glasses as well and a pair of sunglasses. It took about 2 weeks for them to arrive and when they did, I was disappointed to find out that the view through them was distorted and I couldn't see with them. I called and, in going over the prescription, they confessed they had failed to put in the prisms.... so they send me a return label and I sent them back. A couple of weeks later the two new pair arrived. When I tried them, they still didn't work. I called again and was sent a return label and I made a copy of the prescription once again and enclosed it.

Then I got a call from a female rep who said that although I had ordered progressive lens at the very beginning, they had not charged me for them so they had not been put in. Huh? She then said that I would have to pay and additional $60 to have progressive lenses put in the I gave her my credit card number once again and it was charged. When the 3rd pair of glasses finally arrived almost 2 1/2 months after I began the process, and guess what???? They didn't work and I couldn't see out of them.

I called and spoke to a rep and said I was tired of trying to get glasses from them and wanted a refund and would sen the glasses back if they sent me a postage paid return label. He REFUSED and said they could only give me a store credit. I said that was not acceptable after THREE TRIES to get working glasses from them and demanded to speak to a supervisor. He said that the supervisor was unavailable, but he would have him call me back. He never did. I sent e-mails 3 times stating what had happened and asked for a supervisor to call me and for them to send me a postage paid return label. They never did. Then I finally informed them that they had two days to send that label and credit my credit card or else I was going to throw the glasses away and dispute their charges with my credit card company. I have since done that. SO....STAY AWAY from this horrible company that has lousy customer service and inept technicians. They STINK !

No Service
August 23, 2016
After being patient with a 3 week delivery for glasses with no prescription in them, I was initially satisfied, but then 5 months later one of the nose pieces fell out (screw and all). Low and behold they couldn't send me another one (We don't sell that one anymore they said). So don't you have other ones with similar nose pieces in them you could send me? No answer to that question. They wanted me to send in the glasses for a manufacturing warranty. I said "Not with $400.00 lenses in them I'm not" They said take a photo of them and we'll give you 50% off a coupon for another purchase. Anyway, if you want frames and can wait for them and don't mind getting someone else to fix them later, this place is for you!

worst online store --never received glasses --customer service a joke
July 26, 2016
i ordered glasses they never came called customer service 4 times still no glasses --big scam company--do not buy from this company --BUYERS BEWARE

Dishonest company
July 5, 2016
Possibly the worst company I've ever dealt with in terms of customer service...I ended up just disputing the charge and resolving the issue with my credit card company after weeks of not receiving anything from them. Don't waste your time with them.

Everything is the Customers Fault
July 3, 2016

I feel the need to publicly share information about my most reason order from GLASSESUSA. I placed a single vision order on June 15. I never received an order confirmation email and after several days I reached out to customer service since it should have been shipped. They said they had the order and it would be shipped that day. After a week I emailed customer service again, no response for 2 days, after 2 emails. Therfore I called customer service on the 1-800 line, the customer service rep was kind and there was no wait time but she couldn't give me a tracking number and could not locate my order. I had to wait another day for the shipping department to get back in touch to give me a tracking number that wasn't valid for several more days. Clearly my order was never shipped when I was originally told it was. Finally after 17 days I received my glasses which I knew based on previous purchases from your company would be great, to finally have them to wear over the July 4th weekend.

To my major disappointment when I opened the box I found a child's size glasses in my box.

I connected customer service which gave me a shipping label and said they sell those glasses in multiple sizes and I order the wrong size. Are you kidding me, they never even apologized. Don't waste your time with this company.

May 12, 2016
This company is a rip-off. Their product is poor, and their customer service is non-existent. My glasses were defective and contact was made. GlassesUSA delayed responding multiple times to where 90 days had passed and they would not have to refund my money. Their glasses have been returned, but they kept my money. They offered 110% store credit. First, how does one get 110% store credit and second why would I buy their product again? I won't. I filed a report with my local police agency for Internet Fraud and Theft and a consumer complaint with the office of the Attorney General. If you have a problem or have had a problem, do the same. Keep this company from stealing from its customers.

Kunal May 14, 2016

I don't what happened to them all of a sudden but I am beginning to think they are in some trouble and people are catching up with them!

May 9, 2016

DO NOT use this company! I wish I would have known beforehand that they get an F rating with the Better Business Bureau before I had ordered through them. Their glasses are cheap quality, and their customer service is wretched. I sought a refund since the quality was so horrible, but their automated system is so screwed up, and their customer service is so horrible I am now out $115. Their automated return/refund system issues you a USPS shipping label, at which if you do not keep a copy of the tracking number you are completely F-ed. They do not keep a copy themselves, and the tracking number does not tie to your account and your return. If you cannot provide them with the tracking number, they insist that they have no record of you even trying for a refund/return – even though you went through their automated system to begin with. Their customer service, including requesting a manager for help, was useless, unhelpful, and stand-offish. Even though their system automates the label, they do not keep track of their own returns (no idea how they pay USPS for the labels generated, as I asked if they could pull up my return through that and they insist they cannot. Nor can they search through unclaimed returns to see if mine was in that pile – I can only assume their unclaimed returns pile is so large that a team of people cannot sort through them. Quite a racket they have going on – no way to track a return and then they get to keep the glasses they return and reuse the frames. Bravo.

Becky Schuman June 20, 2016

I've had the same experiences with this company and have reported them to the USPS, FTC and my state's Attorney General's Office.

jodi April 11, 2017

did you get anywhere by reporting them.. Need direction

March 26, 2016
Worst experience I've had in many years. 1st they'll mess up your order, then won't give full refund b/c you used coupon that's always there. They will take 3 weeks to ship, won't give you exchange for measly $20 and then rudely hang up on you like supervisor Nate did with me. Frame and lens itself is very cheap. Don't be sorry, go somewhere Else! The reviews on their website are fake. They control it so they won't and don't approve negative reviews like mine.

November 11, 2015

I bought glasses from and one lens was too thick, so it didn't fit in the frame properly. 25% was popping out of the frame and wouldn't fit no matter how hard I tried to push it into the lens slot. The other lens had a TON of dime-sized blurry spots embedded inside of the lens itself, so whenever my pupil would move there would be fuzzy spots all over the place. When I tried to return them for 100% refund they REFUSED saying "we have NO defective lens return policy". WTF?!?!?

This is the worst scamming company I have EVER had to deal with. Nothing can be solved on the phone- they make you email their "Returns Dept." which NEVER replies if you want a cash refund. Also, everything comes from China and is cheap and flimsy. And when the delays from shipping from China occur, they tell you the first pair of lenses didn't pass their "Quality Control" and they are going to start over again, so 10 MORE DAYS DELAY. What I discovered later is that is simply a line of BS to cover up the fact that their lenses are made in China and they can't possibly honor the timeframes posted on their website- it is simply another scam/lie to get you to buy from them.

And while they will, eventually, issue an in-store credit, they will try to wear you down when you want a cash refund, and if you GET one, they only give a tiny percentage of the cash amount you paid! Bottom line I paid over $150.00 for DEFECTIVE lenses and they said they were barely going to refund 33% of that- a lousy $50.00!!! They are outright THIEVES!!

I ended up having to dispute this charge through MasterCard, and MasterCard agreed with me, so they deducted my FULL purchase price from and refunded it to my credit card permanently!! Awesome.

I will NEVER EVER go anywhere near again, and unless you want a months long headache dealing with this POS company who will send you POS lenses and will NEVER give you a cash refund no matter how crappy their quality is DON'T EVER DO BUSINESS WITH THEM EVER!!!!

Check out the GlassesUSA Facebook page- the Customer Comments say it all! Also do a Google search "GlassesUSA complaints" and you will me blown away by how many customers GlassesUSA has screwed over!

Avoid them!!
November 5, 2015
Don't order from them - ever. They have the worst customer service I've ever experienced. Not only are they slow to respond to emails, but if you call them it's even worse. Their reps are flippant and unhelpful. If you ask to speak to a supervisor - this happened to me TWICE - their response is, "They won't be able to help you either." (I'm quoting) If you have a problem with a return, and most of their problems are returns, you literally CANNOT speak to Returns on the phone. They ONLY communicate through email, so forget talking to a human being about your issue. They also do not stand by their policy. Their return policy states that they have a 100% satisfaction guarantee for returns, "no questions asked", and the only caveat is that "exchanges are limited to two exchanges per item within 30 days". Imagine my surprise when I returned a pair of glasses that were shown as blue on their website, but are instead very definitely black, that I was told I'd exceeded the amount of returns I was allowed and they could no longer help me. I've NEVER exchanged the same item twice, let alone within 30 days, so how can this be? So they have my returned glasses frames, which cost me $117.00, and are refusing to give me a refund, even though their website says that you are also entitled to a refund minus a 20% restocking fee. This sure sounds like fraud to me - don't you agree? I will file a complaint with the BBB if need be.