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Horrible Company and Worst Customer Service Ever
May 27, 2024

I recently had a very disappointing experience with They failed to meet their advertised production and delivery time, which was extremely frustrating. The online portal for checking order status is not updated regularly, leaving me in the dark about my order's progress.

When I reached out to customer service via email, their responses were unhelpful, merely directing me to the same online tracking system that I had already checked multiple times. To make matters worse, their customer service phone number just redirects you back to their website. I had to resort to selecting the "Order New Glasses" prompt just to trick the system into allowing me to speak to a live person.

Once I finally got through to a customer service representative, he couldn't provide any useful information about why my order hadn't shipped. All he could offer was a vague assurance that my order should be shipping shortly. This level of service is unacceptable.

I will never use again and I strongly advise others to avoid this company as well. Their lack of transparency, poor communication, and inability to meet delivery promises make them a company to steer clear of.

Poor customer service
April 17, 2024
You have taken what was originally a great experience and have turned it into a nightmare. I ordered glasses and paid the express on April 2, 2024. We have a trip the end of May, and I need my passport. I also needed to renew my drivers license by the middle of April. No problem, the glasses will be done in plenty of time. It is now the 16th, and I am told that it will be another 6-7 days. It has now been 10 days, and I am told that "we are still within the expected shipping time. All I get is a robot, and the system refuses to put me in touch with a live person. Your system is broken, and your customer service is beyond aggravating. A friend told me about your company and had a great experience. She told one person. Can you imagine how many people I am going to tell!

Poor customer service
April 9, 2024
I paid for expediated shipping on a pair of glasses. (3-5 Business days) Today is day 5 and the system shows they are still in production, and estimated shipping time is 6-7 more days. If I had wanted them in 6-7 more days I would have saved the extra amount, and probably just got them from Costco. The automated chat is absolutely useless on addressing issues like this. I tried calling the number they give for issues, and all it does is send me back to the automated chat. The email they give you to resolve issues is the same nonsense. Send you back to the chat. If you just want cheap glasses and don't really care when they arrive then just keep using them. Meanwhile where is your integrity. Deliver what you promise or pick up the phone and talk to me.

Buy glasses elsewhere - these guys are thieves
November 18, 2023
I placed an order on 10/24 and was told it would take 6 working days to process. They did not ship until 11/5. I used this company for the first time and ordered and paid for 2 sets of glasses and 2 magnetic folding cases. I only received 1 of the cases. I did a live chat with an agent and was told the situation would be corrected. 10 days later I had heard nothing and had not received a refund or my missing glasses case. I tried to call the phone number, but was thrown into another chat session which again resolved nothing - they do not have an option to speak with a live person. These folks ripped me off and made no attempt at correcting their error. I will not be doing business with them again - they have taken my money and not given me the product I paid for!

Bad communications, took 6 weeks to get glasses
October 20, 2023

Where do I begin. I saw all of the positive reviews on other web sites (not this one) and decided to give Glasses USA a try. I ordered my glasses online the end of August, and I finally received them the middle of October. That is six weeks, not six days as they promised.

First, the frames I ordered were out of stock. It took them a week to figure that out. They offered to expedite shipment and gave me a $20.00 off coupon for 'next time'. Nice, but there will be no next time. Then, they took another week to put it back into production.

After several more weeks, and hearing nothing, I tried to call and speak with someone. Forget it. There is no number to call. All you can do is chat with someone. I don't like this because it is slow and usually you get someone that can type, but can't help you. This person said they would escalate the issue and offered (again) to give me expedited shipping. I actually got an email stating that this time.

After some time, I got an email that my glasses were shipped. Guess what? They were not shipped with expedited shipping, as I was promised (twice). It took almost a week until I received them. So far the glasses seem to be OK. You only have 14 days to return them and it may take longer than that to see if they are really OK.

If I were you, I would shop elsewhere. While their product may be OK (still not sure about that), their business practices and customer support stink, and their communications are awful at best.

24/7 Bots is not customer service- Return Policy Fails
September 8, 2023

Picking out glasses is a very personal choice. It is hard to get the right pair the first time you try some on, so we checked the return policy before we bought. 14 day return policy seemed fair. I hate to be the hater, but you need to be aware of poor customer service. Especially when you may want to exchange or return clothing items and glasses.

You seldom get what you wanted the first time. This is our case. Did not like the style of glasses that were sent on May 7, 2023. Didn't want to spend months trying glasses and sending them back, so we opted for a return. Followed the instruction to go online to their site and complete the return forms.

Unfortunately, the bot could not find our order. We tried live Chat, which I suspect is another bot. I finally, after many attempts, spoke to a real person who directed us to the failed bot. We explained the bot could not find our order and she finally agreed to complete the forms for us and they would be getting back to us. They did email us for our order information, which we sent everything we had received from GlassesUSA, including order number, payment method, product description, name, address, email, etc, etc. basically everything we had ever received from them.

They repeated this request six times over three months. to which I sent every document they had sent me for the order. I finally contested the payment through Amazon pay and our credit card company. GlassesUSA through our credit card company says they have not received the glasses back, which I concur as they have not given us any return instructions.

Believe me I would love to be shed of this product. You notice they will talk with our credit card company, but never to us other than to email a request what we have already responded to every time. I believe they hope to out last us. They seem to want us to throw up our hands in despair and let them keep the $267. Not going to happen just on principle. I have tried many times to call their customer service number, but their bot always blocks us.

So much for 24/7 customer service as they advertise. Yes, computer never sleep, I get it. They also can't provide customer service beyond taking orders, but maybe that's the whole idea. It has been five months and counting.

Glasses USA is a Scam
July 20, 2023

This company is a scam. Stay away! Ordered glasses and was told three days in production. Ten days passed with no update. I had to follow up and was told another 4 days. Seven days went by and I had to contact them again and was told wait another 2 days. All updates were it's "in production". This company is a fraud and does not deliver products.

OK first order, but they will not put in new lens when prescription changed.
June 2, 2023
Discovered GlassesUSA when we were in lockdown and needed new glasses. Cheaper frames actually worked better for my prescriptions and fit better. But, my prescription has now changed, and they will not refit the frames with the new lens prescription. So I need to find some other supplier that will do just that, or $600 worth of frames are now worthless.

Do Not Order Glasses From This Company!!!
May 11, 2023

I gave them 1 star only because I could not give them 0 stars or even 1/2 a star. DO NOT ORDER FROM GLASSESUSA.COM!!!! I ordered and paid for my glasses and they were supposed to come with Transitions lenses -- they do not have Transitions lenses.

I've tried sending an email, calling them, the "live" online chat which was definitely not "live" but is a robo chat. I got a response to my first email which told me to make a video of my glasses in direct sunlight to prove that they do not transition. I did this and sent it by email.

I have not received any response to that email. Their email response also provided a number to call for help, but that number is for UHC, and they could not provide a number for When you call the number on the website it is totally automated and you can't reach a real person. I will never order from them again!

They charge you instantly and give you the runaround without shipping anything! SCAM!
May 6, 2023

I ordered contacts on April 7. It's now May 5 and still no contacts. All I get in the run around from different agents. A few say they've been shipped already and they cannot give a refund. Other agents say the contacts are still in production. The tracking # I asked for all month was recently given and says USPS hasn't received the package yet. When I use the chat, I'm given the same run around with no real answer but, they've shipped and they won't refund me.

It's a scam. I'm going to call my credit card company to see what can be done for the product not received. They were so quick to charge me and say it'll be 7-10 business days for my contacts and here we are a month later with lies and still no contacts.

Horrible company!!!
May 1, 2023

I placed my order at the beginning of April. They said that my order would be ready in 6 days. It is now may almost a month later and I STILL have not gotten my glasses. All they do is give you the run around. Theses guys are scam artist! I have asked for a refund but Im not sure if they will give it to me without a fight. This place needs to be shut down ASAP! DO NOT ORDER from this company!!!!

Bad Company!!!!
April 26, 2023

I purchased contact lenses from them, however I felt the lens had something wrong with it and was uncomfortable to wear. They sent me the return label to return the items. It has now been over 3 months, I still have not receive the refund.

I've followed up and chatted with them many times, every-time they're saying the refund will be proceed in 1-2 days however, never received the refund. Tried to dispute the payment from Paypal 2 times, Paypal still closed the case per seller's favor, the reason is "no support documents provided" even though I provided everything!

The paypal representative is not helpful, they just want to close the case! Too bad!!!! I will never ever buy anything from Glasses USA again and will not use my cash on Paypal to make any purchase anymore.... there's no protection at all!!!!

SCAM company
April 19, 2023
Scam artists. Stay away. No human interaction. Paid for four boxes of contacts, and received two, but they will not refund or send the other boxes. Complete scam--not a legit company.

Bait and switch
April 18, 2023
I attempted to order AcuVue Oasys 1 day contact lenses from GlassesUSA at the low price they advertised ($38.88). When I got to the end of the purchase process the price was twice what they had advertised. They had added a $40/box processing fee.

April 8, 2023
ROBO. Thoroughly non human operation. GOOD LUCK!

I will NEVER order from this crappy company EVER AGAIN!!!
April 4, 2023

What didn't go wrong?! The glasses were "in production" for much longer than the website said when we ordered. We never received any communication about the delay in the order.

Once we realized that they were really late and wouldn't be received in a timely manner, I called the number listed at the top of the website to change the shipping address. The only problem is you can't actually talk to anyone - it is just a bunch of messages telling you to go to the website. Since a phone call didn't work, we chatted with an agent to change the shipping address. We were told it would be changed and that the glasses would be shipped overnight as compensation for the delay.

Then FOUR days later, I receive an email that the shipping address could not be changed and I find out that they were shipped out without the express delivery promised and won't be received for 2 weeks. I asked that they pay the shipping to my daughter because of there error, but they wouldn't even respond to that request.

I will NEVER order from this crappy company EVER AGAIN!!!!

Poor return policy and accountability
March 26, 2023

Very excited upon initially ordering my pair of glasses. Great selection fair price and terrible customer service. The original order came in as directed and in a timely manner. Then the problem begins. Needed to return or exchange the glasses because they were a bit large. It took over 2 months to finally receive the reorder.

Unable to get any resolution through customer service by phone. Multiple times I was required to resubmit my information and reason for the exchange. Too many apologies and not enough accountability. Finally received the glasses that were reordered around March 20th. I would not recommend purchasing from this company. Joe B

February 20, 2023
Months and months to get a glasses return completed. They use a system where each question/issue takes over 3 days to respond. I guess they want to wear you out. I'm stubborn so I let you know when an issue in Dec 2022 is finally solved...

Untrustworthy Criminal Company
February 17, 2023

This company is a complete scam. As detailed in the previous review, I tried to order several boxes of contact lenses. They were quick to initially charge my credit card, but then never intended to ship me anything. I had to call 6 times to try to see what was going on.

Apparently they play games with the customer. I noticed that the price they gave me for the contacts was a low price, so they try to play games with you & not ship them out , when , by law, if they can't verify your prescription with your eye doctor, which they could not, they are then supposed to send out your contacts in a speedy manner & assume that your description of your prescription is accurate.

They never did this!! And the disturbing e-mail they sent 2 times was telling me to pay $15 for an eye exam to determine my prescription. Total scam here. I have already contacted my attorney to see what we can do here. Definitely contacting the attorney general office in new york state where I live & the bbb bureau.

They were quick to say to me they will refund my purchase price, so that tells us that they never had any intention of giving me the contact lenses at the original price they said.

Do not do business with these criminals!! I am going to the extent of what the law will allow here! These people & this company are total dirtbags. Read all the reviews here!!!!! You will see a clear pattern of lying & abusive tactics that will try to screw you over!!!

ALEX February 17, 2023

I never received any refund yet. I will continue to update!

Contact Lens Order - Bad Company
February 12, 2023

Your website sucks. Apparently , I was trying to get on to your website to try to use the live chat. I am still on it for about 1 hour, and nothing connects. Actually the error message says that I was disconnected from the chat.

Then I tried to call your phone 800 # to contact a live person on the phone. Apparently there was no option to hook up with a live agent on the phone, unless I pressed new order. Apparently I got a bad e-mail from you telling me that I needed to give you information about my doctor, for a prescription, that I originally gave in the order when I ordered the 3 boxes of contact lenses.

I finally got through on the phone line speaking to a live agent & that person was totally deficient in properly taking down an order #. I asked her to repeat the # I gave her & she took down the wrong number. Then she wants me to divulge my personal information over the phone, which is an invasion of my privacy. I asked her to give me the information with the order # I gave her & she copped a very bad attitude.

But what is most disturbing is that this is my very 1st order from your apparently sub-par company , which had the initial information about the name & location of my doctor, but your disturbing e-mail shows me there are serious problems with your ordering process.

By law, in case your are not aware, if I provided my doctor's information & location ,which I did in this case originally, you are required to contact my eye doctor to try to verify my prescription. If they do not respond in any way, shape or form to you, then you are to assume that my prescription , that I gave you originally, is accurate. And then in that case, you are supposed to ship out my contacts with no delay.

Rest assured, I am going to pursue litigation against your company for violating this law, since you already were very quick to process my credit card information & actually charge my credit card , without verifying any of the information I originally gave , in the order process.

Your phone rep could not even take down the correct order # , when I called. Then she disconnected my phone conversation.

Either send me the 3 boxes of the contact lenses that I ordered or swiftly refund my money which you already charged against my credit card. If I don't get these contacts, you can rest assured you will be hearing from my attorney for breaking the law