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Employers Beware
April 20, 2023 allows people to literally steal money from you and does nothing to encourage valid completion of projects We have wasted thousands with Freelancer and BK Technology. We can't even get our proprietary material returned... extortion
April 8, 2023

I have been working and employing people on for almost 10 years.

I was a preferred freelancer… They asked me to write an exam a few years back and I passed. I was quite happy about that.

Then recently they told all preferred freelancers they MUST pay 100$ to be verified… (even though when you first become a freelancer, it takes 14 days to get your first withdrawal because of intense verification methods… and also when you become a preferred freelancer you’re also ‘extra verified’…). Doesn’t make sense to pay 100$ for nothing. It felt like extortion.

Regardless, they kicked me off the preferred freelancer team. Then they locked and delayed withdrawal release of my own hard-earned money.

They used to withdraw money within 1 day.. now sometimes it takes 2 - 7 days. They money just stays in their account..

And when you try say something about it, they bully you or don’t respond to you.

My account was closed just to steal 2000$
March 2, 2023

I worked with over 2 years, had 60 reviews, all 5-stars, 100% of my orders were completed successfully and every my customer was highly satisfied — I provided good service and everything was fine.

Then war started, I lived in Russia, so I moved to South East Asia 6 months ago and living in Vietnam now. I had 2000$ in my account, but when I tried to withdraw it in my new Vietnamese bank, they limited my account, asked some documents for verification, I sent documents, they didn't respond over a week and then just closed my account without any explanation.

I didn't violate any rules, I just moved to another country. I'm kind of shocked by being scammed after two years of good work there.

freelancer April 08, 2023

I was there for many years. I think it’s the top CEO Matt Barrie. He’s the one in charge of these operations. He seems to just ban or bully anyone who says anything about the dodgy way they do business. They find any way to take money from hard-working freelancers. They think we are expendable.

Terrible support and verification process
November 30, 2022

Very dissatisfied with freelancer and would not recommend. I was looking for a web designer which I quickly found. Freelancer was quick to withdraw the funds from my business credit card but when it came time to pay my freelancer, they say they need a personal funding source rather that a business account. Of course they already have the funds and now I will need to dispute the credit card charges on the business account!

So frustrating that they have NO phone support, so everything happens via chat which you have to wait 24 hours for a response every time you message them.

It's like a bad horror novel for employers
June 26, 2022
Run as fast as you can away from it. It's a nightmare and I lost money. All that is needed to say.

Freelancer Lacks Feedback Option
May 25, 2022

hired a gentleman to do some advertising for my products. after two weeks, no sales whatsoever?

Freelance needs to allow the buyer to provide periodic feedback.

too many scams
March 21, 2022
Too many scam proposals, not enough proposals for jobs on photo editing, video editing.

Scam for employers!
March 2, 2022 is most definitely a scam for employers. After we hired 2 designers for 2 different projects, and then funded the projects, their "support team" locked our account for "ID verification".

Drivers license, photo of the account owner holding a photo of their drivers license, then a photo of the account owner holding a photo of the drivers license and a piece of paper with their code written on it, bank records, paypal info, property records and to explain why you're transactions are coming from an address that doesn't match the property on your records; these are all things they ask of you in a lengthy process, one-by-one to hold your funds indefinitely.

They hope that you'll get so frustrated you leave the funds in their accounts and just toss it up as a loss. DO NOT USE THEM FOR PRICEY GIGS.

KatherynLabosky June 26, 2022

Reviews on other sites were good so I needed help and decided to try it. I suspect other reviews might be paid reviews as I am having a terrible experience. I ordered work from one freelancer, who did two jobs, but then the project was extended and I was happy to keep using him.

He wanted all the money the third time upfront so I paid it. Well shame on me. You can guess the ending. Won't be going back as their support sends me emails that they are working on it. Yeah, sure.

freelancer April 08, 2023

I worked many years as a freelancer and an employer - and it worked great. Now it just seems like a scam. I do not recommend it to anyone.

Many Jobs on Freelancer Don't Exist
February 21, 2022

As a Freelancer just starting out and completing a Master's copywriting course, it seems a lot of the jobs, once you place your bid, a few minutes later, don't exist.

Some of those listing projects, only want to chat with their WhatsApp. And after 5 or 6 bids, most of them "don't exist" popup, Freelancer wants you to pay a fee. I would try some place else for a job. I would not recommend them to anyone at this point. I will be canceling my connection with them.

I'm glad there is a site like this to warn people.

Unprofessional, cheaters, waste of money and time.
January 4, 2022

WORST experience possible. The freelancers, the website, customer service all of them are so unprofessional and disrespectful. I hate to expose people like that but they were so disrespectful. @sidrasadaqat(allsolution) she did the whole thing wrong and wasted so much time.

On top of that, she didn't refund me back on my card. @topacademictutor(atif) he accused me of cheating out of nowhere. @assignsolver(faisal) he did it wrong and begged me to give him a 5 star review even though his work did not deserve even 4 stars and he changed my review without my consent.

This website only adds frustration and wastes your time. If you use the website don't take these three freelancers. I do not recommend using the website though. You don't only pay for the freelancers for their work but you pay an extra fee every single time you create a milestone and they keep charging 60C, 50C, and more for about three to four days.

KatherynLabosky June 26, 2022

I won't be back. Period. You said it all. From the site itself which is clumsy, to the freelancers to the support, I had a rough ride and am out money.

It's a Scam!
September 2, 2021

It's a scam. They have "freelancers" bots that take on your project, charge you "processing fees" and a day later refuse your project, but keep the fees. I tried about 5 people in a matter of a single week.

THEY ALL PROMISED that they have skills to complete your project. A day later they turn it down, but the processing fees no one sends you back. Plus, they sell your phone number. After I enrolled with them, I'm getting 5 millions junk calls from India. It's a SCAM!!!!

freelancer April 08, 2023

The problem is ANYBODY can pretend to BE ANYBODY on as there is no vetting process for professionals. As a professional who worked on their site for many years, I found that there were people pretending like they were professionals in particular fields. Then they would bid super low and people would employ them… and then be disappointed. This site is unprofessional and only cares about membership fees and clients milestones being paid. They don’t care about the quality of work, only for the really high end projects.

The Site is a SCAM - Stay Away
April 12, 2021

An absolute scam!

I'm in the USA and was seeking some freelance design work. I put a project out there, and paid the fees for a recruiter and NDA. My credit card company sees the site as a scam (the company is based in Australia), so I had to have SEVERAL conversations with the fraud division of my credit card company to get access to card released for use.

For the site itself, 5 days into the project (and after I had paid $400 for services), they tell me that I need to "verify" my identity with by providing legal documents such as my passport, or national identity card, or drivers license - and that I need to take my picture with these documents. Also, that I also need to provide proof of my address, including such items as my bank statements, utility bills, or other government issued ID.

They claim that they are trying to make sure their freelancers are "safe", but frankly, they had gotten a $400 payment from me which cleared my bank. There is nothing else they need - they are just trying to steal your identity. is the worst!
January 15, 2021
This company is worse than anything. They close your account and take your hard earned money without any reason. I think I should report them to the labor department.

Hidden fees and continuous billing
March 8, 2020

On February 4, 2020 I contracted with and they added a service transaction fee, then they added a foreign transaction fee. They billed me for a milestone and refused to release it to the freelancer making it appear as though it was my fault for failing to verify my account.

Once they paid the freelancer the upon agreed amount plus transaction fees they continue to charge my account up until now which is a month later. Every few days they bill my account between $1.35 to $5.00 including an associated foreign transaction fee. If you multiply that by thousands of users at $2 to $5 each user then that adds up to thousands of dollars.

This company is a scam

freelancer April 08, 2023

Agreed - they make SO MUCH on transactions fees. Like changing euro to dollar, it’s SUCH A SCAM. As a freelancer, I never got the right exchange rate. It was basically the same as a dollar always. They claim it's the bank taking the foreign transaction fees, but I don’t believe it. I wish this company will be investigated. Is there any actual international ombudsman that one can report this company to?

Scammed by the website itself.
January 8, 2020

The site is constantly creating fake project in order to get people click on it so they get instant project fees taken out from our account and then disappear and never talk to you. Yes you heard me the site is hiring people to scam the honest worker.

Even thought there is also independent scammer that create fake account for phishing There is no point for whoever to create fake projects without at least sending link or talking to us, so once you clicked on accepting project boom they got your money and nobody else but is going to see the color of that money.

Even employer pay fees for accepted project so you don't need to be a genius to understand that most of the fake project are from itself. It now happen almost every time you get hired (by honest employer) and complete a project they will try every time to get that money you earned it is more than shady its inhuman.

The only advice I can give is to never accept a job from someone that want to hire you for a job you didn't apply. overall stay away from this website there is far more better such as

A Scam - No Process To Ensure Freelancers Perform
October 30, 2019

Did a job with a person who after I paid the money to Freelancer then came back and tried to get more money to fix mistakes he himself made !! Promised 3 day delivery after 4 weeks nothing finished. Then to fix his mistakes wanted more money !

They know FL is holding your cash and the way FL is set up the worker gets paid even with poor performance !!

Do NOT is FL who grabs $ and does not support customers. Use Hubstaff where you control all payments period ! Freelancer is biased to the worker and so they attack the worst of the worst !! Hubstaff you control the total payment process so there you get confident and competent workers !

Freelancers use because they know they will get paid regardless of performance thus this site gets the worst of the worst !!

FL is a pure scam to get $ wherever they can and do nothing to support employers.

Employer Scammed Me.
July 25, 2018

I have account for how many years but I never tried to apply with them but a month ago I tried my luck since I am looking for a job. I got hired as a Virtual Assistant and I thought the company was legit.

I am reluctant at first because their pay rate is very high, but because I needed a job I did continue to work with them, the created a Slack account as means of our communication, they even had a WorkSnaps to make it look legit, they also let me sign the NDA and TAX form so I really thought that this is legit.

In addition to that, they have given me a company's website where I can see that all names and pictures on Slack communicator are also the one on their website. I was doubtful sometimes because they have broken English to the fact that the company they represent was based in CA U.S.A but still continue with the task they are letting me do.

This week should be my first month where I should get my salary but what happened was they have deleted the Slack account we use to communicate so I just realize I was scammed by this people. They may not able to get money from me but I have given my effort for a month that is 10 hours shift per day.

This is a lesson learned for me to be more keen in accepting jobs from an employer. If you are in doubt of the company look for them in Facebook and message them directly or reach their company website if they really hired for a freelancer. I would not recommend you to look for a job in

Not Just You
November 3, 2017

Freelancer is design to drain your hard earn money. The exchange rates are too low and unreasonable.

I have 300+ USD on my account and I earn it for 3 sleepless nights and when I withdraw they ask me to wait for 15 days. I'm so happy and then the next day when I logged into my account. The nightmare started "ACCOUNT CLOSE". My hard earn money is gone.

I will never use freelancer again. I hope talented freelancers will stay away from this site.

When will authorities take action agaist those bastards.

Jings Reid December 06, 2017

recently as november, wow, im waiting for dec17, lets see if i theyll release funds, i can handle those low prices and scams, but not giving me my money is just NO NO, ill add another comment as update, lets see

freelancer April 08, 2023

so sorry to hear. you should report this company.

Thieves. Please give me my 350aud
May 26, 2017

Horrible site. Criminal. Thieves. Dubious customer service and worst platform you can ever depend on.

I have worked with for 7years. Seven good years of my life went down with this company.

Before then, I signed up with script lance site which later sold to them my info was transferred to by chance( I didn't just find myself there intentionally considering the circumstance)

The first few months, I discovered their non-refundable commission policy which they use to scam both buyers and workers. They can collect lots of money from your account without explanations. after a task is done, they will still collect money and when an employer files a chargeback from the bank, they won't investigate the issue but claims 50% of the charge & give the employer 50% whereby encouraging work without pay while they accomplice the employer to steal from you.

Most case, if you get a new employer who didn't know anything about tricks and weakness, you will get paid but once you meet their partners in crime, you're screwed for good. A lot of stuffs are going on there that I wonder why the crime investigation team on the Internet haven't shutdown that site.

The latest scam plot between freelancer and the employers is to claim that milestone is released to you while the employer file for a chargeback from the bank and receive a total refund and you lose your file to them.

I have struggled with this issue for months now and an employer I worked for 4months ago with good review given to me, didn't file a chargeback but there is an issue of chargeback filed by freelancer on behalf of the employer.

How did I find out, I talked with the employer and he told me clearly that he didn't have any issues with me. In fact he still appreciates the task I did for him. I asked him to contact and he did but they asked him to provide vital government based info with other credit card details and he sensed the fraudulent plan and refused. The employer replied to me with this comment

"That site is evil"

he encouraged me to use other platform but I wanted to get to the root of the matter by contacting customer service who claimed that the employer refused to further verify his identity.

I asked them what that has to do with the chargeback claims (because it's obvious the employer didn't file dispute and the task I did 4months ago. Till now this people haven't replied, they took 350 Australian dollars from my account and refuse to give me back my money.

They money I worked for was collected from me without any explanation or reasons.

I'm tired of this system that I wish to report them to all reputation sites on the internet because that's not the only bad experience I had on

Please don't mind the good reviews you see around. paid some people to write good reviews to promote their site. While most of the bad reviews you're seeing is real.

freelancer April 08, 2023

I am also using this site for many years and now I see how they scam us. It is not right. How do we report this to an ombudsman?
May 15, 2017

Hello my friends. I hope you are doing great. From personal experience, just recently I have hard times with Freelancers.Com

They won’t give me my money that I worked for in a valid contest. They have to give me 166gbp. But they are scam, they told me that the contest was closed to protect me as a user. This has no relevance or logic..

Short story: I have entered in a contest, with prize 500gbp to create design for an employer. The contest was guaranteed (this is a safety measure to guarantee us the freelancers that the money will be paid to us, for sure, meaning the prize will be awarded 100% even if the employer does not decide a winning design). I have uploaded many valid entries, me and other freelancers.

The contest holder (employer) had 14days to decide the winning design, but unfortunately he did not pick one. So the prize must be split between the active entries. Meaning me and 2 other freelancers had active entries for the contest. I have talked with one of the support team and assured me that the money will be splitted in 3, after another 14 days. It has been passed these 14 days, and yesterday when I wait my part of the share 166.66gbp, I see the contest deleted and no money in the account.

Their explanation: “we understand your concern on this contest. However, it is better to remove the contest that will cause liabilities to users and to us even if the contest is guaranteed. We are protecting users from this kind of contest as it will create issues in the future.”

Are you kidding me?? And so they took our prize money and for what?? Avoid them !!! They are scam and they make the rules but they do not respect the rules nor the terms and conditions. In their terms and conditions specify that guarantee prize means the money will go to the freelancers 100% !!