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My review for Is a BIG Negative10000000000 ..AVOID this SCAM site if you value your TIME and your MONEY.
November 12, 2013
They are NOTHING more than thieves sitting behind their desk and scam innocent people. My account is suspended for a funny excuse they blame.One of my employers had some issues with them because they took money out of his account on an monthly basis without his authorization and he had no choice just file a reversal with his PayPal account because they refuse to refund him the money. Funny thing is that suspended my account and does not let me to withdraw my money out of my freelancer account because of the issue my employer has with them.If my employer failed to get verified what will happen to my account and my money.They want my money to put in their coffer.

Kristopher Y November 13, 2013

Hello Fatemeh,

This is Kristopher from Thank you for bringing this to my attention. It is with a regret to hear that your account has been suspended due to one of your employers filing a payment reversal over their deposit which has been used as Milestone Payments for you.

I would to get a clear picture to be able to understand how it happened then. Please send me an email to [email protected] with your username and the Project ID posted by the involved employer.

As soon as I get your email/ticket, we'll have it analyzed & reviewed further to determine what really happened.

I look forward to your response regarding this matter.

Account limited Employer verification issue
November 11, 2013


I am working on freelancer from last 1 year I have many employers with 60+ feedbacks with ongoing jobs. Now I am hatting this website most of my clients told me not to use this website switched to others but now It is becoming true that freelancer is seriously not good.

Few days ago I bid a project and employer accepted my bid and hire me I worked hard and did job well employer was happy and gave me good feedback after few hours I received an email from freelancer that please verified yourself your account became limited

I submitted my verifications they accepted and verified my 3 verifications method (Name DOB,GOV ID through passport, key code verification, and project question verification) except these 2

1st I have told freelancer verification center about all my project description and steps which I have took to complete it but now they are saying that my employer will get verified after that your account limitation will finished I have other projects going on working on them. If my employer failed to get verified what will happen to my account and ongoing projects as my employer is not replying back as verification process is of 45 days what will happen after that

Now I am at address verification in this case I have submitted my bank statement of 12 month old freelancer told me to upload new one within of 3 months I visit bank and get the new bank statement which was different from old one I ask from bank representatives they told me they have changed the format of bank statement. I submitted it to verification center but they are not accepting it I even submitted my internet bill still they are requesting new address verification I always receive my internet bill on my email. I am living in a rented house and I have bills but they are not on my name as I am in rented house What should I do in this case?

I am worried what will happen afetr 45 days if my client failed to get verified as I have open projects on which I am working



Fahad M November 12, 2013

Thanks Kristopher for taking attention to my matter

As I am worried I have other open ongoing projects working for other employers This issue has to be resolved soon as my hourly projects are on freelancer I have submitted my latest Bank statement too for address verification remaining I have verified my self on other methods



Kristopher Y November 12, 2013

Hello Fahad,

This is Kristopher from Thank you for bringing this to my attention. I have received the ticket/email sent to my email address.

I will have a review of your current situation with your account limitation status and that of your employer as well.

This may require coordination with one of our specialized team in investigating this matter.

We will give feedback as soon as the appropriate department provides its recommendation for this concern within 48 hours.

October 21, 2013

These people are HORRID!

I set up an account tonight, and made the asinine mistake of linking it to my Facebook account. Then I read all these horrible reviews and went to disable my account.

Well.... NO CAN DO! I cannot do anything to reverse what I have done.

I have gone in to my settings in FB and disallowed the app yet mysteriously, they still post all my info. They have my location and phone number and there is no way "take it all back".


Jacknabox January 04, 2014

sheri what happened to your account? I wanted to create one myself but when I saw these horrible reviews, I'm not sure

Kristopher Y November 06, 2013

Hello Sheri,

Good day to you!

This is Kristopher from Thank you for bringing this to my attention. I sincerely apologize for the long delay it took in addressing your concern.

I have gone over the the ticket we have forwarded to the concerned team and it shows that they have already responded to your concern. The winning contest designer responsible for the "copyright infringement" of your own design has now been blacklisted from joining any contest posted on our site.

I will send you a follow up ticket regarding this matter. Please await my response.

Sheri November 02, 2013

I still have NOT heard anything regarding this IP theft. It's been a while. This "ticket" has gone nowhere. Don't worry readers, I will keep you updated on what I hear from Freelancer, but as of now, they have done nothing to address the theft of my design.

Oh yeah and a side note: since I "joined" this scam site, I have been SPAMMED by hundreds of junk mail. I have had the email address for over 4 years with no spam. Coincidence? I doubt it.

Kristopher Y October 22, 2013

Hello Sheri,

Good day to you!

This is Kristopher from Thank you for bringing this to my attention. I have received the ticket/email sent to my email address and have properly responded to it already.

Your concern about possible "copyright infringement" violation of another contest designer has already been forwarded to a specialized team to be properly investigated.

Furthermore, I will send you a separate email regarding the other concern about your account details that were posted upon creating your account through your Facebook account.

If you need further assistance or clarifications, please don't hesitate to contact me personally on the email address showing on your sender's list at anytime.

Sheri October 21, 2013

So, I entered one contest, (they still haven't taken down my membership, and the "winner" completely ripped off my design. The only way I can "fight it" is if I log back in again with my Facebook account. DISHONEST Freelancers with no ethics. And FREELANCER.COM could care less!

Sheri October 21, 2013

I sent in a help ticket to close my account. Here is what they said:

"Accounts can only be closed on our end. Please tell us why you wish to cancel your account. What can we do to encourage you to stay? Since you are a free membership user, you can just leave your account closed until you want to come back."

UGH NO, just turn me loose already!

Negative Balance Error !
October 18, 2013


Yesterday i was surprised when i logged in ! i have 260 AUD , and 0 USD

so it was changed to 260 AUD and -56$

i clicked on transactions:

17 Oct 2013 09:29 Reversal of [Done milestone payment from NotGoingHome for project Graphic Design (Partial payment for project) (USD) from 08/25/2013 at 21:11 EDT] (USD) USD -56.00

NotGoingHome awarded us a project, and created a 56$ milestone we finished the work but they disappeared, they didn't release the payment!

So i don't know why i was charged for something i didn't receive ! they created it why they charged me ?

There is always an error in the system !

Jacknabox January 04, 2014

yea! why would you take money from his account?

Fouad October 21, 2013

Thank you Krostopher, but its not my problem to deduct the amount from my balance !

Kristopher Y October 19, 2013

Hello Fouad,

Good day to you!

This is Kristopher for I understand that your account incurred a negative balance of $56.00 USD when a payment made by your employer "NotGoingHome" had been reversed.

I found your existing support ticket and saw that you were informed by our Support Team to contact your employer to settle the issue regarding the payment. Please expect a follow up email from on the said ticket with my email address, [email protected]

I will make sure to personally monitor this situation together with you by sending a follow up email to your employer as well. We will also notify the other concerned team handling your employer's account after it had encountered issues from within.

If you need further assistance or clarifications, please don't hesitate to contact us again through this site or your Support Ticket as well.

August 15, 2013

If I ever heard about before I finished the job, I would have never used it. I got one project from there and I completed my job very well. And my employer was so happy with the job and kindly left a review, paid before I even asked. And guess what I get, NOTHING. took my money and won't give it back to me. They asked me verify my information for security reason. And I DID everything they asked to get my money. And then, of course they keep giving me some BS about security. And now they told me my employer needs to do same thing.

Seriously? Their questions were already rude enough. Treating me like I did something wrong. And then my employer too? I told them, My employer has paid the payment and he thinks it's all done. It's been over 2 weeks since job has been done and I can't contact him. EVER SINCE, I said I can't contact him, ALL THEY SAY IS ' WELL, UNTIL YOU CONTACT HIM TO DO VERIFICATION, WE CAN'T RELEASE THE MONEY.' That is the only thing I get everytime.

Don't ever use this website. Total scam and fraud. Basically all you do is, you will get a project, work hard and give all the money to them. That's how their system works.

P.S, Don't even think about posting BS on this 'Abe'. Stop stocking people here.

Hai C January 30, 2014

OP: Next time it should be:

P.S, Don't even think about posting BS on this 'Abe' AND your friends. Stop stocking people here.

Kristopher Y September 23, 2013

Hello is Scam,

This is Kristopher for We appreciate your recent comment/feedback that we have come across this site. We know that there is a reason why you have made a feedback like this and we like to understand what had triggered this particular situation.

At this point I want to hear your thoughts and comments about your personal experience with our customer support group. We always strive to bring into existence a confirming customer experience.

Send me an email to [email protected] and we'll have the details be reviewed so that we can improve more on our service towards valued customers like you. We also like to know if there is any specific incident that you can give as an example when you send me an email.

I look forward to your response soon. i September 19, 2013

Worst Site, where we complain they send their support Team,which you all know ,copy paste tricks:) omg. They show others that they are trying to help....But they don't.

So change your policies ,and thefts .Otherwise you will be in hell for sure.Sick ugh i feel like vomitting when i see thier page.


Chaim S September 03, 2013

Kristopher: Why had been disseminating my private data from user database?

Lai August 31, 2013

No thanks.

I believe I was talking to Chaim.

Chaim S August 29, 2013

Kristopher: Your customer support had been blackmailing me (ticket EWQ-697-92677). You have told me that either I remove my articles about you or you will inform my local authorities about purported offense of mine. Is this legitimate?

Lai August 28, 2013

No thanks I waited enough.

I believe I was talking to Chaim.

Kristopher Y August 28, 2013

Hello Lai,

This is Kristopher from We have come accross your post with the username "Greensea" and it shows that one of my colleagues (Ethan Flynn) have sent a response to your concern about your migrated vWorker account.

We were waiting for a response from you so that we can assist with your concern. We have assisted a lot of vWorker migrated users who requested to locate their account and merged it to their existing accounts as well and it was done successfully.

We also want the same for you. Feel free to send me a direct to [email protected] along with the usernames or email addresses you have registered with both vWorker and accounts so that we may locate it and possible recommend for merging as well.

I look forward to your response soon.

Lai August 28, 2013

You're welcome Chaim.

I was one of their victims. Unfortunately this service ( doesn't support direct link to a specific review (though I've contacted them to suggest that feature one or two months ago). But my review is under the nick "Greensea", on Jan 10, 2013, -- I was talking about vWorker merging process to Freelancer(dot)com, and about vWorker's former CEO Ian Ippolito. The review seems to stand at page #3 counting down from the biggest page number -- at this time it is #3 (the total is 5 pages, so counting down as 5 -> 4 -> 3).

Wish you the best.

Chaim S August 26, 2013

Sorry, it was LAI I meant. I need some sleep, I am afraid.

Chaim S August 26, 2013

Hi Lay .Yes, they have been doing it for many months. No wonder why - see my article: "Insults, Injuries, Statements". The intensity of their abuse is simply unexplainable.

Yeah, I am afraid I will have no other choice but to make it official. The biggest flaw of it is I will have to find legal assistance in Australia.

Lai August 24, 2013

Hi Chaim,

It seems they ignored you. If you could, contact a lawyer.

Freelancer dot com is a joke.

Chaim S August 22, 2013

Hi Kristopher Y. I am Chaim Kovalsky, author of Get a Hindu blog. Please tell me why have you at been spilling my private data? Why have you been threatening me? Why have you been trying to illegally threaten me into silence? Hope to hear from you too.

Kristopher Y August 21, 2013

Hello Another UnHappy FREElancer,

This is Kristopher from I can see you have experienced some issues around our membership fees and in changing/adding skills to your profile.

I want to make sure any issues experienced are resolved. Send me an email with your username to [email protected] so that I can rectify your concerns with the paid membership fees charged to you & assist in adding skills to your profile.

I hope to hear from you soon.

Kristopher Y August 21, 2013

Hello Another UnHappy FREElancer,

This is Kristopher from I can see you have experienced some issues around our membership fees and in changing/adding skills to your profile.

I want to make sure any issues experienced are resolved. Send me an email with your username to [email protected] so that I can rectify your concerns with the paid membership fees charged to you & assist in adding skills to your profile.

I hope to hear from you soon.

Another U August 19, 2013

I am sick and tired of the abuse from - I have been an active member since 2005 and every since the company was bought and changed from it's been a total vacuum for my earned profits. They've constantly kept increasing fees, taken money out of my account for a paid membership that I did NOT agree to use under the guise of trying to tell me I was under a "Trial Membership" and after it expired they had authorization to take money from my account to pay for the

"Paid Membership".

In order to bid on projects you must have matching skills selected in your profile. i.e. if someone posts a project to build an eCommerce site, you must have "ecommerce" selected as one of your skills. Well I've had 20 skills selected for the last 6 years. When I log in I and attempt to bid on a project I get a nice little notification that I must update my "SKILLS" in order to bid.

After going to update my skills, I notice that a majority of my skills are unchecked / no longer selected. At the top of the page it says that I can have up to 20 skills selected and I have the ability to change my skills 5 times.

So I added ONE skill which was ecommerce. The page magically refreshes after I click save and suddenly I have NO selected skills and only eCommerce as my only skill. At the top of the page, I now have "0" times left to update my skills or change then and NOW I am offered the option to PAY MONEY to update or add to my skills.

TOTAL B.S. - I HATE THIS COMPANY - I have never been so irritated with any online service provider as I have been with this company. They're stealing from people on a daily basis and rigging their system to extract as much money as possible from every single user they've got.

I hope someone forms a class action lawsuit to investigate and tear down their internally rigged scam scheme. I've read countess articles, blog posts and unhappy comments about exactly the same thing I've been through and much worse.

They're scoundrels no doubt.

Chaim S August 19, 2013

Hi Kristopher. Why have I been harassed by Why have you been insulting and blackmailing me? Why have you spilled my private data?

Kristopher August 18, 2013

Hi Fraudwatcher,

I am Kristopher from Thanks for alerting us regarding the bad service you have received from customer support, along with additional concerns about your hard earned funds.

We would like to hear your feedback about your experience so that we can work on it to improve our service to our valued customers like you. Feel free to send me an email to [email protected] with your username so that I can personally investigate why you are having difficulty getting your earned funds.

I look forward to receiving your response soon.

Something Else to Consider
July 12, 2013
Is there a possibility of malware from

Chaim S July 14, 2013

Hi Abe. What about privacy policy. Why don't you inform the users you do whatever you fancy with their private data (including govt. ID scans etc.). Why don't you inform you export user data abroad and users have no control what happens with those?

Abe July 13, 2013


This is Abe from I understand that you are worried about getting malware from the site.

To set your expectations, the site itself is safe; however, we would highly recommend that you contact Support in case you find any user content that you think may contain malware so they can look into it.



Account Verification ?! After 1.5 year and around ~140 completed projects ?
July 5, 2013


I've started working over Freelancer 1.5 years ago.

I have great employers and had a great opinion about, but after today... I've changed my opinion about them.

Today I've requested withdraw, so I can receive money next week. After receiving confirmation email that I've requested withdrawal, additional email came to verify my account.

I have around ~140 completed projects, with average score 5.0 and currently locked 400$ on my balance and ~1500$ in milestones.

I have few really serious projects ongoing, and that money in milestones is just a half of money that I should receive.

My current balance:

Upcoming milestones:


I've also sent my personal ID, the picture where I'm holding confirmation number and one letter that I've received on my post address from Payoneer. (they asked for 2 scanned bills/letters received on address, but I just don't have it...). Then I should wait 2-3 business days, and as weekend is coming, I can assume that I will get reply in 5 days, and I don't know what to do.

After getting into this, I've searched and saw that a lot of people couldn't resolve their issues and I will now notify all my employers about issues that I have. Probably they will dispute milestones on PayPal and get their money back, but what can I do ?

Support is often not helpful at all, sometime I think that they start to argue with me, as they don't understand simple questions.

In the last few months, a lot of new employers/freelancers are just agents, scammers and cheaters.

Chaim S August 26, 2013

Pardon: it was LAI I meant

Chaim S July 30, 2013

In case you had your sight impaired, Abe (asked this question before). Why does personnel spill user data (including name and surname)?

Abe July 20, 2013

Hi Mushtaq,

Can you provide me with your username or any tickets that you have raised with our Support Team so we can review your case? Just send the details to [email protected] and indicate that the message is for Abe.

I'll wait for your email.

Kind regards,


Mushtaq M July 19, 2013

same thing happen to me 2 days ago.They put limited access on my account I have one month saving in that more than 990$.I provide them all possible documents they are asking me to provide driving license.What a BS and i clearly sent them twice that i don't have driving license because i never need that and they are also asking me to ask you employer to reply us i leave more than 30 messages for employer but they are not responding to me and i told to freelancer that they are i can force some one for verification its duty of freelancer to verify them before they post.They give me job i done that now you freelancer put me and my whole family in trouble but they are saying that your account got permanently blocked if you didnot ask your employer to reply.....What the bull crap is this..

Chaim S July 12, 2013

What about my question, Abe? Why had been spilling my private data on purpose?

Abe July 08, 2013

Hi Mario,

The proper department just informed me that they have finished reviewing your account and you should now have full access to it again.

Please let me know if you require any further assistance.

Kind regards,


Chaim S July 07, 2013

Abe: Why has compromised my privacy by revealing my personal data?

ChaimS July 06, 2013

Hi Abe. When will you tell me why feels free to compromise user privacy by publishing their private data and exporting those to third countries without full disclosure? What about infringed copyright? Why have I been slandered by you after launching articles criticizing you at Get a Hindu blog?

Mario July 06, 2013


Few minutes ago I've got Verified:

Thank you Abe and I'm looking forward to have good cooperation like we had before.

You should also think about enabling verification for new members, and in that way you will not have a lot of fake projects and people who will scam each others.

Thank you again once more,


Mario July 06, 2013

Hello Abe,

Thank you very much. I was really honest when I wrote everything, I still think that Freelancer is great, but that you should ask new Freelancers and Employers to do verification process.

Yesterday I was really disturbed when I realized that my account got suspended, without any previous notification.

I hope that we will resolve all issues today, on the mutual satisfaction.

Thank you,


Abe July 06, 2013

Hi Mario,

This is Abe from I understand that you are experiencing difficulties with verifying your account due to the number of available utility bills you can use for verification.

I found your existing support ticket that has been escalated to the proper department already. I will personally ask the department that is handling your case for a follow-up.

Kindly wait for their response.



Mario July 06, 2013


They did answered to me, I'm on step 3 of verification. But, they just don't understand that I don't receive often letters over post office from my bank. And also I don't receive letters for utility bills, as I'm not the owner of the house where I live (owner is my father).

They don't accept Payoneer letter that I've received on SAME address, with my Payoneer credit card - that is linked with my Freelancer account.

They should really change method of verification.

I've explained them in details, but they don't answer nor accept it.

Freelancer is a complete scam!
July 5, 2013

This started 3 weeks ago when a programmer couldn't do the job and gave me the money back - just took the advantage and kept holding my money!

Tried to talk with Chat, Phone and Email support but all they said: "Can't help you". That's where I had no chance and I had to turn to PayPal for a dispute.

1 hour later, they set my account to -$210 just because I claimed that I want my money back and even when the programmer paid me back, they set my account to $0 so I won't have a choice to take the money back.

I'm willing to go anywhere needed and invest as much money as needed to make this issue completed and stop that online scam.

Chaim S July 10, 2013

Hi Abe. When will you tell me why spilled private data from its database? Why have you been threatening me and fellow people into silence?

Abe July 06, 2013

Hi Ross,

This is Abe from I understand that you had issues with retrieving your deposit which ended with a chargeback claim. Can you forward the details of your issue along with your username to [email protected]? Just make sure to address it to Abe so Support can forward your case directly to me for review.

I will wait for your email.



Be careful with
June 27, 2013
If somebody is looking for a freelancer job – don't use They took my money and never gave it back to me. I suggest , as the best site for freelancers.

Abe July 04, 2013

Hi Pascal,

This is Abe from Can you please forward the details of what happened with your funds along with your username to [email protected]? Please indicate that the email is for Abe so I can personally look into what happened.

I will wait for your email.



Commission Problem
June 26, 2013

Hello !

I am a scriptlance user, but since freelancer took over scriptlance, i switched !

I was awarded a 660$ project then the client stopped replying and he doesn't want to pay nor continue.

I was already charged 66$, i contacted the support system they said they can't issue any refund.

Why should i pay the commission if i was scammed ?!

Regards !!

Jacknabox January 04, 2014

what happened? fuad? did they help you? did you get your money back?

Abe July 11, 2013

Hi Fouad,

This is just a confirmation that we have received your ticket and responded to it already.

Let me know if you require any further assistance.

Kind regards,


Abe July 04, 2013

Hi Fouad,

This is Abe from I understand that your employer stopped responding to you and the project has yet to be completed. Kindly forward the details of the project along with your username to [email protected] and indicate that the email is for Abe so I can personally look into this.

I will wait for your email.



Anniversary Card
June 16, 2013
I had my 3D anniversary card designed, developed and completed within 5 days. I set up 2 milestones one at 50% completion and the other was released on completion. I selected the freelancer based on experience, and previous projects completed. I had no issues using the freelancer site and if anything I'm looking forward to using it again. The amount of money I saved and the ability to have it organised and completed all within the vicinity of my own home. Way to go freelancer and thank you for looking after my financials.

TazmanianDevil November 11, 2013

I think "australia" is the big give-away here, considering the company is from australia!

Sheri October 21, 2013

hahaha, like a real client would use that verbiage?!

"I set up 2 milestones one at 50% completion and the other was released on completion."

They would be like "I used this site for an anniversary card and the project went great! Would def. use again!"

James August 05, 2013

This is so obviously PR from to counterbalance the many, many negative reviews. Unethical!

Graphic Designers are scamming freelancers
June 15, 2013

Graphic designers are posting jobs for $30 and in turn sell them to their clients for a lot more money. They tell you they will own all rights to the logo or whatever. So they are claiming your work as their own.

I have also complained many times that people are googling images and putting them directly into their work...and then WINNING. They are never deleted, never suspended, nothing.

I'm done with

Abe June 18, 2013

Hi Adrea,

This is Abe from I understand that you have encountered issues with graphic design related projects and contests. We would be more than glad to look into what happened.

Please send an email to [email protected] and indicate that the email is for Abe.



Account Limited
June 11, 2013

To verify your identity, visit the Verification Center.

End dher they don't acept my personl data i send 5 times

for me the is a full scam site

Sara0401 June 19, 2013

Another freelancer robot??

Abe June 18, 2013

Hi Edison,

This is Abe from I understand that you are encountering difficulties with verifying your account through our Verification Center. Can you please send an email to [email protected] and ask the ticket to be forwarded to me so I can personally look into your issue?



Nickle and dime
June 4, 2013
I was on there as an employer not a freelancer, and there were too many fees, and their dispute resolution SUCKS. I am done with being nickled and dimed, and am only using Elance now.

Abe June 18, 2013


This is Abe from It appears that you had some issues with our Dispute Resolution Service and the fees on our site. We would like to look into this and help you if possible.

Please send an email to [email protected] with your username and the details of your concern. Also, please indicate that the ticket is for me so I can personally assist you with this.



This company is a scam!!
May 31, 2013
We used to try to find a person to complete our e-commerce site. We had a project budget of $500-700. We found a freelancer to complete the project, and we paid $150 for what they call a milestone payment. The person working never did any work on our site. He kept sending us emails telling us to send him money outside of paypal because the company takes too much out and he didn't have a credit card linked with paypal. Knowing this was in violation (and very shady) we felt uneasy to continue working with both, and the person who won the bid on our project. Seeing as NO work was completed on our site, we asked for a refund of the $150 originally paid. Freelancer said they do not offer refunds, and that we would have to find another person to complete the project through their site. In the meantime they locked us out of our account, and there is no one to talk to. Three weeks in dealing with these people we now have to open a paypal dispute. These people are total scammers and a complete waste of time and money. I would FIND ANOTHER COMPANY!!

Jacknabox January 04, 2014

Nicole, so your dispute has been solved?

Abe June 18, 2013

Hi Nicole,

This is Abe from I understand that you had some issues with the freelancer that you hired for your project and the Milestone Payment that you created for them. We would like to look into your issue and resolve it if possible.

Please send an email to [email protected] and include your username and the details of your concern. Also, indicate on your email that the ticket is for me so I can personally assist you with this.



Freelancer.Com scams the freelancer
May 31, 2013

After reading all these reviews, it's hard to add anything new, but I want anyone still considering (or worse, actually using!) to quickly move on.

I started on Freelancer.Com after they bought vWorker. As I already had a good reputation, I didn't go research Freelancer.Com (that's probably why Freelancer.Com MUST keep buying new victims). I have made several thousand USD and have some good clients, but Freelancer.Com has still scammed me. Once I got to the point I was fed up with them, I found this site. Here are some points, almost all of them echoed by the other comments, except for the first. I haven't seen this point mentioned yet:

1. Completion Rate: The completion rate is calcuated by total number of projects SENT TO YOU (not accepted, just sent to you) divided by the completed. Yes, I had someone trash my Completion Rate because he kept sending me a job and I wouldn't accept it until he had all the requirements for me to start! (He wasn't trying to be malicious and didn't even know this was happening... why would he??)

2. I was awarded $2000 projects from a client but he never responded. Of course, I wasn't foolish enough to accept because he lacked project details, but I couldn't figure out the reason for someone to do this. Either it was to make the compition loose money and maybe leave or ?? (Of course, it also didn't help my completion rate.) There is something very wrong with Freelancer.Com to set up their system this way.

3. I've completed projects for clients, been paid by the clients, received 5 Star rating had the money deposited to my account. All good. A few weeks later when I go to make my first withdrawal, oh guess what? There are problems with the CLIENT FUNDS. I don't even find out until the money is missing from my PayPal account. I eventually find out from Freelancer.Com support that there is an issue with the client funds and that I should contact them for payment. Um, EXCUSE ME FREELANCER.COM - WHAT IS THE POINT OF YOU AGAIN?? The thing is, I was talking to the client and he even sent me the pictures he had to take with his ID and other information. Turns out, Freelancer.Com charged his CC over $3000 for $150 project! (His laywer was taking over the situation.)

4. I've been awarded projects, had milestone payments deposited, did the work and had the client cancel. Everything gone EXCEPT my fee - of courese, I still had to pay that fee. No Refunds. No Exceptions.

5. I've had milestone payments created, delivered the work to the client and requested the milestone to be released. Client acknowledges I did almost 70% of the project but wants me to finish it before he pays me. I say no, pay me the 50% milestone first. It goes to arbitration. I lose. Why??

I sitll have a 5 Star rating on Freelancer.Com, though I'm sure they'll cancel my account if they can figure out my username. Everything above I can support from my own experience.

If you don't trust the reviews you've read here, then come back and post your own WHEN you get scammed by Freelancer.Com. (I expect scammers to use any website they can. I don't expect to be scammed by the website operators directly!)

Abe June 19, 2013

Hi Rick,

This is Abe from Your Completion Rate should only be affected by projects that you have accepted. Mind if we take a look into your account so we can figure out what happened?

Kindly forward your details along with the other concerns that you have raised here to [email protected] Also, please indicate that the message is for Abe so I can personally assist you with this.

We will wait for your email.



How I lost my money at
May 15, 2013

At the first half of February, 2013 I got a payment from employer M. (a little bit more than $1K). M. is a reputable employer (member of Rent-A-Coder / VWorker / since 2004, reputation is 5.0 based on almost 60 reviews; 80+ projects completed).

I got more transfers from other employers and made some successful withdrawals after that payment (some days my balance at was close to 0) and felt happy with my job.

Everything has collapsed at the 2nd half of April. I’ve requested a new withdrawal ($800+ - my balance at was a bit more that that amount) but got nothing in time. I thought that there was a bug in software and made another request for withdrawal of the same amount. In a day I've noticed that my request was just disappeared from the respective list at I would like to highlight that during that time I have not got any messages from other than “Latest projects and contests matching your skills.”

Of course I've submitted a ticket to support. They have responded that employer M. is having an account issue with them (as I noted above, the reputation of M. on that site shouldn't cause any doubts), and that the amount which I have received from M. cannot be withdrawn.

There were a lot of words… Here is the model (please note that all dates, amounts and user names are close but not exactly match to real data):

1-Feb-2013: Payment of $1100 from M.; balance is $1100

10-Feb-2013: Payment of $500 from A.; balance is $1600

21-Feb-2013: Withdrawal of $1000 – OK, balance is $600

1-Mar-2013: Withdrawal of $550 – OK, balance is $50

10-Mar-2013: Payment of $400 from B., balance is $450

25-Mar-2013: Withdrawal of $400 – OK, balance is $50

10-Apr-2013: Payment of $800; balance is $850

20-Apr-2103: Withdrawal of $800 – REJECTED since amount of $1100 (= payment from M. at 1-Feb-2013) became unavailable to withdrawal :-O

Also I got an advice to contact M. directly and ask to resolve that account issue. It would be a good joke if it wouldn't concern the sensitive amount of money: I thought that the main aim of is to establish secure relationships between freelancers and employers, i.e. guarantees that freelancer will be paid for its job if it has been done, and that employer will pay for the job which has been done only.

CONCLUSION. IMHO since you have earned your first money at you cannot feel safe: at any moment any of your former or current employer(s) can be declared as having account issues with them and amounts you have received from that employer will be locked – despite of how long ago etc. it was.

Abe June 26, 2013

Hi K.P.,

This is Abe from I understand that you had issues with withdrawing your earnings due to an issue with a past employer. Can you forward the details of your concern to me along with your username? Just send an email to [email protected] and indicate that the email is for Abe.

We will wait for your response.



Scammed by multiple "jobs" - out about $200+
May 15, 2013

I did a few jobs on this site. It's a waste of time, avoid like the plague.

First off:

- Everyone thinks they should pay an engineer less than a convenience store worker.


- Employers can cancel at any time, the bill is footed by the provider.

So you get pushed out, you pay the bill. Oh, the provider pays the bill too. Double fees - no refunds.

- No complaint system for nonpaying employers

I was scammed out of $150 worth of work with this. The guy set things up, I did the work - he took off. Milestones gone, payments gone - my hours of time - those were gone too. Can I complain? Nope. FYI - the company that did this to me: MOWBI dot Com - Bill's a thief - doesn't pay his workers, overcharges for a garbage product.

So - go to a different site. If there's fees on all ends - like with - then it's a scam, avoid like the plague. Elance is 1000% more reputable, and I've had NO losses with Elance.

Abe June 19, 2013


This is Abe from I understand that you had some issues with a canceled project, and I'd like to assist you. Please send an email to [email protected] containing your username and details about the canceled project and if it checks out, we can issue a refund to your account.

I hope to hear from you soon.

Kind regards,


I was scammed by ishtiak146
May 3, 2013

Hi everyone. Once I signed up for this site I found a project about report rewriting. The employer (ishtiak146) said that I have to complete it urgently. Once I've done it I he disappeared without paying. Be careful.

ishtiak146 is a scammer.

He was from Bangladesh. This is why I would hire or work for guys from Bangladesh. Be careful.

The site took comission and did not refund it. Actually, I was ripped off.

Abe June 18, 2013


This is Abe from I understand that you had issues with your employer not paying you for the work that you have done for them.

Please send your username and the details of the project to [email protected] Also, kindly indicate that the email is for me so I can personally look into what happened and issue you a refund if possible.



Bogdan May 20, 2013

It's your fault that you didn't create a milestone before starting work.

US S May 15, 2013

Hey look at that - it's Freelancer's "PR Department" - that guy what's his name - the CEO with his personas ...

Look at that - a one time only shut up fee, aww isn't that polite. is a giant scam - avoid at all costs. Use a reputable site such as Elance - that does NOT charge fees for aborted projects.

Valerie S May 09, 2013

Hi Scammed victim, I'm Valerie Scott from I understand that you had some issues with your employer, and I'd like to help you. Please send an email to [email protected] containing your username and link to the project and if everything checks out, we can issue a refund to your account for this time only. I hope to hear from you soon.

Kind regards,


Number 1 Scam Company In India
May 3, 2013

Really number one cheating company -, Because i have converted money USD 2000 to indian rupee, Current rate of USD conversion is 53.96, But their conversion rate is 51.4. Whats this? Remaining 2.5 INR gone where?

So totally i lost 5000 INR for conversion. Really so bad, and also the same i converted 700 CAD, actual conversion rate 53.42, but their conversion rate 50.86.

So think about this and be aware about them.

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