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Freelancer; Scammers protecting scammers
November 1, 2012

Huge huge huge huge scam company, and guess what? Their policies and practices encourage scammed freelancers. I hired one of their freelancers. There was a 2 week project deadline. This freelancer gave me a plethora of excuses ranging from sickness, to Internet going down, to storms, etc. The 2 weeks pass, he provides me with a half completed job and begs me to release a "milestone" so he can afford to keep working on it assuring me he would have it complete in 1 more week. I reluctantly release a portion of the funds to him, and he literally COPIES and PASTED a design from one the websites I gave him as a sample. HE STOLE their code and imported it into my site, and he wasn't even crafty about it leaving references to their company name, offer, etc. When I pointed that out to him, he said he was just trying to give me what I asked for! By stealing it? WTF?

I reported him and showed the evidence of his scam to freelancer support.

They DO not care!

This was evidence that there is someone scamming people on their site. Do you think they suspended the account? Nope. Instead they initially return email with some form/cut and paste responses. After being challenged further to have some accountability, they further suggested that I try to "work it out" with the freelancer, and that there is nothing they can do.

Finally, they tell me to leave feedback.

I go to try and do that and guess what? There is no option.

They inform me that it is past the "reasonable" time limit to do so!

WTF is that?

I'll tell you what it is. It's one scammer (freelancer) protecting their own (freelance scammer)

And why would they do that you ask?

Because every time that scammer freelancer accepts another project, they get a % of the milestone, and that's really only what they are after! gets paid when you deposit funds and make milestone payments. Why would they limit the amount of jobs their freelancers can get, even if the freelancer is a their and scammer? They know that most people won't be bothered to fight it, or go the extra length to complain on a blog site like this, and even if we do, there are a lot of would-be employers getting caught in this trap daily.

In other words, they're getting away with it.

I'm seriously considering looking into getting a class action suit initiated against them for collective damages, and hopefully to put them out of business. Thankfully I have a lawyer in the family, and coincidentally their firm specializes in online scams. If anyone has similar stories and wants to post them here, I'll consider giving my contact information with respect to getting in touch.

I don't think it will be easy but it will send a message!

Max f November 07, 2012

Hello. This is Max from I saw a similar post at a different site and I'm posting my reply here as well. It is unfortunate this has happened to you. We also apologize if your customer support experience wasn't satisfactory. I would like to help you. Please send the freelancer's username to [email protected] and we will conduct an investigation. I will also forward your feedback about our site's support to our Support managers. In the future, we strongly suggest that you withhold from releasing a Milestone until you are completely satisfied with the work completed. As to the matter of charges, will only take project fees when a project is awarded or other charges when you use our paid services. I'd like to assure you that we do not get any percentage from milestone payments. Please visit this link ( and view our Fees and Charges section for the complete list .While issues do arise, we work hard to resolve them and make sure they don't happen again. I hope I've adequately addressed your concerns. If you have further concerns, please send me an e-mail and I will respond to them immediately. Thank you and we hope to hear from you soon.

LABKHAN1 November 13, 2012

100% right

LABKHAN1 November 13, 2012

if your account is suspended just give them right answers what thy ask from u im 100% sure thy will active it again

ChaimS November 14, 2012

Why should he do what they say while having his funds seized? This is just some company with overgrown ego. Apart from that, they have no respect for privacy - if a bank published its customer's personal data, it would be TOAST. Sorry, is toast as well!

Charles May 31, 2013

@Got Scammed - great post! you covered many good points!

@Max - what's that other wise you saw negative Freelancer.Com reviews? I want to add to them. (Oh wait, you posted in Novemember and have not made a single follow up post on this whole site. You don't actdually give acrap.)

@Labkhan1 - are you for real? Do you even know what you're saying?

To me it is a defraud
November 1, 2012

They had taken my money before I was eligible to use your services. They have exposed me to a commitment to pay before they give me the ability to pay someone.

Unbelievable !!!!

Max f November 07, 2012

Hi Luca. My name is Max and I work for I'd like to help. If you think that there were unauthorized charges made to your account, please send your username to [email protected] We'll look into your concerns and refund the charges. Thank you and we hope to hear from you soon.

Vaxo November 24, 2012

Max you and your company are bunch of %$£%$£%$ stealing other peoples money!

Money gone!
October 24, 2012

Hello, this is a good day, a really good day.

My luck is that my withdraw was done in time, because and now I have -$500 negative ballance due to a problem with one of my employers.

Why the hell you take money from me if he scammed you.

If gets scammed, the next person scammed will be the users.

You can take my account, in your Freelancer Hell.

I'm sorry for my account good reviews, I worked a lot to build my reputation.

I found great employers there, I've made some money, but is crap.

SUPPORT are robots, they are there only to tell you that he can't do anything, and don't hesitate to contact them again hahaha.


If they try to advance and get my hardworked money from me, we'll se on a process.

Hope higher persons in will see this, not the robots from the support.

Sorry for my English, I'm very angry!

Another scammed guy,


Max f October 25, 2012

Hi Andy. This is Max from It's unfortunate that this has happened to you. I'd like help. Please send your username to [email protected] and we'll assist you with your account concerns. Thank you and we look forward to hearing from you soon.

Andy October 30, 2012

Ok, I've sended you a message.

ChaimS November 03, 2012

All you can do is copying and pasting those same lame statements! Where were you before? Now you care because this guy files his complaints?! created just way too much bad karma and all people are entitled to PROTEST!

Let's use Google: see what media wrote about the company and send each and everyone of them information about's misconduct! Tell them about our case, paste links to websites like this, ask not to promote this unethical scheme! Cut those lies, sugar-coating and covering the truth!'s management is perfectly aware of all the bad issues. But instead of repairing company's processes they... go deeper into it. Don't remember cases that denied freelancer's withdrawal just because... they got problems with the customer (!)

This is just sick and unacceptable. If you are a customer of, just delete your account for your own safety.

Stealing providers money
October 9, 2012

yes its true, My id is imaginativegfx on

Please check my profile I'm a very old user of this site, More than 75 reviews, 5 star rating and won 17 contest, but I have to say that they are stealing designers money.

This is to aware all provider about fraudent behavior.

I won few contests on recently

client paid me but, not allowed me to withdraw the fund to my bank saying that client's details are not verified.

My question is why don't verify these details before any one posting the job. once someone posted a job and I worked on it and now I'm unpaid for done work. Is not it cheating.

2nd one

I participated in this job after checking that client details are verified. His email, profile and payment, all are verified.

I feel that I will get money for this contest. I won and client paid me. I withdraw some money into my bank account. Now Reversed All Prize Awarded and my account is showing negative

balance. Now suspended.

They also closed his account So that I can't communicate with him and deleted the contest to end all possibilities to communication with him.

I honestly worked on contest and need money for done work. if a client is fraud than is responsible for this. I will not pay for negative balance. Instead I will love to leave the and soon you all will realize that this kind of behavior by will lead to the closing of this website

Max f October 17, 2012

Hi Narinder. This is Max from I've seen a similar post at another site and we'll post our reply here as well. I've taken note of your feedback about our account verification procedures and be assured that Freelancer will continue to improve on it.

I've looked into your case and unfortunately, the owner that created the contest used a credit card that wasn't his own. Committing credit card fraud results in immediate account closure. All payments that he made, including those made to you, were reversed and returned to the real owner of the credit card. We've refunded to you the prize fees that were deducted when you were awarded the fraudulent contests. Since you have already withdrawn the payments, the reversals resulted in a negative balance. In order to remove it, you will have to return the amount that you have withdrawn.

We do hope you consider our recommended action as you have accumulated already a sizeable amount of reviews and reputation. Please be assured that we will continue to improve on the work that we do to serve users better. Thank you.

Kate October 26, 2012

That's also wrong. If someone steals a credit card and buys gas, the gas station doesn't have to pay back the money to the owner of the credit card. The credit card company takes care of that; that's why credit card companies pay staff to watch for suspicious transactions. If they see a suspicious transaction, they suspend the card BEFORE the money is sent. This is what happens during the "authorization" process. If the money is spent wrongfully, the seller of the product is not the one responsible for the cost. Requiring the freelancer to reimburse the money to the rightful credit card owner is fraud. No real credit card company makes the seller provide a refund on fraudulent credit card activity, and only stupid people would fall for that lame excuse.

Narinder December 06, 2012

Dear Max, Can you give me honest answer? Why don't you verify the money deposit at YOUR website before someone post a job or contest.

Charles May 31, 2013

Obviously, Max doesn't care....

They are a scam
October 6, 2012
they are scam and they have very very big bugs in their system. keep away!

Max f October 11, 2012

Hello Huseyin. This is Max from We appreciate the feedback. It is unfortunate you feel this way. We would like to ask if you can send the details of the site bugs that you encountered to [email protected] I will forward this information to our Engineering Team for validation and fix these immediately. Thank you and we hope to hear from you soon.

ChaimS November 07, 2012

Yeah yeah Max... what will you send to the engineering team? Information they have bugs? Nothing new on In case you cared, you would ask what bugs are there etc. This would be... well... not customer support per se, but cooperating with the client to improve this bad site. But you prefer jellyfish lies just to defend the undefendable... this is just disgusting...

Charles May 31, 2013

ChaimS, you're being too hard on poor old Max. He did say "fix these immediately".

Oh, if you didn't know, for Freelancer.Com "immediately" means "never".

Sorry, so sick of Freelancer.Com. I notice Max never made a single followup post (typical of Freelancer.Com) and now seems to be gone. Maybe he was ethical after all and couldn't handle the fraud of Freelancer.Com. (How corrupt does someone have to be to work there??)

Caution ! - SCAM !
September 27, 2012

I became the victim of swindlers from freelancer-com

They stole my money of $220

They should be stopped!!!

Max f October 04, 2012

Hi Oleg. This is Max from I'm helping Emir with addressing user concerns posted here. I saw one of your posts at another site and we'd really like to help you. Please send your username to [email protected] I'll help you resolve the issues around your account. Thank you and we hope to hear from you soon.

Oleg October 05, 2012

Max, Client support freelancer-com is group of stupid robots which copy and insert the text. I am sure you it know

Max f October 17, 2012

Hi Oleg. We appreciate the feedback. Be assured that our Support Teams dedicate themselves in answering all enquiries and resolving concerns as quickly as possible. Again, we do hope you allow us to help you. Thank you.

Andy October 24, 2012

Yeah sure!

Bad, worse, worst
August 5, 2012

Suspended my account with money on it (a few times), demanded hi res of my id and mugshot of me holding it to unsuspend... multiple other issues but I suppose that those two are more than enough!

1. is a scam. Even killing ONE account with money deposited there makes them thieves. Not mentioning freezing users' funds, disgraceful customer service (I PAY FOR IT!) and many

other small and big scammers

2. Emir is from Philippines (L. Emir Samonte) like other members of their support. Proven and verified. Nothing bad in it... but IT IS an issue when you get people who due their intellectual and liguistic capabilities behave like some robots!

3. If you have been a victim of , you are entitled to get your revenge. I am a writer and consultant been analyzing the company and I am ready to fight back.

Worse customer support - VERY HIGH fees
July 31, 2012 has the worse staff and "customer support", if it can be called a "customer support", the staff is VERY rude, totally unprofessional, you can open a ticked and wait until you die for an answer or you can receive a copy-paste stupid answer. They have the WORSE customer support I EVER seen!!! Also they have A LOT of cases where they "block" users accounts which have quite a lot of money and steal all the money. Don't use!!!

They are incapable or just playing stupid = SCAM
June 17, 2012

I tried to pay a freelancer money by Visa and "" but they work with shady transaction organizations and though the money I sent was verified by Visa they claimed it never arrived.

They then gave no support and asked me "which gateway I used and what the transaction number was" which I of course never get told in online banking. So all in all, the job is blown, the freelancer pissed off, I will hire someone free on the net which I should have done in the first place.

Caution ! = SCAM !!!

All that can happen at Freelancer is that you lose money. Way to go : set up a bid (gratis), make contact with a freelancer outside, they wont help you in any case. Do the job with him via Paypal and ignore the bastards, put their mail aliases on your spam list.

Who needs these creeps ? To contact ? No problem, use them but never pay them, they do not deserve it.

Theodor S October 20, 2012

Yes, I got exactly the same.

I ask them to send my deposit to moneaybookers, but they told me later

they send it to my credit card, there is nor transaction number, no notification and nothing arrived.

Its scam!

Max f October 31, 2012

Hi Theodor. This is Max from We apologize if this has happened to you. These transactions normally take 3 to 5 business days before you can see the funds reflected in your account. If your funds hasn't been returned yet, please send your username to [email protected] and I'll assist you in getting your funds back. Thank you and we hope to hear from you soon.

Karol S November 09, 2012

Max, go away with your copy-paste fluff. Your procedures have more holes than Swiss cheese and it is always the customer to feel the pain!

I found decent programmers and designers
May 18, 2012

Most of the jobs receive instant bids by people who feel they are 'capable of meeting your needs', but in fact only about 20% of them can do the job decently, and not just enough to take your money.

Be careful when reviewing bids, and be sure to read everybody bidders feedback before giving them the project!

Overall a 3/5, as there are decent programmers and service providers if you weave through all the junk ones!

Emir f June 13, 2012

Hi Adam. I came across your post here and we appreciate the review you’ve given us. I’d like to address your concern.

Be assured that while they are a lot of new freelancers, there are thousands of qualified and very professional service providers that are eager as well to work for you.

To help you select the best freelancers, we suggest you view the User’s Reputation. It has a detailed summary of what the user has accomplished, be it employer or freelancer. The higher his/her ratings are (5 being the highest), the more reliable the user is. But don’t stop there. See how well they communicate and how much thought they put into their profile. Considering freelancers with high reputation will help you identify more reliable and reputable professionals to work with.

We hope we’ve addressed your concerns and we hope you continue to use services.

Sadya November 09, 2012

Please don't use FREELANCER.COM.

1. I have heard about a lot and started using it. Things were going fine when I used to have $100 or less in my account. The day I crossed $500 in my account, I got to see a SCAMMER face of them.

2. They wanted me verify myself, wow! that was not a issue. I verified myself and gave them all the necessary details. Now what they say? Yeah, they say my identity does not match. Amazing that was, I gave all the details correctly as per asked. They asked me questions which I replied as well. and then they keep on asking me questions after questions. Should I have used any other site? Surely, this is the worst place I could ever imagine. I know their security matures should be taken in such sites, but y they are asking me questions after questions every time which I already answered in brief?

3, I consulted some of my mates and told them the story. What's funny is that they say exactly the same thing happened to me. They say keep watching you until you have good amount in your account. The day they see your account is doing them business, they do this to you.

4. I hired people to work for me over there. Now not just freelancer has eaten my money, but also not allowing me to pay my workers. Oh Christ, what do my employees have to do with this. The next funny thing is, all those employees I paid are re not able to withdraw the funds I paid. WTF!

5. If you're really looking for such kinda business, I would suggest DO NOT USE FREELANCER.COM. It will burn you and kill you badly. I hope you will not like to be cheated. I know many people will reply to my comment as what am saying is all fake. Yeah, because these are people and surely want you to attract you to use their site.

If anyone has extra money to waste, I would suggest use and here you can waste as much you can. Though am not the one in need to waste my earning and so quit working there.

Max f November 20, 2012

Hello Sadya. We apologize if your experience at the site was unsatisfactory. We would like to know more and help you resolve your concerns. Please send your username and more details of your concerns to [email protected] and we will look into it. Thank you. is a SCAM, trust me!
May 18, 2012

Hello guys! I'm a customer of damn for 2+ years, passed several FULL verifications, and this time, account was suspended again, when I tried to withdraw $550 USD. The reason was as always "Security reason", oook! Photo of ID and damn photo with a word on a sheet of paper was sent, I guess they already have a full collection of my photos :) And.....NOTHING! Oh no, I forgot, they said, they can reverse my transactions, because they need to ensure that the funds came from a legitimate source, that's why they need to check my buyer, and if he will ignore them, they will reverse payments. That's pretty funny, because buyer already sent them all requested info and photos. As I can see, they don't care about their customers, the only thing they need - is to take your money, and then suspend your account when you'll try to withdraw, and freeze a process.

Why? Because at least 50% of users will refuse to waste a time, contacting damn support every day, to un-suspend account with $100-200, some guys can abandon their $1000, that's normal, today, time costs a lot((That's why they do it, to make a longest process as possible so you'd have a time to refuse to do that crap and they will be able to steal your money.

Not sure guys, but it seems that most of you give up to fight? So, if they want to steal - ok, I'll be a victim?! Nope! To be honest, I already start thinking to file to the court on if they'll do anything with my money and will not un-suspend my account, yeah, I am a man of principle and I hate robbery. As for me, "the thief should be in prison, or should pay to be free", no need to be a victim :) I guess these aborigines from haven't any idea, how the rest world work outside Australia, and what the word "Service" - mean. Sorry guys, you don't do "Service" you do a "crap"!

==========!!DON'T USE THEM!!==========


I'd say "Hello" to Jaime, Marcus, Joyce, Francis and other guys from damn support. Waiting for you guys in YGE-788878 ticket

Emir f May 23, 2012

Hi Sergey. Emir here from I came across your post here and we appreciate your feedback.

I’ve also checked the status of your ticket and I’ve been informed that your employer mcdesigns hasn't submitted the scanned valid ID for verification. We encourage you to remind mcdesigns to send to the necessary requirements so we can proceed with the verification process and get your account issues resolved. You will also be contacted by our support team regarding this issue.

I’d like to assure you that will only freeze or suspend accounts to further validate a user’s identity or investigate the transactions done through our site. We will not disclose sensitive information unless to comply to legal obligations or with your express consent. Withdrawal clearance periods are also enforced for security reasons. These policies and security procedures are in place to provide a safe environment for freelancers and employers alike.

Also, we've taken into account your feedback on Customer Support and we'd like to assure that we will continue to work on improving what we do.

Thank you very much.

Sergey May 25, 2012

Hi Emir,

OOK, lets say all the truth here, ok? ;)

Here is a post of your support guy:

"We will lodge a ticket for mcdesigns regarding this matter. We'll let you know once he's able to resolve his suspension. To set expectations, we may reverse the payment you received from mcdesigns if he fails to respond or resolve his suspension."

And my reply:

If you need to verify his account or talk to him or anything else you might need - go ahead, if he don't answer you, ignore your posts and messages etc - sorry guys, that's not my problem, it's yours, isn't it?

I'm a freelance developer, I made a job, posted through your system, I already described working process and how final files was delivered to employer, also, all docs was sent to you, all terrible FEES was paid, all done according to rules, so what are you talking about!? OK, so your problems with your customers (mcdesigns) - isn't mine, if you need to figure something out - go ahead! If your customer (mcdesigns) wasn't a verified user, how could he fund a money to your system? How could he create a job? Create a milestone? Release it? etc? And I'm a final user, who did a good job, and I will not suffer because of such a BS!?!What is a reason for "reverse the payment"????You haven't any rights to do such a damn ****!!! IT'S A FRAUD! Customer paid for a well done job, received his files, then never answer to you, and take his money back )) And he has his files + my money, everybody is happy but not a developer, who was robbed by!Show me any RULE of accepted by me during registration which one was violated!? Huh? And where I can find an info, that If employer have any problems with, than freelance developer can be robbed and transactions can be reversed!?

Emir f June 04, 2012

Hi Sergey. I understand your concerns. Please be assured that is doing everything it can, to get your account issues resolved. We’re also doing our best to contact mcdesigns as well. But please be reminded that has an obligation to conduct our business in accordance with all applicable rules, regulations or laws. policies and security procedures are in place to create a safe environment for freelancers and employers.

We appreciate the feedback you’ve given us. Thank you very much.

Chaim August 01, 2012

Emir, I just hate you for all those pathetic lies! If you've been doing, the guy wouldn't be posting his case here. Just like thousands of others in the internet! consists of bozos (your customer support) and hyenas (ripping people of or scamming them)!

Dontae R October 12, 2012

I'm with Emir on this. Your site sucks! Yes I'm irate and I'm going to give as many bad reviews as many places as I can, while also getting my lawyer involved with my particular situation. I have been burned twice because I set a milestone and award the project to a person with good reviews and then the person just disappears on me and never logs back on. This means that I can't get my money back and it is locked in a milestone payment until its released or disputed by me! Then they make you pay for arbitration because odds are the person you awarded the job to, will not respond to the dispute. This is because if they wait long enough without forced arbitration, the milestone will be awarded anyways and automatically by I will never use this site again! With the money I have wasted on I could have gone with a local designer for more money instead of trying to cut corners to save money on my budget, which is what I thought would provide. Absolutely ridiculous and yes it is a scam!

Max f October 16, 2012

Hi Dontae. It is unfortunate you feel this way about our site. I've seen a similar post at another site and we will post our reply here as well. It is possible to get your milestone payment back through our Dispute Resolution Service. You won't need to pay for the 1st stage of the arbitration. If the freelancer doesn't respond to the Dispute within 4 days, you'll get the milestone payment immediately. You will only need to pay the fee if your dispute goes into the final stages of the arbitration.

We would really like to help. If you have any account concerns, please send an e-mail to [email protected] or to [email protected] and we'll help you resolve them. Thank you and we hope to hear from you soon

Dis-intermediate t December 14, 2012

It's critical to dis-intermediate the pimp from the transaction after acceptance of the bid. Most complaints I see here could have been avoided if this was done. Is there something freelancer does to prevent this?

Suspended my account just before withdraw
May 14, 2012
SCAM, they just suspend my account just before withdraw by one day , i sent email to [email protected] TWICE with no answer , i have a lot of money , open projects with deadlines there , i don't know how to deal with it till now i thinking about take a legal action.

Ryan K May 16, 2012

Same here mate. Suspended mine as well, made a withdrawal request and the next day my account said: " Temporarily Suspended", submitted a ticket and they asked for some details, I replied instantly and now it says account suspended. Still have about 1K USD sitting in the account and I cant do anything. Whats happening with your account ?

Emir f May 30, 2012

Hi Amir,

My name is Emir from I came across your post here and I’d like to address your concerns.

We’d like to assure you that is not a scam nor do we defraud people of their money. will only freeze or suspend accounts to further validate a user’s identity or ascertain the nature of the transactions done through our site.These policies and security procedures are in place to create a safe environment for freelancers and employers.

For account verifcation issues, we would like to invite you to issue a support ticket through We’ll make sure our Customer Support Managers will look into your issues and sort out what happened to your account funds.

Thank you very much and we hope to hear from you soon.

Hi Ryan,

I got to read your comment to Amir’s post and I’d like extend my help as well to you.

As you already have submitted a ticket ID, I’d like to ask if you can send it to [email protected] I’ll forward the information to our Customer Support Managers so we can resolve your account issues.

Thank you and we hope to hear from you soon.

Thomas June 07, 2012

Hello Emir from Freelancer. Do you guys know that you are not licensed by the Dept of Banking and Finance in the USA to freeze accounts with money in them for verification purposes? You guys and your CEO are getting away with it now because people aren't aware of their rights, but once one of them finally take you to the authorities you will be most likely banned from doing business in the USA.

inflexible/stupid terms - spam all around
May 11, 2012

im not sure why they have a support system, or even live chatting, as they can't do anything apparently.

Something is scammy about the site. $5 to cancel a project that i set a minimum budget for. The budget magically increased making higher bids useless and giving freelancers the wrong idea.

support can't change the budget, have to "close" and start a new one.

support can't do this, can't do that. wtf?? back to craigslist.

Original p May 11, 2012

also, they should really change their support to people who UNDERSTAND english. i have nothing against India outsourced support, and although everyone speaks the language just fine, there is a still a perception problem. GET PEOPLE WHO UNDERSTAND ENGLISH!

Emir f May 20, 2012

Hi Vlad. My name is Emir and I work for I came across your post here .

We would like to assure you that is not a scam. We do not defraud people of their money. We always strive to be as transparent as possible with our fees structure, listing them in our Terms and Conditions (TOC), ( in our Freelancer FAQ, specifically the specifically the Employers and Membership Plans, Payments and Billing sections ( We also have more information on fees and charges via this link, provides options which work best for employers. If you have a project that hasn't been awarded yet, you can close the Project at no additional cost. We do charge a $5 fee to completely delete a project, when a project is deleted no one will be able to view the project, the attached files nor any of the bids on the project. The information will be unavailable to affiliates and the API. This should also remove it from the search engines next time they re-index our site. For more information, please visit the FAQ ( specifically the Employers - Project section

Be assured that the Customer Support Teams are very professional and go through stringent training to provide the best customer experience. But we’ve taken into account your feedback on support and we will definitely improve on what we do.

We hope we have addressed your concerns. Should you have any inquiries, please send an e-mail to [email protected] and we'll make sure to address them promptly.

Thank you very much.

Michael D June 17, 2012

No customer support stinks you are just the troubleshooter lying here, trying to calm the waves - talking the sheep down. = Fraud, SCAM !

April 25, 2012

They suspend accounts for any reason and freeze the funds. After that they require documents to prove your identity. I've trapped in it and sent all needed scans and now they don't reply to my messages for more than month.

My account is frozen during about 2 month and support behaves like absolutely ignorant people.

I don't advise ever use this site, it's a total scam.

Emir f May 07, 2012

Hi Robert,

My name is Emir and I’m from

Please send an email to [email protected] with your username and the issue, You can also add your ticket IDs.

I will be escalating your issue to a customer support manager to ensure you resolve your account suspension and see what is going on with your frozen funds.

We’d like to assure you that is not in the business of defrauding people of their money. is the world's largest outsourcing and crowdsourcing marketplace for small business. We’ve been featured in Forbes, Wall Street Journal, Times Magazine, and more. We have hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers from all over the world.

Thank you very much and I hope to hear from you soon.

Emir f May 07, 2012

Hi Robert,

My name is Emir and I’m from

Please send an email to [email protected] with your username and the issue, You can also add your ticket IDs.

I will be escalating your issue to a customer support manager to ensure you resolve your account suspension and see what is going on with your frozen funds.

We’d like to assure you that is not in the business of defrauding people of their money. is the world's largest outsourcing and crowdsourcing marketplace for small business. We’ve been featured in Forbes, Wall Street Journal, Times Magazine, and more. We have hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers from all over the world.

Thank you very much and I hope to hear from you soon.

Sergey May 18, 2012

Dear Emir,

I don't want to disappoint you, but you've never been and never will be "world's largest outsourcing and crowdsourcing marketplace for small business". is a SCAM service, nothing more, sorry!

"We have hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers from all over the world." - that's possible, and "hundreds of thousands customers" who was robbed by, of course with all that monay you can be "featured" in some magazines and ratings :) But the real feedback is here, and they aren't TOP-NOTCH as for me :)

Don't listen to those liars
April 2, 2012 NO! You DO NOT do it. In fact your stupid behavior leads to security issues itself (such as suspending accounts with projects due). Responses to tickets take a long time (or you leave mails unresponded when you feel like this). What's more, you treat people like trash: they are guilty until proven innocent. And even when they bring evidence of their innocence, you just go on with your decisions (as you got those desperates by their accounts with money on). Sorry to say it but you ARE scammers and a lot of people would sue you if they lived closer to you. Rog.

Emir May 07, 2012

Hi Rog. I’m Emir from Freelancer. We came across your post here and we appreciate your feedback. We assure you that we treat each and every concern with professionalism and utmost respect for users. I would like to help you. Please send an email to [email protected] with your Ticket ID/number. I’ll make sure our Customer Support Managers to resolve your account concerns. Be assured that is not a scam.

Thank you again for your feedback and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Sergey May 25, 2012

Hi Rog,

unfortunately, that's true, they are they are scammers :(

I'll recommend to all of developers and employers I know, and will get to know, not to use this SCAM service, I'd recommend you to do the same to protect people from these fraudsters.

Take care! is a Scam
March 28, 2012

Hi all

I am am one of the victims of First time user from UK i wish i found this blog before paying money to them.

I did deposit 480 USD (They charged me 492 USD) to my account.

I was trying to create milestones for project,

4 pieces of 120 USD

I did not realize that it is on GBP then i did cancel it. All money came back to my GBP account. I converted them to my USD account.

When i deposited i had

£ 5 and $ 480 in my account.

When i converted i see that i have

$441.52 and £5.00 i have so i lost 38.48 USD in seconds???

USD and GBP exchange rates doesnt change like that in a second? I know the market. I know that guys would like to get profit but that is cheating. There is no that much high profit in Money Exchange Market? And it is impossible.

Then i emailed them and Costumer Service was terrible. They just said they can not fix it and to give my money back they offered more than 2 weeks???

This is scam. I cannot accept it. They can not charge users that much exchange rate this is insane. This is a big scam.

I don't know what to do to be honest. I claimed to get it back on Paypal but it is going to take ages. And they will keep my money god knows for how long.

Shame to do business like that.

Thanks for listening :(

Tom November 29, 2012

When will you stop billing me?

This is the most expensive posting I have ever had... I have used Elance and Odesk and from now on will go back to them.

What I find most dishonest about my experience on Freelance is that we are told that we sill see a commission charge of 3% when we post our project.

Then, we begin to see transaction charges passed on to us from Paypal, and today I looked at my bank statement to see international fees.

If we look at all of the charges besides the 3% commission we are looking at $15.02 for the initial funding of my account at Freelance ie: I funded it for $625.00 but $15.02 was added to this.

Then we have another transaction fee of $1.00 passed on for the $18.75 commission.

So transaction fees add up to $16.02 which is 2.5632% ... I was not aware I was facing these charges

Today I see international fees of $19.50 + 0.58 ... these fees add upto $20.08 which is 3.2128% .... Since I am awarding the project to someone local ... do we have to convert the $625 only to convert it back?

In all a total of 15.02+1.00+19.50+0.58 = $36.10

So we have another almost 5.76% of charges .... lets see what the total charges are to post a job on your site and to then subsequently award it.

We have the $36.10 + 18.75 = $54.85 ... this is a fee of 8.776% .... never again ... I will be informing my bank to block any more attempts by Freelancer to charge to my account.

Now the big question is ...what happens if the project is cancelled?

Do you re-imburse my account all of the fees you have been charging me without charging me more fees, ie: international fees and transaction fees?

I hope you will take the time to reply.

Charles May 31, 2013

Nope, Freelancer.Com never bothered to reply. Another pefect example.

March 26, 2012
Their customer service is appaling (they simply don't care... even though they earned a lot of money on me). DON'T leave money on their internal accounts... they will probably have your account suspended.

Emir f May 20, 2012

Hi Dvorak,

My name is Emir from I came across your comment within this site. Be assured that we treat each and every concern with professionalism and utmost respect for users.

We’ve taken into your account your feedback about our customer support and we will continue to improve on what we do.

As to your concern about account suspension, will only freeze or suspend accounts to further validate a user’s identity or investigate the transactions done through our site These procedures and policies are in place to create a safe environment for freelancers and employers.

We hope we’ve addressed your concerns. Thank you very much.

Sergey May 25, 2012

Hi Dvorak,

I'd say "Don't use them at all"! ;)

There are a lot of great, secured freelance services, but not that damn service

I use Odesk and Elance more then 5 years, never had any problems with that services, and I earn and spend a lot of money there, because it works and I'm satisfied with it!

But with - nope, it's just a scam to rob a people, unfortunately... aka Getafreelancer Is a Big Scam
March 21, 2012

This site is a big scam led by the biggest scammer Mr. Matt. I spent 6 years to send thousands of verified users to this site in order to earn some commissions. Then MR. Matt came and decided to change everything.

They now only pay commissions for the first 3 months only and they have hide this main point in the Terms of Service page. In the main affiliate page, you cannot see this info.

Anyone reading the content in the main affiliate page will believe that commissions are paid for unlimited time but this is not the case anymore.

Mr Matt is a thief. He is using scam techniques to get more and more CHEAP traffic. One of his schemes is CONTESTS that are now started all the time in GAF.

My suggestion will be to stay away from this site. Instead join Guru, Elance etc

The quality of projects posted at this site is extremely low.

Emir f June 19, 2012

Hello angilina. We’re taking the time to address your concerns here as well.

We believe that the Affiliate Program is generous. Affiliates can earn passive income through banners, feeds and links on your blog, site or social media. Affiliates can also earn as much as 90% of project commissions and 10% of items sold on Freemarket.

If you can visit the Affiliate page (, it clearly says that we pay Affiliates straight into their account for 90 days. As always, we will endeavour to make the Affiliate Program even more attractive in the future.

As for our Contests, we are providing our users the chance to earn prizes and recognition for their efforts. We post their entries on our web site, on our YouTube channel, Facebook page and more. We give away hundreds of thousands of dollars in prizes to those who truly dedicated themselves to create award winning entries and we will continue to run more great contests in the future.

As to your concern about scam buyers, we’d like to assure you our dedicated teams are working non-stop to scan and remove dubious users. As of to date, there are more than 3.6 million users (and it continues to grow). We’re glad to report that we still have one of the largest pools of proven and very qualified freelancers and reputable employers. We assure you there are many great quality projects for you to bid on

When choosing projects to bid on, we suggest you make use of the Reputation System before choosing a project to bid on. The higher the reputation an Employer has (5 Stars being best), the more reliable and reputable he/she is. Another good indicator of a trustworthy employer can be to view the User’s Reputation and how much effort they’ve put into their project listing, how thoroughly they have described the project, and if they have provided additional documentation to help you understand the project.

We hope that we have addressed your concerns and hope to see you use again services. Thank you very much.

March 16, 2012


After 1700$ earned, they made up some "security" reasons and ran away with my money! YES FREELANCER.COM not the actual job provider, I had to pay the guy directly.

Will NEVER work again using freelancer, only the losers use freelancer, that's what I learned.

Hope this will help people not to get into my trouble, Use oDesk or craigslist, to find your programmer, make it local, do not give money to this scam that "will make you rich"

Terrible experience.

Emir f June 08, 2012

Hi John. Emir here of I’m taking the time to address all of the concerns here and I’d like to address yours.

Please be assured that will only suspend or freeze accounts to validate a user’s account or ascertain the nature of the transactions done through the site. If you have money inside your account, please do not worry. It’ll be made available once you’ve gone through the account verification procedures. These policies and procedures are in place in order to create a safe environment for freelancers and employers alike.

I’d like to help you further. Please send your username to [email protected] and I’ll forward your information to our Customer Support Managers so we can look into the issues into your account and funds.

Thank you very much and we hope to hear from you soon.

Charles May 31, 2013

What a crock Emir. How do you sleep at night with those kinds of lies?

Freelance Jobs
November 16, 2011
As a full time student in college it is hard to find jobs that fit my schedule. so I Started to look for freelance work in web-design, graphical design, programming etc. (jobs i find interesting) I found multiple sites offering freelance work doing these things but most wanted a person to pay for an account before making any money. I finally found what i was looking for in Not only can you make money doing jobs for other people. you can hire people to do the jobs that you need done. For whatever amount fits your budget.

Mad December 11, 2011 is a scam. I had money in my account to pay a freelancer and suspended my account. I have no access to my account or the $500.00 that is in it.

Madi January 01, 2012

I have terrible experience with recently. I gave my project to a company claimed a USA based which has a USA IP address and US flag Logo on the profile. The company name is Creativedesign1. Creativedesign1 promised 12 days to finish,but only 20% finished if consider quality then 5% finished including a free extension installed through Magento connect. Even though, they never save a single copy of my store to my server in 12 days after they messed up template and extensions. The only choice I have is install a clean Magento again to re do everything over again instead uninstall malfunctioned everything. Their manager said they can fix everything and finish the project in next 5 days. I know I must quit them to avoid more damages, then it is your fault. It looks they are willing to make things beautiful but you quit. You don't quit them then another few days pain to have a nasty web store you dream your competitors have it, anyway you will be told job perfectly done as confirmed, you need to release the balance of milestone or start to argue again for more money to fix it. Anyway I quit the India based team with a USA flag and a creative designed profile. January 04, 2012

We work our best to provide a safe marketplace for both our freelancers and employers. It is important when hiring freelancers to be clear with your expectations and payment arrangements. We encourage all employers to use our milestone payment system which protects both the employers and freelancers.

@Madi - Please submit a support ticket ( or send an email to [email protected] and we will look into your issue for you.

Oleg September 29, 2012 is a filthy scam site

LABKHAN1 November 13, 2012

hello everyone thy also suspend my acc but thy active my acc again after there verifications freelacer is not a scam freelacer,com is doing verifications for our safty

LABKHAN1 November 13, 2012

if all u guys read the terms of and follow them thy will never suspend any account its my experience from last 2 years with them,,, cheers...

Hey R January 06, 2013

There are many other sites instead no need to chose this site.This will never pay you and will instead steal your earning making all your effort go in vain.