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Don't waste your money: MAJOR SCAM!!!
March 17, 2023

Anastasia Date is a heartless scam. I have spent years with them, and they lie consistently.

It's simple: a profit-oriented organization that uses money and sex to attract lonely men. If you have a lot of money, and want to waste your time, then go ahead.

I have read the articles on reviewopedia, and agree entirely with other negative assessments of Anastasia Date. My advice to single men is to avoid virtual dating platforms entirely, and find a good woman who is REAL.

DonaldThornhill September 03, 2023

Anastasiadate is entirely a scam: you can go on forever and never go anywhere. You begin to see a trend when absolutely all women refuse to make contact off site. When you use a legit site you don’t have this problem – you meet ladies, correspond or chat with them for a month or two and then you move further. You get their contact details and switch to free media and then you arrange a real meeting. This is how it should normally work. But it does not work like this on AnastasiaDate. They are nefarious in their methods for getting your money. They don’t aim at organizing real meetings. They want you to spend thousands of bucks on their site and stay there for years. So they employ local women (and sometimes men) for corresponding with male customers. They are nothing but professional chat.

alexjohnson90 October 30, 2023

I can share my opinion that the website Anastasia Date didn't meet my expectations. While individual experiences may vary, there have been concerns and controversies surrounding this website in the past, particularly related to its practices in the online dating industry. These concerns include issues with profiles, communication, and authenticity of members.

AD is a total scam
September 9, 2022

So I'm a young Western guy with Russian/Ukrainian parents. Educated, good job, got my ducks in a row, so to speak. I speak several languages on mother-tongue level, Russian and Ukrainian included (got some light accent that gives me away and a little behind on local slang variations - no biggie). Things with local girls I dated had not really worked out, in some cases due to differences in mentality.

So I thought "hey, maybe I should try to get on one of those Russian/Ukranian sites and get a good looking and well educated girl from my parents' homeland. I speak the language. Yeah they say it's a scam, but would they scam one of their own? With my skills I'll find a diamond in the hay!"

So I got on, wrote a 3 language profile (English, Russian, Ukranian) and started chatting in their native language. Had some deep and meaningful chats, but something was off.

My first cue was the fact all those initial messages are sent automatically, since all of them were in English and never mentioned any profile specifics - I mean a Russian/Ukrainian woman seeing my profile, would probably respond in Russian or Ukrainian and/or have some profile comment, no?!

The answer I found had been: YES THEY WOULD SCAM.

I got some computer skills, so started doing reverse picture searches and stuff, trying to find out if the girls were real and true to their profiles (I look for brains more than looks). Lo and behold - more than half the profiles are fake (as in, one girl who has the profile of a Ukrainian literature teacher but photos of a Russian model, different alma mater and all or cop from Kyiv, using photos of a Moscow escort *epic facepalm* and so on).

Some are less obvious. Some make funny mistakes. Had cases where I wrote a letter to a girl I was chatting to (in Russian) and the person responding (in Russian) didn't really know who I was. Another case was this 'Ukrainian' engineer not knowing any Ukrainian (all paper work must be in Ukrainian, so knowing the language is a requirement) - big hint.

So 3 months and $3k later I realized there're no diamonds in that pile of manure. And if there are, they're so rare you'll need a miracle to find them.

Stay away!

MarkPeter December 11, 2022

Yes, it's a scammer site as are their sister sites, AsianDate, AfricanDate, ArabDate, and AmoLatina. One of the payments was going to an escort service. Some are way too sexual and Chinese girls wouldn't be so explicit upfront. Also, the messages are computer generated and employees in the contracted agencies write the responses, which the actual girl knows nothing about.

Don't Pay Chat On That Site
February 7, 2021

Hello...anastasiadate site is not have with who anastasiadate working is scam...and girls in that agency...i know how that working...and yes...girls get salary for chat and cant control every girls...that is job at agency...but agency don't do that...i know some girls who is on site only because money...who is married or have is guilty because that don't want punish and delete scam profile and women's agency....

Do not let these people suck you in
January 4, 2019

To give you an idea of how bad AnastasiaDate is I will use an example.

AnastasiaDate has a profile for Marina (ID: 1792744). Marina is a low-level Instagram model. She had a career as a model but that career has pretty much died (apparently in part because she was unreliable owing to party issues). She is on multiple sites (,,,, Marina is regularly online (usually every day) for the paid chat in the morning and evening at these sites. She will also regularly write letters for her contacts to pay to open. These letters will be written so that they do not refer to any personal information of the people she communicates with so they can then be easily sent out to all of her contacts.

She also has verified listings on multiple other dating sites online.

Marina has a local boyfriend, Denis, who took her travelling to the Maldives and she was still online on AnastasiaDate and the other sites during the trip. Apparently, he has a reputation as a bit of a low-grade local thug who deals in coke and has connections to local organised crime. Word is that Marina is like many other models with a liking for partying and using her boyfriend’s connections to get drugs. There have even been suggestions that she works regularly as an escort and party girl but nothing has been confirmed. Marina is one of a group of girls who are friends and they are all involved in this activity. Marina also has a listing on Interpol from her overseas activity.

Marina has been online dating for years and has several listings on scam sites. Google her and you will see them. One of those scam reports refers to her boyfriend Igor but that is because they made a mistake as Igor is actually part of Denis’s family name.

Denis and Marina have been together for a while. So despite AnastasiaDate’s claims they check that the girls on the profiles are genuinely looking for a partner, it seems that Marina already has one, but because her relationship with Denis is not registered and they manage their social media profiles so that no images appear, they can get away with it. And those people who are paying to communicate with Marina have no idea of this. It makes no difference to AnastasiaDate as they continue to receive the money from the paying members.

In addition, AnastasiaDate states that members on their site have not authorised the use of their images on other dating sites but clearly this is just worthless as Marina has multiple other listings online which have been verified.

When contacted about this profile AnastasiaDate advised there had been no previous complaints about the profile. But I am aware that there have been at least two complaints. Interestingly AnastasiaDate advised both complainants that there had been no other complaints as well. They advised that any issues with the profile had been dealt with by their verification team. But in fact, nothing has changed. The other thing they say is that they are a social meeting site and so have no responsibility for the behaviour of their profiles. They are simply going to protect the profiles of the girls as they make money.

So a man will sign up as a member and he pays AnastasiaDate to chat/communicate with what he thinks are genuine profiles of attractive girls that have been properly checked and verified by AnastasiaDate. AnastasiaDate pay a commission to the local agency for payments received for chat/letters/gifts. The local agency then pays the girls and their “translators” who often pose as the girls online.

Apparently, the people who run AnastasiaDate (and all of the sites in that group) have full knowledge of the scams run by their partner agencies and take no action. AnastasiaDate continue to purchase profiles. Rarely, if ever, are refunds given to the men defrauded and no action is taken to remove false profiles until they are publicly exposed, even when the organisation has been advised that the profiles are fake through complaints.

This information would indicate that AnastasiaDate continue to be knowingly engaged in activity that supports fraud on a massive scale. It would also appear that they make no reasonable attempt to stop it, nor do they refund most customers who are defrauded. They claim they have a verification team but there does not appear to be any action taken by this team to prevent these profiles from misleading the paying members of the sites, so it seems unlikely they actually exist.

The only reason AnastasiaDate is interested in complaints is to:

1.remove obvious scams outside of their normal contacts

2.provide information to help develop internal protocols to stop the women being found out so easily.

AnastasiaDate issues protocols to its contracting agencies to ensure women on the site behave in a way that will prevent potential problems and to ensure they do not give away information on their social networking profiles.

It has been said that AnastasiaDate purchases profiles in the full knowledge that the profiles they buy are not genuine and the agencies they purchase them from are corrupt and fraudulent. Apparently, there is no recorded instance of AnastasiaDate terminating the contract of a provider agency. Many of the agencies are small businesses that will then sell profiles they have collected to the bigger players in the market.

It also appears that many of the agencies in Ukraine have links to organised crime. Some of the funds that come from this activity go to Russian mafia organisations, some go to Ukraine and Donetsk mafia figures (one of the owners of AnastasiaDate is a well known Ukraine crime figure), and some go to funding the separatists in east Ukraine. So these agencies are in effect traitors to their own country.

On this basis, it is very hard to see how AnastasiaDate can claim it provides a genuine environment for men to find a partner. By using AnastasiaDate for entertainment (as it clearly is very unlikely to help you find a wife) you are continuing to promote this activity.

AnastasiaDate appears to receive an unrealistic number of positive reviews from ‘customers’ on review sites, but there are many more genuine-sounding negative reviews. They tried taking some review sites to court claiming they were using fabricated, negative testimonials but the cases were thrown out. I guess it is pretty clear why.

If you have been in contact with this site and identified that the profile was not genuine in any way then contact your credit card company and request your money back. Do not be fooled into thinking that somehow it is your fault. It is deceptive and misleading behaviour and you are the victim.

There may be women on the site who are genuinely looking for a partner but you will find it very difficult to be able to confirm that. Even when you take the contact offline after exchanging personal information it is easy for the girl to claim that there was no chemistry.

I am aware of one situation where the man travelled to Ukraine from the US and met with the girl from AnastasiaDate to be told that they could only be friends. Given that the girl already had a long-term younger local boyfriend and continued to be online on multiple dating sites, it obviously was not a genuine contact. Apparently, she made jokes about how she could rely on the payments from him regularly sending her gifts.

This site has many tricks to extract money from members and their support is simply there to protect the business and not the paying members. There is plenty of information online to confirm how this company operates. This is a business that pretends to be there to help members find a partner. But it has a very thin cover of professionalism that hides a machine designed to exploit its paying members (that is you) at every opportunity.

Another Scammer on Anastasiadate!
August 23, 2018

Here is an excellent example of a scammer on Anastasiadate. Her name is Inna and her ID is 1923172.

She seems sweet and will tell you that she loves you. She will also say that she wants you to visit and wants to be with you. All this to get you to spend more. Notice that her videos are recorded. Check the clock behind her.

I was supposed to meet Inna on May 1, but her son was in the hospital. I was supposed to meet her again and went to Kiev but she said that she had to work!!!! She could not even meet after work, even though she loved me and wanted to be with me.

Inna is Inna Rybchenko. A simple VK search will find her but she is also on Instagram here:

Yes, she keeps her site public. Her boyfriend/husband is Alexander Sterilkov who has pictures of her son on his Instagram site as well. Both are public sites.

On May 1, Inna's Instagram shows that she was in the Carpathian Mountains. On August 1, she was with Alexander and her son in Turkey.

Inna is a fraud, and I reported her to Anastasiadate who did nothing about it. She is still there. But you see her own photos on her own site. You are paying her to be on vacation always. Nice life but you will never be a part of it.

Bruce January 19, 2024

She is still on Anastasiadate and it's 1/18/2024!!

Anastasia Scam is a better name.
June 16, 2018

I met one girl on this site and on the first visit gave her a computer, not an expensive one as she claimed it did not work so we could communicate off site. Well that never happened as she claimed the computer and cam did not work, etc. Still was stupid enough to come back and visit her but last year found her on the social media sites with her boyfriend on various vacation locations within Ukraine. The reviews above are right on target. She made the mistake of when I asked her salary as a "designer", she said $400 in a good month. Now these people are paid monthly and do not get paid if they do not work and they work for a set salary and $400 is at the high end even now in 2018. She is on the site every night from 8 pm to 1 am earning her extra salary. Oh and if she lists her English ability as Intermediate, that means nothing and they will try and hit your for an Interpreter. Stay clear of the site nothing but a scam.

And speaking to "normal" Ukrainian women,, they despise these women as it gives them a bad name.

Revolting -- so criminal and misleading!
May 4, 2018

They mislead you on credits! It's like a highway robbery but online instead! They charge so much and mislead people!



YOU'D HAVE TO BE OUT OF YOUR MIND TO USE THIS SITE! I honestly don't know how others afford it unless you are Jeff Bezos! Stay away!!

untrue basic info in Viktoria's #1841475 profile
June 7, 2017

Still searching for my beloved, unexpectedly having vanished, Irochka85 / Irochka #2532 from Donetsk - Makiivka, on dating websites also by her appearance, in spring 2016 I ran at into Viktoria #1841475. Viktoria caught my attention by her elegant look, so I decided to save her profile into my computer as a pleasant remembrance and maybe to address her some time. Now in spring 2017, again searching also there for Irochka, I noticed that Viktoria has changed some basic information in her profile: sooner: 178 cm, 49 kg, beginner, now: 175 cm, 56 kg, intermediate.

I suppose that she or the staff of AnastasiaDate agency decided for the change in order to increase their profits from paying male members by moderating her statue info to more common value/-s (at least her height) so that a greater number of men will suit her and therefore address her, chargely of course.

This way also a lady at, Anna #2677, has moderated her basic profile info: from low statue to higher (despite women stop growing at 18 years), still (now even for 6 years) being a bachelor student - the longer time a student, the longer time unaccessible for foreign men to get her for physical partnership and so the longer time getting money from foreign men (via dating agency) for dating with her - and with moderated info about the colour of her hair: from uncommon black to common brown.

So, no wonder that dating agences charging only us men, falsively moderating profiles, having ladies at the agencies as long as possible with exactly the same profiles at several dating sites and so the sites are joined, influencing total trust evaluation at to higher value by raising popularity as one of judging parameters by falsive writing positive reviews at review websites, e. g. at, (I remember from a time not as long ago of a very low AnastasiaDate's total trust value at ScamAdvisor, while now suddenly the total trust value has jumped to 100%, and you can notice a few rows of typically falsive positive reviews especially at SiteJabber last time: short texts praising the agency by only general bla bla from persons having only 1 review), ... (did I forget, regarding, about anything?), are not in trust among us men.

See attachments:

Not all that glitters is gold
April 24, 2017

I agree with Andre's review on March 3, 2017. I love the country of Ukraine and have been there over 10 times now to 5 different cities. I have many friends who are or were interpreters for AnastasiaDate (AD) and other dating agencies. I have firsthand knowledge of how things work from inside the agencies; most of which contract with the main company but are smaller entities to themselves.

Some facts:

1) AnastasiaDate has 4 million members and 8000 girls. They do $110,000,000/year in business as of 2012. Simple odds are that 1 man in 500 will find a woman on this site, but I agree with Andre that only 1-2% are serious. 160 serious girls for 4 million men. You figure the odds. Even if the girl is serious, she knows that she has thousands of options, so she will wait for the rich man to come along - all while making money by chatting.

2) All girls get paid to chat with you and to meet you. Interpreters get $25/hour for their service and girls get $10/hour to be with you. In a place where average salary is $300/month, the girl just needs to spend 4 days of 7.5 hour dates to make her monthly salary. You are only a paycheck.

3) I have met 7 girls from the site and all were real. All looked like their photos, although one had photos taken 10 years prior, so she looked older but the same woman. Check the girl on VK to see if she is married or in a relationship.

4) Two girls that I met agreed to leave the site. Both stated that they had to wait for their annual contract to expire before leaving the AD site; otherwise, there were penalties.

5) Many local agencies have drivers and restaurants that work with the agencies to take your money. This is especially bad in Odessa, but it also happens in Kiev and Kharkov. All of these cities have good restaurants. Is it chance that you are always spending time at the same restaurant and your bill is higher than if you were at the US? I don't think so.... The last time I was in Odessa, the hotel wanted $60 to have the hotel driver bring me to the airport!! We went outside and got a nice taxi for $3/one-way or $6/round-trip. I gave the taxi driver $10, and he gave me his card. I called him every time I wanted to go somewhere.


1) DO NOT USE THIS SITE!!!! Most of the women are gold-diggers that choose this way to augment their income. Most women are not serious to leave Ukraine. I chat with two interpreters constantly. Both have confirmed that the girls get paid, and both confirm very strongly that most families in Ukraine are very tight together. Parents do not want their daughters marrying foreign men and moving away, but they have no problem if the girl profits from you.

2) Never EVER send the girl money!! Never for any reason. I did this twice and got burned both times. Both times, the girl said that they were my fiance. Both times, they had other men in Ukraine or abroad. In the first case, the girl sent an email meant for the other man. I contacted him in the UK and he sent me pictures of the girl with him. This is after I spent 2.5 years dating her and traveling with her. In the second case, the woman promised to visit the US where I live, then she sent me a picture of the other man by accident!! If you send money, you are just allowing them to stay in Ukraine and live like a rock star. Guaranteed that the woman will then attract a handsome Ukrainian boyfriend that will have sex with her and help her to spend your money!

3) If you insist to use the site and you want to find a wife, then remember two things: (A) When I first joined AD, there was a disclaimer in the FAQs that said that relationships have less of a chance of success if the age difference in the couple is greater than 15 years. This has now been removed. I recently saw a 64-year old US man in Odessa with a 21-year-old blond hotty. You might think that was great! I talked to him and they were always going shopping for a fur coat, clothes, and handbags. At the bar, he admitted that they had separate rooms to preserve the girl's honor!! I could see parts of tattoos in places that suggested that she had less concerns about her honor. (B) Write to a girl/lady that recently joined. If you are writing to a woman with ID 173xxxx, then she has been on the site since 2012 or about 5 years. In 5 years, she has not found a match in 4 million men. Some women with ID 111xxxx have been on the site for 8-10 years!!! Clearly, these women are on AD to make money. Even ladies with ID 187xxxx have already been on the site talking to men for 18-24 months. In my last experience, I wrote to a woman with ID 169xxxx, but she was within 10 years of my age. The woman asked for presents as soon as she knew that I booked my ticket to come to see her. She asked for presents while I was there. Even worse, she did not dress up for any dates - no make-up or nice clothes. Clearly, she knew that she did not need to do any effort in order to make money on dates. At least get a new girl who will try to impress you while she is reaching for your wallet.

4) Don't pick a narcissist! Many women say that they are models here! Sooo... you think that no one in Ukraine is having sex with this woman?? You think that she wants to live on the farm with you?? Be realistic! I have met more than one online who promise that they are loving! It is impossible for these women to fall in love with you because they have already fallen in love with their own reflection!! You can check for narcissists on VK. Get an account and search for them. The girls/ladies will have over 1000 pictures of themselves and sometimes up to 10,000 friends/followers. It is interesting too, because you will find them on VK almost every waking hour, so you know that they make enough money on AD that they do not have to work. Out of the 7 women that I met in person, all were gorgeous, but 3 were absolutely stone-cold. No feelings whatsoever!!! A woman that is gorgeous and single is gorgeous and single for a reason. Be warned!

5) Learn Russian - If you are going to date a girl at AD, then you will spend thousands of dollars. You can cut that significant'tly if you can cut out the interpreter after the first few dates. My last date actually pulled out her Iphone and used Google Translate when the interpreter was at the restroom!!! Too funny! Anyway, you should have a working knowledge of Russian if you are in Ukraine. The interpreter works for AD, and your date may say something significant't that AD does not want you to know. Learn Russian!

I am off the site now, so there are only 3,999,999 men left!! Good luck!!!!!!!!!

Bourgaud January 13, 2018

The huge swindle by the russian mafia goes on!I was in Ukraine 3 years ago and I noticed all these sad and bad remarks,confirmed to me by the female employees of the hotels I was sleeping in! (Hotels I independently chose). Flee this huge money factory! The dream will cost you an arm and you will get only big disappointments bcs of real crooks,females and males!

Mark February 25, 2019

Jim... if sounds to me like you had pretty higher success than anybody else i have read about if you went on that many real dates with real girls. I am concerned about some of the fotos of slender women with big knuckles, veins in their hands and bigger noses than are typical with slim women. I even read about a guy on trustpilot who dated a "girl" from one of the site and found out later she was previously a he.

Mark February 25, 2019

I would like to email you about some questions I have since you seem to analyze things as thoroughly as i do.

Read and weep
March 3, 2017

I was in Ukrain many times. I see many girls in 3 of the big cityes there. Most dates run the same way. I learn many things, and not all is negative. After one date the translator call me on Viber and we started dating after that. I see her many times and she also travle to me. After some 14 - 16 mounts I find out that she had a boyfriend in Ukraina. I have a friend that have wife form Ukrain and she help me to find out. Back to the lady from Ukrain. She tell me that she work for for many years. Girls are working in offices all over east europa. Many girls also work at home. All girls are payed. Photos are done by innhouse photographers. Photos are retouched by software. And girls sign a contract. A work contract. There are many things girls can not do. Like give ore eksept mailadress, usernames on fb, viber ore skype. If they do they loose big time. There are girls that find their prince online. And there are girls online that are locking for a man. But after me knowing this girl and what she has told me I estemate that less then 2% are real. It is big business. I try many different datelines. The best ones are the free datelines. On datelines that costs money mabye is god. But stil there are many independent scamer there. I estemate that 50% are real.

Some tips to you. Use free datelines. If you travle. Do everything yourselfe. Get tikkets, order hotels ore apartmens yourselfe. NEVER let a dateservice ore a online girl order something for you. NEVER send any money to girls. Never go shopping with dates / girls. Use internet to find sights, bars, clubs where to go. In east europ the culture has high quality. Go to Operahouses ore consert-house. Trust the hotel staff. There are tikkethouses ore agents all over the city. If hotel have service like car, order pick up from airport. Taxies can ripp you off. At one time a taxidriver ask me 10 times the normal rate. I got help from bellboy at hotel and he was given the normal rate. Bellboy tell him that hotel wil call police. Then he take the fare and drive away. Police do not understand English. In hotels they know English and can help you to find resturants that have menu in English. Ukraina is a beautiful place and I can not wate to go back there... God luck boys..

Girls Get Paid!!!
February 22, 2017

This is what I found for A D looking for translators.


Honesty, sociability, honesty, continuous access to the internet, fast typing, the ability to maintain a conversation on any subject, the desire to work for the result.

Responsibilities include


Working conditions:

Working with translation and interpreting.

Flexible working hours.

Work at a convenient time for you, as long as you see fit.

Remote work.

The system of premiums and bonuses.


Possibility to combine with the main work.

Timely salary is guaranteed.


Knowledge of English at Intermediate level and above;

Literacy spelling;

Go to work on schedule;

A responsibility.

Honesty, sociability, honesty, continuous access to the internet, fast typing, the ability to maintain a conversation on any subject, the desire to work for the result.


- Translation of correspondence.

Experience is not necessary. We are conducting training. You only need the desire and commitment to work.

It deserves trying!
December 20, 2016
I've tried this dating website just to have fun and have a chat with some nice ladies, felt comfortable with the services and didn't have any reason to stop using it..until I've found my girlfriend there..that's the best and only reason to leave this website actually!

Peter December 21, 2016

I would say: Prove it. I was more Than a year their VIP member and spend thousands of euro'.s. I can say in truth it is just a fraud and i have so much indirect evidence and also direct evidence.

So thats why i Tell all these so called persons who have so good experience their to give some proof instead of blather. It is a fraud site and lots of People Tell This story with real examples and experience their.

Thomas Chabot June 16, 2018

Agree with Peter!

Love really has no boundaries!
December 19, 2016
I live far from that part of the world, but I found my wife there. It just happened that we finally managed to meet, I took a flight to Moscow and after all the procedures she came here to become part of my life. I`m so happy I`ve met her! thanks to this website!

richard chambers April 19, 2017

stop lying you must work for the company

Bourgaud January 13, 2018

Yes, this dating site is ready to use all the means to make big money! including false testimonials!

Looking for Some Advice
December 13, 2016

Hey there

SO i was married for about 20 years and one day my wife decided to leave the kids and i to go find herself (stupidest thing i have ever heard). I put myself back in the dating game and i can say it is a nightmare, the females i meet are Bat S**T crazy or full of drama so i though maybe try dating someone from another country. I have no clue how that works so i stumbled apone ANASTASIA and WOW the woman are beautiful yes so thinking this is too good to be true i did some digging and found this site, I am glad i did thanks everyone for the great posts. Is there really a place to meet woman form a different country and maybe meet that special someone or is it all just a pipe dream?

richard chambers April 19, 2017

shut up nobody believes you

Met my only one
December 13, 2016

I'm here to show my respect to Anastasiadate and to share my successful story with other men who are still looking for their happiness.

About two years ago I joined the site hoping to find my future wife in one of the Eastern European countries. Women are just so caring there, and very beautiful of course.

Shortly afterwards I started to talk to a gorgeous woman from a small town in Belarus (a small country next to the Ukraine). She was 45 y.o. and I was 58 y.o. The age difference was just perfect.

We stayed on the site for a while and then moved on to private emails and skype. By the way, her daughter, who studied at some foreign languages university, was so nice to help us with the translation!

Then I went to Belarus to visit my beautiful Elena. I was met at the airport by her lovely daughter who helped me get to that small town where the love of my life lived.

Yes, there is a little disadvantage that Elena doesn't speak English yet. But we are all working hard on solving this problem. The most important thing is that I feel she is my soulmate. And the language barrier doesn't matter.

Now we are working on all the documents needed for her relocation to the US. God help us!

Just be patient and you will find Her.

My favourite site
December 10, 2016

Anastasiadate is a top notch dating site and I discovered it about 5 years ago. No doubt, the ladies are all very beautiful, especially the Ukraine ones. And most of them are always eager to communicate which is, of course, very pleasant. But I don’t rush to trust a picture that doesn’t video chat with me. When I actually see the girl I realize that this is a genuine woman looking for a man. Acting this way I stay on a safe side and don’t let anyone fool me.

I frequently travel on business and manage to visit Eastern Europe at least once year. I met ladies from different countries. Fortunately, we became friends with several of them. But unfortunately I haven’t yet met my only one, my true soulmate. I don’t rush it. I am certain, she is somewhere there and we’ll definitely find each other at the right time.

Thomas Chabot June 16, 2018

Anastasia Date is a giant scam, wake up Jacob!

No big speech,just real facts
November 28, 2016

I have chatted with olga from kharkiw for months and months.The bill:about 8000 dollars. I did trust her very much and I decided to visit her in her city. She seems to be very happy with my decision. But in fact it was just a huge manipulation as she imposed to me the presence of one of her friends as the interpreter the evening before the first dat, while she was supposed to have a good level in english and german! Indeed she was unable to express 3 following words.

When I met her ,no other choice than to directly go to the restaurant to have a heavy meal accompanied with great wines!At 11am.The meal had absolutely no interest as the 2 girls were more busy with their phones, than to have a real conversation.

After 3 hours in the restaurant, and a big bill paid by me,they lead me in taxi to an orthodox church, I was the single to visit.As they just stay together ,talking in the middle of the church,,completely indifferent!Or so much get used to do always the same things with the western naive men!

Then ,it was only 3,15pm they told me that it was late and that olga had to go home!I paid the taxi ,to bring her home as I already paid the journey to my hotel she had in the late morning and I never saw them again while olga was supposed to have 3 free days devoted to me who came from north germany.

But officially she wanted to marry me after our dating!Can you imagine my situation in the cold kharkiw, completely alone,and not speaking a russian word?

Naturally, she is still in anastasiadate. But I have left itps:I am convinced that all these acts are very usual in ukraine and that the girls get money from the boss of the restaurants (always the sames)where they lead the naive western men.

The same from the taxi company! It was confirmed to me by the nice employees of my hotel shameful for their country! Anastasiadate should be destroyed , as carthage in the antic time.

richard chambers April 19, 2017

you are a dumb a ss for ever thinking that hot women are desperate enough to join a dating web site

Bourgaud April 23, 2017

Did i ever say that i was exclusivement looking for a hot woman? However,i must admit that i was too trustful and naïve !

Yep. not sure
November 7, 2016
The jury is still out on this site. but i want to give them the benefit of my doubts....

In person meeting scam
September 9, 2016

I was in Europe on business and decided to go to Ukraine to meet the ladies I communicated with on Anastasia Date. In two different meetings with agency transiliator and a lady I was directed to the same over priced restaurant in Odessa.

The meal was 3 to 4 times normal price for similar restaurant, and even over priced for a 5 star meal that i had in another Ukrainian city with friends a week earlier.

Fool me once, fool me twice not to be fooled three times.

When I contacted "live-chat customer service" I received the following:

Anastasia Live Support

May I kindly ask how this meeting has relevance to the services we provide, L****** ?

I would like to kindly inform you that AnastasiaDate does not offer a service which can allow us to arrange or monitor meetings which happen between you and members of the site.

You have left the conversation. To resume chat please send another message.

Do not waiste your money on AD.

Smart Guys Stay Away
August 28, 2016

The only thing good about this site is the interface and the way it functions. It is ten times overpriced and the women as mentioned in other reviews seem to push you to chat as long as possible about nothing. Even the older than 20s something women have the process down. I believe they are trained and educated on the policies so thats why they follow them because they believe they will get kicked off from the site. Yes, I believe a good portion of them get paid from their agencies, not the site itself.

I think the site reviewers like site jabber should have supplemental blogs next to the reviews for users of the actual sites. Eventually it will get around what this site really is because you can get better from Maxim, Playboy and Penthouse if your really horny. Focus on your home women even though they aren't as esthetically pleasing overall.

Wayne C.