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Scam, scam, scam
July 25, 2016

All good looking woman and models profiles on this site are false!!! This is a fact! They get paid for showing photos ot videos and have a private life, AD ist just business. Probably over 50% also borow their identity...

I leave high possibility that some older and average looking woman are true, but this doesnt change fact about site.

I spent over 400€ on live chat but don't not know with whom I was chatting?? Maybe with man, also possible...

Beautifull Ljudmila allmost cut her venes because of love for me, but jet she was allways on line also after long chatting with me...

She wanted presents, gifts, but jet didn't want to chat on skype or other free chats,....

Im 100% shure that she was also parallel chating with more victims like me,....

I was never so f.....up in my life, and believe me I'm very experienced with womans.

I tried later Free Fdating just to verify response, since on AD I got every day 50 chat invitations from top models,..., and get reply from 5-6 average looking woman from ukraine and russia...

Save your money and get away from this site, or buy your self a fashion magasine or playboy and chat for free with it, its much cheaper, and more true as AD.


Ronnie Smith August 26, 2016

It most definitely is a scam. They use a fake billing address for starters.

Anastasiadate is a total scam. I know all details how they operate
June 9, 2016
Anastasiadate is a total scam. I know all details how they operate..: I get at lot of chat invitations from eager woman, even though my profile is empty, with no informations. Most of their profiles are stolen or bought model photos. Or they pay the women to chat with men, just to steal more money from stupid men. I know this for a fact, because many of the women have told me. I have direct contact with some of the women on VK. Many of the women are already married or have boyfriends or are top models, who would never go on dating sites. This is a total 10 million dollar scam. They do not want the men to get direct contact, their complicated rules are not there to protect anyone, only to steal more money from the men....

Huge Scam!
April 28, 2016

This site is dedicated to separating men from their money.

You will have no trouble finding women on this site to communicate with.

Be it by letters, or on-line chat, there will be plenty of beautiful women who are willing to communicate with you.

The letters are expensive, chat is expensive and is charged by the minute

Chat is the preferred method of the women on this site for communication.

And to the finical benefit of the site (and possibly the women on the site), chat is also the most expensive form of communication.

The women always encourage you to chat more, thus increasing the income to the Anastasia site.

Should you want to try to communicate out side of the site, or meet, the women are very uncooperative!

I have tried to make arrangements to meet several women at their home city.

Many do not want to meet. Their reason is, even though we have been in chat for months (and spending much money on the site chat service) they say we have not been in communication long enough to meet. But they are very happy for me to continue paying for the expensive Anastasia Agency chat service.

The few who have agreed to a meeting in their city have all found a way to prevent it.

It starts by me requesting them to give me their contact information, when I do, their answer no, they say all I need to do is to just show up in their city and it will all work out.

I have requested the woman go to their local city's agency office and ask the staff how we can exchange contact information before I travel thousands of miles and spend thousands of dollars for a meeting. There answer is usually 1.) They have no office in their city. 2.) They did and the office staff says to “just show up”. 3.) She is busy now but will visit the local office “next week”.

But there will be NO exchange of contact information before I arrive in their city – I am expected to travel to their city with the hope that somehow, the girl will find you and contact me!!

This site and the women on it do everything possible to take your money and to ensure you never meet, thus guaranteeing maximum income for the Anastasia Agency.

(Though I cannot say with any certainty, I get the impression that the girls share in the profits of this site. I say this because the women do nothing to encourage outside communication or meeting.

They always encourage more expensive communication using the Anastasia Agency site – such as Chat and sending overtly over priced gifts. And as I wrote above, the girls make no effort to meet, just spend more money using the site's services.)

Jim April 25, 2017

I have met with some of the girls. In my cases, I found that they are real people. However, some have been super cold and some seemed to have no idea who I was. In each case, $25/hour goes to the interpreter for the date. The girl gets at least $10/hour of this to date you plus whatever you spend on her for meals. Try going to Ukraine for 4-5 days to date the same girl. See how long they will stay out of the shopping mall! So yes, the girl is making $10/hour to date you in Ukraine. She only shows up when she wants to.

The worst is that they have no true feelings for you at all. They may treat you as a friend, but you will not be more, and you will not ever be invited to their apartment, see their other friends, or see the place where they work. None of that.

Be Very Careful!!!
March 8, 2016
I have to say that this is the only place to find true reviews of anastasia date. I'm 39, divorced with kids. I know how difficult it's to find a semi attractive woman on ANY date site here in US. What makes us men think that all these beauties from Russia, with no baggage and whole life in front of them would just want to marry us, guys with milage and baggage? Because we are Americans? Oh wow! That explains everything. Who wouldn't want to marry an American? Right? Wrong!!! Like someone mentioned earlier, there are plenty of rich, good looking men in Russia or Ukraine. Why would a model from Ukraine age 18 come here to become a housewife for a Fat guy that barely makes 80k a year? Answer is No way! Not even for a better way of life and future. And second, I've been absolutely bombarded by messages from beauties from anastasia and not one of them is ugly or fat! Now, I've received some messages on pof or okcupid but Never from a chick looking like a model. And i have received 160 messages on Anastasia all from hot beauties. Let's put another myth to sleep, not all eastern European women are pretty. I come from eastern Europe so i know alright! The only difference between here and there is that women are fat here and less fat over there and i mean there are some ugly fatties over there too! But trust me, there are plenty of ugly women in Ukraine! I haven't spent a dime on Anastasia date because i know it's a scam probably run by mafia. For some reason they have some good reviews on web so guys are buying it and wasting money. I don't want to insult anyone... but i would have be an Idiot to spend $20, 40, 100 or any amount of dollars for this BS!!! Hey listen, are you lonely and want to bang a european hottie? Do yourself a favor, go to Amsterdam, red light district. Get a hooker for couple hundred cuz this is as close as you'll ever get to the European beauty. And they've got plenty of them there. Money well spent!!!

Anastasia should be closed down by homeland security!
February 22, 2016

What can anybody say about a dating site that is making millions of dollars a year from naïve men, especially Americans.

This disgusting company is run by the Russian Mafia, and the bastards are still allowed to stream their stinking criminal operation to American via the Internet. I have tried several times to contact the Attorney General's Office, Internet Security and even Homeland Security. But anything one person says, falls on deaf ears.

What needs to be done ,, is the thousands of men that get scammed should get together , and file a class action law suit against these bastards so the US government finally takes notice and closes them streaming their scam to US homes. So many guys here give their crazy testimonials about this disgusting scam site, but no one is ready to take charge and organize every guy that has been scammed to file a 100 million dollar law suit about these Russians! Every damn girl in there is a paid worker!

Funniest part is if you post a fake profile of yourself that you are 85 years old , widower and no other info, you still get hundreds of messages in your inbox from 18 year-olds. Plus they all pop up begging you to chat.. If any man with half a brain believes this, then you deserve to get duped out of your money..

These women all have VK profiles , which is the Facebook of Former Soviet Union... Try talking to the same chick you spoke on Anastasia on VK.. They will block you...


CyberTranny February 27, 2016

Copy and paste работа брачное агентство (Russian for Work Brides) into Google search and read AnastasiaDate advertising job vacancies in both Russia and Ukraine for local translators to work as Work Brides scamming lonely foreigners. And advertising payment and commission to local models for a profession photo shoot to create clean profiles to be used by the Work Brides to scam lonely foreigners.

CyberTranny February 27, 2016

Copy and paste работа брачное агентство (Russian for Work Brides) into Google search and read AnastasiaDate advertising job vacancies in both Russia and Ukraine for local translators to work as Work Brides scamming lonely foreigners. And advertising payment and commission to local models for a profession photo shoot to create clean profiles to be used by the Work Brides to scam lonely foreigners.

Anastasia is like agency to pay woman of ukraine
February 3, 2016
I belonged to anastasia date for about 2015-2016 over 1 year.......... I exchanged contact details with two different woman....... When i did not buy them gifts for their birthday, both woman no longer like me? And one from Kharkov, named Kristina has her name on many social networks. vk, facebook, etc............ i do think most of the woman here join to make money from agencies only, finding a husband is probably not real! Its funny because in usa, Dr. phil endorsed them without really even checking into whether or not they are legitamite........... yes the site is sad for a man to go, sad to see his money stay with him..... i think the best thing to meet someone is on site which is cheaper that does not charge for live chats... 2 credits for one minute!!! Way more than other sites!!

It's obviously a scam..
December 23, 2015

On websites like or its affiliates (like amolatina, russian brides, asiandate etc) There are some women who are honestly looking for a man to marry. They don't work through agencies, but this is quite rare. (very very rarely there are also women who create a profile through agencies and truly search for a man of her life) But please keep in mind that they're looking for young, well-off guys (the accepted age difference would be maximum 10 years except in really rare cases when the woman is really desperate to get out of the country and it is only if you're handsome enough regardless of such an age difference of about ten years)

In most cases: Women create a profile and get a percentage from their agency, which gets probably about 10% from websites like this (therefore, roughly speaking, for 1000 dollars that the victim spends, 100 goes to the agency that the girl works for and the girl probably gets around 10 dollars. Very little. That's why, they've created a system of pyramid, whereby a man/woman who finds 20 girls to create profiles becomes a manager and then gets a higher percentage. And as you get to higher positions you get more. The best is of course to open is your own dating agency and find girls who'd work for you.

But then again are you really a victim if you are really ready to spend so much money on a girl even though you know that she won't be yours? I remember how people in the US spend/squander so much money gambling (in Reno or Las Vegas..) and they seem to be enjoying it.. So, maybe, those guys really want to squander their money and have some temporary, ephemeral happiness. However, if you aren't one of those guys, please be careful. Getting heartbroken and losing faith in humans is really irreparable..

Better than being robbed with a gun, and they won't take your iPhone
November 30, 2015

Without a doubt, the site has loads of profiles with photos of very beautiful women. Unfortunately, whether you read messages, send replies, chat or even view attached photos & videos, this site charges you for pretty much *everything*, and these 'beautiful women' (assuming they're real) use every trick in the book to lure you into reading one more message, writing one more reply, chatting for one more minute and viewing one more photo or video... and all that keeps the cash register ringing at an alarming rate.

I currently live in Kiev, Ukraine, and I only contacted girls who speak English and live in the exact same city. So lining up a date on this site should have been at least as easy as any of the free sites I've used to find dates in the same place, right? Unfortunately, it wasn't. With the goal of spending as little as possible, simply to verify that this site would lead to at least one real-life date, I spent over $200 USD in just 5 days, received replies from over 40 girls, and ended up with nothing but more invitations to keep emailing and chatting, longer and longer, adding more and more $100+ charges to my credit card.

Additionally, the profiles and messages I saw seemed VERY fake to me, and having used online dating services for years, I can spot a fake a mile away. And the girls almost always write back within 24 hours. Does that sound normal for an online dating site to you? It sure doesn't to me, but I'm sure it helps keep that cash register ringing. When you bring all this up with one of the very friendly customer service people, they'll happily send you a link to their 'anti-scam policy,' which they seem to think should convince us that we're not being scammed. But the fact is, if someone can live in Kiev, speak Russian, and not set up a single date with a girl who lives in the SAME CITY after hearing back from 40+ girls and spending $200+, when free or super-cheap sites like Badoo, OkCupid and VK work perfectly well, it's safe to say that AnastasiaDate falls far, far short of delivering what it promises.

Andrew Hunter January 01, 2016

I live in Canada. I have spent money on this site over a few years and what you have to say in this review seems accurate to me. Thank you for posting it.

Jim April 25, 2017

I agree with this review as well. I went to visit some of the girls - some multiple times. I offered to come to live in their city for a month. There were always excuses. If the woman loves you that much and she does not want you around, you learn quick. Thank you also for this review.

Lets be fair.............
March 26, 2015

The whole industry is based on fraud and deception. Anastasia Date is not the only one cashing in on the false romance/marriage industry. All Russian/Ukrainian marriage agencies are just money making schemes that play upon the human need for love and companionship. Education is your best defense.

Good luck guys.......protect your hearts and your wallets!

Amolatina sister site to
March 7, 2015
I tried to get costa rican women to appear in the video feature and send more than original pictures of themselves all they did was side step my request each time. My theory is first at this site compared to Anastasia .com with Russian ladies they will send an initial free letter and picture not at Amolatina because of the proximity of the usa and CR they know it's possible you might travel there so they want you to pay for all communication starting out and want to milk you. That confirms why they won't appear in video either because they are afraid you will determine they are a fraud but with common sense without spending money I found it out anyway. Keep in mind the company or the women don't expect you to actually travel there in the first place.

There is always a risk1
March 5, 2015

Russian women are so different.. I think there are some hunting wallets on this site, BUT, there is always a risk in any relationship.. whether you met her through the internet or in real life. What if a woman truly has a "connection" with you? Don't be too suspicious. But I'm not saying to trust Russian or Ukrainian girls completely, not unless you know them better.

Kenneth Graves March 08, 2015

If you go to you risk losing all the money you have if you don't read the reviews here, but if you must go there and lose several hundred dollars first,readers here don't believe any positive reviews for Anastasiadate or its sister companies they all are 100% scams. Don't believe me go there and experiment for yourself.

Manu August 07, 2015

Russel: Kenneth is right. We are not talking about russian or ukranian ladies. The review is about, where I had an scum experience. All they are doing is legal but try to undestand that both Russia and Ukrania have very weak rule of law. The best and cheap way is if you learn russian language and travel to 'Ukraine for a year and stay there. Try to learn the culture values first. Both the organized crime and Government go together so that is telling something

Kenneth Graves December 14, 2015

There is a always a risk? That's hilarious. There's a way better chance of you getting robbed by all of sites each and every time than walking down a dark street in a bad neighborhood. If you spend money at these sites they are going to rob you, there's no risk involved.

March 2, 2015,Asianbeauties,Amolatina are all scams run by the same company. The women are employees running the scam for them. You are better off taking a plane ride to russia,asia.or latin america and meet real women as opposed to giving your money away,beware I see a lot of positive stories here the scammers come here as well to defend this elaborate scam.

try? not sure..there are some worries!
February 25, 2015

Pretty nice site with a long history! It is worthy to believe them.

Probably I’ll try.

Kenneth Graves April 01, 2015

And disregard the many buyer beware post here,you are an idiot,goodtimes

#Anastasiadate Emotional Prostitution Website .. Stay Away
February 2, 2015

I am on Anastasia since a year, i plan to meet with seven to eight girls, all keep chatting until the day i want to visit kiev and when it was time to meet they all have excuses:

sickness, avoid opening chat, they have work, they are busy, they are with mom and so on, in case you book through site, you just meet on a date of booking and she never show up again ...

drama totally fake and useless,

it is another format of prostitution website, Emotional Prostitution, they don't need you, there are many handsome ukrainian boys to be with .. ukrainian boys are too handsome as well as russian, quality women don't need foreigner !

don't get wrong with beautiful girls chatting you on site, they don't want your face, they want your money, if it is not true why you can't have similar ones on real life to give your her emotion

kiev is beautiful city, with rich people, luxury cars and expensive houses, don't get wrong with economic differences, only frustrated, ugly and bad girls come to these sites , family valued girls don't use these sites, there are exceptions but you better ignore it, very difficult to find it among so many prostitutes,

they have too much makeup and quit different than what they really are, you can try to find someone, anyways if you want to find real one go to that is a social site like Facebook, try many, maybe one respond you finally, or go by person to kiev and stay there communicate with people maybe you find somebody in real life, that is also challenging and not easy, ukrainian and russian don't like color skin people be careful, if you are white you may have good chance, if not that will be more difficult ..

when i was using this site i didn't consider these reviews but finally i am one of those who write a review to help you save your emotions and accept reality !

anyways if you couldn't find someone in your place, you probably can't find somewhere else, that is true and logic, but still hope is good, do your best in a proper way ..

Kenneth Graves March 02, 2015

The site Amolatina which is owned by Anastasiadate as well used to have videos of gatherings for foreigners to meet women this was Cali,Colombia. In the video I saw a dirty woman I have on video cassette walking around at the convention the site set up for men to meet the women. What you are saying is 100% plausible.

Manu August 07, 2015

Totally agree. When I dated one lady and uncovered all the scum, the lady and the translator tried to hide somewhere else like rats.

The best way to travel there by oneself and avoind taking about money.

A new way of stealing money by AnastasiaDate!!!
January 26, 2015

Be careful while watching photos attached to the letters.

Until not so long ago one photo has been free and it was marked (free). But now, in some letters with two or more photos, they deduct 10 credits from your account for viewing the FREE PHOTO! Of course, the next attached photo, which you wouldn't normally want to pay for, is free. One could say - just a mistake, but 10 credits gone down the drain anyway.

Till I noticed that I was robbed of money I had lost 50 credits.

You aren't able to guess in which letters there is this fake "free photo". Only when you check your account you can find out the lack of credits. AnastasiaDate is a very cunning thief dealing according to the proverb: take care of the pennies and the pounds will take care of themselves.

But I am astounded that they could sink so low.

Mark January 27, 2015

Although i detest Anastasia Date and the business model that it follows, I must speak up in their defense. I have NEVER been charged for their free photos that are included in the letters from women on the site. Only one free photo is sent with each letter and it is clearly marked FREE. It is always located at the bottom of the letter on the left hand side. Any other photo that is sent with a letter must be paid for. I just went online and tried it with 2 different letters and I was NOT charged for looking at the free photos. ( I keep a few credits ahead at Anastasia just to keep my account open........I like to see what foolishness they are up to.)

Frank January 29, 2015

It is sad to read such comments as yours Mark. You said: “Only one free photo is sent with each letter and it is clearly marked FREE.”. It is not TRUE! I don’t know if you read your letters carefully enough or you may be farsighted and need glasses, but obviously you miss other photos. Of course many letters has ONLY one FREE photo but very often there are two, three and, in some letters, even ten photos attached and they want you to pay 10 credits for viewing each of them.

It’s great that you are so experienced with Anastasia Date, but I have been on this site for five years and received over two thousand letters and I haven’t paid for free photos until now. BUT for three months it has happened to me five times and only in letters with two or more photos. That is why I wrote about the “new way…”.

It is obvious that they do not take money in letters where there is only one photo, which must be free and it would be difficult to explain the theft, but in the case of two or more photos the can say: just a slight mistake of the positions of the photos.

It may happen that in one of the forthcoming letters that you will be charged 10 credits; do you have such account balance?

Mark January 29, 2015

Frank, I cannot discredit your personal experience with Anastasia nor did I say that what you claim did not happen to you. However, it has NEVER happened to me. In fact, just this minute I went to my Anastasia account and read 3 different letters and looked at the FREE photo. My account has not been charged for looking at the photos. As with all online Russian/Ukrainian marriage agencies............let the buyer beware. I am sorry to say that you and I, as well as countless other men have been 'robbed blind' by these dishonest and unscrupulous businesses.

Uadreams Reviewer January 31, 2015

Exist more sadly bad date sites...

See my profile.

Kenneth Graves March 02, 2015

Sure its a scam, photos are a way of generating money from the men. If you notice the most attractive women won't write or send a picture, they want to lure you into expensive chatting. IT's like dangling a carrot in front of the donkey, I suspect to could be anyone talking to you, it's just a picture. Besides if these women are employed, what makes you believe they want a relationship anyway,they are there to take you for a ride.

A piece of garbage scam site!!!!
January 20, 2015

Among the worst of the worst. I have met a legitimate lady at Adate. Believe it or not. Of course, I met dozens of scammers too. But this one lady was insanely beautiful in Kharkov. We met on a lunch date. Gents, the standard Adate is they take you to the most expensive restaurants. You pay double or triple for cab fare. The woman always asks for gifts and the date is totally devoid of romance. You never get any personal contact info, etc. etc. Because of course, the ladies are paid. They get money for your visit. They get money for your letters and they get money for keeping you in chat.

But I met one exception. She was so beautiful I cannot even explain. And she was even nicer than she was beautiful. Again, I met her for lunch. She just ordered tea. We had a lovely discussion. I only had to pay the translator. I knew she was the real deal.

But it was years ago and I still did not understand the dating scam industry. We thought we could continue our correspondence through Adate. But they lied and kept us apart, because they knew she was real. They wanted to keep us in their system. I was told she was not interested and she was told I was not interested. Needless to say, she left the site and she found love. A foreign doctor married her. We talk on vk all the time. She is about to have their first child.

Her profile is still on Adate. She is listed as single and available. If anyone wants me to show them contact me. I have that and tons of other fake profiles, married women, etc. on Adate.

They are liars, they are deceivers, and their time has come.

Mark January 27, 2015

This review sums up the business model of Anastasia very well. I had a similar experience as this poster although I never actually went to Ukraine to visit the young woman that I was interested in. I think that there may be a few success stories but they are not very common.

ORLANDO January 30, 2015

That's exactly what Adate is: Pure FRAUD; EMOTIONAL PROSTITUTION!!!

Don't waste your time and your money either....

Kenneth Graves March 02, 2015

Sorry for your loss, she was a keeper. You should have filed her visa and passport while you were there man,if snooze you lose.

Manu August 07, 2015

Agree. She was a keeper. And believe or not, there are such ladies out there but they are not going to wait untill they retire to fing the "right soulmate", like women in the west. They are very practical and if you act like women in the West it is probably thet went with the Doctor.

In all of this dating story is how is your idea of a relationship.

CyberTranny February 27, 2016

Copy and paste работа брачное агентство (Russian for Work Brides) into Google search and read for yourselves Anastasiadate advertising in both Russia and Ukraine for local Work Brides (and married ladies to work from home) to scam lonely foreigners. And advertising payment to local models for a professional photo shoot to create clean profiles to be used by the Work Brides and instruct the models not to post the photo shoot pictures online.

David Brunner February 28, 2016

Yes, we know. There are tons of communities on advertising jobs for women to pretend to like men on the site. The only way to beat them is to leave all pay by letter sites. Only use sites that have one monthly fee. Stop giving money to liars, thieves, and scammers.

Don't Waste Your Time
January 8, 2015
This website is fraud raised to its highest art form. If you value your money and your self respect you will stay away from ALL Russian/Ukrainian marriage agencies. I am not talking just about this website. ALL of them are frauds. Do some research on You Tube and Ukrainian chat rooms and discussion boards. These agencies are just money making smoke and mirror operations. Good luck and remember, "If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is."

Great place to meet ladies
November 30, 2014

I will be honest here when you hear other people posting negative comments about this site, it's just that they are probably paid to put a negative comment on there. It's a good site for guys that are really looking to start a friendship/relations with someone from Russia or Ukraine the few ladies I have had a talk with within the past week have never asked me for money, or anything because they have jobs of their own and support them-self.

The only bad thing about the site is that it's not monthly membership site like you would have on popular dating sites in USA like match, eharmony, etc..

With Anastasia site it's a pay as you go site if you want to chat with the ladies your given 3 mins free anything else is you pay to continue chat, to send letters, and read it's a cost involved that is part of the pay as you go plan on Anastasia, and your free to delete your account if you want to.

I have traveled to Ukraine in the past many times and I have someone from there but not to see anyone from this site just another site that I am on and you just have to use common sense and if you find the love that you want to be with you should be happy.

Anastasia Victim December 24, 2014

ANASTASIA DATE IS ALL A FRAUD!!! I signed up and sent messages to someone who called herself Anna. This went on for only 20 minutes before I got wise to what was really happening. I am definitely one of the lucky ones!!! There were delays in her responses, repeating the same questions multiple times to me and every other tactic to chew up the clock. I logged off and read more reviews that confirmed my experience. THERE WAS NO WAY AT ALL TO DELETE MY ACCOUNT OR REMOVE MY CREDIT CARD INFORMATION FROM THEIR SYSTEM!!! THE ONLY OPTION THAT WAS AVAILABLE WAS TO STOP THE AUTOMATIC WILLING WHEN CREDITS RAN OUT.

I finally found their customer service number of 800.922.0204 and after being on hold for 30 minutes, the rep that I spoke with was trying every trick in the book to keep my account active. I had to push and push for a WRITTEN CONFIRMATION OF CANCELLATION and would not let him off the phone until it was safely in my mailbox (30 minutes later). While this was going on, I was simultaneously online-chatting with a different rep trying to cancel my account. This rep was far worse than the one on the phone by stalling, making excuses, refusing to commit to cancelling the account, etc. I captured every word in that thread for my records. THEY WILL NOT SEND YOU A COPY OF THE CHAT SESSION.



Mark January 08, 2015

I am surprised that so many men still use Anastasia Date at all. The Russian/Ukrainian marriage agency industry is a HUGE fraud. Go on to YouTube and SEE for yourself the companies that advertise for girls to join these sites in order to MAKE MONEY. It is big business and the online marriage agencies are really just a job for these girls. I have had many girls admit to me outight that they are getting paid and that they are online with these agencies just to earn some extra money. The sad thing is that they are paid by the minute and it works out to about .059 cents a minute for chat and double for video time. That is between $3.60 and $7.20 an hour but it could take them all day just to 'rack up' a complete hour or two in chat. Too bad for the men that are suckers and too bad for the girls that can't find decent work in Ukraine!

ORLANDO January 30, 2015

Excuse me, do you work to Adate?

Pete February 06, 2015

The Irony.

Kerry says those posting negative reviews are PAID to post them, when in fact HE/SHE him/herself is obviously paid by Adate to put up this positive fluff review. You see these fake positive reviews all over the net when you look for Adate reviews. Always fairytales with no actual details or stories about how they met their loved one. You people are a disgrace, the lowest of the low and you should be deeply ashamed of yourself, call this a living? You are lower than prostitues, at least prostitues dont lie, they take your money in exhange for a service, you people take the money based on a lie and dont even provide a service in exchange.

Kerry Juntunen February 07, 2015

No I do not even get paid anything to post here, the ladies on the site are true to their heart and a lot of you probably not have an open mind to really see these ladies for who they are. Your comments about them are just shallow and they would not even want to come near you, They are not prostitutes or anything else negative you want to call them, You just have not even been to the site to really know them like I have even face to face on the cam feature they offer. Oh but you are just a lonely SOB that will never have an amazing lady like I have from Ukraine. It's too bad you have a narrow mind Pete and only want to spread the hate in your life.

Mark February 08, 2015

Kerry, you are either very naïve or very stupid. Perhaps you are both? I have been in your shoes and thought that Anastasia was a legitimate dating site. Open your eyes and do some research on the internet. You are being SCAMMED big time.

November 25, 2014


The site Anastasia Date is a real shame ....

The girls appearing in photographs often do not correspond to reality and we men think we are talking to them and we are talking to a computer, watching her photos.

Other times, the girls when they are to be online on chats try to convince men to get hours and hours on chat rooms because they receive a commission or percentage ...

More, the girls will say they want to have a meeting live in her country but the hour or inevitable happens, the mother or the child get sick, die cat, dog also .... and other times not say anything and do not appear when a person lands in her country ...

Other times, then the second or third chat, girls begin to ask for money to pay the rent, to treat the child, want iPhone, want to perfumes or flowers through the site, etc ....

This is pure emotional prostitution ... This is true SCAM !!!

RUN AWAY OF THIS SITE to avoid losing your money and your time....


When we complained to the service to consumers service, always give reason to the Ladies,,,obviously .... and seems to still enjoy with people

They all act in concert and together to fraud men who are vulnerable in their feelings.

A shame !!!

For my part, I will denounce this disgraceful situation to the last instance.

If you want you can read this article of the British newspapper The Guardian

Later I will send my evidences...

farid January 29, 2015

Anastasia Date !

Letters are not real and girls will not read them .. they all are pre-written letters which little get adjusted to match your letter,

women on site correspond to many boys everyday, they are there all the time, you can find some good women, but need to search a lot

they don't show up, if you go to ukraine, so in case they show through Anastasia date booking then they may not be interested, so if you plan to find someone for sure find someone who matches you from all aspect, if you are 45 don't plan for young beautiful 23 years woman, first look at yourself on mirror then go for a girl

Look at girls carefully through different pictures, maybe video, they are not really what they look like, they do lot of make up ..

if you are not balance from all sides, for sure it will not be a relationship, don't waste your time,

on a few chat you will find out the girls feeling about yourself, if you feel little bit not good, stop it and go for another one …

normal girls don't ask you anything, and if you offer it also don't accept it, so if a girl ask you for something, then be careful she has some plans,

Kenneth Graves March 02, 2015

If you noticed as well the free letters all sound the same and are very short all to lure you into spending money

November 12, 2014
THIS SITE IS A COMPLETE FRAUD. ONLY 7.25% OF THEIR PROFILES ARE WOMEN WHO CANNOT BE PROVEN TO BE PROFESSIONAL DATERS. Their anti scam policy is a fraud in itself. Scammed customers are asked to provide unreasonable levels of proof or their complaints rejected. Those customers who have evidence are barred from the site for alleged breach of AnastasiaFRAUDs terms of service. Anastasia then issue protocols to the mafia run agencies in Ukraine so that girls cannot be found out in the same way again. They use evidence submitted to customers to cover up their fraud.

Mark January 08, 2015

Ha ha ha!!! You have Anastasia all figured out. TWICE when I presented evidence of fraud on their website they cancelled my account. Use Anastasia Date for entertainment only! Almost no woman registered there is really interested in marriage.

Kenneth Graves March 02, 2015

They are employees there to make money not to start a love relationship with you; besides, most of the women are older and ulgyier than younger pictures of themselves.