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Real Girls
December 17, 2013

Real Girls on this site.... and great professional support if you need it.

Been a member for 3 years and hav´nt experienced any problems.

Have found new friends trough the site.

George26 December 17, 2013

The site it's not about finding friends !!! Useless review !!!

Greg February 07, 2014

LOL, let me pay you 1000's to be pen pals.

Svalemanden June 14, 2014

Stefan - You are false

Either you get money from Anastasia to write it

Or are you employed by Anastasia

Anastasia is just a money-making

None of the girls on Anastasia will be lovers with you, or any other men

Many of the girls have a profile on VKontakte

Try to contact the girls on their VKontakte profile.

You will not hear from them there.

December 12, 2013

I dated a woman for a month who was very good and getting me to open up about my personal life and making me feel that I had a relationship with her. I spent over $3,000 chatting, sending letters, sending flowers, and even a webcam, and then making a trip to meet with her.

Once I met with her, she said I was too old for her, even though I had sent her numerous photos and she knew my age.

During the visit, her translator confessed that she knew she had a boyfriend and that she got paid to chat with me and that she had no intention of ever having a relationship with me.

This was my experience, take it for what it is worth.

Greg February 07, 2014

Typical for that site. They also have people who work for them make good comments on all the sites that say negative comments about them. I am sure a few have did that here.

Joel Kall October 10, 2014

Sue them your testimonial and interpreter is evidence, then u might get back all money, but your heart is scammed and broken, I am very sorry for you scott...

God bless all

Kenneth Graves March 07, 2015

Wow dude 3k in letters and chat and about 2k with the trrip. You could have went to the philipines or thailand and bought sex for a year and probably would have found a wife in the process. I hope people do their research and see your story if they dare deal with these scammers

Sean Courtney April 16, 2015

Yes, I see the story and that works for me. I spent $1000 plus and now FEEL the egg on my face...

Great place to meet great ladies
December 8, 2013
Anastasia has been a wonderful experience. The women are very friendly. i have been on the site for a year and have met and communicated with a wonderful woman who I hope to share the rest of our lives together. The customer service has been very helpful with any issues that have come. I recommend the site for all.

Andrew December 13, 2013

I only wonder where such guys as Joe come from. One short revision like this: “I have met and communicated with a wonderful woman” or “The customer service has been very helpful” and they give five stars. They look like Anastasia’s spies. (The site is careful about it’s business).

Write the revision when you finally marry your wonderful woman.

Of course, women are wonderful and the service is helpful, because they don’t want to frighten your money. And I bet that not only helpful but meticulous, lasting long and charging for everything.

Steven Dunn December 25, 2013

The only way to be certain to meet someone in Russia or Ukraine is to go there, don't go thru any dating services you will 95% of the time get ripped off.

Greg February 07, 2014

I bet you probably work for them too. Quite a few go on sites like this to say nice things.

Scott February 07, 2014

I have been to the Ukraine twice and am on my third trip, second time meeting with a woman that has been incredible so far. Sure it's expensive, but I work overseas and I want a site that monitors and keeps the scam artists away. They run a quality service too. Check out the other Eastern Bloc dating sites and they all look like prostitutes.

Greg February 08, 2014

I beg to differ Scott. No dating site takes lots of guys money and gives nothing in return. That is not a quality service, that is just robbery. If you take trips to Ukraine, why would you even need them? Your post is not really making sense, when you can meet real girls without that site. Did you even see my post dated Feb. 4, 2014? I would not use any of those sites and I be broke and not meeting a girl with Anastastiadate. Hmmm, you work overseas and can't meet girls on your own. Either you are insecure, have no common sense, lying, or can't make friends easy.

nice girls
December 4, 2013
great place to meet honest down to earth girls but your common sense

Omg December 04, 2013

omg, what planet are you from,

Read the previous review and start firing up google translate and do your homework))

Expensive chat site
December 2, 2013
Girls are being paid for chat: 0.12 USD per minute for ordinary chat , 0.24 USD per minute for video chat, 1 USD for answering the letter. As far as I know Anastasiadate now set up a limit to 0.36 USD per minute for chat if a girl chats to few men at the same time, but still it's a lot of money, over 20 USD per hour. Quite good wages even for America. No girl will confess that she is being paid, just because they don't want to lose admirers. Wast majority of women here are to make money and not to find love. Whats even worst that instead of real girl you could be chatting to local marriage agency employee and the real girl appearing on video chat only once a month. If you need proof you can google yourself for Russian or Ukrainian forum sites where local marriage agencies, representatives of Anastasiadate and other Russian mail order bride sites, discuss their business.

Kenneth Graves March 07, 2015

There you have it, if a woman you could see in person said you had to pay her to just talk to her would you?Well this is even more insane,would you talk to a woman you cannot confirm her identity for money? If you read the writer's comment and even go to the site then you are an idiot.

LOOK OUT for Anastasia, RussianBrided, Find Bride & Bridge of Love
November 29, 2013

#1 All are Way Too Expensive

#2 Lots of girls are not on cam so you can't see who u r talking to

#3 All Sound Perfect for you In Chat

#4 All have 'Very' Sexy Photos with expensive clothing

#5 Lots like to talk seductively even the 18-19 Year Olds

#6 All want to sleep with you without ever even seeing your pic even

#7 All want to extend Chat Time with you to raise $ for the agency

#8 Say Agency's Loaned Laptop Blocks personal information requests

#9 Even when you have a direct email address for them, they act poor, down and out, or anything else to get your sympathy and then, they ask you to send them money for something (could be anything ~ in my case ~ a computer)

#10 Add your own comment here, sure I missed a LOT!!!

Steven Dunn December 25, 2013

The best way to meet a Ukrainian or Russian women is to travel there, meet them at the clubs and bars or stores or even on the streets, don't go thru a dating agency.

A review of Honesty
November 19, 2013
I have been a customer of Anastasiadate for a year and a half, and I must say that it is a very legitimate dating site. I know this for a fact because I have actually met one of Anastasiadate's American contact men. I was traveling to Kharkov to meet a young lady and I just by coincidence happened to be on the same plane as one of Anastasiadate's Romance Tours. I sat next to Greg the whole trip to the Ukraine and I saw the inner workings of the organization, so I can assure you it is real. I have also met a wonderful woman recently through Anastasiadate and I really cannot say enough about her, She is the one and I would never have met her without Anastasiadate. Juliya, is the most special woman I have talked to for a very long time. I am so happy I have met her. she makes me smile and laugh. I know that my future will involve her and we can build a future. Also Ukrainian women are so very different from other women, and I can say this as a world traveler, Ukrainian women are beautiful and family oriented. They want a genuine man who will support and love them, and that is what I have found in Juliya.

Tony November 20, 2013

Brian Thomas you are a funny guy. What a hustler will tell you that his activity is, speaking with delicacy, wrong?

“I sat next to Greg the whole trip to the Ukraine and I saw the inner workings of the organization, so I can assure you it is real”, what a naive approach.

What did you see? Inner working? How? You may have learned the theory, which as a theory must be on principle good.

But you should talk to somebody who lost thousands of dollars being scammed, who went to his dream woman seeing her only once because her grandma was ill and she did not have time, who on the internet came across photos of his beloved with her husband or boyfriend.

If I understand well you haven’t married your Julia yet. So I will give you advice: “Do not count your chickens before they are hatched”

Mark November 22, 2013

Brian Thomas may indeed be a funny guy! He might also be naïve, ignorant, misinformed, immature, gullible, an idiot or a fool. We have all been these things in our life but reality slaps us in the face and wakes us up. " To rob the public it is necessary to deceive it. To deceive it is to persuade it that it is being robbed for its own benefit, and to induce it to accept, in exchange for its property (money),services that are fictitious or often even worse." - Frederic Bastiat (1801-1850) Do some research Brian and educate yourself. Dig, dig, dig, dig, dig and you will be surprised what you can find out.

Alex November 23, 2013

Give this guy Tony a nobla good response!!!

Mock November 25, 2013

Brian, give us Julia's ID and we will tell you the thruth))

Mike December 06, 2013

Did the company give you any background check on her? Did they look out for your interest or protect you in any way by giving you her history? Have you done a background check on her? Hire a Private Investigating firm in the Ukraine (a good one) and have a complete background check done on her. The company does not do any type of check on the women on the site. They do not care about the men only about their wallet and how big it is. If they truly cared about their clients (the men) they would run a background check on the women on the site. If I know that I confirmed background check had been conducted on the lady I would pay more to make contact with them. But this company does not care about the men at all. I was member for a short time and then I found out that it was a scam just to get money and that they did not care about the men so I got off the site. And I still received e-mails from them until I blocked them. But let me know when the wedding is so I can come to it. Also let me know when the divorce is so I can come to that.

Mark December 06, 2013

Brian, since Greg explained to you the inner workings of Anastasia did he also explain the following:

1. How the girls are paid by the agency but the contract agreement is with

Anastasia International so that the payment money actually comes from

Anastasia itself?

2. Did he explain how Anastasia uses independent contractors to advertise

on such sites as Forum.OD.Ua to offer girls JOBS to chat and write


3. How the highest grossing girls in video chat, chat and letter writing win

vacation trips to Turkey or Vienna or any number of places? Or that they

win laptops, Iphones, Ipads and other assorted gifts and material things?

4. Did he explain that Anastasia used to advertise heavily that the company

was started by a Russian-American couple who eventually divorced?

5. Perhaps Greg explained to you that every girl who registers on the site now

and makes a video must make the claim that she is only registered on

Anastasia yet dozens of these same girls profiles are located on

competing sites like Hot Russian Brides, Dream Marriage etc.?

6. Greg must have mentioned that Anastasia makes millions of dollars but

that the matchmaking rate per dollar collected is dismally low?

7. Did Greg mention that amoung their 'success stories and videos' that

some of the girls portrayed are still on competing websites trying to find

the love of their life even though the video or success story portrays them

as already finding their ideal match on Anastasia?

8. Did Greg mention that if you bring any of these concerns to Anastasia

customer service that they will close your account and not answer your


Good luck Brian and please repost here in a year and let me know about

your success dealin with Anastasia.

David Brunner March 02, 2015

Brian isn't a real person. AnastasiaDate is creating fake accounts here and giving itself good reviews. The mafia will go to any lengths to keep the money flowing. Mark, I would like you to contact me. We have some strategies in place for combating this garbage. I am going to try to give an interview with a news organization soon. But we need to coordinate so we can keep these scammers from breaking a lot of wallets and even more hearts. [email protected]

Thomas Chabot June 16, 2018

Agree Dave!

Anastasia is a real Service
November 15, 2013

I have been on for almost a year now. After talking with several women I narrowed the list down to 2 women. In March of this year I when to Odessa for 11 days to meet Elena. Although I was weary at first, we met everyday and had a great time getting to know each other. I went back to see Elena again in July and again we had a great time. So now we are planning to meet in Feb 2014, not because she does not want to see me until then but because my work will not let me go until then. In February we hope to start the process so she can get a visa and come here to stay for awhile. Many people give this site a bad name but this site is a great place to met women to "start" a relationship. You will have to go met the women to ever grow into a real relationship. Just like dating women here they are not desperate and wanted to be treated with respect. Sure some women are more bold than others, it is the same here. So find a woman that matches your personality and see where it leads you. I have had a great time on this site and will continue to use it.

Todd W.

David November 16, 2013

Thats interesting Todd since i have been talking to the same lady blond well built fitness instructor and says shes 40 when she looks 30 we are being scammed dude

Mock November 25, 2013

I guess, you speak about Tatka??))

November 2, 2013

I used to be really determined to marry a lady from this site, but fortunately, having read some opinions about this site I carried out an experiment which convinced me that it is a total scam. Within a year I have established six accounts with approximately the same age but a different background from a high school to a PhD, from a single through divorced to widower, from zero to three children. All my conclusions concerns only women who took interests in my profiles and they are below:

1. I received letters from almost the same set of thousand women or so. “I am looking for an educated person, who likes travelling a lot…” writes a lady to a widower, mechanic with high school education and three children.

2. All the letters from the same lady were the same, apart from the greetings :”Dear (and the proper name) …” No personal relation, no comments on your character, experience or background. Funny, but I didn’t place any photos and she writes:: “I like your eyes…..” It is obvious that local agencies send the same copies of letters on behalf of the ladies according to the rule: the more suckers the more money.

3. Many of these women appeared to be married, which I checked on the site and,or Believe me, I know Russian and especially is a good source of information.

4. Many of these women have children, although you can learn from that their profiles that they are childless. (the sources as above).

5. Many of them are in love and have boyfriends what is visible on their photos . (the source as above).

6. The ID of the women indicates how long she is on the site. The lowest number the longest time e.g. numbers from 1080000 show-five years. From 1740000 are the newest. I do not believe that a girl who looks like a million dollars with an ID number about 1080000 has not been able to find a proper man for five or more years. It is obvious that she works as a bait who attracts enchanted men willing to pay several dollars for every minute of chat or call, and for every picture or video to see.

7. I am a far-sighted man and luckily I have not spent a dollar on a silly conversations stared by a19-year old girl like this “Are you in a good mood today?”, but knowing the opinions about this site I am sure that I would not be talking to just that girl. Even if it was her, it is impossible that such a young girl could have anything in common with a 40 or 50-year-old man except money he will pay for the conversation.

8. Only about 50% of women could have been checked by me by means of their profiles on the social sites, so you can imagine that choosing a lady from this site is like a walk on a thin ice or a mine field. You will never know when you became a victim.

I only hope that my investigation can help some naive men who are under the charm of Ukrainian and Russian women to be more careful with this site.

I do not reckon that all of women are cheaters and scammers. During a year I came across over 200 profiles of my admirers, that have been removed from the site. The ladies may have found their knight on a white horse, or may have given up because of the lack of offers, or may have been forced to resign because their scam was revealed.

But one thing is certain : YOU WILL NEVER KNOW IF THE GIRL IS REAL.

John November 04, 2013

I am very familiar with this site and others. I have been to Kharkov, Odessa, Lugansk, Donetsk and of course Kiev. Over 6 trips at an average of three weeks each time. Here is how Anastasia works, each office is like a franchise so some are legit but many are scammers. The scam offices have real girls but interpreters and regular girls pose as actually being interested and as other the girls on profile. You may be talking to the real girl on Monday and fake girl on Tuesday, you never know. That is why I only talk to girls on camera, even then they can be a hustler, I turn it on and see what they look like without professional pictures, some are pigs and some actually look like pictures then turn it off. If they say I need to know you better before meeting move on, they are trying to scam. If you get sexually suggestive chat invites ignore, these are scammers. Kiev is the worst offender for scammers Kharkov second. Kharkov has best photographers so be aware. Only open free picture sent in mail. If they ask for flowers run. If you talk to girl a lot before they can fall in love before you even get there. If you meet a girl and she does not seem interested but wants to see you again, run. she is sharing interpreter money. If they ask you to buy gift on date, run. good translation price is 10 us per hour, only pay up to 20 tops. Before you go do a call with operator and get their email. You then get them to get Skype and talk for free. You can use google translate to chat. The further you are away from a big city the more sincere girl you will find. Ask how far from city center they live, if away ask house or apt. most will be in apt, if in house more educated because parents have money. Apartments there are ****, pay up and get nice flat, don't stay at hotel, be ready to pay 100 in Odessa on deribasaska, make sure they have internet. If you go have back up plans or you may be sitting in dreary flat for days with nothing happening. If a girl says she is sick or any excuse move on.

I have had some amazing hook-ups there but a lot of work went into it.

Lars J November 07, 2013

Hello John

If you want to pay omkring1000 Danish kroner per hour to use Anastasia's webcam is OK with me.

I think it's a completely insane price to pay. Other dating sites are much cheaper with their webcam.

Furthermore, there is also Skype, lapwings, Yaho messenger which is free to use.

Could you please tell me why the girls at Anastasia will only use Anastasia, and not other programs.

I have contacted around 400 girls from Anastasia on their vk.profil. only about 10 girls answered back. All 400 girls have first written to my profile on Anastasia. They have written sweet things to me, you will meet, they will kiss you want it all when they write on Anasrtasia.

Then when you write to the girls on the girls vk.profil they are completely silent and will not contact me again.

Some have answered me back that they have a contract with Anastasia, which prevent them from using other programs.

John November 08, 2013

I decided to sign up for Adate yesterday, without researching it, as I have since. I did have a nice chat with a woman yesterday, and today. (Same one) In total, about an hour. I can see how these sights make money! Anyway, The question now is, is she real? Meaning, is she being real with me. Idk. She did mention her favorite book, which is also mine, and did so without my saying it. Its a very old and obscure work, so that was a surprise. Its that little bit that makes you think there might be a real connection? Anyway, I researched the policies and e mailed her suggesting that we use their phone option to exchange info, and rebegin off their sight. My thoughts about her validity will be much clearer after I see what she thinks about that. Beyond that, I believe I will put more research before signing up, and chalk it up to lesson learned. I just didn't realize there was such good organization and scamming out there.

I will say, however. I am increasingly interested in meeting a woman from- somewhere else. Besides the US. Im a decently good looking guy. Never had a problem getting women. But I like to be good to a woman, and Ive found after 20 years that American women are spoiled enough! The appreciate NOTHING, and return you NOTHING. I know the situation is different in other parts of the world. Thought being to find a woman to connect with who will appreciate what she is given. It just so happens that dark hair and eyes turn me on, so Im so far thinking Eastern European. Maybe this girl is for real. Maybe not. Either way, we will see, and quickly.

Do y November 11, 2013

You knocking a site that deletes scammers and calling them a scammer? WTF, whoever posted this must be working for their competition. I met my wife here and she as real as she can be living in Germany with me. Thanks Adate!

Jack C November 12, 2013

I must admit that you, German was lucky having a wife from there, and your post only confirms my observation, that not all of them are frauds - BUT LITTLE DO YOU KNOW! I found lots of married and in love women I got letters from. I complained about three of them to:

But to see their profiles removed I had to send more letters proving that they are married, answering questions: “How do you know she is married? “ etc. Getting their profiles cancelled took weeks, during which they were still active online.

After all this experience I gave up and stopped this, considering that I won’t heal that site.

And you – the German with Russian wife – don’t you work for Adate?

Tony November 12, 2013

I must admit that that German was lucky having a wife from there, and his post only confirms that not all of women on that site are frauds - BUT LITTLE DOES HE KNOW! I myself found a few married and in love women I got letters from. I complained about three of them to: AnastasiaDate customer support.

But to see their profiles removed I had to send more letters proving that they are married, and answer questions: “How do you know she is married? “ etc. Getting their profiles cancelled took weeks, during which they were still active online.

After all this experience I gave up and stopped this, considering that I won’t heal that site.

Doesn’t that German with Russian wife work for Adate?

Mix November 12, 2013


Post her Id her and we will provide you with more information and you can decide yourself if she is real)

Jack C November 12, 2013

Sorry for doubled post but mine hadn’t appeared for a long time so I asked my friend for help. The explanation was essential because the German accused me of a cooperation with some competition.

Pete December 01, 2013

I am new on AnastasiaDate but warned by friends I try to check all girls if possible. Recently I got a letter from a lady and got shocked discovering that she is married!!! Jack is absolutely right.

Irina from Kharkov must be new on this realm of scam, because her ID is high: 1743659.

From her account on VK ( ) I learned that she has been married since 2008, and the photos with her husband Lyosha from July proof that she was still married this holidays. Even if she has managed to divorce up till now why her martial status says: never married?

Please check by yourself. Her profile on VK isn’t hidden yet.

I am not going to waste more time there and advice everybody: KEEP AWAY FROM THIS SITE

Pete December 02, 2013

I am new on AnastasiaDate but warned by friends I try to check all girls if possible. Recently I got a letter from a lady and got shocked discovering that she is married!!! Jack is absolutely right.

Irina from Kharkov must be new on this realm of scam, because her ID is high: 1743659.

From her account on VK ( I learned that she has been married since 2008, and the photos with her husband Lyosha from July proof that she was still married this holidays. Even if she has managed to divorce up till now why her marital status says: never married?

Please check by yourself. Her profile on VK isn’t hidden yet.

I am not going to waste more time there and advice everybody: KEEP AWAY FROM THIS SITE

Liutauras December 02, 2013

Girls are being paid for chat: 0.12 USD per minute for ordinary chat , 0.24 USD per minute for video chat, 1 USD for answering the letter. As far as I know Anastasiadate now set up a limit to 0.36 USD per minute for chat if a girl chats to few men at the same time, but still it's a lot of money, over 20 USD per hour. Quite good wages even for America. No girl will confess that she is being paid, just because they don't want to lose admirers. Wast majority of women here are to make money and not to find love. Whats even worst that instead of real girl you could be chatting to local marriage agency employee and the real girl would appear on video chat only once a month. If you need proof you can google yourself for Russian or Ukrainian forum sites where local marriage agencies, representatives of Anastasiadate and other Russian mail order bride sites, discuss their business.

Caught them out
October 29, 2013

Am happily married to a Ukrainian lady but did use Anastasia some years back.

Was writing to a lovely lady from Mariupol and received some nice letters back via the agency.

But then I said that I wanted to visit her and suddenly things changed.

On a day I received a letter from the agency I also received one from her private email address saying she would like to write to me and yes if possible meet.The two letters were totally different

Being a bit naive I let it go.

When we did meet she said that she had NOT written any letters,nor received any ONLY when I said I wanted to visit.

I later complained to Anastasia but they said they couldn't find any records!!!

Regard the chat lines,we have a friend who lives in Ukraine who is employed to "turn on" men on line and she said that she writes /talks on the chat line supposedly as a 19year old (she is 40+)

She did ask me what one or two "English terms" meant as she had been told to use these in her chat.

There are good agencies but the best way is to get there home postal address (if they will give it) I did this and said I wanted to send photos and I also included my private email address for them to write back and that worked on a number of occasions.

It's not always the girls fault mainly the agencies

Mark November 01, 2013

It is easy to catch Anastasia at all kinds of foolishness. Check this out. Anastasia claims that all their profiles are exclusive to them and that the girls will never appear on another site when they are registered at Anastasia. Look up Oksana with a profile number 1722503 for yourself on Anastasia. They even use her profile picture sometimes on their log in page. Now go to Dream Marriage and look up profile number 3118840. There she is registered as Ksenia. Anastasia can't even keep track of who to use as 'exclusive bait' to lure in customers. I agree with you Robert to a degree. There are a minimal number of girls really looking for a husband but most are involved in the scheme of making money while pretending to search for love and are complicit with thie agency.

these lasses all grouped together
October 24, 2013
started a profile on one of these "sister" sites . . . before these girls know anything about you, they want to chat and "did you watch my video" - how does some 20 something girl know anything about why I would chat with her or watch her vidio - what a ripoff and a scam.

Tony November 12, 2013

I have registered recently just to see the girls on this site, but without any personal data, photos and preferences, except the required date of birth. And to my surprise I started to receive from six to eight letters a day from 18 to 46 years old ladies. Why? On “normal” dating sites I usually did not get any letters or invitations and could peacefully watch the offer and then decide to complete my profile or to leave.

AnastasiaDate is different!

I do not suppose that Russian and Ukrainian girls are so desperate that they want to have American husband at all costs.

They count on getting more knowledge from letters ( to $10 per letter to and from) or even from more costly chats, (as professional hustlers).

Or letters are sent automatically and the ladies are not conscious of it and the agencies try to fish so many dupes as they only can, banking on the seductive appearance of girls.

What would you think of hundreds of women who want you to be their husband and who have no information about you but the date of birth. Isn’t it a paradise?

Some 19 year old wants to know about my desires???
October 21, 2013
Yeah, sure, that's what we all want out of date site, a bunch of 19 y/o thinking they're sex phone operators. ADate is a pimp and these girls be the "hos"

A question
October 16, 2013
On the Anastasia web site, there are several YouTube interviews with Western men. They all have found girls to marry and appear to be happy. If this web site is a scam (and it just may be), explain this.

Alex October 17, 2013

First check the date on YouTube, when was update? You can find as well on AD interview with guys, but all of them are old and weird (as for me). Most of interview are few years old! One more thing, when you will watch that interviews you don't have feelings that guys are too confident, 55+ man who is police man can make maybe 40k$(best), do you think it's enough ? That was just example what I found on website... In my opinion those guys are part of this scam ..( or so naive) . I can make video where I stand next to Bugatti but its not mean is mine!!!p.s you can find how many videos of ad happy couples? 100+ ( I mean from 2013) I don't think so and on website is over 30k men! You can see it when you got log in, on right site if website is FB fan!

Adrian October 19, 2013

Hi, my name is Adrian. I am from Mexico. I will tell you my personal experience in Anastasiadate. I was there for aroun 4 years and knew a lot of different girls. Of course I was afraid about scam. One day I decided to go by myself to Ukraine for to know 3 girls from Anastasia. I was very worry that all could be a scam so I thought that it was a pleasure trip to a new country and if Anastasia works, it will be a bonus of my trip. I made appointments by Anastasia given phone number of my hotel in Kiev. When I return at evening to my hotel I found messages from translators from Anastasia so I did a call to them and we have and appointment with girls. I met them, translators were very kind and correct, no money scam or something like that, I enjoyed my 3 meetings and I conserved one relation with a Anastasia girl. We had being in touch for two years, I went twice to see her in Kiev and she came one time to my country. Now we are planning to live together and eventually get married. So in my experience Anastasiadate is a great and Sefton site.

Dick October 20, 2013

Umm, actors??

Pedro October 27, 2013

It is fake

Alex October 29, 2013

Adrian no offense what girls wait 2 years for 2 meetings?? Are you so naive or so blind????

Tony December 05, 2013

They are called actors.

Lars Jensen February 28, 2014

Hi Adrian

How much money have you received from Anastasia to write that

Scam all over
October 12, 2013

Just in trying the free chat - these broads want you to watch their video - and you gotta pay to watch a vidoe? Where in the internet do you pay to watch a video - if that don't say SCAM, I don't know what else does.

One huge massive scam

Mark October 28, 2013

Your answer can be found at Forum.OD.Ua:

Under the heading WORK subheading marriage agency.

Posted by Nina88 on 11.09.2013 08:00-

Good afternoon!

We cooperate with Anastasia. At the moment we're looking for the clients.

Our working conditions:

1. you register on the site and conduct correspondence with men. The correspondence includes chat( with and without camera). At the meeting you're will. No sex!


One minute LIVE chat without camera-5 cents($0.05), with the camera-10 cents($0.10). Pay per minute.

-Hour meetings with a $ 10.

-If the man you sends a gift(flowers,candy,etc.), you can choose whether you want this gift, or in lieu of a gift, you are given the money.

3. payment at a meeting or by a transfer to Privatbank card with 20 of the following month after waste.

4. work at home.

5. Photo clients the agency does for free.

If you have further questions-write. If you are coming, please send your photo by age and the phone number for the connection on the petrikveronika777(at)gmail(dot)com NinaVarava88 (at)yandex(dot)ua.

These are facts that you can uncover for yourself. It is easy to surf the internet and use Google translate to discover just what is going on in reality with Anastasia and all the rest of the these dating agencies. Anastasia tries to advertise their way out of explaining the truth but the truth is out there.

"Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it and eventually they will believe it"- Adolph Hitler

Marky m November 11, 2013

anastasia is not anastasiadate. there are many marriage agencies in ukraine and in particular odessa. several of them are called anastasia and thus you are wrong. nina varvara works for elena's you might want to update your post to reflect the facts.

Mark November 14, 2013

marky mark, if I have misinformed anyone with my post than it would certainly be the right thing for me to admit my error and correct what would actually be a lie on my part. I have contacted Nina Varava to ask her if she works for Elenas Models or Anastasia Date or any other agency. She has not replied to me yet and so I cannot verify your claim one way or another. If you can provide me with concrete facts that the post from is in reference to a generic Anastasia agency and not Anastasia Date than I will retract my claim and immediately apologize to Anastasia Date. However, right now it is your word against mine. Here is a new one for you to work on that is posted at the Odessa forum:

SUBJECT: Girls For Marriage Agency

duslichka: For marriage agency needed girls and women attractive appearance with knowledge of English (any level) welcome the responsibility and interest. Please send a photo to email. All details and conditions are negotiated in person. the salary of $100.00? Depending on the formulation.


Kisya21: conditions in PM,schedule?

commando: Anastacia is back......

Vikusatina: The work on the website of Anastasia? The same letter?

duslichka: Yes emails and chat on Anastasia.

and it is desirable that the girl is in chat.

Of course I may be passing on misinformation . But I think that it is highly unlikely that a small independent agency named Anastasia has it's own Video and instant chat set up without networking to a larger company such as Anastasia Date, Dream Marriage , Army of Brides etc. marky mark, please look into this for me and let me know if I am full of horse manure or not. Remember, just the provable facts because so many men posting here are sick of the lies and misinformation from Anastasia Date and are only interested in the truth.

Complete scam
October 8, 2013

My experience (48 hours old) it is a massive scam - if not anastasiadate, then certainly the girls on their books. I have been seeing a girl since Feb (we first met in May) and been communicating frequently. I flew out to Odessa 25 September, all arranged months ago, but hardly saw her. Of course she liked to receive gifts and bought a couple of things for her new apartment. Keen for me to orgaise a holiday in SE Asia etc. But since Friday evening I have not been able to see her and now her mother is 'sick'. I still have 4 days to kill in Odessa before my return flight.

Despite all the contact and loving emails received when we meet or say goodbye it was like with a female colleague (without hugs of course) or my sister; peck on the cheek and a hand hold. At no point during our time together was there any spontaneous affectionate contact from her. When finally I sent her a message try and sort things out and confronted her this Sunday she replied she would not be able to see me for the remaining week I am here, that our relationship could only be as friends, but she would not mind the trip to Malaysia…

You work it out...

Alex October 09, 2013

If you hit still time to kill in Odessa go to Arcadia -Ibiza club , you can easy meet lady for evening and maybe for night but for sure not for relation. P.s I had same situation as you .... That suck :/ don't be up set and go have fun you are already there!!!p.s2 in club but few expensive drinks for girls if say you are in business in Odessa they will want rape you ! That how it's work more $$ mire girls in that 3rd world country !

Greg October 13, 2013

I wrote a couple ladies on the site.One over 60 letters and in my opinion it's a fraud.I think they get paid.The letters are short and vague.And I broke off the correpondance not her.It is also expensive to write back and forth.

I k November 11, 2013

Yes they get paid. Anastasiadate works with many agencies. They are not a dating agency. They are a website that contracts with agencies so they don't get sued for fraud even though they create the fraud and even require it they have some deniability if they are just a website and independent contractors are committing the fraud for them and would get fired if they do not.

The agency gets paid per letter and chat , about 10% . They get more if a man comes to meet a girl like apartment rentals etc. . 100% of the first couple of letters are fake. A few can be real after that. Then the girl starts getting paid if shes doing some work like writing letters. . 90% of the chats are fake. The girl gets paid a lot more if the man arrives because that is when she is required to meet the man and she has to start doing some work. ( yes its one of the rules for the girls to stay on the site but it is regularly flouted ) . She will get half of the translation fee ( they often speak English but will pretend not to to get more money ) They will get money from the restaurant that they pick to go to. They will grossly exaggerate the cost of taxis to get some more money. They will get presents from the man etc. Everything they do they get a little more money to the agency and the girl. Many of the girls on the site make no money because they do absolutely nothing. For these , if a man shows up there will be excuses about why she can not meet him.

scam very bad
October 4, 2013
I'm in europe - not far from Russia and Ukraine - we all know these places are bad - take money and the real girls don't have time to sit at computer. Waste of money - your choice.

Yup - they get paid if you watch their videos
October 4, 2013
What a scam site - a simple google search show the advertisement to chat and these girls get paid extra for making a video to be posted on their profile. 100% scam from the start..

all fake and all not true
September 28, 2013
couple of blokes here got signed up, I joined too. The chat isnt free as tehy promote - I bought 30 credits and they charged dureing the 3 minutes. and whatever translate service they use, it is really slow, but that is probably why they make so much money - slow down the translation - why does anyone wait for almost 90 seconds to get an answer on a silly 4 word question. i think google translate does it much faster. so, stay away, its all fake

Biff September 29, 2013

Would you like to see some evidence of what kind of scam you are up against?

Ron October 02, 2013

chatting, Biff

Biff October 02, 2013

You want names, pix or scam adds?

Mark October 02, 2013

Hey Biff here is a good one for you. If the girls don't chat beyond the first 3 minutes of introduction then they don't get paid. I just found this on FORUM.OD.Ua:

There is a post by SONYA_18 advertising for translators and models for chat. She explains the pay rate for chat or chat with video. Her first response is from someone by the name of VITALIYONPU. The conversation is as follows:

VITALIYONPU: Payment from the first minute?

SONYA_18: No, with 3 as everywhere else.

So even the poor, stupid girls chatting don't get paid anything until they HOOK a guy in chat. Anastasia screws the client and the employee (independent contractor)!!!! No wonder they take so long to answer!

Mark a October 07, 2013

that add you are referring to is for idiots!

Mark October 08, 2013

The ad I am referring to makes no mention of SONYA-18 states: "No, with 3 as EVERYWHERE ( capitals mine) else". She is stating that all agencies are now only paying the girls if they chat beyond 3 minutes. Look it up yourself before you call anyone an idiot.

Scamstasia here
September 28, 2013
Man, all i did was google this place and the scam warnings popped up like crazy. i think there are more hate sites for this place - anyway, i still looked after all the warnings and theres now way some 18 year old girl is intereseted in a 35 year dude. major scam here

Scam Wham thank you M'am
September 24, 2013
Ha ha - what a joke $14 bucks to write some dude in some F'd 3rd world country - no thanks Igor!!!

Mark October 02, 2013

You laugh John but you are right. I have read on FORUM.OD.Ua that in some agencies the men working there outnumber the girls. Ha Ha...some poor sap is in love with Igor right now and doesn't even know it.