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A worthy website in my opinion
June 24, 2014

I met my Olga on Anastasiadate website last January. After reading Olga’s profile I almost thought I was reading my own. We had so much in common! Won’t bore you with all the details, wonderful they might be, but now we are together it seems as if two parts of one soul finally found each other! On an international dating site!

john July 01, 2014

Big are stupid. all girls here are full of manure to attract pommies like you

Big Kevin July 04, 2014

John, I beg to differ, you don't know me and what experience I had. This website worked well for me and it assisted me to meet someone I think is special.

David Brunner January 20, 2015

So you two are happily married? Haha! Whatever. Even if you had a legitimate experience how can you recommend the site when you know most of the women there are fakes? How can you recommend for a man to got there and waste his heart, time, and hard earned money?

Gents don't go for these fake reviews. Love is free. You can go to fdating and meet a beautiful Ukrainian woman, free of charge. AnastasiaDate is a proven fraud. There is documented evidence of married women there and women who are paid based on how many letters you write or how long they keep you in chat.

Kenneth Graves March 08, 2015

Worthy for poor Charlie Brown,lol

Very positive experience
June 17, 2014
I have very positive experience with Anastasiadate, as it helped me find my Elena. I was attracted to her from the first moment. She looked so beautiful and natural in the pictures and her profile on Anastasiadate, was not of a super woman, but of a good and nice woman who I could consider as my life partner in the future. As it appeared through correspondence, I did the right choice, as her letters proved that she was sincere, honest and serious in her intentions to develop a long-lasting relationship with me. My first trip by car through all Ukraine was very long and risky but I did not change my mind to see her despite all the difficulties. Within a short period of time we have already met 4 times in her country..

David Brunner January 20, 2015

Haha!! All these fake reviews.

Kenneth Graves March 02, 2015

Shows you how far they will go to protect this legal hustle David

David Brunner February 28, 2016

Yes, it is amazing, isn't it. Well, this year, it will all end for them.

Worked out for me
June 15, 2014
I would like to share with you my fortunate meeting of one of the ladies on Anastasia. I received my first letter from her last February. Men on Anastasia receive numerous emails every day and I personally did not have the time to respond to all the nice letters from the ladies. If you believe in fate then Olga and I were destined to meet. Olga is, like many of the woman on Anastasia site, very beautiful, but there is so much more to a person, and a relationship, then how attractive you may find someone. Anyway, it worked out perfectly for me!

Mark January 08, 2015

"Anyway, it worked out perfectly for me." Really? Have you met Olga in person? Are you married to her or in the process? If you have not met her personally you could be writing to a MAN or a WOMAN that works at her agency. Even if you are 'chatting' with her in video you could STILL be chatting with a third party that is working at a 'mother' console while your 'love interest' is posing before the camera 'pretending' to chat with you. I have seen this with my own eyes in a video sales promotion prepared by one of the leading Ukrainian 'marriage agency/ web chat model/ chat hostess' companies.

David Brunner January 20, 2015

Mark, just another guy from one of the local agencies. They flood these review sites with fakes because this site does not check to make sure people are real.

CyberTranny February 27, 2016

Copy and paste работа брачное агентство (Russian for Work Brides) into Google and read Anastasidate advertising in both Russia and Ukraine for local Work Brides and payment and commission to local models to create clean profiles to be worked by the Work Brides to scam lonely foreigners. Gotcha Anastasia (Russian Mafia)

Found my love
June 14, 2014
I joined Anastasia through the internet last year, and had received many initial letters. I was intrigued by one woman from Moldova named Ludmila and had briefly corresponded with her. Before becoming too attached, I wanted to meet her in person, so both could determine if there could be physical chemistry. Ludmila was a simple country girl, and I decided to meet her. The rest is history! Thank you Anastasia!!

David Brunner January 20, 2015

Fake. . .

Anastasia is a lie
June 14, 2014

For the time AnastasiaDate have deals that we men can talk to the girls for 3 minutes for free

ask the girls if they want to talk on facebook, or Vkontakte

Either the girls block you or the girls write they only see dots.

That's a lie

I have persuaded 10 women to talk to me on VKontake and facebook. All 10 girls say but well see when typing Facebook and Vkontakte, at anastasia date.

Anastasia is just a money machine - and nothing else

use other dating programs

or try to find the girls on VKontakte

Kenneth Graves March 02, 2015

The idea is to keep you talking and buying crap at the website

Great site
June 13, 2014
I could not thank AnastasiaDate enough for establishing its wonderful introductory service. After finding Anastasia web site, I subscribed to their quarterly catalog service. There was one woman, in particular, who's picture and profile caught my eye. Since that time, we have been writing to each other on a regular basis. A few months later, I arrived in St.Petersburg and was met at the airport by my beautiful Anna. None of this would be possible without Anastasia.

David Brunner January 20, 2015

Fake. . .fake. .fake. . .

Good work Anastasiadate!
June 11, 2014
I am very grateful to for meeting Tatyana!!! We met on a social organized by the site last July. She impressed me from the first sight. We have met in several days in Tatyana's hometown Kherson near the embankment in a romantic summer evening. We enjoyed our conversations as if we knew each other for a long time. Every hour with her was so amazing! All thanks to Anastasiadate

ole.nielsen.hansen June 14, 2014

You are false

I think you get money from Anastasia to write this

Or are you employed by Anastasia

Anastasia is only about money, and we pay a lot of money to use this site

There are many profiles on Anastasia

The girls will not be your lover

Try to contact the girls on their VKontakte

Then they will not talk to you

I have contacted many girls on VKontakte

You do not hear from those who

Karl Jaspering August 21, 2014

hey ole.nielsen hansen give me a yell at [email protected] please

Thank you for good service
June 11, 2014
I wanted to write this review as a thank you for good service and a very happy ending! I found my Irina and feel safe that she is my life love. Thanks to site and to the agency as well. I felt safe and in good hands. Without Anastasia's personal touch Irina and I would never have met each other. I feel that she is the woman of my dreams. We had correspondence and her letters were so gentle and sweet, she has sent me her pictures and pictures of her family. And I decided to take a plane to Kiev after some time of correspondence. I was not mistaken, she is so wise, calm and feminine. Our hearts started to beat faster…and after some days together we understood that we had that special sparkle. We continued our communication and saw each other online every day, then I invited her to my country. Our story just begins.

Kenneth Graves March 08, 2015

Thank them for emptying out your bank account,what a dufus!!!!

My story
June 10, 2014
One day I realized that she was an integral part of my life. We knew what was happening in our lives, so our first meeting went smoothly. It was a meeting of two people in love who had known each other for a long time. Thank you Anastasiadate!

David Brunner January 20, 2015

Fake. . .

Kenneth Graves March 08, 2015

You either have a lot of money or dumb as hell, wait you are both,lol

Love it!
June 10, 2014

I joined Anastasia about a year and half ago, after a very bad break-up with an American girl. After some sarcastic laughter I decided to give it a try, just out of curiosity.

After about a month or so, I was asked to chat by a young woman named Elena from Kherson. We started to talk casually, but very quickly we both realized that we had a lot in common. The casual chat turned more and more romantic but we never lost that feeling of wonderful friendship for each other. I feel like I had known her all my life and I had not even met her yet.

After about two months of online dating we realized we did not want to wait any longer to meet. I decided during one of our conversations that I would fly out to meet her in two days. We frantically organized everything and finally met two days later in Kiev. We had a wonderful time for two days and left each other wanting more. When I returned home I realized my feelings for her were stronger than I had known. I called her the next day and said I will be there in three days to see her again. She was over the moon as she felt the same way. The second meeting was all we needed to realize we were absolutely right for each other and that we could not live without each other any longer...

If you are searching for a legit online dating site, Anastasia is definitely a place you should check out. I had all kinds of doubts about online dating sites in the beginning, but was luckily soon proven wrong!

OlgaStognienko Anastasiadate scam
June 1, 2014

Hi all,

Beware of this woman who appears on several internet dating websites. She is a sweet talking woman, but as she gets you in the dating topic and her simple but decent life who is in search of the man of her dreams you need to stop her. She asked me for money, she told me her mum needed a surgery. She claims to work for a travel agency in Kiev and that she is 29 years old. She is still out there trying to raise money for her and her husband. She also goes for the name Olgastognenko. You will notice once she starts to complain about her country and people.

Fake and bad
May 19, 2014

This site is absolutely a fraud and scam. Here’s what just happened to me.

I’m 21 and a girl of 18 yo messaged me after I sent her love note (she tried to chat with me also, but I don’t have credits.) She did mention my country in the letter and interested in me after reading my profile, and she’ll be waiting for me online next day.

I happened to found her profile on VK (East Europe’s Facebook). The birthday and photos shown are same.

So I messaged like: “thanks for sending me message on ‘anatasiadate’ and couldn’t reply her there due to no credits, and if she remembered ever written me a message, write me back.”

Guess what? She read the message and when I visit her VK profile again, the “Send a message” button has gone, I can't send her another letter through the original message which it shows 'due to the privacy setting'! I was blocked!

Don't think younger girls could be more innocent than 20's or above on this site. Definitely not!

Andy May 19, 2014

FYI this is just one of many girls who sent nice letters or chats but refused to contact you out of anatasiadate.

Martin August 11, 2014

Agree many are just scammers either just wanting you to spend expensive credits or turning up when you visit Ukraine and taking you to the most expensive restaurants. And hey guess what? even the so called 'advanced' speakers of English will want an interpreter present as they "don't feel confident talking to you in English, don't use English often enough" etc. It all adds up to an expensive evening and then they can't see you again for various reasons...

Kenneth Graves March 02, 2015

One man actually met a woman through the website in Russia,but he was an idiot and made three trips there. Each time he met with the mother and the woman. The third time after wine was ordered and he didn't request it, he left but they shook him down for 400 dollars anyway, this was actually dangerous as well.

Found my soulmate
April 17, 2014

I just would feel so guilty if i go silent without telling the world that made my dream to become a reality i chatted with a woman from Ukraine for the first time in my life i just felt so lucky.

The chatting went for like 4 months and eventually the woman or this wife that was destined to be mine, I decided to pay her a visit. I was very curious so that i could get to know all about her so when I landed in her country we really had a lot to talk about and up to now i still remember those wonderful moments we shared.

Because God was on my side when I proposed. what more can anyone ask for my life changed and am just enjoying every moment of my life i love this woman more than i would imagine.

Mark April 19, 2014

Post her ID number from ANASTASIA and let me or anyone else posting here do some research on your love interest. If GOD is really on your side you should have no fear of what you may find out about her. Your relationship is not a success until you marry her, bring her to this country and she does not leave you once she gets full citizenship or a 'Green Card'. You are either very naïve , a fool or a shill for ANASTASIA. If I am wrong, you have my sincerest apologies and my best wishes for a happy future. However, considering how this company operates and the massive fraud involved in this industry for now I am calling BULLSH!T on your little fairy tale review.

David Brunner March 02, 2015

Mark, the positive reviews are all fakes.

Best online dating site...
March 15, 2014
Lot of guys have luck and some don't. It obvious which don't as they often bash the site for their own mistakes. Be a man and deal with can't win them all. It takes time and patience to find miss right. No site guarantees you will find love boys!

Mark April 19, 2014

In the face of overwhelming information posted here and found on numerous websites showing that these so called 'marriage agencies' are rife with fraud and deceit , you still choose to ignore the evidence. Why don't you take the time to refute negative posts with concrete evidence of your own rather than attack the posters as men that have just had bad luck. Using the 'Sour Grapes' card against the posters who have proof of fraud and deceit is immature and childish at best. Use your computer to research the facts for yourself and I guarantee that you will not be pleasantly surprised with what you uncover about any of these so called 'marriage agencies'.

Sean Courtney April 16, 2015

am appreciating Ken's rebuttals. Having just lost quite a bit of money thru my own stupidity and ego-needs. lol or somethingl.

No Scam Here
March 11, 2014
Spent quite a bit of time on this site, have read negative reviews and though they disturb me I can only give you my account. I have met a wonderful woman on this website, we have exchanged information including vk and mobile numbers. We communicate daily and thanks to Anastasia we will be meeting in September. I am even staying at one of the company's apartments that they offer. Their customer service has been excellent, rapid and very responsive, they are very willing to do whatever it takes to make any issues fixed. I look forward to continuing using this company in the future and will write another review after my trip!

Andrew March 14, 2014

I have had a profile on AnastasiaDate for long enough to see how it works. I have also been following for some time and I am still astound at the naive guys who write such letters as above.

They eulogize the service, but it is a business and what is more very expensive one.

Poor Richard if you ran a company wouldn’t you be “excellent, rapid and very responsive, very willing to do whatever it takes to make any issues fixed”?. I bet you would, because you wouldn’t like to be parted from your potential money.

Go to your beloved, stay in the most expensive apartment in town, pay for every minute of their service and see if she wants to see you as frequently as you thought.

I wish I would read your another review describing a happy marriage and good life with a girl from AnastasiaDate.

Good luck!

Money, money, money
March 7, 2014

If you think that thousands of girls want to meet husbands on this site – you are wrong.

AnastasiaDate has signed deals with many dating agencies and dating sites. Russian social sites are full of advertisements of dating agencies who need some fresh blood to make money. Of course to encourage employees they offer a good income.

Forget about your Russian wife. They are there to earn money

So as not to remain groundless I put the advert of one of agencies in Odessa ( Translation below:

International marriage agency xxx offers cooperation with attractive outgoing girls.


First you need to desire to make money (it turns out not everybody does;-)), perseverance and time. Then just contact us. You fill out the form, then we will arrange photo session. When your profile is active on the site we communicate, meet, tell all the nuances and details of the work. All the time we help in any possible questions


Correspondence-very ordinary. You tell about yourself, man-about yourself. Share your impressions, tell what you love to do, etc. No pornography and talking about sex should not be. We cooperate with the other websites where such things are stopped and fined!

Webcam gives you the opportunity to earn even more. If you have your camera on, then men would not suspect that they communicate with somebody else. Accordingly, more men will want to talk to you.

We offer:

- High timely payment

- Easily schedule

- The work for students

- Ability to work at home

- Ability to work in an office

- Education in the process and language support in communicating with foreign men.

- Special bonuses from the agency, gifts and flowers from foreign men

- Gifts or gratuities from the agency for attracting new employees

- Assist in the organization of meetings with foreign men

Important requirements:

• Minimum age - the age of 18.

• Attractive appearance.

• Knowledge of the English language at a basic level or above.

• No problems with the law.

• No drug or alcohol addiction.

• Availability of documents required for registration and identification.

• Willing to work, grow and earn.

And at the end some instructions and answers to the question: Why do women look for a partner abroad?

Insufficient number of marriageable men.

Pernicious habits

The economic situation in the country

And peace, stability and comfort are wanted

Life is just one .

Sean Courtney April 16, 2015

it is SSSSSSSSSSSSSSOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO painful to read this feeling as duped as I

The girl did not knov she had a profile Anastasia
February 20, 2014

My communication with one Ukrainien girl on here VK profile

All e-mail are copies of our communication

I have deleted all personal information in order to protect the girl.

I know who the girl is

This girl is not the only one.

I have many other fake ID number from Anastasia


Привет xxx

Я очень рад, что вы написали мне на Анастасия

Но я остановился с использованием Анастасии.

Анастасия, к сожалению, очень дорогой, чтобы использовать для мужчин, проживающих в Дании.

Но я хотел бы поговорить с вами на facebook,, Skype или Yahoo Messenger.

Я был бы очень рад, если вы будете писать или говорить со мной на одной из этих программ.

Вы можете найти меня на facebook мое имя xxx. Мой скайп имя xxx и мою почту xxx@

Google имеет программу перевода.

Надежды услышать от вас

Я обещаю всем сердцем моим, что я никому не скажу, если вы свяжитесь со мной

Я обещаю всем моим сердцем ничего не говорить, чтобы AnastasiaDate если вы свяжитесь со мной

С любовью из ID, Anastasia xxx

Ukrainian girl

Hello dear xxx. Excuse me, but I stopped to go to this site for over a year. I do not write to anyone there. And the first time I see you in my life. I'm very sorry.


It's perfectly OK

However, your profile is still active with the ID number I have written to you.

So I think someone else is using your profile

It s not the first time I tried it.

It has happened many times

Anastasa is very expensive to use for us who live in Denmark.

I believe, therefore, a person other than you use your profile using your photos, and use your name.

If I were you I would immediately contact Anastasia.

Ukrainian girl

Yes, thank you, I'll check. And, once again send a request to the agency "Anastasia" to turn off my profile.


It's perfectly OK

However, your profile is still active with the ID number I have written to you.

So I think someone else is using your profile

It s not the first time I tried it.

It has happened many times

Anastasa is very expensive to use for us who live in Denmark.

I believe, therefore, a person other than you use your profile using your photos, and use your name.

If I were you I would immediately contact Anastasia.

I never contacts the girls on Anastasia, because there are many fake profiles.

If you wish, I would like to post your profile and the letter I received from the profile later tonight or tomorrow

Ukrainian girl

I'm sorry, I do not understand - where you want to place my photo


No - no, I think you misunderstand me

My profile got a letter from your profile on Anastasia

I would just send the letter I received from your profile to you if you want it.

Ukrainian girl

No, thank you. I think I'll write again tomorrow in the agency "Anastasia", so they removed my profile. Thank you for what you told me. I did not even know that my profile is still active.


OK. Have a nice evening

Ukrainian girl


Now after 3 weeks I write again to the Ukrainian girl

Привет - Я просто хочу сказать вам, что ваш профиль на Анастасии по-прежнему очень активно.

Это идентификационный номер: xxx - Привет из xxx

Ukrainian girl

Здравствуйте, да, я видела. Я пыталась удалить мою анкету, но у меня ничего не получилось. Я пыталась найти номер телефона самого агентства "Анастасия", но я не нашла. Я поменяла была код входа, но, наверное, его снова взломали. Я попробую ещё раз. Спасибо большое, что сказали. ))))


Я нашел эти номера на веб-сайте на главной странице Датский Анастасии в Интернете.

Я не знаю, если вы можете позвонить по этим номерам из Украины

Я также нашел эту ссылку Anasias датский сайт из Интернета.

Я думаю, что вы можете написать Анастасию, если у вас есть такая возможность.

Я действительно думаю, что это строго другие люди, используя фотографии и ваше имя и день рождения контакты мужчин на Анастасию

Мужчины платят много денег, чтобы Анастасии.

Вы не единственный

+1 (800) 356-3130

+1 (800) 234-0036

Ukrainian girl

Спасибо большое! Я обязательно посмотрю)))

Greg February 22, 2014

I am not surprised at all with this. I saw one girl's profile on 3 other sites with same format as Anastasidate. I found out they are all Anastasdates affiliates. So much for their Anti scam when they are the ones scamming guys. Here is evidence, Go to these 2 sites and look at ID# 1738068, and I put her on my contact list, She wrote me letters on both sites. They were word for word, the exact letters with same photos. I always thought their letters sounded copy and paste and I was right.

Kenneth Graves March 06, 2015

Let's face it the pictures and videos at the site are just that, you could be talking to anyone. Case and point I was at talking in video,eventually her conversation started to repeat, it was computer generated. It's an elaborate scam without consequences and they know it.

February 9, 2014

100% scam.

Girls get paid to chat with men.

A former employee from site, told me about the dark side of this site.

Local agencies pay money for this girls, up to $200usd or a % of the money the agency get on chat.

In addition, a different translators told me, that when the lady is not available, she usually would log in as the lady to talk with the lady "friends". So you will be wasting your money, talking to translator instead of girls.

I heard this same comment from 3 different girls.

More than 50% of girls on site, have their boyfriends in Ukraine. they are only at this site for the money they get paid.

Don't believe me, you should look at the girl VK account. VK is the Facebook from ukraine, and all ladies like to put all their life in this site.

You will find the truth there.

Ask any girl to communicate outside site, and 100% of times, answer will be NO.

When you address problem with their "ANTI-SCAM policy" you know heard excuses and more excuses. But nothing really happens.

Clearly company protects their "employees", the ladies they use to scam foreigners.

Kenneth Graves March 06, 2015

I was at and two filipinas made the mistake of giving their full names so I did a facebook search, in both cases they had a boyfriend and the other a husband and children. And the exact photo at the site was at the woman's facebook page, it looked nothing like her totally bogus. As the previous writer pointed out pretends to be anti-scammers, but they are the scammers themselves. The problem is once you find out your money is gone. You actually go to their sites and get robbed by their elaborate scam,incredible to say the least.

Let me educate you guys
February 4, 2014

I am going to tell you first of all AnastastiaDate is nothing but a scam. That is very obvious, just read all the comments here. I experience same thing, but only registered with free accounts and used the 40 tokens each time. Now I will educate you guys on how to get a real wife. You won't do it on these do called dating sites, Odds are slim to none. I am surprised how a guy will spend thousands, when he can take an actual trip to these places with that money. Personally, i would never go to Ukraine. my preference. I like Romania better, but there are girls there that will take your money too.. Common sense is not apparent in some guys. If a girl likes you, she will not be asking you for money or buy me this all the time. She will be happy just going out to dinner with you.

I met a girl online too from another site and went to meet her in Romania 3 years ago. She really wasn't my type, but I stay friends with her and she was fun each trip I took there. I took trips about every 3 months there, yes, there are very beautiful woman there and young. Would a young girl marry an older guy? The answer is yes. I have a friend who recently married a Filipino girl, she is 21, he is 56. It is not for money either. That culture they do marry at young ages to older guys. Not uncommon at all. they approve 5000 marriages a year there to the USA. Most want out and a better life. I prefer Europeans more, but that is my taste.

Now getting back to me. I met a very beautiful girl in Romania about 1 and 1/2 years ago, through a friend I met there originally. She has an 8 year old daughter. I am 53 and she is 30. I say, don't go under 30 and make sure she has a stable life. Not uncommon, I see older guys with younger woman there. Your chances of meeting girls is good only when you go there several times. One time will not do it. I dated Laura and saw her every 3 months for 2 weeks. Yes, i had to spend some time there with her. Would you marry someone you hardly know? Not me. That takes money, Unless you are willing to spend thousands, on trips, your chances are slim to none of meeting a legit girl.

I got engaged to Laura last July. it wasn't love at first site for her, She had to be convinced I could not only love her, but love her daughter. That times time guys, doesn't happen on dating sites. The good news is we apply for a K1 visa, she got approved and her interview is in a few weeks. We are getting married and it is legit.

I took some of my friends over there too and introduce then to girls also. That is the secret, if you know someone that already been there, they can educate you real fast ad tell you where to meet real girls and not ones who will scam you. There is scam people all over the world, even USA. Don't be so desperate and do not look for love, when you don't look, it will find you. i wish those who got burned will find that girl one day. Just use common sense and stay positive.

Kenneth Graves March 06, 2015

I concurr 100% I went to a site where I could communicate for 40.00 a month being able to exchange pictures, email addresses and so forth. I am happy to say I will be going to meet the filipina I'm going to marry this Spring. We have been talking and using video chat for over a year. Once i visit I will file for her visa this year. As the writer said you will never find a woman to marry at the sites ultimately you have to go her country and close the deal.

Fraud and deception
January 22, 2014

Anastasia is fraud and deception.

I have contacted many girls who have profile on Anastasia on their profile.

Many girls do not know that they have a profile on Anastasia.

Many girl has had a profile of Anastasia, but has asked Anastaa to close their profiles.

I am sure that Anastasia employees, exploit the girls pictures and names to earn a lot of money.

Anastasia is very expensive to use for us men. Anastasia's prices are totally crazy expensive.

I can provide information on many ID numbers as are false. I know they are fake because I've talked to the girls that are on the profile pictures on Anastasia.

I have talk with the girls on the girls profile.

The girls are very sorry and apologize, because Anastasia use their images, their birth date and their names.

Anastasia is a great fraud and a huge scandal.

Anastasia should be closed immediately.

February 02, 2014

Interesting post, given you have rated this site 16 times in the last year...seems you got rejected for being a loser! Idiot!

Greg February 07, 2014

Well, that happens when someone rips you off. You keep speaking out against them to warn others. He is probably pissed because that site took a lot of his money and he got nothing in return.

Svalemanden February 12, 2014

No Greg. I have not spent much money on Anastasia, because I think the page is too expensive to use.

I have contacted many girl on their vk.profil free. I found the girls on Anastasia and contacted the girls at their It is very easy to find the girls on their profile.

And yes - my post is because I want to warn people against using Anastasia, because there are many fake profiles on Anastasia.

I do not know who is abusing the girls' profile on Anastasia. But many girls I've talked to on feel abused by Anastasia

It is a scam and nothing else.