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Make your own choices
September 16, 2023

The smart picks aren't that smart. I got sent so many, but not the lady that lit my fire. That lady I had to find myself!

Easy to navigate, decent population, no paywalls
August 14, 2023
Their are a lot of dating sites, you want one that doesn't restrict communications with paywalls after subscribing zoosk is pretty good for features and communications. I met 3 great people off the site vs the other big 3.

blue screen
July 6, 2023
I have had problems with being denied access to zoosk with a blue screen saying unable to access site and this page is unavailable! I will admit the customer service tried to no avail except to work long enough to get my money but after a short time i am unable to enter site for over a month with this problem and the phone service says they are shut down to unexpected circumstances! So.... I have been booted without an explanation or they are shutting down!

They dont let you use the coins you EARN on carosel like it says you can.
July 2, 2023
There are a few things that are cumbersome and one thing that rings of being a scam about zoosk. 1st on carousel you have no idea where someone is from or how old they are and there is no way to set criteria for this feature. In search you can set criteria but the distance goes from 20 to 50. time wise that is quite a leap. Now the carousel allows you to earn coins. With coins you are supposed to be able to buy things like message delivery confirmations. 1 cost 35 coins. I have well over 300 and cannot use them. After you send a message under it "would you like a message receipt" or something close to that shows up. When you hit that you go directly to the area to BUY coins. I have hit every button possible and can not see how to buy one with the coins I have earned. I was able to do this once and only once. Like a said scammy like. i have contacted support, customer service etc. to no avail. All they do is send me a link to the area that tells what I can do with coins. I have explained in about every way I can that the issue is using the coins I have earned. As the site lets people send likes that do not have a subscription, they may never see your reply. Makes it a waste of time as after a while you have to go in and start deleting connections, etc.

Amazing results
June 7, 2023

I’m very satisfied with your service. I’m met a lovely person who is totally compatible. I’m looking forward to deepening my relationship with her. we met within a month of my subscribing, and I must say there were many other attractive alternatives as well.

I recommend your service unreservedly.

It takes a lot of views to get anywhere.
March 31, 2023

Hard to guage. Most of my time on here was frustrating as I thought it would be but I did meet someone through the site that I am talking to. We'll see what happens but I wouldn't have met them without being on here.

Joe April 12, 2023

Next to no local women on Zoosk they must be paid members to talk to you as well. Notice lots of tire kickers . Site always tells you someone “ has looked” at your profile.

If you make a connection than delete it the site still tells you they are online….. who cares? Carosole feature is a joke. Overall crap site wish I could get my money back.

Keep your money, they’re a hack.
March 16, 2023

I’ve used a few other dating sites, and I chose Zoosk because it touted itself as being legitimate and had a decent rating. This dating site is junk. Don’t waste your money.

I said I wanted reasonable distance between myself and prospective people. I’ve gotten ‘I want to meet you’ messages From people anywhere from 74 to 131, one all time high of 300+ miles away from my home. You’ll get prompts saying ‘so-and-so wants to talk to you’, but when you contact so-and-so, you’re find they really didn’t wanna talk to you at all.

Because of the sites lack of credibility once you get in and test drive it, potential dates are all paranoid, because they’re so used to getting scammed. The women I did have conversation with were skeptical that I was a real person, and not a pro file that was made up as part of a scam.

I’ve also turned in several profiles of people who were not who they said they were. All of my information concerning my identity was verified. Many of the so-called available women on here weren’t verified by anything. Dual standard?

Not if you’re a hack.

Don’t waste your time or money, there are other sites.

When it comes to trying to meet people, Zoosk is the worst site I have ever used.

Zoosk is a Scam
February 13, 2023

Keep away from Zoosk. As a test of the site, I only started a profile. I entered a (admittedly fake) birthdate and free email address. I quit before even entering a user name, password or description.

Nevertheless, I began to immediately get "matches" and "member messages" at the email address from Zoosk.

How could there be matches when there was no profile? Who would send messages to someone who entered no description of themselves?

I even went through the 'unsubscribe' steps (several times) to stop the emails. I still get them. Zoosk doesn't even rate 1 star.

I found someone but be careful folks
January 8, 2023

I did find a very special someone on this site although one needs to wade carefully as there are a ton of fake profiles. Go with your gut when communicating pls. Ask lots of questions to confirm the person you are connecting with is real. Good luck everyone

You always have to try hard!
January 6, 2023

Some functions of the site did not work well. But, I would still recommend this site...

Zoosk Is Clearly a Fake Dating Site
December 14, 2022

Zoosk is a fake dating site.

- Fake profiles,

- Very few real people

- Bots that "view" your profile but never respond to messages

- Bots respond with emoticons or "I like you" crap

- Bots can't answer simple questions

- All clearly to get you to pay money

Even the Zoosk online reviews are probably fakes

Lots of exposure to lots of people
December 11, 2022

Zoosk exposes you to a lot of people if you choose to do so. This summer I travelled for several months and it allowed me to date people in other locations and provinces. It is definitely worth paying for at least 3 months. I got a chance to meet men across Canada as well as in my home province. I find the site is a bit glitchy. It is difficult to check view history without being sent repeatedly back to the beginning.

Often I made contact with someone, didn't message them for a few days due to busy life circumstances, and then they were gone somehow. At that point, it is impossible to find them again unless by random chance. Others thay I had emiminated but didnt want to block, kept popping up repeatedly. It would be nice to be able to somehow remove the absolute NOs.

In addition, when i wrote long thoughtful messages that were too long, often I lost the message because the send button would be out of the screen view. Also zoosk seems to have quite a few scammers.

As with most dating sites, it is frustrating and disappointing that people don't fill out their profiles adequately making it difficult to wade through dozens of half done profiles.

Many men fill use the same poor phrasing such as "no drama" (life

can be drama, partners are there to support through the difficult times, are they not?), "I am easy going" (if you're so easy going, why are you divorced?).

Many men get caught up in defining the word "Perfect" as in describing their perfect date or perfect partner. This is a waste of time and space where they tell you nothing about themselves. I would advise the site to change those subject titles to "Describe your ideal partner" or "Describe your ideal date" and remove the word "perfect".

I would like to see a tutorial on photos on this site because if I see one more man holding a fish, or standing next to his motorcycle, or taking a deer-in-the-headlights selfie shot, it will be too soon.

As dating sites go, i found i met more people on this site than Match, Eharm, Greensingles and POF. I did end up meeting someone but eventually sooner than later, online dating only works when you take it off the site and speak to each other in person. Just beware of scammers.

Proof That Zoosk Is A Scam!
November 27, 2022

They sent me THIS Notification to TRICK me into signing up!

"It's a date! Isabel and you both want to meet each other!"

Okay... so i Open Isabel's profile link that they gave me...



The Heart Icon is still there!

That means I never clicked LIKE on her!

What a SCAM!!!

Frustrating but it works
November 20, 2022
You get what you pay for.

Stay Away!
October 18, 2022
99% of contacts are fake. The other 1% ask for money. What a joke.

What The Zoosk?
October 9, 2022
Have been on the site since the end of July and now, 2 months later, and after many emails with "Emily at Zoosk", their theoretical help person, have lost my connection and cannot re-connect with the site. Unfortunately, I signed up for six months...very frustrating, but it was good while I was connected..

Cool App
October 8, 2022
Found my lover and best friend in less than a month !

This is a great dating site
September 22, 2022
Was not on Zoosk for long and met a great person who shared same interests and goals and the connection was instant.

Gerry November 27, 2022

Another FAKE 5 star review!

September 16, 2022
Zoosk makes it very hard to unsubscribe and when I talk to a "virtual assistant" they connect me to a page which asks for more money, which would amount to more than what I have overpaid now. I am beginning to think it is all a bit of a scam! I don't expect this reviews will be published.

September 11, 2022

I met someone and been on a couple of dates! Very nice lady, funny, petite, and

Enjoys just being happy!!