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Best Full Membership Ever!
June 2, 2022
Tried 5 other services, with minimal success. This one worked! Just make sure to be clear about the kind of person you are, and about the kind of person you would like in your life. My match turned out to be not noticed by his pictures (his choice of pix could have caused me to dismiss him), but how he interacted with me when he contacted me. He actually read my profile and showed me this by his questions when he reached out; was honest and clear in his. 5 months strong, and he is the most compatible man I ever met (in every area!), and we are yet to be bored, or have a serious disagreement. Good luck!

Quality women on Zoosk
April 27, 2022
There some really good women out there, and I’ve met a few on Zoosk. For us in the 60 plus age, the reality is that we are generally rooted to where we presently are… so be mindful of putting a huge “ investment “ of your heart before sorting that out.

Always reach out and be nice
April 25, 2022
Well I met a wonderful woman who I've been seeing the last two months.

Put up a good picture.
April 16, 2022

I have had a good experience with Zoosk. They allow you to put up a decent amount of pictures with accompanying descriptions. My only complaint is that they do not filter people for distance. They try to match you up with someone who is 400+ km away.

beware of don't pause the membership. cancel it.
April 15, 2022
the 2nd person I meet on Zoosk really worked out for me.. we have been together since... I m in love :) I remove one star because I paused the subscription 1 month after meeting my girlfriend last year and I just realized Zoosk keep charging every 6 month even if the membership is paused!!

Zoosk can Work.
April 1, 2022

Zoosk would not be considered a high profile service, but it does seem to attract certain types of people that are like-minded. If one wants a huge selection of people to review, this is probably not the site, for you.

I do believe it can work though. Getting many hits from long distances, was more of a distraction than helpful.

You can find the right person for you. Be patient.
November 22, 2021
I met a few people on here that were simply not to be. But then I met someone who truly was my match. We have so many things in common and can talk for hours. We've built a solid foundation and I can't wait to spend my life with him.

If you don’t try you don’t find LOL
November 14, 2021
I never thought that dating apps will help me find my partner but through Zoosk I met the most amazing man and we are very happy.

Trust your gut, that always be skeptical, But not cynical
September 14, 2021
I saw your photo, we texted, video chatted, and the rest is history

I met someone awesome
August 24, 2021
Zoosk is easy to use and better than pof and others. I have not been approached by fake accounts or solicited like I was before. I met someone awesome last year who is a perfect match. We shared many experiences together. I was able to be there for her during some of her family & health struggles. I now love her even more dearly and she loves me.

Poor service, poor results...demanded a refund and got it!
April 26, 2021

They continually edit your profile if you state something they do not like (such as not wishing to renew once your subscription ends). THEN, out of the blue SUSPENDED my profile due to "security reasons" b/c I reported/blocked 4 in a row spammers who used the SAME templated message.

I assume these are fake/planted profiles that THEY generated (probably, timing was too suspicious), then asked me to create an entire new profile with a different email to continue (and add a free month, boo). I have used the SAME email on similar sites with no issues, so why all of a sudden, was my address "compromised"?

When they refused to pro-rate a refund for the remaining 2 months of my subscription, I put in a dispute with Paypal (better results than with a credit card), and got the ENTIRE original price refunded. Scam scum site...avoid.

It worked?!?!
March 25, 2021
Met a fantastic woman on this site and am happy it worked out

Good but difficult to cancel - overcharged
March 15, 2021

Good site. Lots of real people

I thought i cancelled the subscription and then got charged again...not happy with this site cancellation policy.

They really should give the money back as I wasn't using it and I thought I had cancelled the subscription. I tried literally 6 times to cancel this and couldn't get a confirmation

RozAbbott September 16, 2022

I am in this situation also! Not happy!

Lots of scammers
February 19, 2021
Lots of scammers... but I did find my guy!

Enjoyed being on the site.
September 7, 2020
I made quite a few connections and finally meet the special someone I was looking for. Rated 4 out of 5. Had to deal with a few scammers but I guess that is prevalent on any site

Great Experience
September 2, 2020

Like any online service there is a learning curve to eventually know how to navigate efficiently through the site. I found this fairly easy to get acquainted with.

For me I liked this process because I work long hours and socialize very little. I found that i could log on when ever I found time and was always able to strike up a conversation within minutes of signing in.

I found the equality of members to be really good and I enjoyed many conversations with other active members.

I was fortunate to meet someone with whom I share a strong connection, thank you Zook.

Very Truely,

Da Mare

After 6 months and not a single reply
December 24, 2017
I wish I could give a minus review. You respond to every woman our there and nothing. Men you are better off finding someone at Starbucks or church. In the fine print, they automatically charge you if you don't cancel it.

Wasn't what I thought it out to be
November 2, 2017
It was fun to cut to few nice ladies but then it went on for few days I'd get no boys so definitely not for me but thank you I enjoyed every minute searching for that special lady

Fake Profiles
May 18, 2017
I signed up after being bombarded with messages from women I found attractive. The replies I received were basic at best. I believe many of the profiles are fake and placed on the site to attract business. Zoosk, you're wasting consumers time and making a profit unethically. Clean up your act!

Zoosk is a piece of junk
April 23, 2017
I don't know who's the disgusting person that runs this site. This animal is just after users' money. Your payment only allow you to send text. The other party can't text you back unless they have to pay too. No refund. No help telephone. It's a piece of junk and the guy running this site is scum.