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A rubbish tip full of endless fake profiles.
June 8, 2013

Fake profile after fake profile after fake profile. These fake profiles are of very attractive females who use the same profile pics but when you look at the locations of where they are they are different. This is a huge giveaway! These are used in luring you to subscribing with all their winks and messages etc. Once you are sucked into subscribing you go to reply to these winks and messages these fakes have mysteriously vanished once you look them up in your inbox etc. And you also have to pay to reply to a message after already paying a monthly fee. It's the biggest rip off!

I know some of my friends have profiles on this site but they don't subscribe nor do they use and check their accounts or profiles they just leave them there inactive and idle. If it's not the fakes it's the unsubscribed, inactive profiles that are also just wasting your time as you will not be able to be in contact with them.

Customer service is awful. Nothing will be fixed or resolved.

Basically you are there to feed the profits so this can keep continuing on and on with unsuspecting people.

This site is the biggest lie and enormous in being misleading.

DO NOT ENTER THIS SITE. It will suck your hard earned $$$ and will keep doing so it won't stop. It is a parasite.

If you already have a profile on there delete everything you have on it and then delete the account.

It wants a star rating. I have to give it a star rating unfortunately for me to submit this so the one star I have to rate is a shooting star straight to the sewage farm!

Beware - check profiles carefully
June 2, 2013

I have seen some interesting men, and contacted one. I admit I submitted my personal email address too soon.


beware of this individual and check him out. George Whetstone Sr.

After checking his background on the internet, there was one money scam reported.

Here is another one. It only took 3 weeks of emails before I got this long sad sob story. I don't fall for it. Even his emails are very weird like he writes very long prose and I think he gets it from a book.

I don't think the picture belongs to him. An 80 years old man does not run around the country working and emails don't usually contain abbreviations of the young. I taught school until two years ago and I am familiar with the suspect and danger signs.

I think this should be reported.

It isn't Zoosk's fault. Just be careful!!

1 o June 09, 2013

1 star, u bunch of scam artists ain't even worth that, you's are just desperate,

ABC123 June 08, 2013

They use dirty tricks in sending messages and winks with fake profiles. This is not the place to come looking for someone. It is only a place where you will be mislead and ripped off.

Fabio P June 03, 2013

I receive messages stating that so and so would like to chat with me. I accept the "request", write to them and not ever do I receive a reply! Moreover, the same messages repeatedly return to inform me that so and so is online and would like to chat. I try again and again and never do I receive a reply!!! It seems to me that either nobody would like to communicate with me even when the requests to communicate with me are being made or that old profiles are being infinitely churned out by their database to give the false impression that one is being actively wooed by people when actually one is being wooed by empty profiles. This is so frustrating and frankly it really does appear to be a scam.

Fake, wish i could give it 0
June 1, 2013

I get over 100 profile views a day from girls all over the country, when i first joined i couldn't understand why i was getting messages from girls 500 miles away, obviously i am not going to date them,

Some girls were visiting me 10 or more times a day, at first i thought wow i am really popular, then i start getting messages girls saying they are contacting me because i had visited their profile many times in fact i had never visited them,

I messaged some who had viewed me many of times, but never got a reply, strangely they continued to view my profile, surely if they don't reply to my message they continue view me, this seemed to happen to many times.

zoosk send fake profile visits to make you think you are popular, i am sure a lot of these people exist but don't even realize they are viewing you

What a scam and a con i cant't believe they can get away with it.

Somebody in authority please investigate and close them down

Scam - bots to trick you with.
May 23, 2013

Here's how it works, you sign up (for free), browse for a while, follow the odd prompt to add photos and more about yourself, then you see a few people you like and decide to message one... bam, payment prompt.

Ok, you think, I'll keep looking.

Then you discover you can send winks for free, so you drop a few then bam, you get a "Thanks for the wink" back from someone.

At this point, I kept looking and a few profiles later, found one my ex made before she met me... now, she lives over the road and I see her regularly, so for a laugh, I decided to drop her a wink too.

At this point, I should make it clear - I know she's in bed and asleep... yet within seconds, I get "Your wink is appreci...Read more"!

For a start, she doesn't capitalise letters, nor can she spell appreciated and wouldn't choose to use it in a response.

You guessed it; clicking "Read more" takes you to another payment prompt!

All it is is a database full of people signing up, leaving their profile because it's useless in *free* mode, then Zoosk setting their bots to work them to prey on the lonely and gullible.

With the amount of profiles they must have, the odds of you and a prospective match actually both having a subscription are little to none.

If you have a Zoosk account, do us all a favour - delete all your photos, then deactivate your account.

It won't take long and you'll be saving all your potential matches heartache and money.

Do the right thing, you know it makes sense.

Complete bot program scam profile site
May 23, 2013

I'm going to goto the county courthouse in the morning, With all the facts, Including messages sent from the bots, About 10 of these complaints, Pay the court Fees, And sue for $7500 If they don't give me back my money. It's only been 12 hours.

-This is also posted for legal purposes, Say it gets that far.


Massive rip off
May 21, 2013
It is shocking that both parties have to pay just to communicate with each other, i wish they had told me that before i paid for a subscription.

Zoosk is a fraud
May 9, 2013

hey everyone, Zoosk is a fraud and I fell for it--who's the stupid

one here? Me! I was receiving messages from different guys-

and then I answered one back-and Zoosk said pay if you want

to send this message. So I really liked this guy so I paid for one

month. After I paid... this guy did not answer me back --so I said

ok..then I will send messages to the other guys here--and Zoosk

said I had to pay again! We have to pay 29.95 and a fee the first

time, and then 29.95 after that for each person we

talk to! And their contract did not say any-

thing about this. So now I hate them! I am going to start to reading

all the reviews before I join any thing again. Will not get a refund


Nycitychick May 18, 2013

all online dating sites are BS.

Annonymous May 16, 2013

Same here.. I saw their ads and thought for once it was genuine and paid a three month subscription.. $59.. fish man..!! and now all i can do is sit and go through pics of girls , none of who would respond and all have kids or something and the only ones who respond are the Nigerian Scams..

$59.. think abt it and i shop for only $52 on Apostatle..

RippedoffbyZoosk May 10, 2013

Zoosk just rips everyone off - both guys and girls...sadly we all fell for it to realise that....

RippedoffbyZoosk May 10, 2013

Zoosk is a total and utter scam - spread the word amongst all singles!!

I don`t like it
May 5, 2013
I didn’t like it at all. Super boring website with strange people. This idea of single friends scares normal people away. Hahaha There are lots of better sites for meeting interesting and fun people. I had an account on AFF but changed it fast to www.globogirls.com Cool girls,very hot ones and funny . They are not shy to open cams guess this gives the idea about real people on the site.

Kevin May 07, 2013

Zoosk is a total scam. There computers say girls are viewing you when they have not been on the site in years. I know some people that they said viewed me

which they didn't. The ladys signed into there accounts and none of this showed on there profile. That leaves one thing Zoosk computers are busy tricking GUYS.

Just started
May 3, 2013
I'm still confused on how this works. Why can't I see profiles of other members?

Annonymous May 16, 2013

Yes get out of here.. Do not ever come back.. Block it..

Linda L May 09, 2013

Melissa; get out out of there quick-don't fall for their lies--try Match.com or

plenty of fish-

April 30, 2013
I, like many of the disgusted people on this website, made the terrible mistake of buying into this garbage. This is the first and last time I will ever do online dating. Absurd. Full of fake profiles. I will make sure that everyone I meet will never pay for Zoosk. This company will be gone in a couple years.

Turki April 30, 2013


Zoosk Canceled my Account - Horrible Customer Service
April 26, 2013

I signed up for zoosk and used it for several months. Then one day I got a notice that my account was under review. Shortly after I was notified my account was closed. I sent several emails to [email protected] but received no response.

UNDISCLOSED REASON - Today I finally got around to calling their number. The representative confirmed that my account had been cancelled and that I had been reimbursed. I asked several times as to why and each time I was put on hold as they she searched for more info. In the end she said my account was "blocked" because of "fraudulent activity" - but could not state what that activity was, she claimed they were "not allowed to disclose" it, but from the sound of it, here computer screen didn't say and therefore she couldn't.

ACCOUNT STILL VISIBLE - But the worst part was that I asked them to erase my account. She said she could not do that, but not to worry because nobody could see my account since it was blocked. I then informed her that I am getting regular notifications each week from people who have viewed my account.

CANNOT ERASE ACCOUNT - She said the most she could do was to turn off the notifications. It was at that point I realized I needed to warn others of this. I now have a profile that other humans believe to be active online that I cannot get rid of. This is a problem and it is very frustrating.

Taurus July 04, 2013

I was stuck in the same situation and here's what I did. I change my pic to one of eminem. The change the basic and story info accordingly and then turned of all notifications

Elizabeth May 03, 2013

Before I took out my credit card I got three or four interested every single day with requests for chats. After I paid.. nothing. Well you can draw any conclusion you wish but this company should go out of business!

Jaime April 28, 2013

I noticed today, that on my messages that zoosk sent a email to someone that looked like I replied saying " Thanks for the wink, leave me a message and I'll get back to you. I never sent that. What a scam!!

Phony profiles and views abound/STAY AWAY
April 10, 2013
I made the mistake of joining Zoosk. While there are tons of issues I could detail I will simply provide one example. In the span of 35 minutes or less while reviewing a search result I came across 6 totally phony profiles as three photos were used in the 6 profiles. Each pair used slightly different language and obviously different screen names and ages but a couple suffered from some glaring mistakes. One pair, for example, had the same photo of a women but the ethnicity checked on both was about as far off as they come. Also their are not that many profiles where any effort has been taken to fill in any information other than that required such as age, education etc. Not a word filled out in any other category. However I admit I also made the mistake of joining Match.com and they are not much better. All these services inflate their memberships with phony profiles in my opinion. Also I wonder how some can claim that a large percentage (not going to quote but I think most know the figure and site) of matches are made online. Bottom line take the total US Population of singles over 18 and compare that number with the total membership of EVERY SINGLE DATING SITE, and if you come up with 2% of all singles that would be a stretch. Outright lies to sell a product seems a bit sketchy although I admit I fell for it without giving much thought. Stick to singles events and the like as online dating is all about scamming you in one way or another.

Cleo April 29, 2013

bunch of fake profiles drop them ingoogle images first and you will see glad i didnt subscribe

Chaz April 23, 2013

I have to agree, i signed up with no photo, and i repeatedly had people sending me messages which seemed very 'stock' like what would you do if you had 3 wishes, and 'im available to chat'. Obviously this is encouraging people to interact. I suppose its like the old nightclub trick, where if theres a lot of girls in a club, then there will be more guys come in and buy drinks. Its a bit deceptive but kind of expected it. It also seems that there are the 'false' accounts just to get the ball rolling so to speak, and there are real accounts also.

Zach April 18, 2013

While that may be true, I have met one person from Zoosk, and we met without me even giving Zoosk money. So take that for what you will.

Lance April 17, 2013

Zoosk is a line ofcrap. Fake profiles, fake messages, fraudulent, full of deception, just like Match.com, but much, much worse.

Zoosk Owners are Fraudsters, and Facebook is their Pimp
April 4, 2013

It simply doesn't work. The operator doesn't want people to meet, but only get their money, stealing their money without counter-value.

The whole system is focussed on this, especially automatic answers on winks and messages, set to on by default.

Most of the profiles are scammers.

Be aware that you sign-up for free, and are first asked to purchase coins when you send messages. Coins are fair enough as pay per use principle. I even compared to other dating platforms and though yes, I like a pay per use. But then to answer a messages you need the monthly membership.

I throw out EUR 80.- out of the window. Stupid me!

I hate myself that I started to use and especially pay for it, but I hate Facebook even more to accept the ads and the app of Zoosk as my attention was attracted by the fact that friends invited me.

UnhappyZooskUser May 16, 2013

yeah!! and a lot of the girls are from the Nigerian scams.. They will say all kinds of stories and have numbers and stuff.. and then ohh send me money , i have to take care of my Ailing mother..

I just think Zoosk is just another one of their scams .. will have to look into who's managing it.. maybe some Nigerian Scam group..

James April 30, 2013

I have used zoosk for three weeks, there is a fraudulent and scams people out there, first this lady told me she was interested in me, she would not take No for an answer, then after a week she blocked her email, week later another imposer said the something and I did not buy her P.S due to previous experience. The second one asked me, if i live alone, if i have a house, and what dishes i like, normally they will send you picture of beautiful women, scams be aware folks..

No n April 07, 2013

I agree!

What a money scam.....
March 29, 2013

This site is a major league money rip off! They charge a hefty fee up front to become a member. Then once you start getting connections from other members, they want you to pay more to meet these members and to be able to communicate with them.

I would not recommend this dating site to anyone......!

Kim April 08, 2013

Facebook is also in it.

Never trust Facebook with any private information!

D April 04, 2013

I wish I had never joined this site. I received a message in my email that a

member wanted to meet me. I had to pay an extra 24 dollars to get on the

site, and after I did, I never heard from this woman, and I have not been

able to chat with one member on that site!. It is a big rip off! I would not

recommend it to anyone!

Jim April 03, 2013

yes Rolo you are so right.

Dave April 03, 2013

It's a rip off. I winked at a local match and then sent her a quick message.

I got a reply from her saying thanks for the wink, send a message! It was a automatic response from the site, not the woman. The same con worked to get me to join in the first place. I winked, got a reply to send a message, joined so I could send a message and then never heard from the woman. Use the free sites or a more reputable pay site.

Rolo March 30, 2013

I used for one year didn't get any I sent at least 300 messages only one fat girl sent a message and u get lots of fake messages they sent a chat request and after like 1 hour they don't exist no more I think this page is a scam don't waste your money go to the bar there's real people there

A smorgasbord of fake profiles.
March 28, 2013

This crap is a world full of fake profiles.

1. Time and time again in searches I saw the same profile pics of very attractive girls and yet when it came to looking at the locations of these girls they all were different yet having the same profile pic. I used to use an app on Facebook and Bebo called Friendzii and I saw the same sort of thing on there as well so this is a BIG giveaway!

2. So many inactive and idle accounts and profiles on there. Many people join up to this and just leave their profiles unattended and unused. I know this because some of my female friends have accounts on there and never use them. What's the point of joining this if you aren't going to use it?

3. Similar as above in number 2 Too many unsubscribed people on there. If you are subscribed on there and you send these people messages you are going to be disappointed as these unsubscribed people won't and won't be able to reply to you. You are waiting your time!

4. Subscribed or unsubscribed people do not put in enough information about themselves in their profiles. This is useless to you if you want to get to know someone and make conversation. Again if they are unsubscribed there will be no return messages.

5. Searching it basically chooses the path it would like you to be on. You can alter your search settings to your area or city. It works for a short time but it then goes back to the path it would like you to be on and you then end up looking at people miles away from where you live and people who are not compatible to you should their profiles have enough information about them.

I can't believe a dating web site can be so shockingly inadequate for what it says it is.

Subscribing to this rubbish is a huge waste of your money. Don't bother with it.

Anon August 06, 2013

lucky you, you paid by Zoosk to write that?

Donna July 25, 2013

I'm sorry it didn't work out for you but it did for me. I found a great guy that lives about 40min from me. We met and hit it off. We have plans to get together this weekend. I paid for 3mths and have been using it for about a week and in my state I can't get a refund after 3 days of membership for any unused time so i'm out all that money but in the long run I found an awesome guy so i'm happy.

Anne May 07, 2013

then dispute!

Anon May 02, 2013

With enough disputes, the credit card co will red flag them.

Danny May 01, 2013

Similar to most I joined up free sent some winks received many back Sking me to send a detaed message then paid my $29 plus another $20'one off joining fee. I sent messages within a short time with no replies. Realised these girls were not members so couldn't see my messages so I say Why did they ask in the first place? I can only assume it was to entice me to join zoosk!

June F April 20, 2013

I signed up and used it for one week. then I found the scammers and tried to cancel my account, when it showed up on my credit card, They had charged me for six months, which I never authorized. I called the company and they said they would not refund. I disputed the charge with my card and it is in the works now. I'll never do this again.

Zadaca April 05, 2013

I just signed up to see what is there, but it is all fake to make money, please be aware of that,


This Says It All
March 21, 2013

After a Zoosk ad blitz caught my attention, I thought I'd give it a try. I didn't pay anything, just joined free and put minimal info on the profile so I could at least look around,

In no time, I started receiving winks and flirts from women who lived nowhere near me, sometimes in languages I didn't speak. Also, Zoosk decided to show me some barometer of how "popular" I was, with the no-so-subtle inference that if I'd just throw some cash their way, I'd be even more popular! Oh happy day!! Everyday, I would receive a wink, a flirt, a message that indicated I was highly interesting and/or attractive to the "woman" sending the message. Wave the Red Flag of Scam, boys & girls!

Remember the "minimal info" I spoke about earlier? My profile consists of nothing more than my initials, age, gender and general location. No pics, no verbage, nothing, And yet, I'm interesting and attractive! And oh yes, I can be in contact with these prescient beings who find me so, if only I'd dump some cash in Zoosk's pocket, Um, right.

I leave it to you to decide what this company is.

Young a April 20, 2013

What a scam! Don't have anything to do with this!

Admin March 28, 2013

zoosk, kiss or any other - yes there are many other online dating sites - surprisingly controlled by two greedy companies, but they also don't have much in security either. Most flirts, winks on these sites are fraudulent, they're scams looking for your email, personal info etc.

Moff March 28, 2013

zoosk, kiss or any other - yes there are many other online dating sites - surprisingly controlled by two greedy companies, but they also don't have much in security either. Most flirts, winks on these sites are fraudulent, they're scams looking for your email, personal info etc.

Kurtmuel77 March 28, 2013

Zoosk Sucks It is a bunch B.S. I leave short messages and get no response.

Too good to be true
March 18, 2013

Keep it old school & get a professional escort off backpage.

Great website for those that have low self-esteem & don't mind wasting money to flirt with fake profiles to have their heart broken.

Anne May 07, 2013

contact your credit card company and dispute the charge. now.

Young a April 20, 2013

I need help. They charged $81.00 to my credit card without my knowledge. I called them and they say they will not credit it back to my card or refund the money. I have a dispute going with my credit card. These reviews will help me a bunch.

Olga b April 15, 2013

If u need help with the crooks behind this scam, I'm there!!

Laughably D March 21, 2013

Upwards of 50% fake profiles, the remaining of which are either entirely undesirable (gross) or inactive (and suspect of being fake). Zoosk is a great way to waste time, unless you really want a go-nowhere chat with some sweaty interns sitting in a windowless room at Zoosk world headquarters in San Francisco.

They refused any and all refunds, despite their admission that fake profiles was a frequent complaint of their site (and I quote "as it is with ALL dating sites") BUT they do their best to limit the number of fake profiles...

Personally, I think it's a scam, with the coins and boost BS, and I'm hoping that in a couple years I get a letter regarding a class-action suit against these clowns.

As for you, I suggest looking elsewhere.

100% Scam
March 17, 2013
I paid though Paypal for 3 months. I found out after 3 days of BS profiles a scam. I filed a claim on Paypal for a return of my funds. I was talking to Paypal Rep then my money was reversed. No one real on there website. IT NEEDS TO BE SHUT DOWN & SUED!!!!!!

Full of scammers
March 13, 2013
It seems like every other profile is a fake.

Ola b April 15, 2013

Left zoosk and went harmony,apparently thy couldn't find anyone that's its my profile,back to the bar I guess...at least u get laid once in awhile

Dean March 16, 2013

Ya it seems these dating sites are tag teaming us.

Nathan March 16, 2013

forget about every other i think about 99% of the accounts are fake, ive canceled my subscription

Just spam
March 12, 2013
I joined the free part on FB. They just take over your FB page with their nonsense. Then you get emails from them from people who supposedly visited your profile as a come on to show you how many people you will find if you join. I think the emails are fake, but I"d have to join to really find out. Plus their aesthetics just makes them look silly and cartoonist.

Riley April 17, 2013

Yep, Zoosk is a crock ofcrap. Pathetic internet criminals.

Ooga b April 15, 2013

With ya james

James March 15, 2013

This rubbish should be banned it is intrusive and in my case totally unwanted to the extent that I am seriously considering cancelling my account on facebook which I will do if it continues