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Its a con
December 12, 2012
I have not paid anything but all the above apply. I decided to do a bit of research so started to do image searches on anyone who winked flirted messaged or viewed my profile. Guess what? No results. The only image that popped up a result was my own . I then tried the same on random profiles, not a single result. Not a single link to a facebook account or myspace or anything. Its a scam.

Rip off site!!!
December 11, 2012

I joined Zoosk for about a month and created an account, Did actually meet someone off this site!!! But I had my account Hi-jacked by someone else who told me to check out their pics which sent me to a fake Zoosk site where they got my password and email.

Sent Zoosk an email to tell them but no response!!!, Went and checked my CC and they had taken $99.95 from my account after I had already paid for the crap for 3 Months.

Had to cancel my CC and get a new one so these jerks would not take anymore of my money.

Avoid this site, Its bad!!

Guest December 12, 2012

must be 90% fake profiles.

All with a professional or found on the internet photo, only one.

Then, if the get yahoo IM or email account, they admit to being from Ghana.

"Born in USA, look just like the white girl in the photo, but I'm in Ghana right now"


Jen December 31, 2012

"Born in USA, look just like the white girl in the photo, but I'm in Ghana right now"

I laughed so hard when I read this! Lolllllllllll!

Nepto March 13, 2013

This is hilarious!! :-)

December 10, 2012

You fill out a free profile, and then you start getting these "XX wants to meet you" messages. Of course you can't communicate with anyone unless you are a paying member. So you pay (plus a surprise $25.00 "activation fee" - which should have been a red flag in itself) for a membership, and PRESTO, "The user account you are looking for cannot be found" in all cases. Then after you've been duped into signing up, you receive these ficitious notifications on a daily basis. Nearly ALL of them are fake.

Take my advice, learn from MY mistake, and save yourself 45 bucks.

Ken January 05, 2013

Also you can't comunicate with some who has not paid yet their profile is shown to you. Scientific matching is bogus, ran into some who were my match they said they were not notified are the not paid members.

Zoosk = company trying to rip off people.
December 9, 2012

Zoosk is a legitimate service IF they didn't charge stupid fees every time u wanted to wink or talk to a person. It's truly a rip-off because free members have absolutely ZERO functionality; You can't read other people's messages, and zoosk won't tell you if your message was sent. I was a free member and another girl e-mailed me back, but i was UNABLE to read the e-mail because zoosk wanted me to pay ridiculous fees just to read them. They have this concept of zoosk coins, where you have to buy the coins with real money, only then can u chat with people. I would suggest people try more legitimate services out there, like e-harmony or match.

It's just a scam... trying to make money off of people who are really looking to find that special someone out there. Here is a list of negatives:

- stupid activation fee: in addition to monthly subscription fee, you have to pay a hefty 'activation' fee. Who the hell does this?

- stupid zoosk matching service: where in order to talk to a match who likes you, you need to pay money...

- free members have no functionality: can't read other people's messages if you don't pay...

- zoosk coins: yeah right... like I'll dish out real money just to give some girl I've never met a digital 'heart' or 'panda'... ridiculous!

- zoosk 'boosting': Like I'll dish out money so my profile can show in beginning ranks when people are searching for others. What dating sites does this?

I would NOT recommend Zoosk. Period.

waste of money and fake
December 8, 2012

your better off going to mcds and asking a girl for a cheap coffee....

for all the time you waste with this programe and or money......

or your email......you could of gone to the gas station to pick up chicks or to your local church ext..... the gas you pay could of gone toward this instead of wasting on fake zoosk my account does the same thing constantly its a scam....girls always going on and off but nothing and not good responses sounds like bots....just be brave and ask your neighbors for coffee or beer instead of this c....

Guest December 09, 2012

Too conclusionary. The writer does not use any facts to explain why he gives his opinion

zoosk = scam
December 5, 2012

If you've used your EMAIL PASSWORD on you ZOOSK (or other scam site) ACCOUNT!!!

Then they have your EMAIL ADDRESS + EMAIL PASSWORD and therefore the ability to mailbomb (& scam) all of your contacts FROM YOUR account until you :


Sorry for the caps but I wanted to be clear ;)

Also delete your info / pics, change your name address on there and then close your zoosk account.

Chicken December 31, 2012

Good advice. Has anyone complained to the Better Business Bureau? These accusations are serious.

Waste of money
December 4, 2012
I wish I would have read this website before I wasted my money with this site. Scam central, Any one can create a profile but only people who pay can reply so you end up with either people who can't reply to you or scammer's trying to scam. I have meet one or 2 girls on it but nothing worth my time and especially my money. Oh and I'm not sure how they come up with their "scientific match" but I would find more suitable matches if I randomly inserted names into facebook. In other words, it's horrible. It's just another site that takes advantage of people need to be with other and tries to exploit it or money. I hope karma catches up to them.

December 1, 2012

Decided to see how much of a scam this was with my female friend.

We both signed up to Zoosk, on separate computers, and viewed each others profiles. We then both received emails saying that we'd messaged one another, when neither of us had sent the other a message.

Massive scam. It never used to be, but it is now.

Tim December 03, 2012

Yes, i agree that it's a massive scam ! they advertise a free date/chat club and once you in they 'sucker you' into giving your banking details away before even chatting !!!!!!!!!!!

Tried b December 05, 2012

zoosk = bad news.. try elsewhere.. look out for moneygrabbing sites with no reputation.. use recommendations from friends for "quality" sites. Rembmber, just because a site "looks" good with professional graphics, it doesn't mean it's legit.

zoosk sucked me in
November 26, 2012
Logged on and set up a profile for free and within minutes receiced a wink and request to chat. Of course I paid 25.00 to subscribe for a month then found out there was an additional 25.00 activation fee and ok went ahead and paid that too... what a fool I was. Get winks and chat request from men not close to my search criteria and get "zoosks scientific matches" on a daily basis... don't know what science they used but it doesn't come close to common sense. Zoosk zucks... don't let them suck u in!

C.B November 29, 2012

I was on the internet looking for legit dateing sites. I seen some of the ratings and Zoosk was one of the higher rated ones. I decided okay I'll give this one a try, after all it was mentioned with some of the others like, Match.com and so forth. So I do my profile and get everything all set up and ready to go. Now I'm thinking this is going to cost me about $25, but they hit me with an activation fee. I Spend over $60 total for one month. Now I set my criteria for who I'm looking for, age 35 to 45. I send out a few winks. It only takes seconds for a responce to come back, but they are all automated saying they appreciate the wink but can you write me a message. So I start writing messages, no responces. They have a thing called mega flirt so I send 150 flirts with one click. Here's what comes back. Remember my criteria, ages 35-45. I'm getting auto responces from 62 year olds. I'm a guy so I'm talking about women. Now I'm always getting alerts saying so and so has viewed me. And it's always the same people. I send them nice messages and no responce. Now repeat this hundreds of times and you start to think this site is nothing but a scam. I'm not tooting my horn, but I'm a nice looking guy and a good person at that. I find that there is no reason that I haven't even chated with one person. I keep setting my criteria to 35-45 year olds, but it doesn't matter. I still have to keep looking at the 20 somethings and 50 and 60 somethings. I'm sure the women are going through the same thing in reverse. Stay away from this dating site, and for those of you not getting what you want out of it, remember it's not you, or at least most of you. "Buyer Beware"

SunShine December 01, 2012

Thanks for the information. I just joined a few hours ago and same thing! THANKFULLY, I haven't paid them a dime. In the few short hours I've been on, I have gotten mostly 55-65 years old, including hairy and scary, lol!!! My criteria is set at 38-48!

Jen December 31, 2012

"I have gotten mostly 55-65 years old, including hairy and scary"

Lol!!! Good one

Nepto March 13, 2013

You get what you have paid for ;-)

November 23, 2012
This dating site sucks! I am attractive and get the grossest creepy men hitting on me. It must be the website for old degenerate non-educated idiot men. I closed my account because I was tired of creepy jerks talking to me-old enough to be my father. Don't waste your $ on this-what a joke and scam!

Mjm December 06, 2012


Moo December 31, 2012

Yeah that's scary

Baah! December 31, 2012

old? like how old u talking?

Your going to be Surprised from my Story
November 22, 2012

My story is going to be hard to believe though I swear its true.

I became a member last night and I spent the f...ing premium membership for a month. I spent a lot of time finding people and winking them. A few replied automatically with their emails. None of them replied after I sent them an email or an IM not even those members which seemed to be online on the zoosk. I was reading the reviews today and I was about to close my account that I got an IM in my Yahoo. In her profile she had smoking hot pictures and apparently from Sacramento. After we started chatting she said she is from Ghana. I went back to check her profile, but she had closed it. After that all of her questions and all of her answers were cliché. I asked what sports do you like and she answered that she is family oriented, caring, outgoing and all that crap. I asked so what about me and you being so far, she replied yeah I have a good sense of humor and crap like that . You may not believe it, but even in Yahoo Messenger someone was copying and pasting other peoples answers without looking at the questions. Unbelievable!

C.B. November 29, 2012

That was a scam. Look up Nigerian scam or African scam. It's about them getting you to be a sucker and give up your money. Be carefull and don't be a sucker.

SunShine December 01, 2012

Same scam on MATCH. Most are men that appear to be "local". All that I have seen list themselves as "widowed" or "divorced" and they have custody of their child. They are all "entrepreneurs" currently "working" in AFRICA!!!! LOL!! I'm NOT desperate or STUPID!!!!

Aba December 05, 2012

Those generic instant replyies may not even be copy/paste.. there are many many chat "bots" (programed auto-responses) that pretend to be users.

Andrew B July 20, 2013

I'm over it. What a crock. I just signed up and I thought that it was a little fishy that three f the 50 plus messages I got today were from girls with sick mothers in Africa. I called them out on their BS and I am removing my profile. Or doing what I can to make it not visible

It is a SCAM site!!!!!!
November 13, 2012

I 'clicked' a link in a e-mail sent from my trusty friend. My nightmare startes from there.....

This company ( Zoosk) sent the similar e-mail to alll the people in my 'contact' folder!!!!

And it does again, again.... (sending e-mails On Behalf Of me...).

I checked the Zoosk.com that 'my account is currently INACTIVE'. Of course it asked me to 'recover' it.

Please HELP! How could I remove my 'account' from this evil web site?

How could I stop them sending the e-amils 'on behalf od me)?

Steven November 15, 2012

I found a way to message Zoosk users who initiated a conversation. If they are a subscribed member and either wink or send you a message you can reply even if you are not a paid subscriber. The catch is there is only one time you can send a message. And Zoosk filters block most attempts to send the opposite sex a method of contacting you outside of Zoosk. So I tested my method of communicating with these women who initiated contact and it does work. However, only one woman tried to get back with me and she could not follow the cute little coded message I sent her. The rest of these winks and messages are, in my opinion, not from real members seeking a relationship. They are either bots or paid employees sending out initial contact hoping I will buy a subscription. At first I thought this was a game of numbers and eventually women would contact me back again. It only happened one time.

Zoosk is, in my opinion, just another dating scam. PlentyOfFish and Date Hookup are the best and free. I even had a sub with eHarmony and, even tho I believe they are legit, I have better experiences with POF and DH.

Stay away from Zoosk. It smells rotten of a scam.

Zoosk v December 03, 2012

I was also trapped by a zoosk spam scam. I received an email from a friend with a link to his photos. It was plausible that this friend would send me something like that, so I clicked. It was a site that required a sign-up, which I did. That sign-up was a phishing trick; zoosk gets and copies your entire contact list and spams everyone on it through your email account (account hijacking). It copied your contacts to use for spamming, using your email as the "from" address, but actually just spoofing your email account. Recipients all receive the "see my photos" trick, which fools some into joining,, and the scam goes on.

This is a great big violation of every provision of the CAN-SPAM law, and only one program of this great big scam machine.

To get them to actually delete your account, you just call and mail and threaten to sue them. They know they are breaking the law, and will mollify you by deleting your records. THey will, however, continue to spam your contacts.

Helper December 05, 2012

spoofing is one way..

also be careful not to use your EMAIL PASSWORD on you ZOOSK (or othe scam site) ACCOUNT!!!

otherwise they have your EMAIL ADDRESS + EMAIL PASSWORD and therefore the ability to mailbomb (& scam) all of your contacts FROM YOUR account until you :


Sorry for the caps but I wanted to be clear ;)

zoosk is RUBBISH
November 13, 2012
it is a total scam. What is more, if you do put a cc payment down, you can expect to be harrassed with a ton of fake flirts and fake contact requests, just to entice you into continuing your membership. Sitting on a street corner with a placard around your neck with the word "SINGLE" on it is preferable to using Zoosk. Oh so very AVOID

Leo December 09, 2012

thanks a lot almost fell in to it

Mitten December 31, 2012

"Sitting on a street corner with a placard around your neck with the word "SINGLE" on it is preferable to using Zoosk."


Beware of Zoosk
November 12, 2012

A parent from my son's soccer team had her email contacts exposed and supposedly sent me a request to see a picture. Zoosk then hijacked my contacts and rapidly started sending emails out from me to all my contacts.

Zoosk is a fraud by not specifically asking for permission and disguising a friendly photo as bait.


Kay November 12, 2012

Same thing happened to me.. They not only emailed my contacts but everyone that has emailed me. Scary stuff. And a pain to have to try to let everyone know it's a hoax

Shamey November 15, 2012

ditto - fortunately,I have some intelligent friends who wrote me back first before doing anything. The ones who went ahead and started to sign up like I did are not getting hit with the same thing (having their email address book invaded). I know we've lost all sense of privacy with the Internet, but this feels more invasive than usual, and not in a good way.

A narrow escape....
November 11, 2012

I'd just like to say a huge thanks to all the other reviewers here...I joined a few days ago - for free, of course - and was unpleasantly surprised by the general standard of the profiles...and I thought PoF was bad?! Then out the blue I catch sight of this beautiful guy in the 'get yourself noticed here' section. Perfect. I send him a wink (the only action that was free of charge) and lo and behold he wants to chat with me. Hmm. That, in effect is going to cost me a minimum of £40, it turns out. Then I remembered that pretty much every other guy I had seen on the site was undesirable. Strange that a picture of perfection randomly appears. Or am u just suspicious? Ha. Maybe not.

So then I decide to check out site reviews.

I just saved myself £40 - thanks everyone.

Bmc November 25, 2012

Why would you want to pay 40.00 to meet someone on a dating site that lives a million miles away or worse yet doesn't exist? That what I thought when I found out what they were going to charge me. I can go to a bar and find someone cheaper than that and weed them out myself.

Totally Fake
November 4, 2012

As per the others.

Joined for one month as a full member.

Users are pretty much all fake, They don't respond to messages when they claim they're interested. And so forth.

Bettye November 20, 2012

And they tell you the members are online right then and they are not. I checked out.

October 29, 2012
Its overpriced and people don't get your messages. In order for someone to get your message you have to pay Zoosk in order for them to send it to that person. Say it cost 20 for one month , but you have to pay 24 for the activation , so 44 total . No refund ! And if someone hit you up for a chat and you want to respond to their chat request for some reason you can't , so that person may request 2x not knowing why you won't respond. It sucks completely , please listen and don't waste your time and money.

Gerhard H November 30, 2012

Thank you.

It Sucks
October 25, 2012
Zoosk is so fake.the profile picture are the workers that work there..sure they sent you notice.get you all hyped up then when you sign up never here from them again..it's full of it...every one please don't go on this site....

Pete November 25, 2012

DOWN WITH ZOOSK and I tell all my friends to stay away from it.

Zoosks seems like a total scam service
October 25, 2012
Seems like a total scam service... Made to look free but it isn't... Things never add up either as they ask you to create a password but anything you type in never is accepted... totally bizarre website as there seems to be little or no direction. I would never pay money for something like this...

fake leeches
October 24, 2012

fake sites, fake responses, much worst than match.com,

leeches off affections of lonely people, a most cruel endeavor,

for the love of money, sound familiar.....