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October 9, 2014

I was maybe one of the few real girls on zoosk!

And maybe this is why all the men were very rough with me. I didn't find anybody worthy of my time: horrible site!

Revenue Machine
September 26, 2014

Fake profiles, pushed profiles, and a few real profiles, and what seem to be a few professional professional profiles.

No responses despite being fairly assertive.

the good and the bad
September 26, 2014

To start off, I will just tell you that I am probably one of the lucky ones that did find love on zoosk. I have to say that this site is not very user friendly. A lot of the profiles are fake but there are some real ones. Like most of the comments on here, the creators of zoosk are more interested in the money than actually helping you find true love. The fact that I did find a beautiful woman on this site was nothing short of a miracle. When I was searching for dating site, I searched independent reviews of all the sites but I think that the ones that gave this site good review are actually being payed by the site. After 6 months of actually examining this site and trying different things, my feelings is that this site is not worth spending your money on. My finding love was not really due to the site. It was being at the right place at the right time. Because if I hadn't answered her when she sent me a wink, there is no way that I could have found her again even if you know her profile name. A word to the wise.... " A Zoosk Member " = fake profile.

Don't waste your time on Zoosk... ANY dating site is better than this!
July 31, 2014

I am trying to figure out how to get OFF this crappy Zoosk site!

! Unless you want to pay lots of money you cannot meet anyone and need to buy "coins" to read or reply to messages, look at whole profiles or pics or accept chats... for 3 days I have tried posting "I am leaving Zoosk so please do not message me or waste your money trying to chat with me because I can't even see your messages" and whoever is approving ads deletes ALL that despite the fact it does not violate any written Zoosk rules...

In other word you have no right to free speech and you can't even say in your own profile you are leaving without that being deleted for no reason! I have met NOBODY here not even chatted to one in over 3 months... save your efforts for a site like POF, OKCupid or Meetme.com at least you have a chance there... once I leave Zoosk I will never waste my time there again!

April 20, 2014

Is this site fraudulent? I think so. If so can I get my money back from Facebook who allow them access.

Apparently myriads of women have agreed to meet me but to access them or their profile, I have to pay again. I suggest that not many people will like to do this and of course they lose their money. The question then is "Is ZOOSK offering the goods for which I have paid?" I suspect not and should FACEBOOK allow them advertising space and even allow them to access my email address after I made the initial contact even before subscribing

Preys on the vulnerable
October 29, 2013
I am a recently widowed and just wanted to get out a little, not really expecting the next "love of my life" and not really wanting that just yet. I was just looking. Next thing, during one of my searches, a photo of this absolutely great looking guy sitting at a desk looking all professional comes up with a dating profile that any woman would think was perfect. Then when I received a "chat request" from him, well, I thought "could I be this lucky twice?" because my mate who had passed was the BEST! I immediately went to "chat" with this match, but then the subscription window came up. Thinking that I had to do this in order to "chat" with Mr. Perfect (LOL), I signed up for one month and sent him a message. I received NO RESPONSE (!?). Now, he sent the chat request, not me. But as soon as I PAID I got no response. Sent another message -- still no response. Go figure! I then saw on a review site that Zoosk sometimes uses employees as FAKE matches with fake profiles (most of whom are sitting at desks or beside a computer in an office setting) to entice someone to pay to chat!! I then sent a message to him to let him know I was on to that. HE ANSWERED THAT MESSAGE!!! He said that if he said it on his profile it was true. Yea. right. STAY AWAY FROM ZOOSK! They should be ashamed of themselves for hurting vulnerable people.

Ben N April 20, 2014


Well, I have just signed to Zoosk. It is nothing but a money printing machine. Apparently,I and another lady have mutually agreed to meet up but, I have to PAY AGAIN, after subscribing in order to get access to this lady's profile or to be able to communicate with this lady. Notice that there is no Username search.. What a bunch confidence tricksters. There is nothing to tell you how to cancel your subscription

D M April 14, 2014

I've found that the operation of the app leads to false confidence. Most women don't even pay for the use of the site. Auto replies to messages are a waste of time. Search feature leaves a guy with false hope that more people are actually interested in you than are. Notifications from the app drive you crazy. I had to turn them off because everytime someone flips by your profile whether they actually look or not an email notification is sent to you. If 2 people both click they want to meet on the carousel feature, you have to PAY EXTRA to contact them. This is not a dating site I would recommend. The simple truth is hardly anyone is paying for the service which makes it impossible to contact them. TOO MANY PROFILES THAT ARE WHAT I CALL TAKING UP SPACE. Theyve been on there for months and/or years and haven't been used.

1st December 05, 2013


ZOOSK & their fake MESSAGEs & REPLYs !!!!

I was on ZOOSK, today. I got a "WINK" from a women @ 5:46 am.

ZOOSK, at 5:47 am, sent that same women a reply for me.

(ZOOSK REPLY) Great, thanks for winking at me. How about sending me

a short message and telling me a little about yourself now? 5:47 AM

I never gave ZOOSk, permission to send MESSAGEs on my behalf.

A few days ago, I sent a women on ZOOSk, a request for more photos. 1 minute later, I got this reply: "Hi, I'm Tabitha."

Sooo when someone sends a MESSAGE / REQUEST, ZOOSK, will automatic send a MESSAGE / REPLY, back to that SENDER !!!!

This is why, few women really answers MESSAGEs / REPLYs !!!!

The women on ZOOSK, do not answer MESSAGEs / REPLYs.

It appears that the ZOOSK, women where not "REARED PROPERLY"

& where never taught "PROPER MANNERs or ETIQUETTE".....

Lisa November 01, 2013

Stay away from this site, nothing but a bunch of unemployed losers & old perverts, writing rude comments. I'm a well off good looking woman that's owns multiple businesses. All I received was messages from low life lowers & gangsters. They really have the lowest of the low on there.

Read their terms once you sign up, their allowed to charge your credit card & can't get your money back.

Go on match.com or any other dating site, but keep far away from this one!

Zoosk is totally a scam
October 29, 2013

I don't want to talk too much about my feeling, I just point out the fact.

1.The biggest lie on the world. free? It is not free!!

Yes, it is free to sign up and browser the site. But if you want any communicate actions with someone, its all have you to pay!

Even have to pay just for reading a message from someone!

2. As I said in point1, You need to pay for send more than 1 message and need to pay for read more than like 20 characters message.NOT ONLY THIS. There are tons of fake profile and bots messaging you.

How can I(you) stand on this kind of crap? This is totally a scamming.

I don't even know why this company is still alive?

Is it really legal? Like scamming and fooling people officially...

3.Also about the fees. Too expensive for get a chance to have dating.

4.Worst custom service. Bots do it.


100% not free,zoosk is a lie itself.Everything you have to pay.

Even you paid, really bad service.

If you want to make a successful dating, both of you have to paid.

If one of you no pay, never success.


End of story..

Mary M March 10, 2015

No comment what so ever

NYCitizen October 29, 2013

I have already made my zoosk account useless since i cannot cancel or delete it.

I turn to invisble mode and set as a female.

U.s~ING T.h+!_s kind of stuffs to write out something impportent in my story(hope its useful)

and changed my name to be something meaningful, u know what i mean.

At the end, set the auto reply using the stupid stuff above.

Looks like a kid but I just want to spread out the message to people who didn't wake up yet.

Don't waste your money and time.

Avoid this site...
October 21, 2013

Everything stated above is why. This is a horrible site. Tons of fake profiles that you have to overpay for to contact.

Better options include:

okcupid.com, pof.com, aff.com and evow.com.


Tim October 24, 2013

Amazing. All the comments on here seem to mirror my own. I don't know if the profiles are fake or if there are 15 men to every 1 woman, but if you pay and message someone on this site you RARELY hear back from them. Also look at the gifts the women get. The better looking she is the more gifts she gets. Ive gotten one gift, some of these women have as many as 19 or more. What I don't understand is why I hear back from so few women. If I do get a response its like, one word. Im CERTAINLY not bragging and please don't take it that way but Id pretty much pass for a brother of Triple H---when he had long hair. Things just don't add up. TOTAL waste of time and money.

Rip off!
October 2, 2013

Full of fake profiles from models and porn stars plus random pretty girl pictures pulled from net.

Just don't join and pay as you can't cancel and their customer service does not exist!

The Skynet of Scams
October 1, 2013
This is absolutely the worst dating website I have come across. I've made several dating profiles over the past year or two, and nothing compares. First of all, you have to subscribe to perform even the most basic function.(19.95 per month with one easy payment of 74.95; 19.98 per month for one easy payment of 54.95; and finally 29.95 for one month(us dollars)) Yes, just to read or write a message you have to subscribe. Every once in a while you may be able compose a free message. For example, I sent one to a girl who "viewed" me yesterday my phone number stating I don't have money to subscribe and thus cannot conversate. I receives a very generic message on my phone that is obviously bot written. Second, because of the steep price, its highly unlikely any messages you send out can be read by the other person. In addition to the countless bot and abandoned profiles, you will be wasting both your time and money. In addition to the many complaints listed on this page, take my word and everyone's word, do not subscribe! Reviews like this saved me good money because I almost fell into this con-artist rabbit hole. A word of advice, stick to real world contact(And this is coming from a person who is very shy and introverted!)

Ben N April 20, 2014

I wish I had read this earlier. What a bunch of bare facedscammers. Why does FACEBOOK allow Zoosk on its site. I am thinking of suing Facebook to recover my money

Brian October 01, 2013

One thing to add. If your lucky enough to see this within three days of subscribing, cancel since it states that a refund is possible through the contract. Otherwise, go to your bank and see what you can do there.

a total rippoff
October 1, 2013
This site is totally fraudelent,i paid 75$for subsribing and 25$ activation fee this for six months.u gotta buy coins if they got your message.to get to the point total rippof.

Brian October 01, 2013

Contact them right away! You have three days to get your money back. Also, go to the bank and see what you can do there.

scam yes cruddy women for sure
September 30, 2013
not enough paying customers too many fat morbid and obese women who take pictures from the neck up too hide multiple chins my advice too any single guys post a profile stating you are some ex convict deviant freak sicko women like that stuff and you can get laid

Scam, not worth the money
August 25, 2013
Tried this site, and as everyone states it's very hard to use. If you want to sign up for a month it's $23 but they sock you with a $24 sign up fee. It's very hard to find a member, and it's only instant messaging. Also if you are a mutual match they want you to buy coins (pay more) to email someone. This site should be put out of business. You can sent 1 free Instant message. I notice several people do that and sent their phone number or email address hoping your a paying member and you will contact them. Don't waste your money. POF is free and you get the same results, and all the same people!

stay away from Zoosk!!!!!!!!!
July 15, 2013
short and simple...don't even mess around on the site at all even if you don't subscribe...it's a fraudulent site

This site is totally a scam:
July 11, 2013

When you check out who's online by keep clicking next button, all those people u skipped would received notification that you viewed them (even though u didn't check their profile) I registered two different accounts to found out. The reason for why people wont response your message even though they check you out many times is they didn't check you out at all.

And when you both like to meet, the site block both profile from each other unless u pay some money to unlock.

To sum it up, this is not a site for people to find love, instead, it is a site to keep people from finding love.

Total waste
July 8, 2013

In all of the dating sites that I have used I have never seen one so useless and frustrating. There is no way to search for an individual profile and the filters are terrible. No way to sort matches so you have to go through all of them. And once you put your initial search criteria you cannot change it, you have to modify the search each time. The worst is when someone wants to meet you there is no way to see their profile or search for it so you have no idea if you are compatible.

I have unsubscribed many times from their automatic matched with no success. I even closed my account and still SPAM. The only I got it to stop was to mark all Zoosk emails as SPAM.

Zoosk is obviously a quickly thrown together website to make $. There is no way to contact a person for help except for the billing department.

Bull s***
July 4, 2013
Everything the reviews above say is 100%. This is the biggest fraud every. Three days wasted. Even if u subscribe u probably won't hear anything from the guys or girls u want to hear from. I did actually get contacted by two girls but they both live in different states. The first one was not my type appearance wise. The second one was pretty but when I have her my Facebook account we flirted for awhile and it turns out she's fifteen. The other girl looked about Fifteen too. I'm 18. Zoosk is crap.

How did I get on Zoosk in the first place?
June 23, 2013

A few days ago I started receiving emails from Zoosk at my personal email address. Each attempted to "match" me with someone in Texas. Here is the rub: I never, ever visited the Zoosk site or set up a membership. Using the emails as a link I was able to find "my profile." All fields were empty, of course. However, what information there is -- including the photograph -- is from my Facebook account!

I don't know whether Facebook has a hand in this, or whether the crooks behind Zoosk data mine that site for fake account information. I have, however, filed a complaint (via regular mail...not electronically) with the Federal Trade Commission.

For the record, I am 67 years old and am happily married to a beautiful woman who owns my heart. I have no interest whatsoever in Zoosk or any other dating or matchmaking site.

The "social networking" community has become a sewer filled with frauds and confidence men. I guess it has reached a point where it is time to sever my ties with Facebook and its ilk.

Just plain bad
June 22, 2013
I get about 20 messages on average a day, all from Hispanic men 20-25 years older than me. My profile picture is normal and non-suggesting. Certain ones view my profile 3-4 times daily. Not exactly what I was looking for.

Bill October 28, 2013

Why not go out with one and see what they are like. Maybe you'll like one of them.

This is my way of getting my moneys worth
June 9, 2013
I had been a paid subscriber to zoosk for a few months when all of a sudden I am blocked by a zoosk administrator. I also received an email from them saying sorry to see you go as though I had cancelled my subscription. This all took place over 3 months prior to my paid subscription being due. I have sent dozens of emails to them asking for this problem to be rectified with not one reply. I then opened another profile and emailed them many more times still no response. I kept writing them messages in the "about me" section to see again if I would get a response.....still nothing. They were obviously reading these messages as they kept rejecting the content. So they owe me 3 months subscription fee and for that I will write bad reviews wherever I can. Use Plenty of Fish instead as it offers the same for ZERO dollars. I urge everyone who has received nothing but ignorance from Zoosk to advertise this wherever they can....also spread the word to use a competitor. Remember POF :)....Zoosk :(