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untrue basic info in Viktoria's #1841475 profile

Reviewed By Libor on June 7, 2017

Still searching for my beloved, unexpectedly having vanished, Irochka85 / Irochka #2532 from Donetsk - Makiivka, on dating websites also by her appearance, in spring 2016 I ran at into Viktoria #1841475. Viktoria caught my attention by her elegant look, so I decided to save her profile into my computer as a pleasant remembrance and maybe to address her some time. Now in spring 2017, again searching also there for Irochka, I noticed that Viktoria has changed some basic information in her profile: sooner: 178 cm, 49 kg, beginner, now: 175 cm, 56 kg, intermediate.

I suppose that she or the staff of AnastasiaDate agency decided for the change in order to increase their profits from paying male members by moderating her statue info to more common value/-s (at least her height) so that a greater number of men will suit her and therefore address her, chargely of course.

This way also a lady at, Anna #2677, has moderated her basic profile info: from low statue to higher (despite women stop growing at 18 years), still (now even for 6 years) being a bachelor student - the longer time a student, the longer time unaccessible for foreign men to get her for physical partnership and so the longer time getting money from foreign men (via dating agency) for dating with her - and with moderated info about the colour of her hair: from uncommon black to common brown.

So, no wonder that dating agences charging only us men, falsively moderating profiles, having ladies at the agencies as long as possible with exactly the same profiles at several dating sites and so the sites are joined, influencing total trust evaluation at to higher value by raising popularity as one of judging parameters by falsive writing positive reviews at review websites, e. g. at, (I remember from a time not as long ago of a very low AnastasiaDate's total trust value at ScamAdvisor, while now suddenly the total trust value has jumped to 100%, and you can notice a few rows of typically falsive positive reviews especially at SiteJabber last time: short texts praising the agency by only general bla bla from persons having only 1 review), ... (did I forget, regarding, about anything?), are not in trust among us men.

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Not all that glitters is gold

Reviewed By Jim on April 24, 2017

I agree with Andre's review on March 3, 2017. I love the country of Ukraine and have been there over 10 times now to 5 different cities. I have many friends who are or were interpreters for AnastasiaDate (AD) and other dating agencies. I have firsthand knowledge of how things work from inside the agencies; most of which contract with the main company but are smaller entities to themselves.

Some facts:
1) AnastasiaDate has 4 million members and 8000 girls. They do $110,000,000/year in business as of 2012. Simple odds are that 1 man in 500 will find a woman on this site, but I agree with Andre that only 1-2% are serious. 160 serious girls for 4 million men. You figure the odds. Even if the girl is serious, she knows that she has thousands of options, so she will wait for the rich man to come along - all while making money by chatting.

2) All girls get paid to chat with you and to meet you. Interpreters get $25/hour for their service and girls get $10/hour to be with you. In a place where average salary is $300/month, the girl just needs to spend 4 days of 7.5 hour dates to make her monthly salary. You are only a paycheck.

3) I have met 7 girls from the site and all were real. All looked like their photos, although one had photos taken 10 years prior, so she looked older but the same woman. Check the girl on VK to see if she is married or in a relationship.

4) Two girls that I met agreed to leave the site. Both stated that they had to wait for their annual contract to expire before leaving the AD site; otherwise, there were penalties.

5) Many local agencies have drivers and restaurants that work with the agencies to take your money. This is especially bad in Odessa, but it also happens in Kiev and Kharkov. All of these cities have good restaurants. Is it chance that you are always spending time at the same restaurant and your bill is higher than if you were at the US? I don't think so.... The last time I was in Odessa, the hotel wanted $60 to have the hotel driver bring me to the airport!! We went outside and got a nice taxi for $3/one-way or $6/round-trip. I gave the taxi driver $10, and he gave me his card. I called him every time I wanted to go somewhere.

1) DO NOT USE THIS SITE!!!! Most of the women are gold-diggers that choose this way to augment their income. Most women are not serious to leave Ukraine. I chat with two interpreters constantly. Both have confirmed that the girls get paid, and both confirm very strongly that most families in Ukraine are very tight together. Parents do not want their daughters marrying foreign men and moving away, but they have no problem if the girl profits from you.

2) Never EVER send the girl money!! Never for any reason. I did this twice and got burned both times. Both times, the girl said that they were my fiance. Both times, they had other men in Ukraine or abroad. In the first case, the girl sent an email meant for the other man. I contacted him in the UK and he sent me pictures of the girl with him. This is after I spent 2.5 years dating her and traveling with her. In the second case, the woman promised to visit the US where I live, then she sent me a picture of the other man by accident!! If you send money, you are just allowing them to stay in Ukraine and live like a rock star. Guaranteed that the woman will then attract a handsome Ukrainian boyfriend that will have sex with her and help her to spend your money!

3) If you insist to use the site and you want to find a wife, then remember two things: (A) When I first joined AD, there was a disclaimer in the FAQs that said that relationships have less of a chance of success if the age difference in the couple is greater than 15 years. This has now been removed. I recently saw a 64-year old US man in Odessa with a 21-year-old blond hotty. You might think that was great! I talked to him and they were always going shopping for a fur coat, clothes, and handbags. At the bar, he admitted that they had separate rooms to preserve the girl's honor!! I could see parts of tattoos in places that suggested that she had less concerns about her honor. (B) Write to a girl/lady that recently joined. If you are writing to a woman with ID 173xxxx, then she has been on the site since 2012 or about 5 years. In 5 years, she has not found a match in 4 million men. Some women with ID 111xxxx have been on the site for 8-10 years!!! Clearly, these women are on AD to make money. Even ladies with ID 187xxxx have already been on the site talking to men for 18-24 months. In my last experience, I wrote to a woman with ID 169xxxx, but she was within 10 years of my age. The woman asked for presents as soon as she knew that I booked my ticket to come to see her. She asked for presents while I was there. Even worse, she did not dress up for any dates - no make-up or nice clothes. Clearly, she knew that she did not need to do any effort in order to make money on dates. At least get a new girl who will try to impress you while she is reaching for your wallet.

4) Don't pick a narcissist! Many women say that they are models here! Sooo... you think that no one in Ukraine is having sex with this woman?? You think that she wants to live on the farm with you?? Be realistic! I have met more than one online who promise that they are loving! It is impossible for these women to fall in love with you because they have already fallen in love with their own reflection!! You can check for narcissists on VK. Get an account and search for them. The girls/ladies will have over 1000 pictures of themselves and sometimes up to 10,000 friends/followers. It is interesting too, because you will find them on VK almost every waking hour, so you know that they make enough money on AD that they do not have to work. Out of the 7 women that I met in person, all were gorgeous, but 3 were absolutely stone-cold. No feelings whatsoever!!! A woman that is gorgeous and single is gorgeous and single for a reason. Be warned!

5) Learn Russian - If you are going to date a girl at AD, then you will spend thousands of dollars. You can cut that significantly if you can cut out the interpreter after the first few dates. My last date actually pulled out her Iphone and used Google Translate when the interpreter was at the restroom!!! Too funny! Anyway, you should have a working knowledge of Russian if you are in Ukraine. The interpreter works for AD, and your date may say something significant that AD does not want you to know. Learn Russian!

I am off the site now, so there are only 3,999,999 men left!! Good luck!!!!!!!!!

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Read and weep

Reviewed By Andre on March 3, 2017

I was in Ukrain many times. I see many girls in 3 of the big cityes there. Most dates run the same way. I learn many things, and not all is negative. After one date the translator call me on Viber and we started dating after that. I see her many times and she also travle to me. After some 14 - 16 mounts I find out that she had a boyfriend in Ukraina. I have a friend that have wife form Ukrain and she help me to find out. Back to the lady from Ukrain. She tell me that she work for for many years. Girls are working in offices all over east europa. Many girls also work at home. All girls are payed. Photos are done by innhouse photographers. Photos are retouched by software. And girls sign a contract. A work contract. There are many things girls can not do. Like give ore eksept mailadress, usernames on fb, viber ore skype. If they do they loose big time. There are girls that find their prince online. And there are girls online that are locking for a man. But after me knowing this girl and what she has told me I estemate that less then 2% are real. It is big business. I try many different datelines. The best ones are the free datelines. On datelines that costs money mabye is god. But stil there are many independent scamer there. I estemate that 50% are real.
Some tips to you. Use free datelines. If you travle. Do everything yourselfe. Get tikkets, order hotels ore apartmens yourselfe. NEVER let a dateservice ore a online girl order something for you. NEVER send any money to girls. Never go shopping with dates / girls. Use internet to find sights, bars, clubs where to go. In east europ the culture has high quality. Go to Operahouses ore consert-house. Trust the hotel staff. There are tikkethouses ore agents all over the city. If hotel have service like car, order pick up from airport. Taxies can ripp you off. At one time a taxidriver ask me 10 times the normal rate. I got help from bellboy at hotel and he was given the normal rate. Bellboy tell him that hotel wil call police. Then he take the fare and drive away. Police do not understand English. In hotels they know English and can help you to find resturants that have menu in English. Ukraina is a beautiful place and I can not wate to go back there... God luck boys..

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Girls Get Paid!!!

Reviewed By Wayne on February 22, 2017

This is what I found for A D looking for translators.

Honesty, sociability, honesty, continuous access to the internet, fast typing, the ability to maintain a conversation on any subject, the desire to work for the result.

Responsibilities include

Working conditions:

Working with translation and interpreting.

Flexible working hours.

Work at a convenient time for you, as long as you see fit.

Remote work.

The system of premiums and bonuses.


Possibility to combine with the main work.

Timely salary is guaranteed.


Knowledge of English at Intermediate level and above;

Literacy spelling;

Go to work on schedule;

A responsibility.

Honesty, sociability, honesty, continuous access to the internet, fast typing, the ability to maintain a conversation on any subject, the desire to work for the result.


- Translation of correspondence.

Experience is not necessary. We are conducting training. You only need the desire and commitment to work.

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It deserves trying!

Reviewed By Michael on December 20, 2016, Canada

I've tried this dating website just to have fun and have a chat with some nice ladies, felt comfortable with the services and didn't have any reason to stop using it..until I've found my girlfriend there..that's the best and only reason to leave this website actually!

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December 21, 2016

I would say: Prove it. I was more Than a year their VIP member and spend thousands of euro'.s. I can say in truth it is just a fraud and i have so much indirect evidence and also direct evidence.
So thats why i Tell all these so called persons who have so good experience their to give some proof instead of blather. It is a fraud site and lots of People Tell This story with real examples and experience their.

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