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June 13, 2016
Ron Paul should be ashamed of being associated with this fraudulent company! Politicians like him have made this political system corrupt. Big Scam!

June 13, 2016
BIG SCAM!! I ordered a book and then got charged for a subscription I new nothing about. Never buy anything from them!!!! You will be sorry!!

May 25, 2016
I ordered America 2020 The Survival Blueprint for an advertised price of less than $20 on the internet. When I received my credit card bill, I had been charged $99 for the book, which basically contained B...S....The information contained in this book is not even worth reading.

April 21, 2016
I subscribe and I am very happy. If you are looking for get rich quick, go somewhere else. Most bad reviews seem to be from people unhappy with the SEC scandal. Good people do bad things, it doesn't make them bad people. We learn lessons from it. Hello...Martha Stewart spent time for her mistake - do we ban all of her products now for it? Do people have any clue how much of her crap we buy and we are happy with it? Do we pass up her products because of her mistake or do we look at the value of her products today and what they offer us? She is probably a better person today for it and we benefit from that. I have a fair amount of money sitting at Fidelity and none of the advisors I have used have done anything positive or negative with it. I am taking matters into my own hands, educating myself, using Stansberry as ONE of my sources, and investing causiously and with knowledge. I use Stansberry for about 10% of my portfolio and I am up approximately 30% from buying and selling with their advise. I am up over 50% with their gold picks but that has only been in the last 3 months and I don't consider those to be solid until they have been sold and the gains booked. What I don't like is the constant leads to purchase other subscriptions. Their information if very informative and I have the option to buy or not so I don't really see where there is a "scam" in that. And...everything is a trial and you can get your money back. Just call them, they are really easy to work with. I paid for something twice and they automatically gave me a refund because the information was already offered in my subscription.

April 7, 2016
Over the years, I have subscribed to some of the firm's newsletters-SIA, True Wealth and Resource Reporter, and as with any investment letter, they tout their successes and ignore the disasters. A reasonably savvy investor should expect that and act with diligence. Certainly, I have made some money with their recommendations and lost money. However, I cannot describe these folks as scam artists and there has never been any type of problem with payments or refunds. Their investment view that incredible amounts of debt both public and private, the lack of much real wealth creation and an increasingly meddlesome public sector undergirds most of what they offer. Understanding that and also realizing that you are only going to get so much worthwhile info for $69 or $99, you glean what you can--- like when the resource guy recommended Chenier Energy (LNG) at under $10

April 2, 2016
Can someone give me someany insight on Stansbery research regarding back social security payments He claims he can get higher payments from the social security for anyone collecting social security benefits if apply for before April 30, 2016 that there is monies held up by the government and people are losing these monies if not applied by April 30 2016...I went to the social security office to inquire and was told that you have to put your social security befits on hold until the age 70 an still wasn't sure if what he is saying is true. I'm very skeptical after reading all the comments on him. So if anyone can share their experiences on this matter I would truly appreciate the info. As for now I think I will pass on this because it seems to be another one of his scams.. Thank you in advance

March 11, 2016
I've watched numerous videos put out by the Stansberry Research agency, seen the offer at the bottom of the page to purchase a subscription of one form or another, and (smartly) did not do so. The agency reminds me of dear old Kevin Trudeau, the high-pitch salesman and book author, who finally got caught-up with not long ago. The Stansberry videos always seem to drag me into whatever the latest point of interest is, but always with some kind of a purchase to be made before it's over. For people my age (nearly 66), there are only two reactions: worrypanic, or I-don't-have-time-to-sit-here-half-the-day-watching-what-is-likely-too-good-to-be-true. Typically, it tends to be a 1-2 punch, and I'm never the better for it.

February 22, 2016
I signed up for $99.00 and got a bill for $499.00 They had better return to me $400.00. I will let you know!

February 21, 2016
Full disclosure, I subscribe to several Stansberry publication. His newest venture is Credit Opportunities which takes advantage of corporate debt. Just a couple of years ago he published a similar newsletter called True Income to which I was a subscriber. Honestly, I made good money by following recommendations made there. In fact, it was my favorite publication. Then it was cancelled presumably because the types of investment were becoming just too risky. It was replaced "free of charge" by International Speculator which, to my knowledge, never made a dime. So here it is just a couple years later and he's resurrected True Income with another name, Credit Opportunities, and he expects me to fork over $5000 for a newsletter that I had been receiving and had previously paid for. To cut to the chase, in my opinion they ripped me off, and I'm not happy about it.

February 14, 2016

Snake oil salespeople......

Elfrig is ok....the rest are dreadful.......


Typical.......tout....sell if down x percent...............

February 14, 2016
Like, e.g., John Lott,the purveyor of cherrypicked and unsound gun statistics, Stansberry uses pseudonyms and cut-outs to reinforce his claims. I know of no legitimate person who does that. In the thing he got popped for, he would have probably taken credit if the agreement had been signed a little nearer to the date he kept giving people. SEC case forced him to do it anyway. Had it been more like 6 months or not signed, he would have probably never acknowledged his pseudonym was him, as the SEC and court correctly noted, a lot of this was reputation. Stansberry emailed that if, basically, they hit on this one, the next hot tip he could charge many times more for than the $1000 it cost. Realistically, the people who would suffer would be the ones who bought, waited for the day, and then sold at a small loss or broke even (counting fees) before the actual signing but paid him $1000 for nothing. Probably most investors kept it and made money, as Stansberry claims. Where he is a fraudster is pretty simple. any of those people could have gotten the PR answer stansberry got from the publicist at the uranium company. A legitimate adviser would have given his source - it was scarcely secret. A publicist is a public person. A legitimate adviser would have gone on to list the intangibles that convinced him the publicist was right. Most of them DO. Stansberry is living evidence that the people most stringently against government oversight are the ones who want to cut the most ethical corners getting rich - the public be damned as their role model Vanderbilt said.

February 1, 2016

went to order the book. they went on and on and on and on and on. after 20 minutes got tired of waiting for them to give me the info on purchasing the book. if they have to take that long to make a point, it generally isn't worth it.

idiots have a sell and lose it so easily.

January 19, 2016
And who are you, that anyone should find your opinion credible and worth 2 cents? Stansberry & Associates provides advice. Whatever he charges is his own business. Don't like it? Walk away. Look for something else. I can collect cow patties and sell them for $10k each, advertising them as miracle fertilizer. It's up to each individual potential buyer to decide if the cow bull I am selling is worth what I ask for it or not. These companies people provide advice and there is always a disclaimer. Don't want to take it, don't, and if you do decide to try, what do you want? Daddy to hold your hand? Wipe your tears if you lose money? Life is a risky business. As for his book, America 2020-The Survival Blueprint do a search on the internet. The PDF can be downloaded for free. I won't spend money on his stuff because I just won't delegate on others any decisions make. I am responsible and own them. Want easy, sure money and investments? Wake up: Ain't any! Has he been targeted for his opinions? Yeah, probably. The gov. doesn't like dissenters, we all know that, nothing new. If you think otherwise it's because you have your head buried so deep up that place where the sun doesn't shine you can't even hear the trumpets of the Apocalypse sounding the warning any more! Just GROW UP AND STOP WHINING!

December 3, 2015
Stansberry Advisory Newsletters are EXACTLY that--advisories. You are responsible for using the information wisely. That means you need to consider carefully whether to invest or not. YOU keep track of the charts and the companies discussed. You take charge of your own trading accounts, and use the advisories for what they were intended for--to help you make trading decisions yourself. No one can make better decisions about trading your accounts than you can. I find the advisories very useful in pointing out stocks for possible trades.

November 20, 2015
Ecclesiastes 10:19 Money answers all things. Surprise?

November 15, 2015
i just scribed to order the book and special reports and then was electronically cut off and received nothing, but an expected billing. I will be calling my bank to stop payment. i read the special report on Stransberry's fraudulent behavior and I am very disappointed.

September 27, 2015
I agree that the letter is useless, but no one came up with a good recommendation. Will see what lol is

September 22, 2015
I ordered the book which was not worth the $5 shipping fee. To date I have had two unauthorized charges on my credit card. Both have been reversed, but had I not reviewed my statement they would have easily slipped through. This operation is a scam. Never order anything from them.

August 30, 2015

What is the secret in this book? From the reviews, I understand it is:

1. Buy gold and silver instead of investing in stocks and funds.

2. Hide your money and assets from the government by putting them in a safe or outside the country.

3. Realize that America's currency will eventually crash because it is no longer backed by gold.

Am I missing anything? Anyone out there willing to save me the cost of a subscription with a free summary?

August 21, 2015
scam at best