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December 4, 2016

My experience was very positive. I called to cancel and it was done right then 'with a smile'. No rudeness, no refusal, no excuses. They did ask why and I told them.

Just thought you may want to know not all is as bad as some make it sound.

December 1, 2016
I am actually writing this review to praise Stansberry's customer service. I recently signed up for The Daily Wealth Trader and one other Stansberry newsletter, but soon found that although they made interesting reading, I don't want to have to keep track of so much trading information, nor to be actively involved myself in trading. I called Stansberry's 1-888-261-2693 customer service number this morning, and Dave K. quickly and graciously cancelled my subscriptions. No pressure, just great customer service. Thank you, Dave!

November 19, 2016

I have no idea why all these folks are saying SCAM. I've dealt with them for 2 years, and never once when I tried a service or wanted to cancel one, did they not do it immediately and credit my card. Their people are very helpful and friendly on the phone.

And, they've helped me spot trends on which I've made market beating results. Not all trades work, but they preach the value of stop losses and risk reward setups. If you follow the stops when one doesn't go your way, you lose a little. More often than not the ideas played out. The advice they preach is solid financial management. Diversify and choose your spots to go for the big one with small percentages of your portfolio.

They do have some expensive newsletters that most folks can't afford, but their less costly ones are plenty good enough for me.

They also send you an e-mail when your subscription is up for renewal, so that you can decide whether you want to renew. If not, they gladly stop the service. I don't get what all the fuss is about here.

And NO, I do not work for them. I'm just a little guy that has handily beaten the market for 3 years running. It's no accident that all of the learning I've received has made me a true investor and not just throwing my money at the market hoping that it goes up. Many of my trades are on the short side. Anyone can make money whichever way the market goes if armed with good information.

Jason April 09, 2017


I just read a post of yours from Nov 16 2016 about your experiences with Stansbury Research.

I'm trying to decipher the many "negative" verses "positive" posts which I come across on the web.

I just replied to a negative post within this same online forum asking that person to kindly clarify specifically why his experience was negative.

Your post sounded honest and clarifying, and I was hoping you might consider corresponding with me regarding the "lower-cost" Stansbury newsletters you have benefitted from?

(Here's my previous post to the "negative comments if you care:

My uncle has pointed me to an annual Stansbury newsletter that he pays thousands for.

My uncle claims that his membership to their Retirement Trader has provided him suggestions on options trading, specifically selling puts and calls.

More, my uncle tells me in his 6-months of following Dr Eifreg's advice that he has seen returns of 23% (to his retirement accounts)!

Granted, Since Trump's election we've seen 10% gains on the markets. Fine. Nevertheless, I'm researching options trading; and how to sell “premiums” on blue chip stocks through the Retirement Trader information emailed to me from my uncle.

I'm curious, since you have negatively responded to a number of these “favorable” posts as scams; and since I too am finding negative findings about Stansbury (not so much Eifreg) that cause me some concern–would you please consider elaborating more on your own personal experiences with their services?

Thank you for your considerations,


Chino Hills, CA

November 17, 2016

October 25, 2016
I saw the commercial with senator Ron Paul, It scared me to the point that I bought the book for $49.95. Scam from the first to the last. Goes after people that have money concerns like me. Stealing money from the people that are hurting the most. I contacted my credit card, regarding their $99 charged. I spoke to stanberry customer service, total gangsters. When I ask to speak to a supervisor their response was that I would have to wait 3 hrs.

October 24, 2016
This is a fraudulent business made up with crooked people. They would charge your credit card for $99 as auto-renewal without your permission or knowledge. When you contact them to ask for a refund, they would say it's outside of their 30-day refund period if you called 30 days later, or they would say the charge was non-refundable if you called sooner than 30 days. Either way, they would say it's their company's policy and you have agreed to when you made your first purchase. This was my experience from my interaction with their customer service rep, a young female named Ashley, who was well trained to make sure you are departed from your money permanently.

October 20, 2016
Also was scammed with the book for $20 and got charged a year later for $99 on my credit card. I'm currently in the process of canceling my credit card so they can't charge it again! What a scam. Stay away! Called customer service and talked to a person in Member Services named Dave King, what a joke - no help whatsoever. Customer scamming, not customer service.

September 29, 2016
DO NOT SUBSCRIBE TO ANY OF THIS COMPANY'S SERVICES. They would not refund my subscription fee when I called to cancel their automatic renewal without my consent. AVOID STANSBERRY RESEARCH LIKE THE PLAGUE! I also reported Stansberry Research to BBB and filed a dispute with my credit card company. Everyone with a bad experience with them should do all they can to put the word out about this company's business practices. DEPLORABLE!

September 8, 2016
Stay away from this company and do not give them any financial information. I cancelled my subscription the SAME DAY they charged my credit card and they are refusing to give me back my money. Very rude in their response. They will be your best friend if you pay them money but once you try to cancel, forget it! I would have given them 0 stars if it was an option

September 6, 2016

I just had Stansberry Research hit my checking account for $99 that I did not authorize. I purchased the book America 2020 from them about a year ago. I bought a book, nothing more. I called them to complain and ask for my money back and they told me that by purchasing the book I had agreed to a 30-day free trial of their newsletter which would then be billed at $99 a year after the free trial ended. There was nothing about an annual subscription mentioned when I purchased that book! They told me they will refund my money within 5-7 days. We will see if that actually happens.



As I commented above, Stansberry Research hit my bank for $99 in unauthorized charges. THEY DID RETURN THE MONEY TO MY ACCOUNT.

Natale September 08, 2016

I agree don't give them any financial information! I cancelled my subscription the day they charged my credit card and they said they won't give back my money, They are a rip-off and not worth it. Very rude too!

Honesto r October 13, 2016

I agree; don't subscribe to any of their publication. i subscribed to their PSV gold profits as advertised trial for 90 days but when i called to cancel within 32 days, the refused to refund my credit card. They charged me $1795.00 for that trial subscription. Such an outrageous amount for a subscripton.

August 23, 2016

STANSBERRY RESEARCH & ANY ASSOCIATED COMPANIES, EMPLOYEES, AFFILIETS, ETC ARE STRAIGHT-UP THIEVS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! These 'people' and I definitely use that term very loosely, are NOTHING BUT THEIVES and SCAM artists. They secretly steal your money under the guise of 'offered' services and BS products that are billed as a 'trial' offer only to have hidden recurring and UNAUTHORIZED chargers to follow. They are then smug, short and disrespectfully condescending when you call to inquire about the new and UNAUTHORIZED CHARGE. They hide behind a self-imposed "company policy" stating, "there is nothing we can or will do"

So I will do the same for them...I will now impose my own policy for dealing with these cowards and dishonest thieves. It will be my mission to expose the true reality of this entity.



August 20, 2016
Total Scam!! What a ripoff. Signed up for a "FREE" service. They got my credit card and charged and charged until I finally cancelled my credit card. They people should be tried and put in jail. These are Con Men of the worst degree. DO NOT GO FOR THEIR IMMORAL UNETHICAL PRACTICES

I will join the excellent reviews
July 19, 2016

I've been a subscriber of Porter'sSIA since 1999. They very thoroughly warned that the 2001 and 2008 stock and housing market crashes were coming, explained why they were coming, taught how to deal with them and how to protect your money and even make money during the down turns.

They make some bad calls, and their advertising is borderline scammish, with over the top claims, but I average about 25% annual returns by reading all the newsletters and following the ones I choose to follow.

This article spends a fair bit of time talking about the SEC prosecution. I never could understand the case against them. They recommended a stock and explained their reasons, the stock went crazy and I made great returns, when I had more than doubled my money (staying in longer than recommended) I got out. Darn that nasty profiteering meanie, he did exactly what he promised and the only people who were harmed were those who spent the money and did nothing. The stock went up for good reasons, the SEC had no case that I could tell.


I will join the excellent reviews.

I've been a subscriber for 10 years. Gotten many outstanding recommendations, and have followed them and enjoyed the positive results. I've shared them with multiple friends and family, and they've experienced similar results. By following their recommendations, I have consistently enjoyed 5-10% greater than average gains per year, and safely minimized risks.

They've addressed the "fraud" claims many times. The SEC investigation was a sham, at best.

July 18, 2016

In one sentence: I definitely don't recommend STANSBERRY RESEARCH and my experience with them suggest it is a 'tricky gentle Scam". If you do any business with them be extremely careful. It is a shame Dr. Ron Paul is associated with them.

I bought the book " "America 2020" and they used my credit card to automatically bill me for their newsletter. This newsletters is a collections of stories about their past success. But if you want to get any advice you have to subscribe to another newsletter…" There is no phone number to call them to cancel. When finally I called them they claimed "The default in the page is that they will continue to bill me until I cancelled". They refused to refund my money. Only after I threaten to write everywhere about them and call my credit card company they agreed to refund part of my money.

Never have seen this default and I assume they hide it somewhere pretty well

July 17, 2016

absolute SCAM. I ordered a free temporary service back in 2014.

Canceled it as it was not useful to me.

They billed me in 2015 so I had to go thru a procedure to cancel.

The creeps just tried to bill me again - July of 2016 - the only thing that saved me was that I had switched credit cards.

I am FURIOUS. What a RIP OFF FRAUD! Disgusting.

July 16, 2016

I agree with most of the people who had any deals with STANSBERRY RESEARCH

Company. The Company is a scam, and their people are scam artists.

You would rather stay away from them! Never give them your credit card number. Otherwise, you will be robbed by their Customer Service.

July 15, 2016

Tried to discontinue my TRIAL subscription following their instructions ... HA HA HA - never happened and then they charged me again the next year and finally after geting them to cancel the new subscription a month after it started, they say "we can't refund you subscription costs" bacause you reversed the billing through you Credit Card and now you have to deal with our accounting department. Oh, and by the way, we have no contact with the accounting department and we can't tell you haw to contact them.

Any $$ you sent or charge to this sad outfit will be lost lost lost. Not only will you loose you money, you will become angry with the arrogant and condescending attitude of their LOL - Customer Serice Department.

July 12, 2016

July 3, 2016

Stansberry Research and the Agora criminals in Delray Beach, Florida run several different scams but the two most important to avoid are the 1)VISA re-billing scam and the 2) Fear based newsletter scams.

The "fear based newsletter" scams (that include newsletters, ebooks and other junk) are primarily to A) Make a quick buck B) Get your credit card number for the VISA re-billing scam.

I once attended a conference in Delray given by their "Early to Rise" sub-group. They have many of these small projects going at the same time. Anything associated with Casey, Bonner, Shefran, Michael Masterson, Palm Beach Group, Early to Rise, etc, etc is part of their group. I learned some of their scammer secrets.

I personally interviewed one of their principals. He advised that the average subscription to one of their newsletters was 90 days. That's right. Only 90 days. That means these pirates need a constant supply of new blood for their scams. That is why when they get your email address, you get so much spam. In their lectures, they admitted that they sometimes mail 3 or more times a day to one person.

They put out all the cheap offers (used to be $17, now I have seen them for $5) just to find someone that will actually buy something from the net using their credit card. Once they find someone that will actually pay, they "market until death" and sometimes actually bill without an order (yearly re-billing payments)

But the worst thing they exposed was that they will advertise products that do not exist. They then "check their metrics" and see how many are interested in the lies they just told. If enough people get hooked, THEN they will create a "product" to sell to the rubes. They did not try to hide this. This is one of their business plans.

The most interesting lecture was by a copywriter named Sheridan. He described the entire workflow of how they took a 2nd rate Forex trading system (there are many of these and most are worthless) and by the magic of lies and fabrications, they created a "story" to sell the systems to the victims. It is called "The Insider Code" and it is pushed by the Agora Mafia. Look it up for yourself. See the copy. Read the story. It is a great advertisement that still pulls in the suckers. It was COMPLETELY fabricated by Jim Sheridan. It has zero truth to it and is a complete fraud.

Here are some other people that were ripped off by this moron Sheridan.


These financial newsletters are a scam that cost investors hundreds of millions because of bad advice.

Understand this. NO ONE publishes "insider information". If they do, they are in jail. And if they did know something that was real, why would they tell you? They would just create 250 shell companies and trade a little in each one.

Hope this helps someone. And I hope at least someone will decide to NEVER have anything to do with the Agora Delray Beach Mafia.

Just Google "Agora Financial Complaints" or "Agora Financial Scam"


June 20, 2016
They are crooked. I signed up for their newsletter 3 years ago. I found the information not valuable so waited out my time and then cancelled it. 1 year later my credit card was hit with the annual fee. I have tried to get it refunded to no avail. Be careful once they sign up and have your card information. They will use it as they please.