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June 10, 2015
You can Google the book and download it for free in PDF format. The advice in the book is not unreasonable in times of trouble.

June 9, 2015
What a SCAM!!!!!!!! All they do is send you other peoples "get rich quick" crap and hope you'll fall for it and spend more money buying their stuff. One was $2500. PLEASE DON'T waste your time. Remember the saying, "if it sounds to good to be true . . . it always is."

June 3, 2015
There are rules that are broken because they are meant to be.How does that sound, like it means something or like a rules that is not broken yet. Just the fact that this company or any company is given a guilty sign and than they fight again and loose is not a coincidence for marketing! I know not if they are guilty or not but I do know that there are many that are not guilty and that are guilty only to be the exact opposite of the verdict.Typical who you know or who you pay and don't know there are so many angles without ant angle's. Lets just start at the top and judge openly and independently the truth of so what you are stuck with it or scared to do anything about it. Example just this week the Web SITE Wikileaks is offering $100,000 for a copy of the UNITED STATES TRADE AGREEMENT when that should be free and it is already law but you can't see it. Guess Who is GUILTY and should be Criminally Charged for breaking the FREEDOM OF THE PRESS KNOWING WHAT IS GETTING SHOVED DOWN THE US CITIZENS THROAT! THE PRESIDENT OF THE USA WOULD NOT SURPRISE ME IF HE GETS A COPY AND COLLECTS THE $100,000 HIMSELF, HE IS THE REASON WHY YOU CAN NOT SEE WHAT YOU SHOULD BY LAW BE ABLE TO SEE. SO WHO IS MORE GUILTY THE ONE WHO FIGHTS NOT ONCE BUT TWICE AND STILL LOOSES OR THE ONE THAT SAYS I DON'T CARE I AM THE DICTATOR HERE SO YOU ARE DOING WHAT I SAY! THAT IS HOW THE PRESIDENT RUNS HIS MONOPOLY. WHO IS RIGHT AND WHO IS WRONG THERE OR IS IT WHO IS THE SCAM OR NOT THE SCAM, I CHANGE MY 4 TO A 5 FOR STANSBERRY TRYING TO DO THE RIGHT THING TWICE AND NOT HAVING THE POWER OF A DICTATOR. PUT THAT IN THE CHICAGO LIBRARY!

May 31, 2015
Hold congress acountable. Start simple: Pass a budget by Oct 1st or they are all gone. Just need 8% of actual voters and congress could be turned around 'Power of 8'! 2 party system is old and outdated, time to move on.

You will be $104.00 poorer
May 28, 2015

What are you complaining about? Yes, it is promoted as a short video and it discloses nothing but fear and drags on and on... When you order the book for $5.00 they are very straight that they are going to charge you $99.00 for a subscription. But they say they will not do that for 30 days. I have not ordered the book.

The info on the video is correct, we are in dire trouble, there is no reason for stocks to be as high as they are, nothing has changed since 2008, Obama is printing money that has no value, our national debt has doubled, China has removed the US dollar from the international trade process and is buying our food producing companies, things are about to change.

For the very wealthy for the better, for the rest of the country not. We can make changes that will turn things around but we lack the resolve and there are those with political agendas on both sides that will not allow the change. If you buy the book I can guarantee you of one thing, you will be $104.00 poorer than you are now.

LOL @ all of the dumbasses here who ordered a book, got the $99 extra charge, and are now crying about it. You deserve it for buying into the doom n gloom Alex Jones type crap that Ron Paul spews. He's a politician, of course he lied to you. Ever heard of an honest crook?

Now go have some fluoridated water and watch the skies for aliens! LOL

May 24, 2015
OMG, I ordered a 5.00 book as well and had no idea I was going get an additional 99.00 charge on my debit card. So someone tell me how to get my money back? What a scam... I learned my lesson.. Millionaires already rich, making more millions off the poor people who are just trying to get ahead.... ridiculous. I am disgusted.. I recommend for people to read or not too read when you have a stack of pages of garbage on your agreement :you have to agree with and you don't read because you trust the company who are already millionaires. Bull .

May 21, 2015
Haven't got my $5 book I was charged for. Not sure if they have charged the $99 to my card yet or not. Been trying for days to get ahold of someone by phone but they are having trouble with the phone lines this whole time (I call BS). I'm pretty pissed about the whole situation really,didn't know about the $99 charge until I already placed $5 book order and haven't been able to get it cancelled.

May 18, 2015
Customer service has a lot to be desired. Quick to take your money but its tough and try to get it back even within there free trial period.

May 10, 2015

Ron Paul is neither a senator nor an expert on economical matters.

While it is dangerous to look at the market through rose-colored

glasses, it is equally dangerous to follow the advice of doomsday

sayers like Stansberry. If you predict a market crash long enough,

you will be right eventually.

May 10, 2015
It looks like a "book club scam" where you get so many for nothing and then pay 'through the nose' for an endless number of books you never would have bought ... Stay Away from such offers.

May 9, 2015

I listened to Ron Paul babble until it became clear he wasn't going to give us the information as his teaser had said he would. In other words, he lied. All he was doing was promoting this book. So I turned him off.

Anyway, why would I want to offer money to Pirates?

I haven't read all of this lengthy list of complaints about being charged for things not ordered, but I haven't seen anyone mention initiating a dispute with his credit card company. My credit card companies have been totally cooperative whenever I've contacted them about something I didn't actually charge. Eg.: I had a credit card check stolen from my mailbox, my business insurance company billed us twice for the same month and didn't correct the billing before it would have been due, a motel charged for two nights when I was 500 miles away by the second night. If you can't get the company who is billing you to cooperate, ask your credit card company.

May 8, 2015
while ordering a $5.00 book, I now am being charged twice $99.00 on my Discover card.

May 6, 2015

I ordered an item and paid $2.95 shipping. Lo, and behold, the scumbags charged me $99 for a year's subscription!

I called to demand a refund; the guy that answered insisted that I would have gotten an e-mail stating that I would automatically be signed up for a 1 year subscription to their newsletter. I told him that I saw no such thing ANYWHERE. I read my purchases very carefully before I buy anything online for this very reason!

After a terse discussion, I was told that I'd get my money back in 3-5 days. We'll see.


April 29, 2015
scammed buy the urgent dollar collapse report. tried to call the next day after reading their 3 free reports, which were as bogus and evasive as their web advertizing messages. called each day for 4 days and was put on hold for over an hour. tried to use other phone options to reach sales staff for new services and only got answering machines. Finally called my credit card security and disputed the purchase and blocked any further charges from them.

April 23, 2015
I purchased a book from them and said 'no' to the monthly report for $99mt but they charged my account for it anyway. I have tried 3 different numbers today in order to request refund of the money and to assure that no more withdrawals will be made. No answer at any of the phone numbers only messages at two numbers and music at the third. My advice is do NOT do any business with a company that has such pathetic customer service. It looks like a fraud to me...may not be but if I could ever speak to a live human being they might clear up my observation!

April 19, 2015
What asset is Potor Stansberry referring to, it's not Gold, to own in in a Curency Crisis?

April 13, 2015

Got crazy broke Ron Paul to shill for currency collapse of the dollar. Never made it to the end of the video, but here's Ron Paul's investments from 2013 when gold was $1380 on April 15, 2013. Wonder how all these investments are doing now that gold is $1206 on April 6, 2015.

Newmont Mining Company: -37.29%

Goldcorp Holdings: -34.64%

Barrick Gold: -48.17%

Agnico Eagle Mines : -35.78%

Allied Nevada Gold Corp: -68.48%

Alumina Common: 6.32%

Anglo Gold Ashanti Ltd. -44.13%

BrigusGold Corp. Com MPV: -39.18%

Claude Resources Inc: -56.39%

Coeur D'Alene Mines Corp: -47.21%

Hecla Mining Co: -47.74%

El Dorado Gold Corp: Not Listed

IAM Gold Corp: -65.40%

Kinross: - 44.11%

Lexam Explorations Inc: - 57.57%

Mag Silver Corp: --40.50%

Metalline Mining Co: Not Listed

Pan American Silver: -35.97%

Silver Wheaton Corp: -37.50%

Virginia Mines Inc: —16.48%

Vista Gold Corp. -53.9%

Viterra Inc 0.81%

Wesdome Gold Mines Ltd: -43.29%

Read more: http:www.businessinsider.comron-paul-investment-gold-2013-4#ixzz3XEpv98Q3

April 10, 2015
I just discovered that my credit card was billed $99, for something that I DID NOT order. In fact, the last time that I purchased from Stansberry, it was a small purchase (less than $10?) that took place over 2 years ago! Prior to today, I had been under the impression that this company was at least an honest one, if not an effective one. Now, especially after reading some of the other complaints posted here, I have no doubt in my mind that "Dreadful" isn't low enough of a rating. Maybe there should be yet another choice: LOWER THAN SLIME? How ironic that a company designed to help people make money, in reality steals their money.

April 8, 2015

Having been a subscriber from the beginning of Pirate Investor, I have some experience with this company. Personally I have not benefited very much from trying to follow the advice of their editors which has been particularly disappointing considering the current 6 year bull market. Yes, there are some suggestions that have been winners but there have been plenty of losers as well. Like any salespeople, the Stansberry group crows about the winners but never talks about the losers. Annual report cards are prepared for each publication ranking their performance which provides some insight but there are so many recommendations in the portfolios for each letter that it is not practical to buy everything that is suggested. I would suspect the average subscriber probably gets 3 or so letters which would total to over 75 recommendations. The point is you pick and choose and you may do better that the report card states or you may do worse.

I believe the editors that I read (4 in total) from this company are sincere and genuine. They are knowledgeable and diligent in their work. They are not perfect and will not beat the market indexes by a wide margin so do not expect that. Porter comes across as very arrogant and has now become wealthy selling information. Probably far wealthier than he would ever have been as an investor. I won't vilify him for that and he has worked for a long time now to build his business. Yes, the marketing tactics can be too much and the doomsday calls seem alarmist in the current market environment (eventually things will go south and he will crow about it then) but it has been a successful strategy to garner attention. I am not bothered by the court case from years ago and think it is not particularly relevant to the Stansberry business that exists today. I have not had any issue with customer service over the years or cancelling subscriptions.

Summary - this is a legitimate company with some sincere and capable editors for their publications. Their marketing tactics are successful but overbearing. Subscribers will be exposed to some interesting ideas, some of which will fail and others may do fine. Do not expect too much - be realistic and take position sizes as suggested by the editors. If my personal investing results were better I would rate the company higher.