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August 19, 2015
A few things: I am not a fan of the "End of America" theme. However, I have read Stansberry's stuff for years and his outfit is without peer as independent securities analysts. You can use Wall Street analysis and you become the "mark" at the poker table. You should also read his defense of the SEC case , for what it is worth.

August 14, 2015
Conservative crap, again. This crap has been going on since the early 2000's.

August 13, 2015
Has anyone ever used a stockbroker to manage your money and make trades based on his advice? If so I assume he made you money at times, but you probably also lost money. When he lost you money did you walk away saying he scammed you? If you want to invest in the market, you can try it on your own, hire a stockbroker who WILL charge you a percent commission on every single trade (can be in the $100s), win or lose, or you can subscribe to a newsletter such as this. I don't really see the difference, you can pay thousands of dollars a year to a broker for his sound investing picks; is it not the same to pay a few thousand dollars to get trading advise from guys like this? I lost money when I invested on my own, but so far they're picks are making me money and I've recouped all the cash I paid from the subscripion, so its been worth the subscription fee.

July 28, 2015

I admit, it was the Ron Paul name that enticed me to sign up. I read all the stuff they sent and canceled within the time limit, because I learned nothing. Secret way to buy silver cheap: buy old coins minted in silver; secret to avoiding taxes, contribute to your employer's 401K; earn 500% on your investment, buy a house (huh?).

Buy SILVER!!! Maybe this was good, because the precious metals market right now is plummeting. Diversify out of U.S. dollar assets (legally!!! and under the U.S. government's radar!!!), open a bank account in a foreign country andor buy foreign real estate. Wow such secrets, who wudda guessed.

I've been trading stock options for years, but an item on selling puts might be interesting for people who are not familiar with options. The problem is, the guy on the video wants you to pay $3,000 for two years of advice. He went through an "authentically" staged trade that involved selling Apple puts for $450 two months out. He focuses on the "great" profit, but doesn't explain that the trade involved tying up $12,500 (to cover the possibility of being assigned the shares) for two months. So what you have is a profit of $250 a month for a commitment of $12,500. Not bad, but you have to question how you're going to make enough to justify a $1,500 year payout, despite some very dicey numbers of profits thrown out by the narrator.

The narrator says he worked Wall Street for years, as I recall, for Goldman Sachs. Anyone impressed with such statements should read "Liar's Poker" by Michael Lewis. Selling puts is a one-trick pony. There was nothing in the video about selling covered calls, calendar spreads, etc. The narrator says he has a strategy developed from years of insider views. Horse feathers. I think anyone literate in English can learn more than the narrator has to offer by reading a book or two on options and tootling around the Internet for a week or so.

About that sale of an Apple put the narrator was proud of: it required a 2 month commitment of $12,500 in capital for a $125month return. Yesterday, for a commitment of $18,000 in capital for 1 week, I sold one call at $47.50 and three puts at $45 on FireEye for $888. The trades close on July 31, 2015. I've put the trades out for anyone to check how an amateur does against a Wall Street "genius." Maybe I'll look stupid, but I'm putting it out before closure. Ask Stansberry to do that.

What makes me angry, is the attitude of these people that says the "average American" is too stupid to spend a little time to figure out very simple options trades, or that you can buy "hold-in-your-hand" silver for the cost of a 1950-minted dime.

All said, the "return payment if you don't like the service option" could make the service worth looking into.

All said No. 2, it seems to me that Ron Paul has tarnished his name by supporting this group. Very sad for me. I was a supporter.

July 27, 2015

To all the nay sayers, I would like for you to please tell me of a empire in the history of time that hasn't fallen.

I consider myself an open minded person and am one who is interested in learning about my options. It is worth the 49.95 just to read the information and see for myself if it is useful to me.

I do know our country has changed drastically during my lifetime. I remember America as the land of the free and home of the brave. I remember starting every school day with the pledge of allegiance and prayer and there were some who didn't parcitipate, I never thought to say anything to them because I was taught in America we were free to choose.

While everyone is being distracted by so many different causes and the division of the American people, I can only think of the words divide and conquer and united we stand. At this time we seem to be much more divided than united. It makes me extremely cautious and be prepared for the worst and hope and pray for the best.

As a PROUD AMERICAN I stand by the Constitution and to me I interept it being less government , therefore , I have to prepare myself and my family as best I can and not be blindsided in any direction and hope and pray everyone will do the same. So I as an American am still free to make my own choice as you are still free to make yours.

Being a flight attendant for over 30 yrs has instilled within me to be prepared. Some never thought 911 would happen either but it did. Wake up America and be prepared for anything. Do not be Arragont.

Last but not least it seems as though many have forgotten One Nation Under God. But I have no doubt by taking God out of America that America will fall.

July 26, 2015

We have got to start holding congress accountable. Pass a budget by Oct 1st or they are all gone. Just need 8% of actual voters and congress could be turned around 'Power of 8′! 2 party system is way old and very outdated, time to move on. Out with the OLD in withe the NEW. Obama had done enough damage. You cant't make money out of thin air. That is true! Now we all are fixing to pay for what all the voters done by voting him in...Like your change now!

This reminds me, people on the cost are told to leave because a Hurricane was headed right for them. To get out of town. You have those that pack up and leave, to get their family completely out of danger. Then you have those that would rather stay home and watch their valuables or they just cant't afford to run. So they do all they can do to protect them and their families. Then you have the Special people that throws Hurricane Parties and party til the storm hits putting end to all those parties. I haven't read anything of his. Would like to read the survival one. But it wouldn't hurt to be on the safe side and prepare just in case. Stocks are already down. Currency problem is going to happen. Can't make money out of thin air without consequences. People have allowed people that have came into our America and change the way we pray at school. That wasn't good enough they had to take God completely out of our schools. People have taken GOD out of so many things in America one thing we can not survive without is our Jesus Christ.

July 21, 2015

Search in on Google, and get a free pdf copy of the book. lol.

click on the pdf link, and get it to download.

You don't need to order anything. Just saying.

'america 2020 the survival blueprint pdf'

July 20, 2015

Well after reading the review especially that part where they were sued I am really surprised that yahoo is letting them use space for the purpose of falsely leading people with the articles they post.

Now they are trying to get readers to believe some cock and bull that they made up about Social Security. If they are so anti government then Stansberry should not be allowed by yahoo to waste space on yahoo.

to post the nonsense they post. It is quite obvious that the publishers of Stansberry think that the population of this great nation are all stupid and will believe anything they read.

Time to take action and to put a stop to the Stanberry site

July 20, 2015

July 16, 2015

This book 2020 is a scam, just like their previous Jim Richards book was a scam. The ad is great! But the book is worthless and full of disinformation. For example, they tell you to store your gold outside of the country. What!!! If you don't hold it, you don't have it. I'm saddened to see Ron Paul has sold out to a huckester like Stansberry. Plus, you get a subscription to their equally worthless newsletter whether you want one or not.

Do not buy this book folks.

July 15, 2015
This is without a doubt a scam! I'm trying to contact them to make them stop deducting money from my account--guess what? no contact information or customer service!

July 13, 2015
JG- you obviously don't know Ron Paul...

July 6, 2015

Ron Paul is a credible and honest man and we are definitely on the abyss of currency collapse, however anything you can get from Porter Stansbury that is of value can be obtained for free. We are talking sound financial advice concerning shifting your assets from US dollars to other investments such as farmland, gold, silver etc.

No one has a crystal ball about when our dollar will collapse, the wildcard is American Hegemony and our ability to strike any nation with military impunity should they damage the US Dollar's status as the world's reserve currency. When Hussein attempted to dethrone the US dollar as the Petrodollar, by accepting payment for oil via currency that was not the US dollar, we invaded his nation and overthrew his government. Your biggest fear should be that the foreign policy and monetary policy is not controlled by Washington, but by a cabal of bankers both foreign and domestic, whose interests are not always aligned with US interests.

July 3, 2015

stansberry research is now saying on October 20 2015 the imf will change the currency and the us dollar could plunge dramatically. if this don't happen, well....

here is the link to this video


July 2, 2015
I know they charged me $$99.00 for what? I emailed them and glad to say the money was refunded. But it cost me $29.00 at the bank so now I'm trying to get that. Crossing my fingers!

June 30, 2015

Not good! I found this web site before I bought into their program:


June 26, 2015
To those of you. who choose doom and gloom, listen to former politicians such as Ron Paul. I wonder if he is collecting any pensions from the government? After all he did serve 22 years representing the people. If he new he couldn't do any good, then why did it take him so long to realize that? Do you really think that his information comes without a price?

June 19, 2015

This is another scare scam, 2014 has passed so now it is 2015

Origins: This item about the passage of H.R. 2847 causing the U.S. dollar to collapse as of 1 July 2014 is another example financial scarelore put out in conjunction with an investment come-on, in this case an ominous sales pitch put out by the folks at Stansberry & Associates Investment Research LLC.

This latest panic piece

is offered in a Stansberry & Associates presentation featuring a number of scary-sounding statements about how we in the U.S. are soon to experience a "near-complete shutdown of the American economy," will see "the savings of millions wiped out," will be living under the imposition of martial law by the federal government, and will be struggling in the aftermath of a number of other apocalyptic financial scenarios.

And according to Stansberry & Associates, this remarkable, radical collapse of the United States monetary system and "our normal way of life" is going into effect in a mere matter of months (just like a similar recent conspiracy scare about the federal government's plan to eliminate 16 states from the U.S. in the very near future).

But wait ... all one needs in order to avoid suffering from this devastating national calamity, one that will collapse our entire monetary system and spell doom for the American way of life, is a little information. Information that can be yours if you'll just shell out $149 for a one-year subscription to Stansberry's Investment Advisory newsletter. Or, as one wry commentator put it:

Read more at http:www.snopes.compoliticsconspiracyhr2847.asp#KqOihy726kaQQrBV.99

June 12, 2015
Newsletters publisher Stansberry bought newsletter publisher Casey Research in May 2015. But Stansberry but did not change its name, so I will avoid the new Casey Research (CR). Originally, CR was founded by Doug Casey and David Galland, and it provided honest, useful newsletters. Several (e.g., "Big Gold" and "International Speculator")cost to subscribe. The others (e.g., "Gold and Silver Daily," by Ed Steer) could be received FREE by e-mail or read FREE on the CR website. But now that Stansberry owns CR, I will avoid CR. Stansberry scares people so he can sell information to them, and I despise that. I am disappointed in D. Casey and D. Galland for selling CR to Stansberry. P.S. I suspect that Stansberry took advantage of good hearted Ron Paul. I doubt that Ron knew about Stansberry's avaricous fearmongering. Stansberry, after buying CR, immediately dropped Ed Steer's column, I suppose because Ed is honest and an outspoken foe of manipulators. Ed will continue his column independently, charging subscribers $150 a year. The old CR paid all research and publishing costs so that we could read Ed's column free. For many years, Ed worked 12 hours a day to produce the column but received no pay. It was a labor of love. I am not affiliated with any of the above named people or businesses.

June 11, 2015
During economic trouble having farmland is not an investment secret, and neither is planting a garden! Gold looks nice but you can't eat it or use it to kill Nazi's either. Conservative advice should be free. SCAM, Damn Ron Paul how could you betray our trust? Only secret in this world is realizing that "DEBT IS POISON"! Screw the gold of kingsinvestors they can eat it.