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Shady Business with shady profiles
January 1, 2023

If you are an honest person, set up your profile to the best that can describe who you are with profile picture of who you are now and not what you were 20 years ago, you will find an absolute garbage dump of profiles with no pics, pics of cats and dogs, flowers or a picture that says "please request a picture" When you do ask for simple verification of this person who has no information in their bio because they messaged you out of the blue, and ask for a picture from them, you never get one. Ripe for scam artists, car jackers, thieves and other forms of victimization which Ourtime seems to endorse because there is obviously no moderation of said accounts.

Even though they say you can cancel your account/refund, there is no convenient way to do so unless you click on the "Do not renew my account" link which in itself is shifty because you cannot remove your payment information.

Search Features are Not That Good
December 15, 2022

Two seemingly simple features of OurTime that I find totally unacceptable are:

1) You can search with a Filter of Body Type, but whenever I look at the profiles that are generated, NONE of them display this criteria, unless I'm missing something.

2) The other very annoying search weakness is Age. I can set an age range as a Search Filter, but the profiles that are displayed with the users main picture, their Age is NOT shown. Therefore, I have to open every darn one of them to find out how old they are....and extreme waste of my time!

May 13, 2022

Terrible, waste of time, full of scammers, fake profile, non stop hard sell advertisements - AVOID OUR TIME!

David December 10, 2022

Four days after joining this site and paying for a month, I received a flood of "messages" from "members" within an hour one day, then had everything blocked and my account was virtually cancelled without explanation. The company has not responded to 2 emails

Let me add another One Star review.
October 14, 2019

Went for the one month special. Had 5-6 "Flirts" from supposed people interested in meeting me. After a few email exchanges I suggested we talk over the phone, instead of just emails. Never heard from any of them again. Perhaps one, maybe two changed their minds? All five or six, no way.

This is just a scam to get you to renew your membership. I especially liked the fake Susan. She was one of the 5-6 people who flirted, and we exchanged numerous emails. She also was never to be heard from again once I suggested a conversation. Now, My membership expires in a week, and guess who likes my profile??? Same Susan. What a scam. Save your money.

Scammers and losers
February 14, 2019

I have been on this site off and on for a few years now and find it full of scammers and losers. It seems the only thing the men are looking for is sex! I have had the misfortune of meeting a closet alcoholic, a separate functioning alcoholic, a sex addict, an insecure wimp, a hoarder, two widowers that need to move to the graveyard with their dead wives, and a couple of complete scammers with fake profiles. This site is getting worse and worse.

Thank goodness, I am very aware and hyper alert and kicked these jerks to the curb rapidly. I urge anyone that meets a person on this site to do some serious background checking as soon as you learn their names. There is a boatload if information on the Web about people. Just be diligent, dig and dig, find a thread and pull it. You will see the ball of yarn unwind quickly.

Be very careful, though, because these people may appear wonderful on paper only to be losers and/or liars in person. Never ever meet them anywhere but a very public place. I have found that many of the men will lie about their age by about 10 years so watch out for that too. It is a real shame because there are some of us women out here that are decent, attractive, truthful ladies looking for a decent man.

I am beginning to think there are none of these kinds of men out there. I do not recommend online dating to anyone! I would rather be alone than stuck with a pervert, liar, or scam artist. Life is too short for this garbage.

December 17, 2018
I have been on Our Time.com for a couple of years now. I have met a couple of men thru it and am in touch with a couple now. ONLY PROBLEM IS...everytime I try to call up OurTime I get a site for our Time.co.u.k. and it tells me that my password isn't right....it is NOT the same site that I have been using..I believe it's an imposter site. Please HELP.

Still Sucks
August 4, 2018
Ourtime should change their name to No Time~!

March 14, 2018

i see that i am not the only one with complaints. i was knock off this this site cause some one complaint that i was rude;; i think i even know which one it was. she got rude with me and all i sad was ''you must be FAT'' that is no reason to take you off the site and keep your money.

Most of the women on our time are RUDE and do put up old picture's so when you meet them they won't look like their picture's REALLY'' i have been on and off this site for 5 years and its really gotten BAD '' and now they send you picture's of men on the site'' that is SICK'' JOHN HALL''

Save your money and go to a nice bar instead!
May 7, 2017

In a nutshell the site just plain SUCKS!

1. Like every other "dating" site there is NO way to filter by race, weight, or other critical, personal requirements.

2. They constantly send you "matches" that you wouldn't date if someone paid you to go out with them!

3. The women on it (if they are indeed real) refuse to communicate with you even when THEY throw you a "flirt" or 'like". So why are hey there?

4. Like all the other sites OurTime sends out stupid, unwanted messages to the people YOU contact, saying stupid things like: "Mr Right likes you profile". I guess someone at OurTime thinks we aren't capable of communicating without them?

5. And the photos! What a joke!! 60 and 70 year-old women are posting photos of themselves that are 40 and 50 years old!! Or worse yet, profiles with no photo at all!! GIVE ME A BREAK - WILL YA'? Then there's the photos of the grand kids, pets and the all-to-familiar photos of women at their favorite vacation spots!!!

6. Then there is the occasional MAN who OurTime sends me as a "match"!!! Yeah? I don't think so!!

In the 4 months I was on this stupid website I had ONE date! I met her for dinner at a popular steak joint 60 miles for my house, with a dozen roses ($57) in my hand. The minute she got out of her car she apologized for the fact that her OurTime photo was 12 years old and that she had gained about 25 pounds!!

During dinner she threw the BIG bomb on me, by revealing that she has no interest in the 6 or 7 Country songs I emailed her, that her 2 "daughters" are homosexuals, and that H#1 wears a rubber penis and is in the process of having a sex change, while H2 is bi-sexual, cuts herself up with razor blades and is as skinny as a rail, because she is anorexic!!!!

But wait - there's MORE!!! Dreamboat Gina has an MBA in marketing, a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in graphic arts, owns a $285,000 house, and works as a web administrator at a LUTHERAN CHURCH!!! WHAT??? Yep - it's all true!

Amen and hallelujah!!!!

So with a freight train full of baggage like that, I dropped her like a hot rock!!!

KATHRYN TEEL June 01, 2017

Yikes! I was thinking of creating an account but wanted to read some reviews first. Thank you I think I'll pass on Our Time!

BadTime January 01, 2018

Everyone should pass on Our Time. I cancelled my auto renewal but they renewed me anyway and refused to give back my fee. Customer service does nothing

April 25, 2017
When you get nothing but scammers something is wrong, I will agree they don't remove your information. You are not secure on that site. More need to file a complaint, and I will agree to ban them. They like taking your money but you have to fight to get it back when you don't use their services. I did get mine back. Keep on them people.

Ripped off from the start!
December 1, 2016

If there was a zero star I would give it. When you join for "free," what they really mean is you have to pay to use the site. Fine. They then list three options for paid membership: six months, three months, or one month.

However, when you click on "continue" to get to the payment page, there is no pricing selection from which to choose. I made payment via PayPal, because I assumed, from my past PayPal experiences, that I would be taken to a final check-out screen where the price would be listed and I could either decline the transaction or accept it and make the payment. Not so.

Instead of an opportunity to accept and proceed or decline and exit, the only option was "Connect Me!" which is a feature of the site by which you can be connected via text message with the site as a filter.

Imagine my surprise when instead of paying for one month at $29.05 I discovered I had paid for $119.00 and change. OUTRAGEOUS!!! I immediately contacted "customer care," (an oxymoron if I ever heard one), to tell them to cancel immediately and refund my card.

I also notified PayPal to dispute the charge, and next, if the charge posts to my credit card account, I will be contacting my bank to dispute it. At NO TIME was I ever informed what the price for this "service" would be; I had clicked on 'one month and ended up being charged for six.

What a reprehensible way to run a business. These people should be tarred and feathered for such bad business practices.. Which reminds me: next stop, BBB.org.

September 15, 2016
Didnt realize there was so many unattractive women over 50 until I git scammed into buying into this. And I get matches constantly that are anything but matches. Spend a little, lose a lot.

P Moore May 07, 2017

I saw a old Seinfeld show the other night where Seinfeld said that he never realized ho women seem to go to hell after they turn 45. BINGO - OurTime!!!!

False profile information added by Ourtime
August 14, 2016

This site actually fills in your 'a little about me' section if you don't fill it out. When I hid my profile and deleted that section content, when cancelling my paid subscription, they auto filled it.

"I've always been an old soul. I enjoy my whiskey and my jazz. I love a good night of music and talking. Love classics and authenticity."

This is all completely false and filled in by Ourtime without my permission or consent. It also portrays me as an alcoholic. I'm fairly certain this is illegal and is definitely slanderous at best.

I will be forwarding this to Internet Fraud agencies as well as using all Social Media sites to spread the message.

OurTime.com is falsely advertising their services
August 12, 2016
I paid $90 for a six-month membership. Within 2 days I knew the site was a hoax. They advertise that the site is for 50 plus dating, google it. However, the customer service rep I spoke with today tells me the site is for all ages. Indeed I see 40, 30, and 20 somethings. There are not many people in my area, and I get tons of mail from members who are out of state. Wasn't interested in a nationwide search. It's a waste of money. Zero stars.

Beware of OurTime
March 18, 2016
I was on for only 1 month and received at least 2 "flirts" from men who told me they did not send a "flirt. After reviewing all the negative reviews, I am going to call them have them cancel my membership, even though I have 3 months (of a 6 month membership) left.

darryl August 04, 2016

I just joined 2 weeks ago. I had 212 messages as a non paying member in a 2 month period. I thought I would give it a go. Upon paying all (SPAM) mail stopped. Talked to one member who I soon found out was paid by ourtime to get me to reup my subscription I cancelled auto renewal the day I signed up. In the 2 weeks I have been a paying member they have deleted or altered my entire profile page completely 4 times. Protect your ASSets people. Things are not always what they seem

STEVE SLEDZ August 05, 2016

OurTime is a big scam. I purchased one month. I filled in all the info on my profile on the first day. I signed in four days later and all the info I wrote was missing and replaced with info that didn't pertain to me. I deleted that info and entered my info again. Five days later the same thing happened. So I cancelled the auto renewal. The following month i noticed another charge from my bank account paid to OurTime for another month. I contacted Customer Service and they said I never cancelled. They are SCAMMERS. Now I have to go to the bank and report my credit card stolen and have it replaced with a new card number. BEWARE OF THIS SCAM. IF YOU VALUE YOUR MONEY PASS THIS ONE BY. And another SCAM SITE is AFF (ADULT FRIENDFINDER).

March 10, 2016

What a joke. Paid membership fee, then come to find OurTime employees will go back into your profile and edit without notification. I log in daily to find content censored or removed in its entirety (despite all originally composed in compliance within the TOS). When I Customer Support is contacted, I learn from the CSR that OurTime employs non-English speaking offshore techs to review and censor profile content.

The CSR was also unfamiliar with social media dating terms such as BBW or FWB, and he claimed LMAO is acceptable while WTF is subject to censor.


I have experienced the same issues as others with their "match" algorithms resulting in NON-matches - whether it be age, race, both type, smoking/non-smoking. You get the idea.

And what is up with a 50-or-over dating site featuring so many "members" UNDER 50?

OurTime has agreed to refund my purchase and I am waiting to see if they will indeed make good on their offer over the next 72 hours.

Both Match.com (aka Find-A-Russian-Bride-Scammer-Dot-Com) and OurTime.com are worthless sites. Avoid at all costs. PlentyofFish.com has been relatively trouble-free by comparison. Not that I'd recommend them either, as it seems to be CrayCrayCentral.

I was on the site for a day almost, and logged out. I could not log in
March 1, 2016
The site has blocked me from logging in. When I ask to rest the pass word nothing happens. when I call the costumer servis line a recording comes on and states there sorry. No return emails from any one. this happen 2-28-16- and today is 3-1-16 still no response . Other than taking my money . I have been RIPPED OFF beware !!!!!!!!

Waste of time
February 8, 2016

Such a waste of time. I should have gotten myself membership on Primetimelove.com instead. My friend recommended that one to me and it outperformed my expectations.

Ourtime tempts you with people who are interested. Then try and get you to pay a fee in order to talk to them. Once you pay you find that the people were not interested

ladies beware of false profiles
June 26, 2015

Ladies and even gentlemen,

I indeed wish I had reviewed this dating site prior to a subscription. I still have several months of a 6 month subscription left. I am aware that there are so many people enlisting this method of meeting people with like interests. I knew it would take more than a few weeks to connect with some like minded gentlemen.

Well I connected all right but there were two with totally false profiles and scam intentions within 6 weeks. I am reading about how subscribers feel fleeced from this company. What is worse is the way these crooks (that is exactly what they are) cast the bait, wait for the bite and reel you in. Read the signs associated with potential scammers.

Both claimed to be civil or construction engineers, one out of state one in state, A complete difference in writing styles from intelligent, witty, philosophic entries to broken English and horrible grammar. Both went off the OT site immediately after we started writing. Stupid me went to private email and even phone conversations.

Both had thick accents and used terms of endearments way to soon for people not even meeting. Both of these guys were going to or already working on construction projects in Asia. Then the shoe drops and there is a catastrophe where I am asked to "help" out. The latest was to send an iphone6 to a location in Malaysia so it would be there when he arrived.

Then he could contact me how things are going. I stopped communication with both of these guys. It did shake me up but I would have been even more devastated like some other victims I have read about if I sent money or items.

It is such a shame that a well intentioned idea of helping mature people meet in a safe environment has to be used for ill gotten gains.

If I cannot meet anyone local in the remainder of my subscription time then I will not use online dating again. I am still trying to find an email address or phone number for this company but from what I have read they keep pretty well hidden.

I hope my story helps other ladies to be careful.

Best wishes

KL Florida

They wrote in the "about me" section of my profile - fabrication.
June 22, 2015

I looked into Ourtime about a year ago just to check it out. I filled a basic profile just so see what is out there.

Just today I went into the site and found Ourtime went into my about me section and wrote the following....... "A little about me...

I'm a workout nut. I love staying active with yoga, jogging and crossfit. I like a guy who has a kind heart and likes the occasional Friday night spent cuddling.

I don't do any of those activities, never mentioned them anywhere at anytime. Occasional Friday night spent cuddling????? What the????

This is a total breech and completely unethical. I am awaiting a response from them.

How could I possibly join a site that altered my profile?

Fred September 07, 2015

They use that same line on quite a few profiles!

Fred September 07, 2015

Search this line in quotes:

"I like a guy who has a kind heart and likes the occasional Friday night spent cuddling."

on Google and you'll find links to many ads on many sites.

No originality amongst the shills!

Robin August 12, 2016

This company is a farce. Save your money and hide your credit info.